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#bela dimitrescu
spacehumanwrites · 8 hours ago
You've done how how the ladies are when they're in the mood but how would they react when their s/o is in the mood? All re8 ladies is fine but if it's easier you can only do house dimistrescu
me 24/7...jk
Hope you enjoy <3
Warnings: NSFW
Included: Mother Miranda, Donna Benviento, Alcina Dimitrescu, Bela Dimitrescu, Cassandra Dimitrescu, Daniela Dimitrescu, Elena Lupu
Mother Miranda
Miranda is a very busy woman, that much is obvious by everything she does
She can get a little caught up in her work and accidentally neglect your...needs
The easiest and most common way to tell her is by sneaking under her desk. It's very roomy and she spared no expense
After squeezing at her thighs and teasing her a little, she will either drag you from under the desk and have you right there on the desk. (She will ruin her papers and her work if she thinks you need it)
Or she will drag you to your shared room where she will still have her way with you
Donna Benviento
To be fair, Donna isn't the greatest at picking up when you're feeling frivolous
But she does notice an increase in "horny jail" jokes from Angie that is aimed at you
The best way for Donna to know when you're in the mood is just to tell her. She doesn't want to assume anything and push boundaries so it's very doubtful she will make the first move
"Donna you are so smart but I have been trying to get you alone for the past hour" "oh...why?" "babe please"
By the time you actually get it clear to her, she's already red in the face and asking if you're sure you want to "because I don't want you feeling pressure" "please just touch me"
Alcina Dimitrescu
She can smell the moment you're feeling excited. The body releases pheromones the moment you even have explicit thought and its very convenient for her
Literally looks for you like a bloodhound around the castle
It turned into some type of game for the two of you and she enjoys the hunt just as much as she enjoys the capture
"Oh hey Alci I was just sorting these books-" "No, you're coming to my room right now" "If you insist"
Doesn't let you leave her side did you're properly satisfied
Bela Dimitrescu
Ok, she's not intentionally ignoring your needs. She just assumes when you say you're "in the mood" she automatically assumes something else
Luckily, Bela is smart and once it finally dons on her (or you practically jump on her) she is very quick to help you out
It doesn't matter if you're needy and want it fast, she will take it slow and methodically just because she likes to feel you unravel around her hand
She doesn't want you thinking you have to satisfy yourself alone or by your own hand, Its is a job she enjoys doing and a job she does well
It's not really a downside, but you almost wish she left you with some energy because when you've finished for the 5th time. She needier than you were when she found you
Cassandra Dimitrescu
Like her mother, her sense of smell is very keen to figure out where you are.
Cass is almost always in the mood to give you a helping hand...or strap
She will absolutely fuck the daylights out of you. It doesn't matter if you're doing something or if theirs a maid around. You better hurry your task and those maids better leave because she is already putting her hands on you
"Cass I'm busy you can't just-" "Bend over" "But Cass-" "Bend. Over"
She has the patience and stamina to make sure you are very satisfied and very unable to stand before she's had her fill.
Daniela Dimitrescu
Daniela is always in the mood. She's always near you so it's rare you're ever left wanting
She has learned your mannerisms and how you act so she kinda just knows
Also, she just really likes touching you and then swarming off to tease you. She'll just do this when you're not even in the mood
Honestly, if she thinks you're in the mood while you're around others, she will pull you into an empty room just to help you out
It's gotten you two caught once or twice but she still does it
Elena Lupu
Shes not used to anything inherently intimate with another person. Her father was rather protective of her in that catigory
You know shes very timid when it comes to something like that so if you're ever in the mood, you always make sure shes is even remotely comfortable with the idea before trying anything
"I need you" " do what?"
Mainly you'll have to guide her on most stuff
Its a very giggly experience, but that's how it should be in the first place
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geistergreen · a day ago
When you're as tall as the Christmas tree, I feel the daughters would help 'lighten' up their mother for the holidays.
Tumblr media
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arwensarsons · a day ago
Thread Of Alcina Dimitrescu Head-canons:
Before I get started I’d like to say that this was posted by @sandyyybonham and I’m just obliging to it.
here’s the link to the original post;
Let’s get started.
Amusement Park:
Being secluded to the rural Romania village for all of their reborn lives meant that the Dimitrescu daughters knew little to nothing of the outside world.
That was, until you came along. You strolled into the village one night after your car had broken down on the highway, you ended up walking for miles looking for somewhere to stay, and you saw the castle.
Taking a chance you went for it, and it turned out to be the best decision of your life. Of course at first, it was a little complicated, you and your soon to be daughters didn’t exactly have the greatest bond yet, you and Alcina didn’t either.
They locked you in the cellar for days, feeding you scraps and berating you, but who knew the lady herself would find interest in you and make you a maid.
At first, you hated her, the daughters and the job. I mean why wouldn’t you? They imprisoned you. Well that was until you started seeing just how seemingly human the girls were; as well as Alcina.
It took time, and a lot of trial and tribulation, but you got close to Bela through the mutual love of Science, and gardening, even if you weren’t on the same level as her you found it fascinating.
After getting close to the first Dimitrescu daughter, you began attracting the attention of the lady herself, more so than before.
With her sight set on you now, she made a point to try and connect with you, it ended up with you two having tea times, lunches, brunches, dinners, library time, and eventually she began to slowly like you. Well she already had, but in a… deeper way this time.
With her mother setting her sights on you, Daniela decided to get into the mix, at first it was because she wanted to make sure you weren’t trying anything sketchy with her family, but after a while she realized your genuine care for them, she realized this because when a older maid tried to kill Bela by opening a window, you sprung to the window and locked it shut, once you made sure it was shut, you turned and the whole room got colder, well in a sense of your aura shifting as you gave that maid a death glare that Daniela was pretty sure could actually kill. You ended up strangling the maid to death, and afterwards turning to Bela and running her in your arms to the nearest fire. After that Daniela pledged to love you and you became her friend, you both bonded over not just caring about it her family, but fantasy romances, different book genres and daydreaming. This is around the same time that Daniela fully shipped you and her mother.
Cassandra was a… difficult case to say the least, she liked you of course, after witnessing the same thing Daniela did, but she didn’t know how to get close to you, she actually was the one to start trying to talk to you, it was adorable honestly and you were so happy that they liked you! You and Cassandra both mutually bonded over weapons, you liked talking about them and she loved using them, of course you had other common interests, one of which surprisingly being baking.
With all her daughters love, acceptance and blessing, you went for it and began courting Alcina, it took a few tries to get Alcina to actually notice your attempts, but when she did, she absolutely adored it, being courted for once was a breath of fresh air to her.
After three years of courting, teasing and cheeky remarks, you and Alcina finally got together, the girls were ecstatic and so was Alcina.
Another five years go past and you and Alcina have gotten married, Ethan Winters had come to the village and successfully got his Rose back, but with the help of the Lords, he killed Miranda.
The Lords ended up siding with him due to your connection, you saw Ethan running about and decided to talk to him, finding out the reason for him being there, and having the mutual agreement that Miranda’s a bitch, you got the Lords to side with you, and you all went at her.
So that leads us into the present, you and Alcina have since then sold her castle and the things within it, that weren’t important memorial objects, one of a kind paintings, or anything else she as well as the girls wanted to keep.
So with millions of lei in your bank accounts, you all decided to go to America for a bit, you got to introduce Alcina and your daughters to your family and friends whom of which were scared shitless at first, but later grew to love them as well.
Whilst in America you had an amazing idea, the amusement park you had gone to when you were a kid was still open, and the girls had never been, it would be the perfect opportunity to take them!
After talking to Alcina about it you both agreed that it would be a great way to have family time, and so it was.
Alcina didn’t inform the girls of this trip, and neither did you, so when you pulled up to the park with them, they were literally buzzing, danny had even accidentally exploded into a cloud of flies and you had to remind her that she can’t do that in public.
When you all got into the park, the girls went wild.
They all tried cotton candy (big mistake) Alcina was hyperactive and worried constantly because of the sugar rush, Cassandra was bouncing everywhere and running, Daniela was a smiling idiot running with Cassie, and Bela, well Bela threw up.
When the girls went on their first roller coaster, they screamed so loud that me and Alcina could distinguish the sound (even without the Cadou parasite you both had you would still be able to hear it).
Daniela had grown to love a certain ride at the park, a dinosaur that you sat inside of with a moving table that if you spun it, would spin the dino, she fucking went nuts and almost broke the ride with her sisters.
You and Alcina found out afterwards, you both were having a romantic ride on the ferris wheel.
Cassandra’s favorite ride had ended up being the zipper, her and her sisters spun around so much that they all ended up puking, Cassie loved it.
Bela being Bela, loved the carousel 🎠, it’s a bit dorky but she loved it, her and her sisters had a great time on it, Alcina ended up sobbing at how adorable your babies looked on it; needless to say she took a lot of pictures.
With the excitement of the day, new found discoveries as well as at least one restraining order, you left the park with happy, well fed children, a happy wife and probably a ride of your own when you got home.
Thank you so much for reading, I’ll try and get the other headcanons done and I hope you enjoyed. Thank you for posting this @sandyyybonham. Great inspiration.
Tumblr media
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bearlybella · a day ago
Alcina: -going on how mother miranda blessed her with the castle-
Natasha, looking around: Damn she really played you then cause why is there so many cracks and loose screws around here?
Alcina: The castle is fine, darling
Natasha: The front door doesn’t lock, there’s holes in the walls, I fell down the basement twice, and where are all the bedrooms? Where do y’all sleep? On the floor?
Alcina: I-
Natasha: And speaking about the basement why is it flooded down there? Is it supposed to be an indoor pool or something? And on top of that WHAT ARE THOSE THINGS WITH SWORDS WALKING AROUND? And WHAT THE FUCK IS THAT? -points outside at a samca-
Alcina: You’re overthinking it, Tasha!
Natasha: Naur you need to get your money back or ask Mother Miranda to send a home decorator
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marvel-wlw · 2 days ago
"Where are you going, little one?"
Tumblr media
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sandyyybonham · 3 days ago
Some Alcina Headcanon Ideas (if you're kind enough to make these please do)
•The reader takes Alcina and her daughters to the amusement park
•The reader has telekinesis ability so like, when she started working for Castle Dimitrescu, she was able to do her tasks easily and quickly, Alcina finds this fascinating and she immediately got interested in our beloved reader
•Alcina reacts to a digital art that the reader has made for her
•How Alcina would react to a reader who accidentally bit her own tongue/lip and it starts to bleed
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sassy-french · a day ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Their dynamic :
Cassandra, buzzing nervously : are you busy on Friday ?
Paige : *cleaning the bloody mess the sisters made in each and every room of the castle, balancing a mop, a broom and a bucket in one hand, holding Daniela back by the hood with the other, uncapping Alcina’s wine bottle with her teeth and kicking Bela’s stray bugs away with her feet* I’M A LITTLE BUSY RIGHT NOW
Cassandra : yeah but FRIDAY
Ref sheet for Paige here
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canonvillage · 2 days ago
the sisters: hunting men for prey and draining their blood
alcina: daughters! you look like mommy, baby
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spacehumanwrites · 23 hours ago
What if the Dimi Daughters got their S/O a matching necklace
i got one of those with my partner
Hope you enjoy <3
Included: Bela Dimitrescu, Cassandra Dimitrescu, Daniela Dimitrescu
Bela Dimitrescu
Surprisingly, she's the one that gets you the necklace
Her reasoning? "If you're going to date a Dimitrescu, you should at least have proof"
The necklace is a mix of twine and the same stone as her necklace woven to match the shape ion her forehead.
She is super nervous when she gives it to you. And your joyful reaction makes her feel warm for a week after
Cassandra Dimitrescu
Listen, she's not necessarily a hanging necklace kinda person. It gets in the way when she chopping up bodies and she has priorities
But when you hand her the other half to an interlocking set and a look in your eyes she can't say no
She will sometimes wrap it around her wrist or tuck it under her collar so it doesn't get caught on anything
Secretly really loves it because it's just another thing to prove that you belong to her
Daniela Dimitrescu
Dani is down for anything remotely romantic.
She somehow gets one of those magnetic necklaces that connect when you get close enough and can barely keep her excitement contained long enough to surprise you with it
Which is almost all the time because she is constantly connecting them and giggling like its the most amazing thing she's ever seen
She makes sure the necklace matches the green of her choker just in case she can't wear it for some reason. Not that something terrible like that would ever happen
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homoo-wan-kenobi · 4 months ago
do y'all think that when lady dimitrescu gets frustrated with her daughters that she goes outside knowing that they can't follow her?? that's so mean of her 😭😭
what else do y'all think she does?? 🤔
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classyfruit · a month ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
A chance to dress up all fancy and extravagant? An excuse to include her lovely daughters in the group theme? Of course our good and gracious Lady loves Halloween! 🌹🦋🐞🐝
And I hope you do too!! Guys, it's almost time! 🎃 I can't wait to sit down with friends, watch WAY too many horror movies for my wee heart and sleep with the lights on for the next few months. AS IS TRADITION!! It's going to BEE awesome. (sorry not sorry!)
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