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mxxnlightsblog · 2 days ago
There's always a blessing in disguise in every situation. Something far greater always comes out of moments that test you. Keep going. Keep rising. Keep believing.
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boxandgardens · a day ago
Suffering is a part of living in a fallen world. Like Job, it can happen for reasons we may never know. But God has a purpose for you that goes beyond the pain you endure. Don’t get discouraged by falling for simplistic formulas.
Our Daily Bread
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tedl-ass-o · 17 hours ago
Hear me out… Trent doesn’t like Rebecca, but he respects her whereas Rebecca likes Trent, but doesn’t respect him
THIS. absolutely.
They each put up with the other for Ted’s sake, as he made them promise to at least be amicable, but there’s clearly still a disconnect in their values.
Trent respects Rebecca’s management of the team and how she’s navigated being a female football club manager in a male dominated field (pun intended), but he finds her feigned superiority in compensation for her abysmal self esteem to be crass and disingenuous.
Rebecca on the other hand thoroughly enjoys Trent’s straight-to-the-point attitude and witty remarks, a smile plastered on her face the vast majority of the time she spends in his presence. However, because of her history with the press, Rebecca cannot bring herself to justify respecting someone in his (former) occupation, and every time she is reminded of his journalistic career, any respect she’s built for him shatters. Thus, she lives in an endless cycle of enjoying his presence and subsequently feeling guilty because of it.
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the-inspiring-quotes · 12 months ago
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pixalry · 4 months ago
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Loki Poster - Created by Wesley Burt
You can follow the artist on Instagram and Twitter.
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creedhameed · 2 months ago
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icreatewhatibelieve · 2 days ago
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I allow all that I desire to flow to me quickly, effortlessly, and continuously.
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macrolit · 3 months ago
I must intreat your patience — your gentle hearing. I am not going to question your opinions. I am not going to meddle with your belief. I am not going to dictate to you mine. All that I say is, examine; enquire. Look into the nature of things. Search out the ground of your opinions, the for and the against. Know why you believe, understand what you believe, and possess a reason for the faith that is in you.
Frances "Fanny" Wright (1795-1852) Scottish-American writer, lecturer, social reformer
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