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glueckskomet · 11 months ago
nobody gives me butterflies anymore y‘all just give me brain damage
- instagram
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expressionist-hira · 3 months ago
"Imagine Being With Someone Who Makes You Believe In Love Again."
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psy-rituality · 2 months ago
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Kamora Jones - The Secrets of the Universe
One of the secrets of the universe is that our instincts are sometimes stronger than our minds. As vast as the universe is, so are the secrets therein! So Keep simple, because believe in love is the biggest secret of the universe ...
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remo-ny · 21 days ago
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riberrypie · 4 months ago
Don’t think you have to be with someone to celebrate Valentine’s Day. First of all, you should be in love with yourself. So don’t be upset today, you’ve got yourself for being loved 😘
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j3tsabyss · 3 months ago
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Worth It by Hollywood Undead/Believe in Love by Marina
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opendirectories · a year ago
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spiritusfabellas · 11 months ago
Katso Coldplay - Coloratura (Official Lyric Video) YouTubessa
"I wish that more people will listen to this and understand its beauty. Most have lost patience on pretty much everything and so this won't ever be played on a radio. This takes me far. These kind of songs always make me think about the perfect teamwork between band members and how this song can be compared to this current covid situation or just any timeline we live in. This is a masterpiece for a reason."
I cannot ever say which song is my favourite but I can say what's special about some of them. Many fans have already claimed this to be a mix between 3 of their former albums and songs. "Good old classic Coldplay" some say. I adore Coldplay who has now chosen to go their own path. As said, "this won't ever be played on the radio", sadly. But they did exactly what they wanted and I have a feeling that this came just in the right time and they executed their dream on this. I cannot ask everyone to like this but I really hope this to catch on.
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peninsularian · 6 months ago
Happy Christmas!
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kiomay · 7 months ago
I'm sending you off well with a smile and good wishes but hurry home, I miss you already.
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consciousnessblog · 8 months ago
You touched me.
With love.
I never knew.
You found the beauty in me.
That I never believed in.
You surrounded me.
With your dream.
And told me.
I was your dream.
In my heart.
You are breathing.
You guide me.
To places.
I never knew before.
And I never knew.
An angel.
Like you.
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moonlavasama · a year ago
Hidden In The Shadows
You would think death is the worst part
But having to live with this pain
This agony that never sleeps
Behind your closed mind
Where it still wonders as you keep busy
Its just the icing on my cake
The absolute worst
I mean having to go through a loss
Having to change your whole world
Being a mother a guardian a role model
Making it about them
Being separated by someone you thought loved you
Having your closest friend be your worst enemy
A sibling being the worst monster of them all
Having to be their for a child’s innocence that was robbed by them
Having to fight for what’s right
Yet death isn’t my cherry
This life we face every waking moment
Of every waking day
With a smile I must hide my tears
For those I love around me
Death isn’t what I’m afraid of
It’s what people do to others
Even your own family
That scares me
The question that haunts me in my dreams
Could I ever trust again
But even so I’m not giving up
Love is a powerful magic that never lets go
While I’m still alive I’ll never give up
But Iv had enough
Like the way the sun burns your skin without sunscreen
Unprepared like we are
Yet I believe that good will prevail 
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emtheelephant · 9 months ago
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Be the reason that someone feels loved and believes in the goodness in people
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soulinkpoetry · 5 months ago
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Dare to open your heart after thinking you’ll never find love again.
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nr0410 · 4 months ago
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The painful truth is…
Pls. Help me.
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justiceforbobsaget · 7 months ago
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Daily Reminder 🙏💖🔥
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thefuckingbart · 5 months ago
Do you love me?
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humaira-khan · 6 months ago
happy sixth birthday to the album that saved my life. still and always will believe in love thank you 💜
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poeticecstasy · 7 months ago
I believe in love because of the way I love -JH
Source: eofoiria
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dangermousie · 6 days ago
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This is one man not taking a break-up too well. Scattering the soul of the dude your crush likes better is a bit...extreme.
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