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Shuu: I think I like to he left alone by everyone.


Ayato: She can be as “cuddly” as she wants, but she’d better be useful to Yours Truly!


Subaru: Tch. I don’t care if people want to cuddle but they’d better leave me out of it.


Yuuma: Heh. Haven’t got a lot to go off of, is there? I dunno, depends on the rest of their personality.


Azusa: I’m glad… that I… get… special… attention… I… wouldn’t… mind… cuddling…!


Carla: I don’t see how “cuddly” would be a useful characteristic to me.

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Kanato kun, you are a big sadist, but in a cd drama, when Yui came after you, you told her you are against violence, what do you have to say about this amazing lie? The other guys can give their opinion about it too lol

Kanato: It’s not a lie.


Ayato: How is it not a lie?


Kanato: Because when it’s against her, she’s just food, so it doesn’t matter.


Ayato: Shady. Suspicious. Sketchy. S—


Kanato: Please. Shut up.


Ayato: You!

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hi, how are you, I started my 日本語の勉強 2 years ago (26th of January,2017), and I would like some basic vocabulary list, for example places, foods or even colors. I am entering N4/2nd Primary's kanjis and some vocab is really necessary here as I am only focusing in kanjis (because all the japanese games I love have a lot of kanjis) lol

hi! i’m also studying to take the jlpt soon and i was planning on making some lists for the vocab and kanji for each level! here are my food and color vocab lists i’ve already made though! 💕


mealtime vocabulary

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@bellasakamakimt : Do you know when will DWD Fortuna will be in the internet for watching?

I have no idea tbh, depends on when Funimation decides to license it in the west which I think would probably take some time cause DwD isn’t exactly a popular series. Heck even popular movies take like a year to reach the international community so I wouldn’t be surprised if Fortuna was licensed even later. Though who knows, maybe someone would fansub it soon. All we can do now is be patient.

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