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#bellatrix lestrange

Bellatrix: my own mother thought I was a monster

Bellatrix: She was right, of course, but it still hurt.

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whatever you do, don’t think about the fact that bellatrix and the rest of the death eaters who tortured the longbottoms into insanity got a more fair trial than sirius black

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How the hell do you know so many amazing songs to vibe to - nGUgH okay - I love you more so shut up, lemme look up the lyrics.

Hm, okay. This is kind of a hard decision between Bellatrix or Andromeda - but Bellatrix Lestrange was the first to pop into my head:

The heavy bass in the background immediately made me think of her iconic chaotic outfit and attitude, and the first few lyrics made me think of the way Bellatrix never showed remorse for doing horrible things as a death eater - including murdering her own cousin and niece.

I can imagine this song fitting in exactly where she kills Tonks, knowing she’s her niece fighting exactly what her mother got disowned for.

The song would be directed at Andromeda though, who she hasn’t seen in years - in a disgusting way of claiming victory of like “I took your daughter from you and I don’t feel a thing” but it’s her own mantra of madness and it almost makes her angry that her sister isn’t there to admit defeat.

Man, this ask game is making me angsty a lot.

Send me a song rec and I’ll give you a fiction character

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Those who think Bellatrix was trans man are misogynist short d*ck men, who afraid of strong women.

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you know it’s friday when you open tumblr and the first thing you see is Bellamione porn…

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Sirius: [yelling] Andromeda has been the only reason why I’ve held it together in this family!

Bellatrix: [turning to Narcissa and Regulus] this is holding it together?

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“Love you? My dad never said that. My family loved each other. We just didn’t say it. We showed our love through criticism and micromanagement. So if you said ‘I love you’, you were probably hiding something.”

Rodolphus Lestrange

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Did some thinking (I know shocking lol) and it’s wild that snaters would rather you stan Bellatrix over Sev because apparently threatening the life of a toad (I personally love Trev) is far worse than torture of parents to the point of mental instability

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Love this dress

Turns out my natural hair is Bellatrix and well now im her as a teen L O L

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Sirius Black would annoy Bellatrix everyday when they were in Azkaban. Except for October 31, January 30, March 10, March 27, and July 31. On those days he would be uncharacteristically quiet and the other inmates could have sworn they heard him crying one year. 

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You can headcanon whatever you want but personally that’s not for me, especially because of the reasons you gave. I believe that women can be warriors, be in organisations with mostly males, and be better than every single man there. I think it’s quite sexist to use gender roles and stereotypes to decide whether a person is a man or a woman. That’s not gender dysphoria.

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