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From stream tonight! Inspired by @bellvonartsy @squigglydigg‘s Undertale thread from this week on Twitter!

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Howdy Howdy ! , I saw your tumblr through recommendation and I really adore y'alls work . I'm a pretty long time Ultraman and original kamen rider fan mostly through their 60s to late 80s runs , I would be very interested in possibly contributing to your zine if possible and would be willing to send some of my portfolio work , I really respect y'all donating the proceeds to the Ultraman foundation as well . Thank you for your time and I wish your team a wonderful week .


Unfortunately we no longer accept any new applicants as the deadline has passed, and in the works of releasing our zine soon. We’re hoping to do another round next year, so please keep an eye out for that. Thank you for your interest!

- Mod Mebi O(%)o

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Hey I saw your post about installing a program that made your laptop freeze , so I wanted to ask if by any chance you have an external hard drive to keep your projects on . I got a bad virus from a fake program I installed on my laptop a few years back that wiped my computer clean of everything ~ so ever since then I've been using external hardrive's to hold and store all my work and personal doc's

yeah don’t worry! I just backup my stuff.

I didn’t install the program either. It literally freeze my laptop like crazy right after I extract it from zip file. I immediately felt a bad sign from it so I toss it into recycle bin and delete it. My laptop is running smoothly again as we speak so it should be all good now!

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Not really a question , I just wanted to say I think the way you draw Sniff is very adorable x3

Bfhsgdgsg aw thanks Bell


Been a while since I last got messages about my art hahah thank you!!


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Would you happen to have a favorite video game from your childhood? ~ One of my favorites games as a kid was "Kirby' the crystal shards" for my N64 ~ ^^

Oh! I liked Hamtaro Ham Ham Heartbreak! I played it not too long ago and finished it in a day lmao

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I believe with oney or without him ~ You have the will and power to reach True Meme status all by yourself!!!!!

lol tbh I just want to be noticed by my senpai. Like once would b p cool. I really look up to him 

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Howdy Howdy!! ^^ I wanted to say that I really enjoyed doing a drawing of your yankee's cap hoodie outfit ~ and while I know you do very lovely cosplays of different characters I was wondering if you had more pics of neat casual wear attire you enjoy wearing? :3 I would enjoy the chance if you are comfortable with me doing so , to draw more fanart of you in your day to day attire ~ If you don't or wouldn't like me to do so I completely understand ^^ ~ PS best wishes on your interview results ~

Thank you!!! I loved it! You made me look so badass!!!! Uh if you look in the “me” tag you might find some more? But yes! I love your art! Keep up the great work!

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Howdy!! ^^ ~ I had wanted to ask for a little while if you enjoy Model building? and if so do you have any go to favorite models or Brands that you buy or enjoy? x3 sorry for the random ask and thanks so much for all the amazing art that you make !!! ~ Ps I hope your having a awesome week ^^

um if you mean model building/kits like the Sig figure I put together while ago, then YES :D

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bellvonartsy  replied to your post: i’m an adult and i need to stop thinking about…

^^^^^^^ also …. What type of figure x3 Maybe a super cool YuGiOh figure :3

HA NAH I got enough YuGiOh figures I want
The next one I’m planning to get will keep my demon boi less lonely ;)

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Howdy! I really enjoy your artwork and I wanted to ask if you had any favorite childhood show's that helped inspire how your style looks today. Oh and keep up all the great work and I can't wait for season 2 of TOOLOUD! Take care and have a amazing week x3

Haha to be honest, my style today is mostly inspired by shows I never get to watch as a kid, such as Moomin, Over the Garden Wall and Flapjack.

If you’re talking about my favorite childhood show which first got me into drawing (my early anime style phase), that would be Digimon and Yu-Gi-Oh!

Thank you so much! Hope you all are going to enjoy the new season :D

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