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#belly kink

When my net worth hits 1 million dollars I will do a face reveal

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Bet bro deadass

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I would if I was 99% sure I wouldn’t run into anyone I know. (Aka if I was in another city or something) If I did I would just do normal stuff lmao like shopping or getting food.

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Which one would you rather run into?


I really am hot today

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A commission for @belly-flu ! Thank you so much~!

Fandom/s: Hercules
Character/s: Phil (Whumpee), Hercules (Caretaker)
Kink/s: Upset stomach, vertigo, sneezing, burping, emeto

Plot: During their daily training, Hercules notices that Phil is acting odd… it’s pretty obvious that he’s not doing well, and yet, he tries too hard to hide it. But it affects the quality of his lesson…


“A bit higher! You won’t make it like this!”, Phil demanded. His voice had this natural, harsh undertone to it that could make a person instantly feel subordinate – perfectly fitting for his authoritarian personality, in Hercules’ opinion. He respected him quite a lot, and tried to follow his orders as best as he could, despite his occasional clumsiness. Other people probably wouldn’t take Phil half as seriously, due to his tiny size and strangely cute appearance, but that’s a thought the young man barely allowed himself to have.

“Like this?”, Hercules asked, and raised his bow and arrow a few centimeters. As he got ready to shoot, his eyes focused on the target; A bright red apple, high up in a tree. He was merely waiting for Phil’s cue. But a few seconds passed, and there was still no response…

“… Like this??”, he repeated a little louder.

“… Oh! Yes, yes…”, Phil finally replied and cleared his throat. For some reason, he sounded kind of… hoarse.

Shoot! The arrow went flying, and… missed the apple by far. It didn’t even get close. Oops. This arrow will probably not be found again anytime soon…

Disappointed and confused, Hercules straightened his back and looked over to Phil with a frown. Had he even been watching him? He just stood there, quietly, with his eyes closed and propped up against a tree trunk. Soft sighs and grunts came out of his mouth, and Hercules could have sworn he saw sweat glistening on his forehead. The demigod didn’t really know what to do or say, but it was obvious to him that something must be wrong with him. Phil simply didn’t look well at all.

“Are you… uhm.. alright?”, he asked, sounding concerned as he walked up closer to Phil.

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I had a dream last night that the twins were getting fitted for new vests and when they tried them on Arick was like “These are so tight what the hell?”

And it was because they were corset based and could be tightened and all that jazz

Well of course the dream ends with Arick’s giving out in the middle because the ribbon used for the corset part was pulled to taut from his bloated stomach and he was so embarrassed dfhfjfkggg

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Not gonna lie, I almost forgot who he was. Lol. Anyways


Hunger Headcanons

-He claims he never gets hungry at all, but that’s a huge obvious lie.

-At first his gut is quiet, but the longer he doesn’t eat the louder it gets.

-When anyone points it out, he defends himself angrily.

-”What?! That wasn’t my stomach! You’re hearing things!”

-Will legit smack his abdomen in public in a feeble attempt to silence it.

-When he’s alone, he talks to his stomach. He isn’t sure why he does this.

Stuffing Headcanons

-Eats a lot more than he bargains for.

-Always ends up with a tummy ache afterwards.

-Prefers meat to anything else, but will also settle for sweets.

-Spicy food makes his stomach hurt.

-Practically begs for belly rubs.

Vore Headcanons 

-Definitely a snarky pred.

-Loves making people beg for him to eat them.

-Wants to be starving before eating anyone.

-A huge tease once you’re in his belly.

-”Hehe… having fun in there?”

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I’m happy to report that after all my stuffing yesterday,

I’m am now 275!

A new personal best for me!

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My feeder keeps making me fatter he’s gonna ruin meeeeee

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Trying my best to regain what I lost when I was sick… oh look at the time! It’s time to binge 😊😋🐷

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HAHAHA don’t come for my ass but my stomach is so loud rn and I’m over here thinking about self shippy kinky shit with Don Giorno once again


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So I was watching ‘welcome to demon school Iruma-Kun’ and I developed a crush on the stubborn, scary looking teacher Kalego. Now, most of you would likely see this coming as he is one of the main types of guys I go for. In this comic, Kalego has been stuffed up by his student Iruma accidentally while in his familiar form. Iruma had heard his teacher’s stomach growling during his class and decided to feed him during familiar summoning lessons. (For those of you who don’t know, minor spoilers but Kalego is now also Iruma’s familiar after a mishap involving a seal and a summoning circle….much to Kalego’s chagrin.) Anyway, the stoic Kalego can’t help but fluster after he’s forced to obey and eats the lot, when his summon is undone and he returns to his demon form, his stomach remains stuffed and bloated. Oops~

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thank y’all so much for the love, can’t believe I’m over 1k followers in under a week 😭 the journey is far from over 😋

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Peter B.( eating for two) Parker 💕

His fast food cravings would be unmatched😂💕

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