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little-ideas · 3 days ago
Satan or Belphie in charge of taking out the trash
Lucifer's study is suspiciously empty
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nanamithecute · 3 days ago
Heyyyy bby I see your requests are open for Obey Me.
Was wondering if you could do a Headcanon for Mammon reacting to the realization that he’s in love with the reader?
Sure! i hope you enjoy!
Mammon when he realise that he is in love with the reader
Tumblr media
as we all know. mammon is a big tsundere. so it well take sometime for him to faintly stop lying to him self and live with it (after asmo got it through his thick head).
he won't believe it at first. even if all of his brothers told him the same. you're a human! he can't love a human!
i think the thought well stay in his head every time he sees the reader doing anything. maybe he well faintly believe it if they stand up for him when the brothers got way to far making fun of him.
he well go to his room and just on his bed and think about it. it might take him a whole night to think about taking this risk of maybe breaking his heart.
then he realize that it's already too late. he is already too over heals in love to go back. so he doesn't.
"if they don't love me. i well make them! i well make them have a reason to love me!"
he already always trying to impress the reader. so it might get a little worst and he might hurt other people and him self trying to impress you.
he's very selfless(?). but doesn't really know how to make people happy. so he might go and sell either your things or his brothers to make you happy.
mammon's love language is gifts and quality time. as I said he well steal stuff to give you stuff (without meaning to hurt anyone, he doesn't mean it). and he well try to hang out with you as much as possible.
his jealousy is getting out of hand. he always jealous even before he realize. so now he is jealous of anything. even your own D. D. D. you need to give him attention all the time.
if the reader didn't like him back. he well be broken of course. be he well let them go. if they are happy with someone else then he well be happy for them. even if his heart hurts to see them happier more then with him.
i think he won't be the one to confess. because he isn't that confident. he is confident when it comes to other things. but the reader is his first crush! of curs he won't be that confident. it's a new thing for him. he never thought he well have a crush (not that way). so it might take a little too long.
when the reader confess there love for him he well be shocked. you liked him? not his brothers?
first. rude! he was the one who should confess! he is the guy in this relationship!
second. he won't believe it at first. they looked like they were in love with lucifer! how????
after a while he is faintly believing it. and now the reader is stuck with him forever! they have to stay with him 24/7 or he is losing his shit
Tumblr media
hope you enjoyed!!!!! it's my first time writing headcanons so i really hope it was good.
Tumblr media
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charbearz · 9 days ago
Okay here's all the collages I've made so far uwu
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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cat-g1rls · 10 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Stop calling me a Belphie simp!!! All Belphie simps are homo goths and cowards... and im not a coward !
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sfwart · 12 days ago
Tumblr media
Angel belphie
(My first fanart of the sleepy bean)
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mimiz12 · 13 days ago
Hellfire Newt Syrup HC
What if the syrup affected how MC felt toward demons instead?  👀 my own headcanons on how the brothers will react. sorry not sorry
Lucifer: "Hm? What's with that gaze? Ah, I see."
Would definitely offer to engage further. For the sake of helping you, of course. Not as as an excuse to take advantage of you because he wants it; Lucifer would never admit that, despite enjoying every second.
Mammon: "O-oi! Watch where you're touchin’!"
Heavily in denial about the ordeal or try to tease you for wanting him so much. He is the Great Mammon, after all. However, boosting his ego to make light of the situation wont shake off the embarrassment, and most likely run away as far as the human world.
Satan: "You...what? I...erm, a-alright."
Is too honest to take advantage of you, but if given a good enough reason, he might be willing to concede. A part of him hopes that your feelings are true and not from the effects of the syrup.
Beelzebub: "...?"
Would take him by surprise as he has no idea what you're doing--but he's curious. So curious, that he wonders what would happen if you continue. It's a lot for him to take in, and shows concern when his appetite is fulfilled by this desire instead of food.
Leviathan: ", no, no. I know exactly what that look is!"
Isn't used to someone begging for his attention. Even though he wants to be recognized by you, Leviathan is embarrassed when its intimate. It would take a bit of flirting and chasing after him before his strength wavers.
Asmodeus: "Hehehe, Come with me and I'll give you what you want~"
Would definitely jump on the chance, only if no one was around because Lucifer would have his head if he found out. That's mostly one of the reasons why he stops himself. However, he also might not be able to stop even after the effects wear off...
Belphegor: "I won't hold back, you know..."
Beneath his reserved exterior, Belphegor is quite passionate. Now he has no excuse to hide his true feelings. Even under the influence, his emotions will be so overbearing that you wonder if the syrup affected him too.
(EXTRA) Diavolo: "Well, guess we have no choice then!"
Will briefly contemplate the effects of the syrup, but will neither fight himself or stop you. He can't say his precise feelings on the matter. And well, It's an excuse to slack a little.
(EXTRA) Barbatos: "You've gotten yourself in quite the mess."
The loyal servant of Diavolo surely wouldn't go against orders concerning you. Especially when the rest of the brothers are involved. Their wrath combined doesn't even compare to Satan himself. Only if in a dire situation... he’d lend a hand or two.
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Mc: *standing at the window* oh Belphie someone came to pick you up
Belphie: *looks out the window*
Belphie: Mc there’s nothing out there except the garbage truck
Mc: exactly it came to pick up the trash
Belphie: how dare you
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otome-smut-queen · 22 days ago
The Surprise from the Attic
Fandom: Obey Me! Suitor: Belphegor Tags: family making, breeding, unprotected sex, pillow fort sex, commissioned piece
He huffed as the pillows and blankets wouldn’t stay up as he wanted them to, while he was constantly watching and waiting for her entrance into the attic. Belphie had sent the message to Lily earlier in the day, asking if she had any plans for the evening, and when she confirmed that she was free then it had taken a lot for the Avatar of Sloth to not physically go and kidnap her to start their date. Instead, he had chosen to skip out on his last two classes to take the time to make the attic into a giant blanket fort. He had used the chance to steal all the spare blankets in the house as he fluffed up her favourite pillow to lean on from her bed. She wouldn’t mind that he had plucked it from that position, especially since he had already picked her up some pyjamas to sleep in from her drawer. His favourite set to be precise as he impatiently waited and fiddled with one of the spare blankets he found to have been hidden in Lucifer’s pile, a very plush and soft one in dark red, but under a different colour of lighting then it could be mistaken for a generic one as the Avatar of Sloth laid on his back. He grumbled and checked his DDD for the millionth time, watching and waiting for Lily to text him and tell him that she was on her way home.
Then he had a notification that Lily had been tagged in a post on Devilgram.
He scowled, seeing that his older brother, Asmodeus, had his arm swung around Lily’s shoulders and pulled her frame into his lean form. Their cheeks squished together as he then spotted her DDD in her hand and unlocked it as he zoomed in on the image. He smirked broadly to see that their message chat with his personalised background pulled up when she had been grabbed by the Avatar of Lust. Lily looked taken by surprise, her face not quite in a smile for the camera as Belphie ignored the gushing that Asmodeus was doing over her in the tags. It was evident that Lily hadn’t told Asmo that she was already booked for the evening as her face lit his phone up.
“Asmo is being overdemanding,” she sighed, “I might have trouble shaking his plans for me tonight.”
“I’ve already booked you, so come straight to the attic. I’ve got everything we need anyway,” Belphie shrugged, trying to keep his tone casual. His head was resting on his hand while he rested on his back. “You can shake him.”
“Belphie,” she whined softly, begging for his help between the lines.
“You can tell him you’ll do it another time; I’ve got a surprise for you.”
“Fine, you better have actually picked me out some pyjamas I like,” she sighed, before ending the call.
The Avatar of Sloth chuckled, knowing that it was incentive at least for Lily to evade Asmo’s plans of pampering for them that evening. He was comforted by the thought that she was eager to spend time with him over his siblings, to the point that she was comfortable with the concept that he had been in her room and through her things. Not that it had been the first time that Belphie had pulled such a move. Usually, it was a sleepover with Lily and Beel, his two favourite individuals. But he wanted her attention all to himself tonight as he heard the footsteps approaching up the steps to the attic.
Her voice was low and cooing in appreciation as he heard her bag hit the floor, pausing only to take her shoes off and grab her DDD before the sheets started to rustle. He smirked broadly as her slightly pink face appeared in the dimly lit fort and extended a hand to her before tugging her against him. Her body gently hit and rolled as her DDD bounced onto the pillows on the other side of his body. Not that Belphie was going to let anyone else share her attention for the evening. He’d even told Beel that they wouldn’t be joining the rest of the family for dinner that evening, and now he was pleased to know that Asmo would be sulking as well that his plans with Lily were now ruined courtesy of the youngest sibling.
“Belphie,” she sighed, trying to fight slightly against his firm hold. “I need to change out of my clothes, I want my pyjamas.”
“I have a better plan,” he replied, rolling them both over and pinning Lily under him with one hand. Her wrists were pinned above her head, the Avatar of Sloth abusing his strength advantage before he dipped his head to hers. He kissed her slowly, enjoying the sensation of her soft and plump lips against his. Not that this was the first kiss they’d shared, but it was the first one that was in such an intimate manner. She could have viewed the others as friendly ones, but Belphie wanted to make his intentions clear, as she timidly started to kiss him back. She quickly parted her lips, letting his tongue explore her mouth as he let go of her wrists to slide his hands down her sides. His weight was balanced on his knees, hovering his body over hers as he felt her fingers thread and tangle in his hair, and then gently pull on them experimentally.
He was reluctant to pull back, but she had to breathe as his lilac eyes watched her, his smirk growing on his face. Her blush was blooming over her cheeks, her chest heaving through her shirt as he idly began to wonder what underwear she was wearing underneath. He slowly traced a finger over her breast, finding where her nipple was and beginning to tease it to harden as he waited to see where she would stop him.
His magic had enchanted a huge night-time sky, stars sparkling to illuminate the fortress and to allow Belphie to see Lily’s facial expressions. Her lips were too inviting to resist as he kissed her firmly again after she had caught her breath back, though he was only looking to continue to warm her up. She wriggled slightly underneath him, her skirt starting to rise against his trousers with his body temperature beginning to heighten with it. His cock was hardening in his pants as his lips slowly began to explore down her neck, nudging her jawline with his nose to get her to tilt back and expose all of her skin to him. He teased her skin with his teeth, nipping at her softly for now before settling on the perfect spot in the crook of her neck. He sucked hard on her skin, imposing his teeth in on it before letting go and admiring the dark red mark now starting to signal his territory.
“Belphie!” Lily half-heartedly scolded him, wriggling underneath him. “You’ll leave a mark-“
“That’s the point. I’m just letting every other Demon here know you aren’t available,” he told her, still keeping her firmly underneath him so she couldn’t escape. He tilted his head, gazing at her as he studied her expressions. It was adorable how much of her emotions were always easy to read, instead of the usual political bull that came with dealing with other Demons. She was adorable and made his cock ache with the lustful thoughts that came to his mind. Lily was oblivious sometimes, and she didn’t always understand that other Demons were looking to make a move on her, so he was making it so that no other Demon would attempt to move in on his territory.
“Belphie,” she sighed softly, shaking her head as he gently stroked her hair, so it splayed out around her. Not that he would change anything unless she explicitly told him so as he resumed his exploratory tasting of her neck, teasing her with the possibility of a matching mark on the opposite side. His tongue delved along her collarbones, smirking as he plucked each button open of her school shirt without any sign of resistance from the exchange student. She had no idea how beautiful she was, she attracted attention whenever she left or entered a room, and he was on the edge of his brothers’ territories with lust and jealousy when it came to her. His hands stroked over her newly exposed skin, marvelling at the sensation of how soft it was as he unbuttoned her shirt and freed her bra to his mouth.
He groaned softly, before taking her clothed breast into his mouth, teasing her nipple through the material as his hips began to rut against the blankets between her legs. The Human woman was clutching at his jacket, pulling on his clothes as the Avatar of Sloth smirked to hear her desperate moans permeate the air. He had her all to himself as he repeated the process on her other breast, refusing to relent until he was satisfied with how hard and wet her nipples were poking at the fabric. Especially with the look she was giving him as he began to kiss down her stomach, making sure to take his time as his fingers caught on the zip of her skirt.
Lily’s eyes flew open at that point as her skirt slipped down over her hips, and Belphie took the opportunity to hook his fingers into her panties in the same motion. Her blush was too cute as she realised that the Avatar of Sloth was determined to have a taste as he planted his kisses closer together on her newly exposed skin, smirking as her body unsteadily relaxed to let him toss the offending items of clothing far out of reach. His fingers slowly slid down over her puffy lips, groaning softly to see how wet she was for him after a little bit of kissing and some teasing of her nipples. He was going to be in danger of drowning if he was Human as he parted them eagerly, his tongue darting out and as deep as possible into her pussy, swirling around and savouring the taste with a groan as his other arm slid under her thigh and pressed down over her hips to stop her from bucking out of his reach.
Belphie pressed his face in harder to her hips, eating her out in a manner that could easily be mistaken for Beel. His fingers alternated between sliding in alongside his tongue and teasing her clit, pinching at the swollen nub as she writhed and moaned above him. Not that he was going to let her have her first orgasm without working for it, he wanted it to be so mind-blowing that she was incapable of thinking of anyone but him as he pulled his face away reluctantly.
“You being clothed is offensive,” he huffed, scowling to see that her bra and shirt were still on before he morphed a nail into a claw and sliced the material down between her breasts.
“Belphie!” She scolded as he yanked at the shirt and now-defunct bra. “That was expensive-“
“I’ll replace it, or better yet, stop wearing them around me,” he snorted, and then latched onto her neck again, alternating his kisses with a hard sucking motion, determined to leave her neck covered in his bite marks. Lily was only able to try and salvage her uniform by casting it to the side, leaving her completely naked against his clothed form. She groaned as his hips rutted upwards, the outline of his hard cock brushing against her hips to make a point. His hands rested on her rear, making her straddle him in the new upright position as her hands dipped between them, fumbling around to undo his trousers and expose his cock to her. “Mm, good girl, you know what you want,” he smirked against her skin, only giving her the chance to pull him out enough before he lifted her up and then impaled her on him.
He groaned, her pussy clenching tightly around his shaft before his fingers worked her clit at a magical speed. Her orgasm ripped through her; her head thrown back with such force that Belphie was momentarily worried that he had pushed her too far before she then screamed with a ferocity he hadn’t experienced in a long time. She spasmed and writhed against his firm hold, and it took every bit of internal strength inside of him to not cum with her from the way she milked his shaft. It was one hell of a confidence boost to cup her cheek as she came down from her high, her eyes slightly glazed over and out of it as the Demon waited patiently for her to recover. He couldn’t stop his smirk as Lily blushed, her breathing starting to steady when she came back to the pillow fort.
“That’s just the first one,” he promised, before kissing her again. This one was different, he was slow and methodical, his arms wrapped around her and just holding her against him as he explored every crevice in her. Then he lifted her, not letting his cock slide out of her core and shuffled forward on his knees before they were situated under the full section of the exposed ceiling which he had bewitched to resemble the night sky from the Human Realm. Stars sparkled in their specific positions, giving away certain constellations as he laid Lily out on her back, hair splayed in all directions and smiled down at her. “Perfect,” he cooed softly and kissed her again.
His hips slowly drew back, rocking his cock in and out of her at a constant speed, just quick enough to keep building her up while not sending her catapulting to the top. He wanted her to enjoy it as fingers lazily started to strip him out of his clothes, as much as he was loving the feeling of her naked skin to his clothed body, he needed to feel her skin against his. Lily was giving him the cutest of whimpers, beckoning him to continue in his lazy manner as his jacket and shirt were thrown behind them. Her fingers explored the new area with interest, as though looking to commit his body to memory as his teeth latched back onto her nipple, changing the angle in which his cock hit her core. She whined with delight, toying with Belphie’s ability to keep holding off on his orgasm as he soaked up the view before him. The artificial starlight bathed her in a soft glow that he didn’t have anything to compare it to, even when he thought back to his days in the Celestial Realm. She was gorgeous beyond all recognition as he realised that her second climax was already looming and gave him no chance to resist her this time around.
His vision was threatening to white out as her screams were muffled by his mouth, his tongue greedily tangled with hers as his cock pumped out his cum to fill her up with. She was shuddering and moaning, her body turning to liquid as the pleasure was consuming every inch of them, the Demon keeping his hips rocking into hers before their mouths parted. Lily’s cheeks had bloomed pink, illuminated only by the fake stars which made Belphie smirk more. He waited for her orgasm to collapse before he pulled out of her, grabbing some tissues and wipes to clean them both up.
It was taking her a short while to move, her muscles not wanting to cooperate as the Avatar of Sloth chuckled, and used the wipes delicately to clean up between her legs. She looked breathtaking with the ‘freshly fucked’ look of rustled hair and a pink tinge to her whole body from where he had teased her with marks. His teeth impressions were clear on her neck and shoulders, though the love bites on her breasts had the appearance of being impressive marks as well, as Lily began to feel embarrassment at his lingering eyes and reached for her discarded shirt for some form of cover.
Not that Belphie would allow for that.
He wanted to commit to memory her naked form. He couldn’t be certain he wasn’t dreaming right now and had just cum in his pants instead of inside of her. Her skin was soft under his fingers as he fiercely kissed her, his hand covering hers and stopping her from grabbing the clothing as he slid his other arm around her waist and drew their bare forms together. She felt heavenly, so warm and banishing all the thoughts of loneliness from his mind. He couldn’t let her go now he had had her. She was too tempting, other Demons would move in on her. He had seen the way some of the other students had looked at his Human, and he wanted to make it very explicitly clear that Lily was his, and his alone.
The markings on her neck and chest would never be enough as he rolled them both over. He was lying on his back with the surprised Lily straddling his hips, her tempting rear over his hardening cock as his horns and tail slipped out. He knew of one way that would ensure that every Demon, Angel and Human knew that Lily wasn’t available as he used the bushy end of his tail to slide around her waist, teasing the skin before rising up to her breasts. Her nipples quickly hardened at the brief brushings, his hands sliding up her thighs to grip at her hips and to keep her in place as he gazed up at her from under his inky coloured hair. He didn’t usually find this position enticing, but Lily looked gorgeous under starlight like this as his tail alternated between her breasts. Her breathing was a little hard, forcing her chest to expand more than usual which worked perfectly for the Demon. It pushed her nipples towards him as she wriggled against the hold he had on her hips. It was cute that she tried to fight against his strength, and the way her teeth scraped over her lower lip was adorable and too sexy for him to resist as his hips rutted upwards instinctively and purposefully.
He couldn’t get the image out of his head.
Of her so round with his kid, and with his cum still pouring out of her pussy and ass to mark his territory. Belphie needed to make it a reality. He knew that Demon cum was potent, it overrode any Human-made birth control as his cock throbbed to life against her ass cheeks. He would also probably need to train her to take his cock in her ass from how she was reacting to having his cock rubbing between her cheeks. She was trying to angle and push her hips so that he would slip into her pussy and not her ass, which meant he could possibly have the pleasure of being the only one who’d taken her ass. She was making all sorts of ugly sides bloom inside the Demon, as Belphie took the opportunity to lift her up and then slide her slowly down his cock, her pussy slick and molten hot despite the brief interlude.
He wanted to thoroughly ruin her as he let go of her hips, letting her nestle against him. The small gasps she was making were cute, and the way she was clenching him was like nothing else he had experienced before. It almost reminded him of why he liked spending his time in the Human Realm, so many women had been ruined by his cock before, but he wanted Lily to be the last one as she slowly lifted her weight on her knees, drawing out as much of his cock as she dared to, before dropping herself back onto his hips swiftly. The grunt escaped him automatically, especially as she repeated the process a few more times before his hands were securely back on her hips.
She swallowed loudly, gazing down at him with a worried expression. It was cute that she thought she had offended him, or done something wrong. His thumbs stroked her hips before he pressed into her flesh and held her in place. His hips slammed up into her, it was a pace that forced the breath out of her, and she could barely keep up to comprehend what was happening to her as the Avatar of Sloth outdid his Sin. There was nothing dreamlike or slothful about his speed, he was determined to imprint himself on her body and to ensure that she would always come back to his bed because no one else would be able to make her cum like he could as her third and fourth orgasms screamed the House of Lamentation down. All of his brothers would know whose bed she was in, and they would respect it or Belphie would simply have to fuck an impression of Lily into the dining table as he smirked at the thought.
His cock throbbed before his cum flooded out, pumping in so much of it that he could feel it starting to overflow out of her pussy as her body shivered in the ripples of ecstasy. She was smiling and blushing down at him as he pulled out of her and laid her next to him, her body was fairly limp and lucid as he cleaned them both up again before finding his softest blanket and some pillows for them both to curl up under.
It didn’t take Lily long to fall asleep, she forwent the pillows, choosing instead to rest her head on his chest with her arm over his waist but under the blanket. She had let her guard down so easily around him, it made him worry that other Demons had maybe thought they had a chance with her as he felt her breathing steady with her slumber, the stars still twinkling merrily overhead as he stared up into them, a slight frown creasing his brow.
Lily fell easily into the new routine that came with Belphie. She would sit next to him at the dinner table, with Satan on her other side, and she would always sit with him in the few lessons that they did share together. She never made any attempt to cover up the hickeys on her neck, and he had received a few texts to come and rescue her from persistent Demons who didn’t understand her refusal for a quickie since she wore the Avatar of Sloth’s markings so openly. They usually spent lunchtimes in an empty classroom, Lily bent over a desk as he railed her from behind, though she had started with the butt plugs and wearing them throughout the day, it would take some time to get up to the size of taking his cock easily, but they were progressing at least. Lucifer suspected what they were doing, but none of his brothers had caught them yet so Belphie had no plans in stopping. Asmo had often commented on seeing the couple about how drunk he was getting off their pheromones, but Belphie would only pull Lily against him, and glare at his older brother. Monogamy wasn’t the typical relationship in Devildom, but Lily didn’t want any other Demon from how easily she would grab hold of him and the glares he had seen her give to those who suggested anything made him so gleeful it could easily outshine Simeon. She was so beautiful when she smiled at him after they had been apart. It would light up her whole face and she would practically run to him. She shared his bed at nights, though they would spend the nights in the attic or in her room as to not disturb Beel with their fucking. His favourite thing to do was enchant the ceiling and sprawl her out underneath him so that the starlight would illuminate her to his eyes.
Though it was the way that she couldn’t close her skirt up the whole way that made him take a closer look at her.
She was trying to get dressed for school, but the band of the skirt was cutting into her hips and she couldn’t get the zip to go up to keep her skirt up as Belphie rolled over from his position in her bed to see what she was huffing about.
“I don’t understand, my clothes must be shrinking,” Lily complained, showing Belphie the issue before changing skirts onto to find that all of them apparently had the same issue.
“All of your skirts can’t have shrunk,” the Avatar of Sloth scoffed. “Come back to bed and let’s forget clothes, we can skip today,” he smirked, patting the bed as he enjoyed the way her gaze soaked up his naked form which was only partially contained by a sheet.
“Well, none of them fit,” she scowled, her moods seeming to swing violently as she dropped her weight on the bed with a huff. Her back bounced against the mattress, and her shirt had ridden up, leaving Lily in only her panties from the waist down since she couldn’t fit into her uniform. His eyes settled on her lower abdomen, which was a little more curved than usual as he sat up in bed and made the gesture for her to stay laid out as she went to sit back up again.
His hand slid over her hips and curved gently with the bump that was growing. He couldn’t stop smiling, his dream was coming true before Lily seemed to comprehend what was happening.
Tears were forming in her eyes before Belphie had her wrapped up in his arms, kissing her forehead as they scrambled in the bed to get comfortable. He was rubbing her back, so pleased with himself as he felt her body shake slightly with her tears but refused to let her go. He murmured his reassurances into her ear, kissing her head and any spot of her that he could reach before the news had apparently sunk in a little.
“Are you sure you’re okay with this?” Lily asked timidly, fear written all over her face, from the way she looked up at him and her teeth scraping over her lower lip before he tilted her head up and kissed her lovingly on the lips.
“More than okay, we’ll get you to a doctor while the others are at RAD,” he promised, covering her body with her sheet before Lucifer was in the room in an attempt to make them both move and get downstairs for breakfast.
It was a case of illusions. Lily was wearing a pair of stretchy trousers with her uniform shirt and jacket, while Belphie was wearing his usual uniform, and they walked to RAD on their own, before making out that something had been forgotten and doubling back on part of the route.
The doctor’s office was pleasant enough. It was very clinical, just like the ones in the Human Realm as the couple had narrowly avoided walking back into Lucifer on their way, which had then in turn given Lily a small panic attack and Belphie had to coach her through it to get her breathing back to normal. He knew that after this appointment it would need to be aired out with his siblings and Lily would likely struggle to continue attending RAD for a while, but he needed to just get her through this appointment and confirmation first as they took their seats and waited to be called through. The receptionist hadn’t been the most helpful until a colleague of hers had pointed out to her that Belphie was the Avatar of Sloth and an open slot was swiftly found. He wasn’t usually the type to throw his weight around to get what he wanted, he liked to leave that to his siblings, but it did have its advantages as he rested Lily’s head against his shoulder and wrapped an arm around her to comfort her while they waited for their turn.
Though it wasn’t quite the news he was expecting as the doctor rolled out the ultrasound machine.
Two small beans were shown on the screen, around ten weeks old they were assured. Perfectly healthy for their age and size as he blinked repeatedly at the screen. The genders wouldn’t be known until week 20 to 24 if the babies would let them see. A photo was printed off of the babies and given to Belphie as the doctor and Lily began to clean her up of the gel that had been used. He swallowed nervously, shaking as the reality of what was happening to them was sinking into him now before Lily gently shook his shoulder.
He could read her emotions on her face. She was so scared of being rejected right now. He wrapped his arms around her, bringing her in close and kissing her on the head before the doctor ushered them out of the room. They had other patients to attend to, and congratulations of course. Lily was to make another appointment for four weeks, and she was to come to them with any problems she was experiencing with pregnancy as well.
Belphie was waiting outside the clinic, staring still at the printout as his DDD was held up to his face and then pressed the ‘call’ button on Lucifer’s contact information. He was hoping for voicemail, but the irritated firstborn answered within a few rings.
“I hope you didn’t think you’d get away with not being at RAD today,” Lucifer scolded, though it made Belphie smirk to know that Lucifer was going to be yelling for an entirely different reason.
“Lily’s pregnant,” he calmly replied, relishing in the silence that followed. “10 weeks along roughly, the doctor is happy with the babies’ health and Lily’s.”
Belphie could hear Lucifer blinking and trying to comprehend the information that his youngest sibling had just thrown at him. It was almost enough to make the Avatar of Sloth chuckle, but he knew that he was walking a very thin line with this news as the firstborn sighed. He knew that Lucifer would be pinching the bridge of his nose with his eyes shut and elbow on the desk in front of him, counting to ten in a way to not explode in a manner befitting of Satan.
“Babies? As in multiple?” Lucifer asked, his voice strained.
“Twins. We won’t know the genders for another ten to fourteen weeks,” Belphie shrugged before he felt Lily tuck her hand into his. “I’m taking Lily shopping for clothes that’ll fit her as she gets bigger and then going home. She needs plenty of rest and no stress, doctor’s orders.”
He ended the call before Lucifer could argue anything and kissed Lily on the head, lifting their hands up to pull her into him and wrapping his arm around her shoulder. It was easier to show his love for her with the small motions and ignoring his DDD as he led her towards a cab, intending to shower her in everything she could possibly need to grow their kids. He was lucky to have her, and he wanted to make sure she was cared for in every manner possible.
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dzacurosatori · 29 days ago
His hands (unexpected tenderness from the assassin squad)
KHR.Variya: Xanxus, Fran, Squalo, Belphegor
Tumblr media
Xanxus Skyrini
From this cruel, egocentric, laconic and ruthless person, you will definitely not wait for tenderness. Still, you've held Varii's boss's hand a couple of times. It happened when you were just the two of you...during a passionate night. And you can safely say that your man's hands are insanely hot and big compared to your neat palm. They are slightly rough where the scars should have been, and the veins throb fervently under the fingertips. At the moment of plexus of your hands, you feel that you are not just a toy for sex, but something more for him and you would like to have more of such pleasant emotional moments.
Tumblr media
Squalo Superby
The swordsman has never been against wrapping his hand around yours and squeezing it confidently, but this man almost never takes off his gloves. Because of the large amount of work that falls on him, he sometimes sleeps right at his desk or on the couch in the common room(this is not taking into account the constant long-term business trips). At such moments, you quietly settle down next to him, laying your head on the shoulder or chest of a loved one and climbing your fingers into a warm glove on his healthy hand, feeling the soft skin and not a single smear. You smile at the spreading warmth in your chest and fall asleep, too. And in the morning, Lussuria will be touched by what a nice couple you are.
Tumblr media
Francesco Irone
The frog teases and constantly hides his hands behind his back from your attempt to grab them. But after a while, it still allows you to get the better of yourself and then your fingers intertwine with his ever-cold ones due to poor blood supply, forcing the boy to look away from your contented happy smile. The illusionist likes to unexpectedly pinch you through the form: by the sides, by the tummy, by the thigh or by the ass, commenting on your figure with offensive statements, forcing you to frown and not talk to him all day and run away from meetings. But when you are alone, he will gently embrace you, wrapping his arms around your waist, and his head without a huge, interfering hat on your fragile shoulder, whispering in your ear that he was joking.
Tumblr media
Belphegor Cavalini
Belphegor's hands, as befits a real prince, are slender, neat, the fingers are long, and the nails are always in perfect condition. They are so well-groomed, tender and smooth that you sometimes envy him and steal a couple of magic creams from his locker. At first, the ripper cursed and grumbled at you, and then he finally accepted ,saying "okay", his princess can.
You rarely hold hands and always on your own initiative. Actually, the guy doesn't mind, but I don't think he'll tell you how much he likes it when you stroke his thumb and he kisses the back of your hand like a real gentleman.
Tumblr media
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lux-in-the-night · a month ago
8th Sin: Lilith Theory
In technicality I'm pulling this out of my ass but here we go
So in the fandom there's speculation Lilith might be revived and I would like to add onto that.
In some versions of the 7 deadly sins story, there's an 8th sin. In one version I read awhile ago it was said the 8th sin was clipped away from the other 7, for it was worthless.
The variants of what the sin is among many, but the most common I've seen is Despair/Sorrow or Negligence (lack of care).
And seemingly fitting these both are, in my opinion, if Lilith is revived and becomes a sin
Perhaps when she reawakens, she no longer cares for her brothers. Doesn't care about anything, really. As was she cared enough about to be saved?
But I think the more fitting role is Despair, going off when Beel said she had a great look of despair when she fell and watched him save Belphie instead. I speculate, if my theory rings true, she'd be a antagonist- at least for awhile.
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locallucifersimp · a month ago
Belphegor: One day I will meet god, but today, god will meet me
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mikyou · a month ago
Jack Kline on the outside but Belphegor on the inside
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apricotmilk-sxcxr · a month ago
POV: Your wake up into the attic with this boi in front of you 🧚‍♀️💜
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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