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#belphegor avatar of sloth
daplatypusway · 7 months ago
Brothers as angels? I want to see them 😭
Your artwork is awesome
First thanks you so much ! I really appreciate this ! 💫
And yeah I was thinking of what kind of wings the brothers as angels could had for a while now !
So let's start with the twins !
Tumblr media
For Belphie, I rather saw him with owls like wings, "small" and silent. So it would be easy for him to fly and sneak out for a spot to nap without anyone noticing ! His pattern is inspired by the one of barn owls, just a bit more purple-ish.
Bonus point when he use them as a cover.
Tumblr media
For Beel it's quite differente, he's a cherub who's protects the gates of Paradise ! He needs big and imposing ones ! So I think he could have the power soaring wings type ! Like eagles or hawks. Basicaly powerful wings for a powerful boy. And for the pattern I was inspired by the wings of harpy eagle, because these birds are big af (oh suprise just like Beel !)
So that's it for now with the free time I've got ! But don't worry the others will come too ! Quickly I hope 👀 so meanwhile let me know if you like it and/or if you were thinking of something else for them !
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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https-sen · a month ago
5 Things
Pairing(s): Leviathan, Belphegor, Beelzebub, Mammon x gn! Reader
A/N: just a short lil appreciation gift for hitting 100 <3 feel free to follow, like and reblog ^^ you can also gimme reqs and you can lmk if you don't want your user to be said!
Warning: Not Proofread!! Small Lesson Spoiler in Belphie's!!
Genshin Version: Here!
Tumblr media
..loves linking pinkies whenever you both go out like figure shopping, manga scavenging or even just a short stroll <3
..likes whenever you play with his hair, pat his head or just a peck on his forehead <3 so shy that he avoids eye contact during cuddling <3 too socially awkward but he'll try his best to show you affection in public if it makes you happy <3
..loves you so much and always second guests if you love him or not because he thinks youre out of his league but he's glad that you'll always be there to reassure him <33
Tumblr media
..tries his best to stay awake during class if youre sick just to give you class notes <3
..likes being spooned and would rub his thumb against your thigh/hand <3
..will make sure you eat if you have enough rest because he knows it isnt good for your health <3
..loves seeing your smile and even if youre insecure, his word of affirmation is a cure <3
..knows he almost killed and manipulated you but if you're willing to put it aside and forgive him, he's gonna try his best to always make you happy and out of harms way <33
Tumblr media
..likes your cooking whether its good or bad <3
..takes care of you 24/7 so youre safe and out of harms way <3
..will make sure you eat enough and remind you of his concerns when you skip meals because he knows it can make you sick <3
..will bring you to any restaurant in devildom whether its expensive or not because you mean the world to him <3 willing to share his food with you, especially if its your favourite because he'll put you above himself and he loves you that much <33
Tumblr media
..wont let any demon or witch hurt you, even if he's in debt with them <3
..tries his absolute best to not over-spend or waste his money because he doesnt want you to worry about him <3
..remember every single small things you do because he's extremely observant around you and finds it cute <3
..will not admit it but he loves it whenever he gets time with you just to appreciate the little things <3 insecure and is afraid you'll leave him for someone better and forget about him within a short period of time but will 100% ball his eyes out if you reassure him your love for him is never going to fade away <33
Tumblr media
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What would Belphie do upon finding a live cow calf in his attic? What about when MC wants to keep it?
Tumblr media
I can see how his brothers are bringing a calf to the attic with a joke.
(Because everyone knows Belphie is a cowboy... if U know what I mean.)
That wouldn’t annoy him at first.
He just thinks asking Beel to take the calf away.
But then you see it.
After laughing on the floor for about ten minutes you tell Belphie you want to keep a calf.
And Belphie says he doesn't care if you keep it.
Because he believes Lucifer will never give permission.
But Lucifer gives you permission to keep that calf.
And now Belphie is forced to put up with Belphie.jr
Belphie.jr really likes Belphie.
Now Belphie often wakes up to that calf licking his face.
However, he frankly doesn’t hate it.
Which is because you like a calf and the calf causes Lucifer problems.
Otherwise, he wouldn't care.
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belphies-cuhm-sluht · 4 months ago
its me againnnn hehehe i wanted to ask for a fun hc list of how mammon and belphie would compete for their mc’s love?
(OH and be on the look out, les just say ik where my next paycheck is going to~ ;) i want a sweet continuation of that painfully good fanfic i req last time but i wont without commissioning u properly lollll)
How Mammon and Belphie Would Compete For GN!MC's Love (Headcanons)
FIRST OF ALL! Hey you! I hope you’re doing well!
SECOND OF ALL! I would love to do a continuation of the fanfic! OH MY GOD I WILL CRY! <3
He is not a quitter, and he most definitely will not give up if he knows that someone else, especially if one of his brothers are going after what is rightfully (in his mind) his.
He will pull out all the stops, making sure that he is the center of your attention at all times. You can’t think of Belphie if you’re sitting right in front of him… at least you shouldn’t be able to… It would be pretty rude if you were thinking of someone else when he so generously invited you into his room.
He’ll give you little things, things that’ll make you think of him mainly. He’ll give you his shirt and say that you should wear it because it looks good on you, and it does, but also because it’s his and it’ll show Belphie that you’re his. He’ll let you wear his jacket, even if it’s like 100 degrees… He just assumes that if you’re wearing his things, everyone else will assume that you’re his.
He is majorly competitive, and he will not stop until you love him or tell him that you don’t want him. He doesn’t see why you wouldn’t want him though… He is The Great Mammon and all, so… you’ll actually be winning if you choose him and who doesn’t love to win?
He’ll take you on dates… that don’t cost money, but they’re still romantic. He just doesn’t have any money at the moment… Please don’t judge him.
He’ll try to keep you far away from the house, as far away from Belphie and all thoughts of Belphie, during the dates. Romantic picnics in the park that’s all the way across the Devildom. Random drives late at night so Belphie can’t invite you to sleep in his room with him where you get to pick all the songs and he can watch your eyes light up with all the street lights and lit up store signs.
He’s really doing his best, and he just wants you to love him. It may seem like he’s trying too hard, but when it’s taken into consideration that he doesn’t try this hard on anything else, it should go to show just how important you are to him.
He’s not exactly a quitter, but he definitely isn’t as competitive as Mammon is when it comes to this. Don’t get me wrong, he wants you to choose him, he knows that he’s better than Mammon, but he’s not going to get all sulky not around you or his brothers anyway about it.
From the attic he can hear most things that are going on on the floors below him. The vents lead right up there, so he can hear exactly when you’re with Mammon too. He wouldn’t call it petty that everytime you’re with his brother he just so happens to text you that he needs help finding something up in the attic. It’s just a coincidence that it happens that way.
After you get up to the attic and help him find what he quickly hid in the most inconspicuous place what he’s looking for, he’ll ask you to lay with him for a little bit to help him fall asleep. Those moments usually turn into him talking to you about random things that’ll keep your mind occupied, things that’ll keep you busy, and things that’ll make you forget about Mammon for the moment. It’s a bonus if you actually end up napping next to him though.
He doesn’t actually like leaving the house, so he won’t do that, not unless he really has to. He’ll set up movie dates up in the attic with beanbag chairs and a projector screen made out of a bed sheet that he’s lazily hung to the wall. He’ll have Beel bring up snacks and stuff to make it seem like you’re really at the movies… but in the comfort of his attic.
Of course he’ll let you pick the movie, although he really hopes you pick a scary movie so that you’ll maaaybeee cuddle up next to him and hide in his shoulder… maybe… You can if you want to.
He’ll also do dream dates… which are way more fun than anything Mammon can do and anywhere Mammon can take you. Dream dates let you go wherever you want with him, whether it’s the beach, or an amusement park, or a pretty garden that your mind just made up, he’ll take you there.
He’s trying really hard without actually showing that he’s trying really hard. He doesn’t want to come off as desperate as Mammon is, but he really really really does want you to choose him and love him because he loves you so so so much.
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neptune-cinths · a month ago
The Seven Demon Lords of Hell [Part 1]
entry : hii! i’m back with another world building post about obm’s world and their ranks + domains. this is gonna be a two part post because i really couldn’t fit all of the my thoughts in one T ~ T
Tumblr media
I’m sure all of us know that the demon bros are the seven demon lord of hell/ the devildom. I don’t remember if that was the official title or thats the name the fandom gave them but still 🤷🏻‍♀️
We learn pretty early on that they are both important to the Devildom’s politics and the Devildom itself and are one of the most powerful demons alongside Diavolo and maybe even Barbatos. Not on par with Diavolo, but I’m sure Lucifer and Barbatos equally have the same amount of strength
When going to formal events like a party that Diavolo hosts or when mingling with higher class demons in general, they usually go into their demon form since it’s common courtesy in the Devildom to do so.
I also believe that they have their true demon forms but they don’t go into those forms as of late. They only go to that form whenever a serious threat comes in between their family or in the Devildom
I’m sure someone had said this before but lower demons respect them by saying “Lord [brother’s name]” or “Lord of [brother’s sin]”. Anyone who forgets or even intentionally drops this title is usually going to have severe consequences, but it really depends on the demon.
You obviously don’t need to say “Lord [brother’s name]” when addressing them. That’s because you are a very special person to the demon bros
All of the brothers have gotten countless marriage proposals from older demons for their children over the centuries, but none of them want to act on it. Somewhere inside them, they know that they would just be unhappy since they don’t genuinely love the young demon or young demoness that they got a proposal from
The one with the most proposals by far is a tie between Lucifer and Mammon. Again, they just reject it the moment they hear one word about marriage.
As the Seven Lords, all of them have their own domain near the Devildom. They have ruled this place for centuries but they aren’t like Diavolo where he’s the de facto ruler to ALL of the Devildom. The demons bros only rule over their respective places. With that being said, they also have lots and lots of paperwork and sometimes they even go back to their domain to see what all the fuss was about.
Belphie’s domain is the most accessible to humans, Devildom wise. The architecture is curvy and the streets are painted with a dark purple. The grass is in between a light purple and a royal blue, much to his chagrin. The streets are littered with demons sleeping on the sidewalks, garbage cans, and anywhere they can get their hands on really. Not really the most horrific compared to all the other domains, but still dangerous for the average human to waltz into.
Beel’s domain is filled with street vendors and restaurants (both high class and fast food). It kinda looks like that one scene in spirited away where chihiro’s parents eat during the time the spirits come out. LOTS of red. red street signs, lanterns, roofs. if it’s not red it’s shades of light pink, it would look pretty cute without the hungry demons stuffing themselves to the brim with all types of food. If you wanna go here, I suggest you bring Beel and another brother with you. If you don’t, then you’ll end up being another demon’s midnight snack.
Asmo’s domain is FILLED with a lot of hot pink items. Along with that, there’s lots of make up and different boutiques in his domain. Almost every demon there is very attractive, just like their Lord! Asmo has lots succubi and incubi in his domain, they give him a lot of information from gossiping rings. The streets are also lined with cute little pink hearts from time to time, there are also lots of mirrors and glass objects in his domain. All the clothes in his domain keep up with the fashion trends of the Devildom and are made with the finest silk and fabrics. You must also bring Asmo and maybe another brother with you. If you don’t, there might be some incubus or succubus that will take your life away because you’ve been hanging out with Asmo a little too much in their eyes.
Satan’s domain is both one of the most violent and quiet out of all his brother’s domains. Wrath is in all of these demons and they aren’t afraid to show it. 9 times out of 10 the streets are painted with red, maybe some blood splattered here and there. The colors are pretty earthy though. Lots of dark green, dark brown, regular brown, with the occasional beige and light green making an appearance. Surprisingly, most of the demons coming from this domain are pretty chill trhe first time you meet them. Just don’t anger them or else you’ll REALLY know why they come from the Avatar of Wrath’s domain. These demons and demonesses are also filled with backhanded compliments and aren’t afraid to insult you. They’ll call anyone in their way smooth brained or some other creative insult.
Levi’s domain is something out of a modern sci-fi book. almost all of the electronic devices in there are powered by water, but in the small minority that’s not powered by water, it’s powered by regular magic. It sorta looks like Watatsumi Island from Genshin Impact but more modern. A lot of sea monsters and sirens go out and about in this domain since it’s mostly water. There are also a lot of dangerous sea creatures here, one example is the blue ringed octopus or the stone fish. You’re going to have to watch your step when you’re in Levi’s domain, and that also means having him as your guide!
afterthoughts : this is a pretty long post lmao but i hope you enjoyed it. tysm for giving support to my grand admiral! levi hcs, it truly means a lot to me !! i even got some support from the people in the obm fandom that i truly admire like obeythebutler !! ty once again and apologies for spelling mistakes
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kpop-otome-yandere-here · 6 months ago
Belphie: Fitness tip: never stop pushing yourself. Some say 8 hours of sleep is enough. Why not keep going? Why not 9? Why not 10? Strive for greatness.
Mc: Next time you’re working out do 15 push ups instead of 10. Run 3 miles instead of 2. Eat a whole cake instead of just a slice. Burn your ex’s house down. You can do it. I believe in you.
Beel: There were so many mixed messages in that I can’t-
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angel-le-pan · 6 months ago
Obey me shower thoughts (Some are slightly NSFW) :
If Satan was born from Lucifer's wrath doesn't that mean Satan is Lucifer's child? So why does the demon brothers call him his brothers?
If Lucifer have a child does it mean that Satan is the child's uncle or is Satan the child's older brother?
How strong is even Beelzebub's teeth that he can eat a pillar and a whole little D?
If the twins can feel what each of them is feeling like when Beel gets too hungry Belphie can become hungry too, does it mean if one of the twins is horny the other twin will also feel horny?
Since Belphie's familiars are bulls/cows does it mean his tail is fluffy or is it like rough
Since the witch summons Mammon at random times does it mean that they have at least summon Mammon when he was showering once.
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daplatypusway · 5 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Fiou I'm finaly done with my school project ! From now on I can have more time to draw and more for this fandom !
So I'll start by finishing this series ! Inspired by this post from @oceanatydes . I said it so here it is ! Very very late, but I keep my word. And even so it's alway nice to see some good looking spy demons, no ?
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2sunbee2 · 9 months ago
Tumblr media
It took me a long time to finish this one, but now this is it...
one of the scenes from lesson 18 where MC got her/his pact from Belphegor  😚
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diavolosthots · 6 months ago
Hey Queen! Beautiful Queen whom I love and adore! <3 It's me! Your bitch! That bitch! I was just thinking like, some wholesome Belphie is very much needed everywhere and for everyone. Like, MC is feeling super cuddly and stuff and they go to Belphie and it's just super fluffy and super cute, and really sweet - @belphies-cuhm-sluht <3
I scrolled until I found your request because I know you need it and I hope you feel better soon, cutie @belphies-cuhm-sluht
Tumblr media
It used to be that sleeping your life away felt almost like a sin, like it wasn’t allowed. There was a time for sleeping and there was a time for doing things and out of 24 hours in a day, only eight could be spent resting or you’d feel guilty. Maybe it’s the work drive in you or maybe it’s the feeling of endless guilt that makes you feel like you have to prove yourself by doing things, more things, and definitely things done better than by others. Maybe it’s also because too many people called you lazy throughout your life so you vowed to never be lazy, somewhat neglecting your own self to prove to others that you were worth it. Who cares if you suffered, as long as everyone else was happy with you, right? 
But throughout the years you found loopholes in that. They’re not even loopholes, but to you it makes more sense, and it makes you feel less guilty, rather than outright admitting that you like being lazy. These loopholes range from things like “I have spring allergies so I need some more rest…” to “well, it’s technically not due until the 25th…” to “People deserve love and affection and cuddling is my preferred type. It’s necessary to be loved in order to function.” All of these are valid all on their own, and yes, all of them are considered valid reasons, but it still makes you feel guilty admitting that, so you call them loopholes. Life’s loopholes to make you feel a little less shitty about something that’s, in all actuality, completely normal. 
Today’s ‘loophole’ however, was actually something new to you, kind of. It was rainy and storming; the perfect weather to kick back and just relax. Maybe read a book so you couldn’t call yourself completely lazy. After all, reading does challenge the brain and as long as you’re stimulating some part of yourself, whether that be mental or physical, it’s okay, right? It totally counts. But you also had someone with you that’s… the complete opposite of you and he lured you in. He lures you into the deep depths of laziness that you’re unsure you’ll ever be able to get out of once you’re in them. It’s almost creepy how he does it, too, without even lifting a finger. Without a worry in his mind. Without… trying. 
Belphegor didn’t care what people thought and somewhere, you admired him for that. He made it seem so easy. So what, he sleeps for 36 hours straight and no one bats an eye. If they do, he just avoids them. He doesn’t even pretend to give them the time of day and he’s explained it to you many times before. “Why would I worry about people I will never have to deal with, ever? Now that’s tiresome.” and it made sense. It would be tiresome to constantly think about how other people view you, don’t you think? Belphegor himself is hated by some, neutral for many, and loved by few, but he doesn’t care. The few people that love him, love him a whole lot and that’s all it takes for him. Maybe it’s also easier for him because that’s his avatar. Maybe. He does wonder how you do worry so much, though, because to him, that is crazy. 
He actually made it a point to influence you as much as he can just because you’re almost as bad as Lucifer when it comes to getting stuff done and besides the fact that it’s, in his eyes, annoying, he also doesn’t want someone as interesting as you to end up with Lucifer. What’s that supposed to be? Wanna-be dad and step-parent? The last thing he needs is for the person he’s interested in to call him son. No thank you. Anyway, he made it a point to enter your dreams and drag them out a little bit (a lot) longer than they’d usually have. The small “oh my God I slept through my alarm!” that he heard the first few times had him laughing, but also thinking about how adorable it is. “You worry too much…” is what he’d mumble in his own sleepy voice. 
Now it’s gotten to a point where he openly talks to you in your dreams and you willingly drag things out with him, but when you try to do the same in the actual world? He pretends to be asleep. Not because he doesn’t like talking to you, but he just feels more comfortable when he’s somewhat in control and can remove himself from the situation if need be, you know? That’s why he keeps his distance. He did openly admit that to you, though, and that’s fine. At least you know where he stands and that he doesn’t hate you. However, today you just… you just can’t wait until you fall asleep and until he enters your mind. It’s raining outside and you feel somewhat lonely. You’re in need of company and he’s your favorite type of company, even if you mainly hang out together in your mind. So today, you decided to just go into his room and join him. The worst he can do is say no, right? 
But he didn’t even do that. As a matter of fact, he didn’t even realize you entered until you stood in front of him and in all honesty, he didn’t even fully register that either. It’s more like… he realizes he’s not alone but he’s also not awake and he definitely doesn’t care enough to open his eyes. “Hm?” You were already whispering his name, explaining awkwardly that you just needed to cuddle. “Cuddle…” he just repeated the last word, rolling over onto his back and for a moment you feared he didn’t even recognize a thing you just said. “Okay… come here then.” “Hm? Are you sure? I can leave again Belphie…” Maybe you should take this day to do something productive? Everyone else will already be lazy so one person should do something, right? 
“Yes, come here. Lay down so I can lay on you.” He’s still not opening his eyes, only scooting back for you to join him on his bed and then waiting. You can either join or leave again and he doesn’t really care which option you choose. Except he does. He just won’t admit it if you choose wrong. “O...okay… yeah. I’m already here.” And you really, really would like to cuddle with him, after all. You laid down beside him, carefully, trying to respect his boundaries but also trying to remember that he did want to lay on you so should You lay on your back? “Oh… oh yeah okay this is fine.” You couldn’t even ask him because the minute he felt the bed dip, he moved back closer to you and curled into your side, placing his head on your chest and wrapping his arm around you. 
“Is this okay? Belphie?” He only hummed in response, nuzzling into you, and you carefully wrapped your arms around him too. It felt nice. Really nice, and you found yourself relaxing almost immediately, although you did blame it on Belphie more than anything. He does have that calming effect on people after all. “You’re better than the pillow, but…” You looked down at his head confused until you felt him shift, his face buried deep in your chest now while he tried to keep his horns away from poking you. His tail swayed behind him for a second before wrapping around your waist right beside his arms. “That’s better…” you looked at him, poking his horn for a moment before laughing. How is this better? How is this comfortable? Can he breathe? He must be breathing otherwise he wouldn’t lay like this, right? 
“You worry too much…” “What?” How did he know? You weren’t even asleep yet. He chuckled, lifting his head a bit and smiling at you, eyes still closed. “I don’t need you to be asleep in order to be inside your head… stop worrying so much. I know you want this.” He put his head back down right after, his whole body relaxing against yours and for a moment you wondered if this actually happened. “Belphie… I just…!” “Yeah I know. You want this but you worry about not doing enough. Just shut up already, okay? You, of all people, deserve to relax and what better way to relax than with me? Just ssshh… go to sleep. I won’t let you leave until I decide that you have rested enough.” And by that he means… you’re stuck with him on top of you until the next day has come and he’s thoroughly convinced you took some time for yourself. 
“You’re so silly, Belphie…” But it also felt really, really nice to have someone that seemed to care so much. And he does. He cares a lot. And he wishes you’d be more like him, in a sense, but then again… he’d just keep you with him at all times and make you his new cow pillow. It’s not like that’s going to be an issue, though, right? 
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