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#belphie smut
hispipsqueak · 16 days ago
Sweet Dreams
Tumblr media
(Obey Me) Belphegor x F!Reader NSFW
Summary: Late night texts lead to a spicy adventure in the attic. Who said night time was for sleeping?
WC: 1.8K
TW: Hard Dom Belphie, humiliation, degradation, name-calling, pillow humping, facial, dacryphilia, spit, demon dick anatomy
A/N: Hello! Here’s some mean Belphie to flutter your hearts. I love dom Belphie and while I do think he can be a soft sweetie, I CLEARLY love me some mean boys. Hope you like it! As always, likes and reblogs are heckin’ appreciated!
3:42 A.M.
Your D.D.D buzzed, waking you up. Cracking an eye open, you opened the message, ready to curse Mammon out if he and Asmo were drunk texting you again.
Typical Belphie. How do you even respond to that? You closed your eyes again. Maybe if he texted more than one word you would –
“I know you’re awake, MC”
You rolled your eyes. 
“What’s up Belphie? It’s 3 AM by the way. You of all people should be asleep right now.”
His response was immediate.
“Can’t sleep. Come to the attic.”
Your bed was so warm and comfortable. And he wanted you to walk all the way to the attic? He really was insane.
Another text came in.
You groaned, pulling yourself away from the soft comforter and pillows. Normally, you would have just ignored him until he fell asleep but you were a sucker for soft Belphie, the side he rarely showed anyone but Beel and you. With Beel being out for a tournament, you knew he was probably struggling with being alone.
You silently crept to the attic, knowing the brothers would throw a fit if they knew you were sneaking into Belphie’s room at night.
You knocked quietly on the heavy attic door and Belphie opened it with a sleepy smirk. His navy hair was tousled and he looked so smug for getting you to come to his room in the middle of the night. Stupid handsome bastard.
“I’m here Belph. What do you want?”, you yawned. He tugged you in the room, locking the door behind you.
 You laid in his bed, pulling his cow print pillow to your chest as you tried to get comfortable, expecting him to curl up next to you to sleep. A few moments passed and you peeked over at him, still standing by the door staring at you.
You weren’t planning on seeing anyone in the middle of the night so you were just wearing a pair of tiny pink shorts and a tank top. You felt his eyes roaming over your skin, and you pulled the sheets around you.
“Don’t tell me you just brought me here because you’re horny.” You muttered, glaring at him. You weren’t opposed to hooking up but playing the soft, lonely demon card? 
He grinned, and you felt a shiver run down your spine.
“What if I did? You gonna complain about it, little human?” He murmured, moving so he was standing in front of you. You had to crane your neck to look in his eyes and you had a feeling he relished looking down on you like this. 
You couldn’t deny you were turned on. Belphie had a way of commanding the situation when you were alone and though he appeared to be the sarcastic sleepy brother, you knew behind closed doors he would have you on your knees, begging for him.
But, you were still kind of pissed at being woken up. So, you decided to tease him.
“Belphie, I’m sleeeeeepy. I came here to sleep.” You whined, making a show of turning around and cuddling his pillow. You knew your shorts were riding up on your thighs, hugging the curves of your ass and you wrapped your leg around the pillow.
“Better bite the pillow.” He said quickly before smacking your ass, HARD. You yelped, shoving the pillow over your mouth so as to not wake anyone.
“Belphie, what the fuck?!” You angrily whisper-shouted at him, as your body wiggled in an attempt to soothe the stinging pain. He laughed, and tugged you around so you were facing him.
“Keep acting like a brat. I can do this all night.” His amethyst eyes glinted sadistically. You pouted, but stayed quiet.
“You gonna behave?” He asked, tilting your chin so you looked up at him. Fuck, you looked so good like this. You were feisty and fiery, a general pain in the ass all the time, so knowing he could make you submit to him stroked his ego immensely. 
You nodded, still pouting and he chuckled.
Immediately, your mouth opened and he let a glob of spit fall from his mouth on your tongue. You opened your mouth to show him your tongue for approval. He gave a short nod and you swallowed.
“Good little human.”
You rolled your eyes, though you couldn't keep from pressing your thighs together. As much as you wanted to pretend you were in control, you were playing a game with a literal demon. 
"I can smell your arousal. Fuck, I'm amazed my brothers haven't come up here since you're dripping like a whore. Just because I spit in your mouth?" Belphie taunted. Your eyes narrowed and you bit your lip, before looking away.
He gripped your hair, tugging it tightly. His eyes bore into your soul.
"You wanna act like a brat? I had plans to fuck you till you cried from pleasure. And yet, you seem to just want to be punished." 
He looked at the pillow that you had left tangled in his bedsheets, the pillow you had stretched your body over, taunting him. A wicked idea formed in his mind.
"You know what happens to brats like you?" He asked, yanking you to the floor. You looked up at him questioningly, a little scared but very turned on.
"Answer me, slutty human."
"N-no...I don't know." You said tentatively. He chuckled darkly.
"Naughty little brats don't get to cum on my cock. Fuck, naughty little brats may not get to cum at all."
You let out a whine, frustrated at this turn of events.
"You wanna cum? Get on your knees. Maybe if you do a good job, I'll take pity on your pathetic slutty pussy."
He pulled his cock out, slapping it against your cheek as he laughed. His cock was long and ridged, with a flared tip. Demon cocks, unlike human's, were made to fuck and breed, and you were spoiled having spent so long in the Devildom.
You parted your lips, as he slapped his member on your drooling tongue, before taking it deep into your mouth. His hands tangled in your hair as he fucked your face.
"Fuck, that's it slut. Take me down your throat. Just like that." 
Tears pricked at the corner of your eyes as you forced more of him down. Your jaw already ached but you kept your mouth wide, struggling not to gag on his length as his heavy balls smacked your chin. You squeezed your legs together, hoping he would take pity on you.
"Poor little human, desperate to get off. You want to ride my cock?" He asked, pulling you off his cock harshly. Strings of saliva connected the two of you. You gasped, gulping air down as you nodded.
He grabbed the pillow from the bed and threw it at you.
"Too bad. Use this. Put on a good show, and maybe I’ll fuck you.”
Your face burned with embarrassment.
“You can’t be serious.” You looked up at him. He moved his face right in front of yours, so close you could feel his warm breath on your cheek as he squeezed your face, so tightly it hurt.
“Wanna find out?”
He let go of your cheeks and shoved you back to the floor. Your eyes watered with embarrassment, shame, and yet you were so fucking turned on, you knew you would be leaving a wet patch on his pillow.
You straddled the body pillow and the slight friction of the pillow against your cunt made you whimper. You squeezed the pillow tightly between your thighs, slowly riding it, pathetic mewls falling from your mouth. You closed your eyes, trying to pretend you were in your room and not being scrutinized by the sadistic seventh-born.
“Eyes on me whore. And don’t you dare think about cumming without permission.” He smirked. You looked up at him as tears spilled down your cheeks. You wanted so badly to grind yourself on the pillow until you creamed all over it but you knew he would find more humiliating ways to torment you if you dared.
“Take off your shirt. Don’t know why the fuck you’re wearing it anyway. You’re just a fucktoy for me to use. Isn’t that right, little human?” He laughed as he sat back in a chair, watching you perform for him. He slowly palmed his cock as you pulled off your tank top, the cold air causing your nipples to harden.
“Pinch them, show me how much of a slut you are. Show me why I should even bother with you.” His hand tightened on his cock.
You wrapped your legs around the pillow tighter to hold it in just the right spot as you tugged and pinched at your breasts. Your soft moans filled the room and you knew you couldn’t last much longer like this.
“Please Belphie, c-can’t hold it in...please fuck me.” You sobbed out, your muscles tensing as you rubbed your clit against the black and white fabric. You could feel the wetness of the pillow against your thighs and knowing that your slick would be embedded in it turned you on even more.
“You can beg better than that, can’t you slut?” Belphie chuckled again, but you could see his grip tightened around the base of his cock and he was jerking himself off faster. 
“Fuck...please, please let me cum. Want to cum for you, want to be your slutty fucktoy. Wanna be good for you.” You cried, biting your lip so hard you could taste blood.
“Cum.” he panted out.
Your eyes rolled back as you gushed around the soaking pillow. Your legs were squeezing it so tightly you knew you would be sore tomorrow, and you drooled out a mixture of curses and Belphie’s name as you came down from your high.
Suddenly Belphie let out a low groan and your face was hit with an explosion of warm, sticky cum. You slammed your eyes shut as he pumped load after load onto your skin. His seed spilled down your chin and dripped over your breasts.
‘Fuck, fuck MC. Fuck, I’m sorry!” Belphie breathed out, half laughing while attempting to catch his breath. You leaned back on the bed, trying to avoid getting it in your eye.
“You’re such an ass Belphie.” You whined, pouting as he cleaned you up with a towel.
After cleaning up, the two of you lay back in the bed, his head nuzzled into your chest. You ran your fingers through his dark hair humming softly.
“Hey MC.” He whispered.
“Hey yourself.” You whispered back.
The room was silent and you thought he fell asleep finally. You closed your eyes. Finally, his voice broke the calm silence.
“My pillow is gonna smell like you FOREVER.”
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Ahhh tysm for 400+ followers! I thought I’d make a little prompt to celebrate!
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
If you don’t specify what gender you want reader to be, they’ll be gender neutral!
Please give a scenario with the numbers you pick so I can make it more to your liking!
This is kinda mix and match! You can take numbers and put them together! Example: “Can I have 10 from fluff+ 11 from nsfw?”
“I never knew you liked me like that... I like you too.”
“Ah! You got (favorite food) on your nose! I’ll wipe it for you!”
“You’re really cute. You know that?”
“Wow! I’m actually having fun! Who would’ve thought-!”
“Do... do you maybe wanna hang out later? Maybe we could go as more then friends?”
“Is it too cold? Here, give me your hands.”
“You’re sick? I’m on my way! I’ve got all of your favorite soups!”
“Maybe we could just stay friends?... I’ve never thought of you that way...”
“I don’t think we’re a great match for each other anymore...”
“I-I thought you loved me... Was that just a lie?”
“We should start seeing other people... You’re starting to get too attached...”
“I’ve seen the way you look at them- you haven’t looked at me with that much love since we got together... do you even love me anymore?”
“You look so good with your mouth full, maybe we can replace that food with something else?”
“You? Topping me? No way. Okay fine.”
“Just tell me when it’s too much. Okay?”
“Honestly, you did this to yourself, being such a brat earlier.”
“Look at you, drooling everywhere like a damned dog. Pathetic.”
“Y-you’re too tight!”
“Are you sure you want your first time with me?”
“Aw, you’re so helpless right now it’s adorable.”
“Your release is in my hands. Don’t mess it up or you won’t cum at all.
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acekou · a month ago
The asmo smut was soo hot.. this isnt a request but imagine fucking belphie cross-eyed.. idk why that just came into my mind but-
Belphie is one of my faves- he’s just soo mmm - "Stop looking away, Belphagor," You mused, lifting his leg up with one hand and finding his agape jaw in the other. You knew he could take it, your grip was firm and you leaned over him with a sneer. "I want to see your pretty face as I fuck you stupid."
He keened, whining as he forced himself to open his eyes, they didn't look at you, they were rolled to the back of his head, his toes curling as he subjected himself to the pleasure. He drowned in it, and it felt so good to drown. "Hgnh, I-I'm close," He breathed, his words barely able to be detected through his forced-open jaw, but it was all the better to hear his gasps and his uncontrollable whimpers.
"Yeah? Look at me when you come. Touch yourself for me." You moaned, rocking into him harder and fighting through your own exhaustion to let him reach his peak. He cried out something that sounded like your name when his shaky hands met his twitching dick, so needy. It only took a few quick strokes on his end to send him over the edge. He obeyed your order, meeting your gaze, but as the first wave hit his belly he went completely cross-eyed, letting the waves of pleasure crash over him~
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httptamaki · a month ago
making up - belphegor x female reader (NSFW)
31 days of winter - day 19
⇥ genre: smut
⇥ word count - 3400+
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
You knocked on the door in front of you with a sigh, being wrapped in a blanket, hoping for a response. It was the twins their room, Belphegor was supposed to come to your room 30 minutes ago but he didn’t show up yet or text you anything. So you just thought that he probably fell asleep again and wanted to check up on him to make sure.
“Hey y/n….. What are you doing here?” Belphegor asked as he opened the door, looking at you confused. “Hey baby.” You said with a weak smile. “You said you’ll be at my room 30 minutes ago and I got worried when you didn’t show up.” You answered him, not being mad at him about it or anything, the both of you forget things sometimes.
Belphegor looks at you as his eyes widen, realization hitting him. “Oh- That was tonight? I thought it was tomorrow- I’m so sorry babe-“ He said, feeling really bad for mistaking the days. “I just got caught up with Beel and forgot our plans, I’m so sorry.” He said, giving you an apologetic look. “It’s okay Belphie, I promise.” You answered him. “The both of us tend to forget things, I’m not mad. So if you’re not busy and tired, come over to my place okay?” You said with a smile, pecking his lips gently.
“Give me 10 minutes and I’ll be knocking at your door okay?” He said, pecking your lips back. “You don’t have too, it’s fine you can go have fun with Beel.” You answered, even though you were really excited for your plans.
You had everything ready for the “date” in your room and couldn’t wait for the day, so saying it didn’t upset you a bit was a lie. The both of you had been busy lately and finally had free time this week, so you planned a small date at your room, hoping to enjoy your time with him.
“I’ll be there in 10 minutes okay?” He said and you nodded. “Okay Belphie-“ You answered softly, smiling at him. “See you then.” You said happily and walking back to your room, waiting for the 10 minutes to pass.
After the 10 minutes passed, you heard a knock at the door and got up. “Babe, is it okay if I come in?” You heard your boyfriends voice say and you smiled. “The door is open, come in.” You answered happily.
Belphegor walked in with his pillow and blanket, closing the door behind him and looking around, smiling bigly while he walked closer to you. “It looks amazing, I love it.” He said with a smile as you made grabby hands towards him. “I’m glad you do.” You said as he hugged you, placing a kiss on your forehead gently. “Thank you for doing this for us babe.” He said while you rested your head on his chest.
Dating Belphegor was mostly cuddling and sleeping together but there were times you guys actually did things and went out but you couldn’t complain, you wouldn’t want it any other way. That’s why for today, you made a fort with blankets and lights in front of your fireplace, just so you guys could be lazy together today.
You guys got into the fort and you smiled bigly, getting comfortable with Belphegor’s arms around you, resting your back against his chest as he played with your hair gently. He smiled and kept doing it, being happy to have you in his life.
“So what do you have planned to do while we’re in here?” Belphegor asked gently. “Hmmm- maybe you could make it up to me for forgetting our date.” You answered teasingly. “Oh? In what way?” He asked, looking down at you. “I guess we’ll see.” You laughed as you looked up at him.
He laughed as well, turning on some random movie you both haven’t seen yet and holding you closer to him. He watched the screen while his hand moved up and down your leg, not thinking too much about it.
“You’re warm Belphegor-“ You said as you melted into his touch. “Hmm you’re more warm.” He said, moving his hand up a bit, making goosebumps appear all over. “Am I?” You asked, trying to ignore the goosebumps. “Yes you are, I’m like a popsicle compared to you.” He said, his hand being on your thigh now.
“Are you getting cold?” Belphegor asked, noticing the goosebumps, being clueless about everything. “No I’m not, why?” You answered, trying to act clueless. He frowned, putting his hand on your waist. “Are you sure you’re not cold?” He asks, making you turn red. “I’m fine babe, don’t worry.” You answered, hoping he didn’t notice it.
“Now you’re red.” He said as he moved closer to your face, looking into your eyes. “Are you sure you’re okay?” He asked gently. “Babe it’s nothing-“ You said and pecked his lips. “Mmmm if you say so.” He mumbled, pecking your lips back and looking at you, finding it kinda suspicious but just letting it go, for now.
Belphegor holds you protectively and focuses on the movie again, giving you kisses here and there and enjoying his time with you, still feeling bad for earlier.
“I’m still sorry about forgetting princess.” He says mid way the movie, holding you closely to him. “It’s okay baby.” You answered, loving the feeling of being held so close. “I’ll try to be better next time okay?” He whispered into your ear, kissing your forehead softly. “Belphie, it’s fineeeee-“ You said, smiling at him. “Next time I forget you can just get mad at me you know?” He said, grabbing your hand gently. “It wasn’t that big of a deal anyways.” You answered, intertwining your fingers.
You might have told him that it was okay, but Belphegor couldn’t help feeling bad. You prepared all this and he forgot it after all, how was he supposed to not feel bad about that. He wanted to make it up to you, but he didn’t know how.
“I’m still sorry.” He mumbled, turning your face towards him. “Tell me what I can do to make it up baby-“ He said, really wanting to make it up somehow. “What if you show me how sorry you are?” You said, trailing your hands down his chest, making him smirk slightly. “What are you implying babe?” He asked.
“Nothing too crazy-“ You said, trailing your hands down even more. “Nothing too crazy huh? That sounds good to me.” He said, looking into your eyes as you leaned in, pulling him in a kiss.
Belphegor smiled and deepened the kiss, resting his hand on your thigh and squeezing it lightly while you wrapped your arms around him, smiling against his lips.
He lifted you up so you were sitting on his lap now, not breaking the kiss as you started moving on his lap a bit, whimpering softly against your lips as he pulled back, a string of saliva connecting the both of you.
You looked him into the eyes, moving on his lap a bit more, being needy for his touch. It had been a while since you guys got intimate with each other and you needed his touch more than anything right now.
“Baby please-“ You said as you looked into his eyes. “You want more huh?” He asked, moving his hands down to your ass, squeezing it slightly. “Please-.” You said, nodding quickly.
Belphegor smirks and starts kissing your neck, moving the kisses down. “Since you’re asking so nicely, I can’t say no-“ He mumbled against your skin, getting more aggressive with the kisses as you moved your head to the side, giving him more space to leave hickeys. You bite your lip as you close your eyes, tugging on his hair a bit.
“You seem to be enjoying yourself.” He said, leaving a trail as kisses as you looked down at him. “I really am.” You mumbled, biting your lip.
He took your shirt off and smirked seeing the set you wore, it was in his favorite color. Little did he know, you got this recently, to surprise him.
“I’m loving this set already.” He said, unclasping your bra slowly, running his thumb over your nipples slowly, making you whimper softly. “I got it just for you-“ You said with a smirk. “You did a really good job picking it out then-“ He mumbled against your skin, slowly starting to massage your breasts.
You close your eyes and let him explore your body, he knew it better than anyone after all. Belphegor started sucking on your collarbone, leaving hickeys as he rolled your nipples in his fingers.
“B-Babe.” You moaned out softly, making him look up at you. “Something wrong princess?” He asked, knowing damn well what he was doing. You shook your head no, answering him like that and making him laugh a bit. “If you say so.” He mumbled as he kissed your nipple softly.
He started licking it teasingly and slowly starts sucking on it afterwards, playing with the other one while he looked up at you. You looked away in embarrassment and whimpered softly, making him grab your face and mumble against your skin.
“Look at me while I please you princess.” He mumbled and you nodded, looking down at him as he smiled against your skin, moving down your body as he pushed you back slightly.
He starts undressing your lower half and smirks when he sees the matching panties, trailing his fingers down your sides.
“Matching set huh? You were prepared for this princess.” He said. “All for you-“ You said as he pushed your legs open, placing kisses in your inner thigh, admiring your body.
You close your eyes and relaxed while goosebumps appear on your body again, gasping when he licks along your clothed pussy, leaving a kiss on your clit.
“How bad do you want me to taste you?” He asked, looking up at you with a smirk, knowing that he got you wrapped around his finger by the smallest touches. “I-It’s been so long, please~” You whimpered, pushing your legs together.
“If you want it that bad you have to open your legs for me princess.” He whispered, wrapping his hands around your thighs, not pulling them apart yet, wanting you to do it. You cover your face as you open them slowly, already being wet from the small touches.
“Good girl~” He said as he moved your panties to the side with his teeth, slowly licking along your slit. You bite your lip and close your eyes again, your hand moving into his hair.
He stops right at your clit, moving his tongue in circular motions as he added pressure, looking up at you only to see you with your face still covered and letting out small whimpers.
“Move your hands for me princess, I wanna see how good I’m making you feel.” He said. “B-But it’s embarrassing.” You answered, whimpering softly from the loss of touch as you moved your hands away, looking down at him. “Good girl~” He said, starting to move his tongue against you again.
You moaned out his name softly, closing your eyes and moaning louder when he suddenly pushes two fingers into your wet needy hole, pumping them in and out slowly.
You tug on his hair, moaning as his long fingers moved faster, curling them inside you, making him hit your spot just the way you liked it. That made you moan louder and move against his hand, wanting to feel more. He smirked and hummed against your skin, keeping up the pace, knowing you were enjoying yourself a lot.
“J-Just like that.” You whimpered, looking down at him. “Are you close princess?” He asked, staring into your eyes as he moved his fingers the way you loved it, knowing exactly what drove you crazy. “F-Fuck, yes.” You answered, closing your eyes and pushing your legs together a bit, kinda squishing his face between your thighs. “Cum for me princess.” He hummed against your skin, not minding being squished between your legs at all.
You arched your back, moaning loudly and tugging on his hair harshly, releasing while moaning out his name. Belphegor smirked and cleaned it all up, licking you clean from top to bottom.
“All this for me? You taste so good-“ He said with a smirk. “A-All for you.” You said, breathing heavily and looking down at him. He leans up closer to your face, riding out your high with his fingers. “Wanna taste princess?” He asks, you nodded in response, opening your mouth for him nicely, looking into his eyes.
He smirks and sticks his tongue out, letting it fall into your mouth, pulling you in a heated kiss after. You wrap your arms around him, deepening the kiss while he smiled into the kiss, licking your bottom lip as you opened your mouth slowly, tugging on his hair and pulling back after a while.
“Are you ready for more princess?” He asked and you nodded almost instantly. “I’m so ready.” You answered, looking into his eyes.
Belphegor smirked and quickly undressed himself, stroking his hard length a few times while looking at you.
“You look so hot by the fire.” He groaned, stroking himself faster. “Thank you.” You said and spread your legs open for him. “P-Please Belphie-“ You said desperately, really wanting his cock.
Belphegor doesn’t hesitate one bit and lines himself up, pushing in slowly as he pulled you in a kiss. You kissed back and moaned against his lips, feeling his length stretching out your tight walls.
He starts moving a bit faster, watching how easily he slides in and out of your pussy, groaning at the sight. “S-Shit princess, you take me so well.” He said, moaning softly as he looked at you. “F-Fuck babe.” You moaned out, unable to form proper words, digging your nails into his back.
“Enjoying yourself princess?” He asked, taking a deep breath as he picked up his pace. “Fuck, yes I am-“ You moaned softly, nuzzling your face into his neck as he kissed yours gently.
“Want me to slow down a bit?” He asked, making you whine in response. “Please don’t-“ You answered, moaning his name and closing your eyes.
Belphegor keeps up the pace and moves his hand up to your breasts, massaging them and still kissing your neck. You let him as you’re enjoying his touch a lot. You looked at him as you moved your hand down, rubbing your clit slowly, only for him to bite your neck not too harshly.
“Who said you could do that princess?” He mumbled against your skin. “N-No one.” You moaned out, loving the pain and clenching around his length.
“Then why are you doing it huh?” He asks, biting down harder. “B-Because it felt great.” You said, moaning loudly and tearing up slightly.
“Move your hands for me.” He ordered, teasing your nipples. You moved your hand away and mumbled out some curse words and moans, moaning loudly when licking your nipples and hitting all the right spots.
“Good girl.” He said as he continued sucking on your nipples, making you tug on his hair. “O-Only for you.” You whimpered softly. Belphegor snapped his hips harder at the tug, moaning onto your nipple as you pulled on his hair more.
“F-Fuck just like that-“ You cursed out, looking down at your boyfriend. “You feel so great-“ He moans out in response as his hand moves down to your clit, rubbing it kinda fast, pulling his mouth away from you.
You moan at the sudden fast movements, looking at him while you nod in agreement. “Tell me how I’m making you feel princess.” He whispered into your ear, making you whimpers softly, trying to form words.
“I f-feel so good I can’t even think straight.” You moaned in response. “Only think about how good I’m making you feel.” He said, rubbing your clit just the right way to have you weak in your knees. “I-I will.” You whimpered softly and closed your eyes.
He leans in, whispering into your ear. “Hmm I missed how tight you get around me.” He whispered, licking along the sensitive spot on your neck. “I-I missed the feeling of how big you were.” You say, choking on a moan and moving your head aside to give him more space.
Belphegor smirks and bites your neck, using his fangs this time. “Oh yeah?” He asks, knowing damn well his cock was hitting all the right spots, making it hard for you to speak so you just nod in response.
He moved your hips higher so he can hit a different angle, moving faster as his cock twitched inside of your walls. You accidentally scream out his name because of the new angle, holding onto the blankets with dear life as tears of pleasure streamed down your face, being overwhelmed in pleasure.
“My name sounds so pretty when you’re screaming it-“ He says, smirking down at you as you respond with another loud moan, tugging on his hair.
“That’s right, let everyone here how good I’m making your tight little hole feel right now.” He said, making you curse a bit and dig your nails into his back more, definitely leaving behind scratches.
He smirks down at you and hits your g spot, making you arch your back and let out the loudest moan of the night so far. He notices that it’s your sensitive spot and hits it over and over, abusing your tight little hole with his rough thrusts.
“Take it all like a good princess would-“ He said with shaky breathes, running his hands trough his hair while he looked down at you, tears streaming down out of pleasure while you had your eyes closed, screaming out his name for everyone to hear, the sight in front of him making his cock twitch inside your walls as he was loving his view.
“I-I’m so close.” You say, barely getting that out and letting out more choked moans as you clench around his length. “You wanna cum princess?” He asks, keeping up his pace. “Yes, fuck yes!” You scream out, closing your eyes and arching your back at bit.
“Go ahead and cum for me.” He says, moving his hand and rubbing your clit faster. You scream out his name one last time, clenching around his length as you release all over him, eyes rolling back.
Belphegor grunts and slows down his hand a bit but still moving. “Fuck- You got so much more tighter.” He said. “Its b-been so long.” You barely got out, pulling on his hair for support.
“I-I’ve missed this.” He said with shaky breathes as his thrusts got sloppy, chasing his own release while you were clenching around him again, being overly sensitive from all the pleasure.
He grips your hips harshly and goes harder, releasing deep inside of you with a loud moan. “F-Fuck.” He moaned out as he finished his release, still letting out shaky breathes.
You moan loudly, holding onto him weakly and loving the way he filled you up nicely. Belphegor was panting really heavily and nuzzled his face into the crook of your neck, both of you trying to catch your breathe again.
He starts rubbing the places where he was gripping his harshly and you let out another shaky breathe. “How do you feel?” He whispers into your ear, placing gentle kisses in your neck.
“A-Amazing.” You say, feeling your throat being sore already from all the screaming. “Hmm was I too rough?” He asked, still whispering gently as you shook no in response, making him relax a bit.
You feel him just about to pull out and shake your head, wrapping your legs around him weakly.
“P-Please let’s just sleep like this.” You said, whimpering softly and loving the feeling of being filled. You wouldn’t admit it but you would be cock sleeve for him any day and he loved it.
“Look at you still being a needy girl for my cock.” He whispers into your ear, rubbing up and down your sides gently and placing gentle kisses in your neck as you closed your eyes.
He might have forgotten the date but if this is what would happen every time, you wouldn’t mind him forgetting dates more and making it up in this way.
You got comfortable against him, whimpering a bit at the feeling of still being filled while Belphegor nuzzled his face into your neck. The both of you mumbled a goodnight and fell asleep not too long after, both being tired from what happened seconds ago.
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𝕆𝕟𝕖 𝔽𝕠𝕣 𝔼𝕒𝕔𝕙 𝕆𝕗 𝕌𝕤 (ℕ𝕊𝔽𝕎)
𝓑𝓮𝓮𝓵𝔃𝓮𝓫𝓾𝓫 𝔁 𝓡𝓮𝓪𝓭𝓮𝓻 𝔁 𝓑𝓮𝓵𝓹𝓱𝓮𝓰𝓸𝓻
Obey Me! Shall We Date?
Tags: vaginal sex, anal sex, rough play, double penetration, oral sex, fingering, choking, spanking, dirty talk, slight degradation, overstimulation, orgasm control, squirt alert, threesome.
*It was supposed to be just a fantasy...but the two brothers decided to make your fantasies come true.*
*This one guys...This is my sudden burst of inspiration. Can you even imagine how amazing it would be waking up to these two???*
Feel free to request, my lubs. <3
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
It was just a silly, lustful, fantasy of yours. That was it. Never, in your wildest imaginations, did you think it would actually come true.
“Watch those teeth, you naughty little human,” Belphie mumbled lazily as he glanced down at you with half-lidded eyes. He sat leaning comfortably against the bed frame; his pillow cushioning his back as he gripped on to the hair at the back your head, pushing your head down to thrust his cock up deeper down your throat.
The sudden roughness, simultaneously paired with his brother’s relentless tongue plunging into your cunt, had tears flowing from your eyes, only to drip down and merge with the drool shamelessly dribbling down your chin.
“How many times have you cum?” Belphie chuckled, roughly tugging at your hair, tilting your head back so that his eyes could meet yours. “Did you count like I told you to?”
You wanted to say ‘four’… Yes, you already came four amazing times, and their dicks haven’t even gone in yet. But, as much as you struggled, only strangled chokes came out of your mouth.
“Belphie, she can’t talk with her mouth full,” Beel chuckled, breaking from your wetness only to devour it once more, not even a second later.
“Oh, I suppose you’re right.”
Belphie grinned, yanking your head back to free your mouth of his dick.
“You can answer my question now, can’t you?”
His eyes bore sadistically into yours, making your spine tingle with delight.
“F-Four,” you mumbled, panting, only to have your head shoved down to take his dick again.
“Only four? Looks like we need to step it up, Beel.”
The orange-haired demon only chuckled in reply, his hand coming down to smack your pretty ass, causing a groan to vibrate against Belphie’s cock.
“Fuuuck,” Belphie groaned. “You like it when he does that, huh? You heard her, Beel. She wants to be spanked like the masochistic bitch she is.”
Belphie shoved your head down, completely sheathing himself in your mouth, and held you there as Beel brought his hand down on your ass over and over again, his tongue replaced by his fingers trashing about in your pussy.
Belphie leaned back, sighing as he relished in the vibrations of your cries surrounding his dick.
With another hissed ‘fuck,’ he began to push and pull on your hair, thrusting his hips up to meet your face. Belphie’s thrusts and Beel’s fingers fell in sync, and just as Belphie came in your mouth, your legs trembled, soaking the bed beneath you, your juices squirting out.
Beel licked up your slit, slurping at your entrance as you lay limp against Belphie’s thigh, his dick twitching right in front of your face, hard and ready once again. Damn demons and their non-existent refractory period.
“Delicious,” Beel mumbled, before wrapping a firm grip around your arm and pulling you up against him. His mouth met yours in a heated frenzy, his tongue rubbing against yours, allowing you to taste yourself in his mouth.
Your kiss was suddenly broken when you felt an arm wrap around your torso from behind, a firm grip on your throat yanking you back against his chest.
Belphie laid himself down, the hand on your throat keeping your back flush against his chest as his knees kept your legs spread open for Beel.
“Did you clean back there like I told you to?” Belphie mumbled, his teeth nipping at your earlobe.
“Perfect. One hole for each of us.”
Beel crawled forward, hovering over both of you as he rubbed himself up at your cunt entrance, Belphie doing the same for your asshole.
Beel leaned down, his mouth engulfing your breast as Belphie’s hips moved, thrusting up slowly to push the tip of his dick into your tight asshole.
“A-Ahhhhmph,” you screamed out at the intrusion, only to have Belphie’s other hand clamp down at your mouth.
“Shhh, y/n. You don’t want the others to hear you, or else you might end up taking seven dicks tonight,” Belphie rolled his eyes at the thought as Beel grunted disapprovingly against your chest. “Unless you’re into that shit. Whatever. As long your ass is mine.”
Belphie rammed into your asshole as you screamed against his hand.
“You like that don’t you?” he growled in your ear, pulling out only to thrust in once more. “You like it hard? You like it deep? I’ll fucking rearrange your pretty little guts.”
“Belphie, stop for a second,” Beel grumbled, lifting your legs up and over his shoulder. He glanced down, his thumbs spreading your pussy lips apart so he could press his tip into your cunt. “Y/n, I’m going in.”
Beel leaned forward, hovering over you as he slid himself inside your warm wet pussy, slowly letting you get used to his size. He loved how your pussy throbbed for him. He loved how tight your pussy was from the orgasms his mouth and his fingers gave you. He wanted so badly to just thrust into you like a beast, but he knew that he needed to contrast the roughness of his brother.
He’ll wait. Until it was only the two of you. Then he’ll fucking pound into you as he pleases.
You could feel your throbbing walls stretching around his cock as he finally bottomed out.
Slowly, they both started thrusting, taking turns to plunge into your holes, eliciting moan after moan from your lips. Beel kept his mouth busy by latching onto your breasts as Belphie sucked on your neck, whispering deliciously harsh words into your ears.
Belphie freed your throat from his grip, only to hook his hands behind your knees, pulling back to keep your legs spread wide for the both of them. He could feel your juices dripping down onto his skin and he loved it. He could taste the sweat on your neck as he nuzzled his face against your neck, taking in your sweet, intoxicating scent. There was nothing else that could set him off the way you do.
The two brothers, overwhelmed and lost in the sensations they so very much loved, pounded into your holes, completely unaware at how fast and rough they’ve gotten. If it weren’t for Belphie holding your legs up, they would’ve already fallen limp.
“B-Belphie…B-Beel…I-I can’t a-anymore. I-I’m go-gonna cu-“
Your words were cut off by the sudden hand that once again gripped at your throat, letting one leg fall limp as he continued to lift the other one up.
“No,” Belphie hissed, lifting the one leg up higher so that Beel could thrust deeper. “You cum when we tell you to. Just try cumming now and you won’t be getting any sleep tonight. Actually…I bet you’d love that, hm? Being fucked senselessly all night long.”
Beel leaned forward and kissed at your tightly closed eyes, licking at the tears that fell caused by the overwhelming pleasure.
“I wouldn’t mind that too. You know I can go for as long as you want,” Beel whispered, his breath tickling your face.
“I-I’ll hold i-it,” you whimpered, causing them both to chuckle.
“Good girl,” Beel mumbled once more, his kisses travelling down to suck on the other side of your neck.
You bit at your lip, willing yourself to hold it together as the two grunted and groaned, thrusting wildly into you. One hand reached back, gripping at Belphie’s hair, holding his head against your neck from behind, and your other hand slid up Beel’s back, also tangling in his hair as you held his head nuzzled against the other side of your neck, his chest pressed against yours.
It was only a fantasy. Never, did you think that you would actually be sandwiched between these two brothers; your legs wide open as they pounded into you, filling both of your holes.
“F-Fuck,” Belphie groaned, his grip tightening against your throat. “I’m fucking close.”
“M-Me too,” Beel mumbled, his warm breath fanning your ear as he nipped at it.
Their strong thrusts slapped against your skin, getting faster and harder as they panted, desperately reaching for their climax. You were at your limit. You could feel your knuckles hurting as you gripped tightly against their hairs, trying not to squirt right now.
“You wanna cum, right, y/n?” Belphie panted against you.
“Cum. Now.” Their breaths fanned at your skin as they spoke in unison, slamming their hips forward and holding themselves there as their cum spurted deep inside you, filling you up. Your legs trembled as you finally let go of the pressure in your core, allowing it to come squirting out onto Beel’s abdomen and drip down onto Belphie’s.
“Fuuuckkk,” Beel groaned, collapsing on top of both of you as you three laid there, panting.
“Fuck, I’m tired,” Belphie mumbled, his hand reaching from behind to brush at the hair on your face, placing an tired kiss on your neck. “That was good…Now get the fuck off so I can sleep. You two are heavy.”
The three of you chuckled exhaustedly, before sliding off of Belphie and situating on the bed.
“How are you feeling, y/n?” Beel mumbled, lazily slinging an arm over your hips.
“Was it too much?” Belphie whispered sleepily, draping another arm over your waist from behind.
“No, no. I’m exhausted, but it was fucking great.”
Hearing your words, they nuzzled in closer, further wrapping you up in their warmth, their arms holding you just a little bit tighter.
You chuckled at their mirrored actions, then slowly let your eyelids fall close, drifting off to sleep at the sound of the two breathing soundly next to you.
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totally-true-smut · 3 months ago
Imagine belphie roughly fucking you. He either has you with you face down in a pillow in doggy style because you were too physically exhausted to keep yourself up, his hand is clenching the fat of your hips or you're both laying down on you sides and he's behind you holding your leg up. He grips you hair with his other hand and pulls your head back to where he can whisper into you ear, you look into his eyes and see how lust filled they are. As he's fucking you he whispers into your ear what a good little breeding cow you are, how good you're doing for him, how much he wants to breed you and pump your cunt full of his seed.
Tumblr media
(also no, this isn't just because of his cow motif. I also just have a breeding kink and a thing for girls in cow bikinis)
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beelzebubs-gf · 9 months ago
Oh! And another thought, using the boy’s horns as handles for fucking their faces. ♡ Either for simply holding on, or for taking control of just how you want to use them!
Okay so the ones I see being really into it are
He loves it, he didn’t think you’d do it once he proposed the idea but your happy you went along with it because it’s amazing.
You can convince me that he loves the idea of just laying down while your needy ass is downing the most of the work. He loves seeing you needy like that for him.
I’m sure that this is how it started, so he just grabbed you, put you on his face and he went to town. From surprise you grab his horns to hold onto and slowly start riding his face.
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stanmammon · 3 days ago
Belphie's thoughts on MC wanting to wake him up via blow job?
Belphie is surprised by the suggestion but laughs softly, telling you he didn't really mind if you didn't; he was difficult to wake up anyway so it would be an interesting challenge to see if putting your mouth to use another way would make it easier. As long as Beel had already exited the room to get breakfast he approved, telling you that he looked forward to it whenever you decided to do it. He tells you he doesn't mind if it's a surprise and if he didn't want to be bothered, he'd warn you the night before, just so you knew when you could try it out. From the glint in your eyes he knew he wouldn't have to wait very long and he was happy to see how much you wanted to please him.
Belphie's moans are muffled by the pillow he keeps over his face, holding it tight enough that no noise could slip through as he didn't want this morning surprise to end too soon. Morning sex hadn't even been on his radar before this but being freshly woken up with the feel of your hot mouth around his dick was making him especially sensitive, arching into your touch and whimpering for more. And he didn't whimper. He didn't writhe under your touch, those are things that you were supposed to do when he touched you, yet right now he was putty in your hand.
But now he couldn't let you go, not without fucking you properly. He pulled you against him and wrapped his arms around you from behind, face buried in your shoulder as he moaned your name. This was his own little surprise, sleepy morning sex that was surprisingly rough due to how turned on and desperate for release he was, but you weren't about to deny your boyfriend when your test had been a rousing success.
If you teased him afterward he'd pout, rubbing his eyes as he attempted to wake himself up a little more. You must not realize how sensitive some people get in the morning and he was more than happy to return your energy, telling you with a devious smirk that he had plans to wake you up the exact same way just to see how much you could handle.
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midnight-dome · 5 days ago
morning hours
pair: belphegor x gn!reader themes: smut, bottom reader, no dom/sub dynamics warnings: - A/N: just. soft morning hours after a heated night in the attic. it’s sappy and fluffy. mars don’t look at me istg.
Tumblr media
You wake up to finger tips lightly tracing down your side, caressing the dip of your waist until they reach your hip. A hand pulls you closer to the warm body right behind you, immediately making you relax into the embrace as an arm wraps around your torso. “You’re already up...” Lingering sleepiness makes your voice soft and quiet as you lift your lower hand to reach for Belphie’s above you where your head rests on his arm. You are so closely nestled together that there is no room left between you, cuddling together so your naked bodies won’t lose any of their shared warmth.
You only get a low hum in response, voice right next to your ear as Belphie presses his lips against your naked shoulder. Shuddering slightly when he kisses one of the marks from last night, you close your eyes again, relishing in the shared intimacy after losing yourselves in each other yesterday. You long to get even closer, knowing it was nearly impossible, but Belphie seems to feel the same. When he nuzzles against your cheek, you tilt your head to meet him halfway while his fingers lace through yours, noticing how perfectly they fit together. Eyes still closed, you can feel his free hand travelling down your stomach while he peppers lazy kisses all over the side of your face with so much care as if to tell every inch how much he loved it. 
Breathing growing heavier, you squirm under his touch, feeling heat spread throughout your body as Belphie slowly rolls his hips against you. You can feel his cock slowly hardening, rubbing between your butt cheeks and making you gasp softly. “Want you again,” a sleepy voice whispers next to your ear, causing you to shiver in growing anticipation. You nod slowly, turning your upper body more until you are able to cup Belphie’s face with one hand, guiding his lips to press against yours. The angle only allows a languid, open kiss as you explore each others’ lips, never parting even when your panting gets heavier.
Belphie swallows the soft moan falling from your lips as he grinds against you, his cock easing back inside you agonizingly slow, filling you up in all the right ways. You feel Belphie shudder at the tightness, sighing deeply as if he is relieved to be inside you again. “You good?” he asks hoarsly, making sure he isn’t overwhelming you right after waking up, deeply in contrast to how determined he was yesterday to rid you of any ability to remember your name. “Yes... Feels good,” you respond with a shaky sigh, body melting against his as you close your eyes.
A shiver runs down your spine as Belphie’s hand trails down your thigh, grabbing it right above your knee and lifting your leg just the right amount to sink deeper inside you. There is no rush to chase after the high of another release as you just enjoy being close to each other, fingers still laced together, lips pressing loving kisses to every spot they can find. At one point Belphie rolls you over on your stomach, covering your back fully before he picks up another slow pace, lazily rocking inside you to savor every second he was able to feel your hole tightly wrapped around his cock. Like magnets your hands find each other again, Belphie’s arms moving to wrap you into a tight hug while he moans softly into your ear.
You lose all sense of time, just focusing on the warmth between the two of you, on every touch you share, every inch of skin that is pressed against the other. Belphie’s pace sometimes coming to a full stop, just to hold you in his arms, his cock still buried deep inside you and enjoying the intimacy of just staying like this. He spreads your legs a little more, angling his slow, but deep thrusts absolutely perfect, hitting the right spot deep inside you over and over until you can feel the built up arousal reaching its high. “m close,” you whisper, breath hitching as Belphie’s hand moves between your legs to caress you in time with his thrusts.
Instead of like a coil pulled taut, your orgasm washes over you like a slow wave, dragging out your pleasure in all the right ways, your toes curling into the bed sheets. Belphie follows you not long after, lazily pressing against your ass as he cums deep inside you, mouth nipping adoringly on your neck while he moans into your skin. He doesn’t pull out, just turns you to lay on your sides to snuggle up against your back before nodding off again, fingers still laced together and safely pressed against your chest as if to keep your heart safe.
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the-mourning-stars · 6 days ago
So now OM is being made into an anime (which i'm super hyped about) which also means the VAs will get more recognition, again super happy
But i've seen SO many VAs that end up being sexualized, shipped w/ co workers, smut being written about them, being sent disgusting (sexual and/or harassment) messages
So please, OM fandom, can we protect our VAs? Yes, they're all beautiful and that fact will be acknowledged, but can we make sure, or try our best, to make sure they're not shipped or sexualised? Bc they literally do not deserve that
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sevendeadlymorons · 7 days ago
Request: ‘Hey I just started reading your writing and I just want to request can you do where Mmc want to be cockwarmed by Belphegor If you can do this I would be so happy’
Belphegor Cockwarms M!MC
It was just one of the regular nights you spent with him. Cuddled up in a blanket with his body sprawled all over you, his soft snores echoing around the room as you stroke his hair soothingly. Honestly, you couldn’t exactly complain that you got no affection from him when he wanders into your room each night with his pillow in tow and pulls you into a spooning position, kissing your head gently as you both fell asleep. Those days made you realise how much you loved him. But the affection you would lack was the sexual side.
Belphie has always been opposed to the idea of anything sexual whilst he was tired and seeing that he’s tired all the time, that left you with quite a lack of sexual affection from him.
Sometimes you’d get lucky and he’d allow you to ride him or jerk him off whilst he struggled to stay awake; the only thing keeping him conscious being the loud sounds of your moans and the touch of your fingertips as they skimmed his bare skin and even then he’d be out cold as soon as he came.
You look over at his sleeping face pressed against the pillow, desperately missing the feel of his body against yours. You lean in to kiss his nose, then his forehead, your palm quickly going to cup his cheek and pull him closer, drawing little whines and moans from the sleeping demon. You slip your leg between his and pull yourself closer, finally kissing his lips when he begins to stir awake.
“What are you doing?” He stares at you, now fully awake as your leg was pressed extremely close to his crotch and your face was right next to his.
“Kissing you” You roll your eyes at him and kiss him once more, watching a smile form on his lips as his arms drag you on top of him and pull you down for a slightly longer kiss.
“You really know how to wake me up...” He yawns, looking quite irritated but inside you knew he loved the affection you gave him, responding by giving him another cheeky kiss on the nose.
You sigh, realising how much you missed his touch and how badly you want him. And that was when an idea flashed across your mind, one that he may not enjoy, but it was worth a try asking.
You lean closer to his face and start kissing up his neck, hearing him groan as his hands cradle your neck, allowing you to then nibble on his earlobe whilst your hot breathe warms up his ear and causes him to shiver in pleasure.
“Can you please cockwarm me, Belphegor?” He stares at you blankly. You want him to cockwarm you? He looks into your eyes, watching you give him puppy eyes as they glisten with lust. He feels you grab his chin, pulling his face up into a kiss as your tongue entwines with his, licking at the insides of his cheeks as he hears a distant sound of a zipper.
He moans against your lips, his hands finding the top of your jeans to help you pull them down. His stomach suddenly fills with butterflies as he starts to imagine warming up your cock for you, feeling your lewd hands wander over his body as you praise him and tell him how much you enjoy the feel of his asshole clenched around your length.
“You don’t have to do anything... just sit on my dick, okay?” You whisper in a hushed tone in his ear, hearing him whine and pull down your boxers, suddenly feeling really desperate to start before he finds himself feeling drowsy once again. You get off of him, moving underneath him and sitting against the headboard so he’s sitting on your crotch and lying against you, his head pressed to your shoulder as he feels your hard-on prod his clothed ass.
You run your fingers underneath his waistband and tug them down, allowing his cock to spring up whilst he looks at you with helpless eyes. You travel your hand down his body and rub his hole with your finger, entering in and out of him slowly before taking it out and offering your two fingers to his mouth, licking it obediently until your fingers are covered in his saliva. You go back to fingering his ass, his hips jolting up and a string of moans escaping his lips every time you enter him, wanting to start now and finally feel your cock deep in his insides.
You giggle and kiss his neck, finally finished prepping him. You grab your cock and push it against his ass, spreading him again slowly, his breathing picking up as he kisses your jawline. Your cock slips easily into him, a few loud moans accidentally leaving your mouth as he takes your entire length, the heat of his insides immediately warming your dick and you feel pleasure rush over you as you wrap your arms around his stomach, pulling him closer.
You stroke his hair and play with the head of his cock, watching him squirm and attempt to relieve himself now that he realises you weren’t actually planning on fucking him and were just wiggling your hips to wind him up and make him moan even harder.
“You can sleep on me if you’d like” You tease, playing with his hair as you once again adjust yourself and he feels your cock dig deeper inside of him. He sighs and lays his head on your shoulder, his nose brushing against your neck as he attempts to go back to sleep, but the feeling of your warm cock buried inside of him kept him awake and he could hardly sit still as he goes to jerk himself off and grind himself on your cock.
You give his thighs a squick squeeze, indicating him to stop. He does but only for a few seconds before he’s back to grinding on your cock, desperate to fix his erection and feel your cock pound his ass so he can finally cum for you.
You kiss up his neck, loving the look on his face as he whines and grinds on you like a disobedient brat, obviously desperate for any type of movement from you. You giggle and rub his cock, watching him sigh in relief as he pulls your face in to kiss you, only to groan when you stop, pushing him back into the same desperate state.
If only you could see how cute you look right now, Belphegor. Be patient, you’ll get what you’re looking for soon enough...
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stanmammon · 9 days ago
Can we get the brothers preference on whether they’d choose to be edged or overstimulated 👀
It really depended on the mood Asmo was in. If he wanted to prolong it he'd definitely vote for edging, he loved the sultry tone your voice took on as you coaxed him down from his high (it was a plus to see how turned on you got from his whining too). When he was in the mood to be ravished rather than be the one ravishing is when he'd opt for overstimulation, asking you how many times you thought you could make him come before the night was over (presenting it as a fun little challenge to see how far you'd take it).
Beel doesn't mind being overstimulated, especially because you always teased him with a big meal if he let you do as you pleased. He's already sensitive and reactive under your touch but after coming multiple times, it's near impossible for him to be quiet, so he preferred doing it either in your room or when Belphie had fallen asleep somewhere else. He always feels like he's starving when you're done with him and is pleased when you bring him a snack to reward him for being so well-behaved, the real incentive he has to put up with the pleasurable torture.
Belphie liked to use it as a test to see how long he could resist begging, keeping count in his head how many times he had gotten dangerously close to coming. He wasn't the type to be vocal and if he felt a moan bubbling up he covered his mouth, smothering the noises so you wouldn't get satisfaction either. It was like a war of attrition yet still fun to see how long it would take for him to eventually fall for your charms, and he always did, it was simply a matter of time.
Levi liked to be overstimulated, specifically with the use of toys so the sensation was really overwhelming. A safe word was established quickly as he was worried about being able to take all that pleasure and still keep his brain intact but he surprised even himself when you made it through. It was also due to your gentle encouragement that he managed, eyes glazed over as he thinks of how soothing your voice sounded and how he'd be hearing it in his dreams that night (and after being overstimulated Levi was always out like a light once he was cleaned up).
Lucifer liked to be edged just to make the intensity of his orgasm reach a new height, able to keep it up for hours and challenging you to do the same; you can't pretend you have any control of the situation as Lucifer is the one who would swat your hands away before taking charge. He's essentially edging himself in so many words but he does like the attitude you show when you refuse to let him come even when he asked nicely, telling you that he hoped you appreciated him when he returned that energy.
Mammon enjoyed both immensely, but if forced to make a choice, he supposed overstimulation was slightly better than being edged. His greed knew no bounds so no matter how sensitive his body grew, as long as it was you touching him he could truly never get enough. He'd soak in your attention, beg for more even if he had nothing left to give, writhing under your touch as he would allow you to do just about anything to him in those moments. He tried to complain about how exhausted he was at the end but it was only because he loved the aftercare.
Edging is a true test of his patience and you can tell there's some mild irritation on his part as you keep pulling away just as you know he's about to come, cursing your name though he doesn't attempt to 'take what's his'. You tell him patience is key just like it is when writing a story, great novels weren't written in a day and mind-blowing orgasms didn't come with just a few simple movements. He hates your teasing as well yet he also loves it, warning that there are certain days where he won't hesitate to take over (but again, he seemed to enjoy you pampering him).
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sevendeadlymorons · 10 days ago
Is it okay to request M!Mc pounding Belphie in the Kimono they wore from the past event. Like Belphie loosen it a bit that it fell of his shoulders and Mc just went for it-
Apologies for this being written last but of course. I can’t wait to butt fuck Belphie 👀
I was going to write this as a full blown fic but uhh, writers block and the strong desire to get away from all the smut requests said no
M!MC Pounding Belphie in a Kimono
Belphie had left the room yawning whilst his brothers were all playing a game in the hotel room
You wander after him, done with playing against Mammon’s cheap card tricks and now wanting some time alone with Belphegor
You find him lay on the grass outside, presumably trying to get away from all the noise so he could nap for a while
You sit next to him and tap his shoulder, getting a short grunt in response
He sits up tiredly, realising it’s you and laying his head on your shoulder, letting you stroke his hair as he nuzzles up into you
You kiss his forehead as you both yawn, looking out at the clear sky and at the thousands of stars together, hand in hand
A few minutes pass and the clouds have already taken over the sky, dimming it with their presence
He sighs snd sits up, disappointed he couldn’t watch them with you for longer
He shuffles to face you, his kimono all messed up from laying on the grass before
He smiles at you and rests his head on yours, still pretty drowsy from being woken up so abruptly, but he’s glad you’re with him
It was a hot night, even with the clouds and the night breeze chilling the both of you, the air was humid and you both found yourself fanning eachother with a spare fan from in the room
Belphie had been complaining about the heat a while before, loosening and readjusting his kimono so that it didn’t stick to his skin no longer, his shoulder now clear in view for you to admire
Your mind wandered whilst he spoke to you, your eyes glued on his bare skin as you imagined ripping it off of him and feeling over his body
He stares at you suspiciously and was about to ask you what was up until you leaned forward and pulled his chin towards your face, pulling him into a kiss
He exhales against your lips, surprised but not exactly wanting to let you go
You wrap your hands around his waist and pull him onto your lap, seating him nicely on your crotch to where your hands wander over his shoulders, tugging down his clothes until his chest was on show
His cheeks were flushed and you loved it; the taste of his nipples delicious on your tongue as you ran your hands up and down his back, trailing your nails all over him until they rested against his crotch
You pushed your hand underneath his kimono, palming him slowly until his cock started to rise at your promising touch, the look in his eyes telling you to continue and fuck him senseless; that he was so needy for your dick
You quickly pull your kimono up, exposing your boner to him as his eyes gaze at it, so desperate to feel it inside of him
You lift him up and play with his inner thighs, watching his legs tremble as you make your way towards his hole, getting ready to prep him
You slip in one, then two fingers, watching him squirm and moan, hanging on to your neck as he grinds on your hand
You continue to play with him and tease his ass and cock until he’s all stretched out and flustered, his eyes forming tears from sexual frustration and overstimulation
His nipples were raw red from your lips and tongue teasing them, attaching yourself on to him and leaving big purple hickeys all over his chest
All this made him so desperate for your cock, his length twitching and already leaking with pre-cum as he’d tried multiple times before to relieve himself on your hard erection
You finally lift him up properly and position him over your cock, listening to him chant your name, begging over and over to shove it deep inside of his tight ass already
You finally abide after you got a little too impatient, slamming him down on your cock suddenly and watching his head throw back as he opens his mouth in a silent moan
You thrust into him, bouncing him on top of you and pushing all the wind out of him when he hits your lap, strings of moans filling the garden as Belphie whimpers to you to fuck him harder
Your hands caress his thighs, eventually trailing up the shaft of his cock and jacking him off, watching his eyes dart around because he can’t bare to look you in the eye out of sheer embarrassment
He grumbles and wraps his arms around your neck, not wanting to look at your smirk anymore as he cuddles your body; continuing to bounce him on top of you, littering his back with several scratch marks until it’s red and marked up
You grab his hips, spreading your legs so you can pound into him easily, dragging him down onto your cock until he’s panting and clinging onto your back for dear life, feeling his legs go utterly weak
You let out a moan and empty yourself in to him without warning, hearing him gasp as he feels himself be filled up with your warm semen, his legs trembling as he’s desperate to cum for you too
You keep going, waiting for him to finish, your cock so overly sensitive from your previous ejaculation but you wanted to hear him cry out your name as he shoots his sticky load all over his chest
He finally cries out, his nails digging into you as he arches his back and holds you as he cums, moaning with him as he empties his cock all over the two of you, your kimono now drenched in his white sperm
He leans back on to the grass, his legs still wrapped around you as you pull out, watching his chest rise and fall irregularly as he attempts to catch his breathe
Your cocks go limp as you join him on the grass, the stars returning moments after to greet you as you both look up at them
You entwine your fingers with his, looking over to see him covering his face with his arm and sighing loudly
You laugh and pull him up, not wanting him to catch a cold from laying naked out on the grass
You pick him up bridal style after fixing his kimono and walk in to the hotel room, passing his brothers who looked on at the two of you strangely as you entered the only empty bedroom with Belphie wrapped up asleep in your arms
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asmos-pet · 17 days ago
i’ve never actually sent a request before, but i saw ur post abt belphie and levi, so i was wondering if maybe u could write smth abt dom belphie getting possessive over a f!mc? maybe w/ some scenting? kinda like ur territorial mammon fic. 🥺👉👈 if not, that’s ok, thank u either way
Obey Me: Starry Night (NSFW)
description: belphie decides to interrupt your date, following you on your walk and pulling you into an alleyway for a quick detour. 
genre: aggressive smut - f!mc
warnings: semi-public sex, marking, scenting
word count: 1.5k
You had been dreading this movie date, wondering if you should cancel on the cute demon that’d asked you out to dinner. However, walking down the street with him, you were actually having a good time. So much, in fact, that you two had decided to continue it and head to the Fall to get some drinks. Your attention was on him as you two walked out of Hell’s Kitchen, and that’s why you failed to notice the Avatar of Sloth lingering outside, leaning against the building.
He’d been waiting for you to finish, peeking in on the pair of you every so often in case it seemed like you needed a quick escape. To his dismay, it looked like you were having a blast, your laughter ringing in his ears even all the way outside. It’d put him in a bitter mood, but he still decided to stay put. For some reason, he couldn’t leave you there with potential danger lurking around the corner. 
Now, watching you walk out so enamored with this man, his blood began to boil. You had complained to him all week about this date, cutting your nap time short every day, and he’d skipped it entirely today to wait outside for you. Pushing himself off the wall, the demon started following behind you, leaving a fair amount of distance in between you so he wouldn’t cause suspicion.
When he realized you two were on your way to the Fall, Belphie held back a hiss and dipped into an alleyway, slinking through the narrow space between the buildings. There was no way he was letting you go clubbing with him. Not without, at least, speaking to you first. He needed you to know something before you considered bringing this lesser demon back to your bedroom. 
He moved quickly but quietly, his footsteps as light as a feather. That’s why you didn’t hear him when he approached from the side, his hand wrapping around your wrist and yanking you into the alley. Before you could scream for help, he moved his hand up to cover your mouth, pulling you back through the passageway and into a discreet and dark corner. 
You squirmed in his grasp, fighting against the perpetrator until he whispered one word in your ear. “Quit.” It was barely audible but you recognized the voice as Belphie’s, your eyes widening in shock. What was he doing here?
As you stopped struggling, your eyes peered up into his violet ones, immediately noticing that he was angry. You were about to ask him what was wrong when he pushed you against the side of the building, his lips capturing yours in a heated kiss. You let out a muffled squeal, but your mouth parted a couple seconds later, allowing his tongue entrance. 
He’d never kissed you before, never hinted that he’d had more than platonic feelings for you. Belphie liked to cuddle with you, but you’d assumed he liked cuddling with everyone. Well, except Luke. But, this made his emotions evident, his hands gripping your hips while his grinded forward into them. 
There was a part of you screaming at you to stop. You were in public on a date with another man. But, you couldn’t bring yourself to pull away, especially after you felt your panties start to dampen from your excitement. You’d always thought Belphie was attractive, and, just like him, you’d kept that information to yourself.
The kiss ended too soon, the demon’s lips moving to your neck, sucking at the tender skin in the crook of your neck. You were already panting, speaking in a hushed tone. “What are you d-doing here?”
Instead of answering, he bit down harshly before his warm tongue was lapping against the wound. It hadn’t been enough to pierce skin, but it had was enough to sting, your teeth gritting together as a whimper fell from your lips. “Belphie..”
“I followed you.” His voice came out as a growl, drawing away so he could flip you around, bringing his hips flush with your backside. You could feel his hardened member poking into your ass. “You smell like him.” He said it as if it disgusted him, and to some degree, it did. You should smell like him. And you would after he was done with you. Overwhelmingly so.
Keeping you pressed against the wall, all you could do was stand there as his hand tugged your dress up, rubbing his hand over your bare ass and groping it roughly. He couldn’t see it but your cheeks were flushed. “I’m sorry..?” You weren’t sure how to react, but you weren’t protesting. 
“No you’re not.” He snapped, yanking your panties to the side and rubbing his fingers between your folds, another growl sounding when he felt how wet you were for him. “Did he excite you this much?”
Your hips wiggled, but you were still pinned, the motions causing his fingers to add friction against your warmth. “No..” You didn’t want to admit that it was because of him, however, you couldn’t let him go on thinking it was because of your date. This was his doing. “I.. You did...”
Belphie made a sound that was akin to a purr, reaching forward to rub circles into your clit while his other started unzipping his pants. “Yeah? Were you thinking about me while you were on your date?” His chest was filled with pride from your admission, his cock throbbing as it was finally freed from his boxers.
While he wasn’t as big as his twin, the demon was still hung like the rest of his brothers, slipping two fingers into your slit to begin pumping and stretching you out for him. Your back arched back into his chest, a gasp falling from your lips. “The entire time..” Your voice was breathy, heart rate increasing with each thrust of his fingers.
You tried your best to keep quiet, not wanting to attract any attention to the two of you. You’d be mortified if anyone saw him fingering you in the alleyway, but that only added to the thrill. Anyone could walk by and see them, including your date who was probably looking for you at this very moment.
Curling his fingers, Belphie pulled his hand away whenever he felt you begin clenching around him. “Don’t you dare fucking cum yet.” His hand went to rub his head up and down your core, slickening it before bringing his hips back and then sinking inside of you. 
With your cheek pressed against the side of the building, your head immediately scrambled from pleasure. His pace started out as quick thrusts, only pulling back a couple of inches to snap his hips forward. You couldn’t hold back your moans, your mewls echoing off the walls around you. “Ahh.. Please, I’m too loud..”
“Not my problem.” He retorted, one hand bracing himself against the alleyway. His other held your hips in a death grip, using the leverage to bury himself deeper each time he lurched forward. “Better keep quiet or else that date of yours will hear your pretty little sounds and know exactly where you are. You want him to find you being fucked by another demon?”
You could feel a warm sensation begin building in your abdomen, your eyes fluttering as your head lolled back to lie against his shoulder. He felt blissful inside of you, his cock brushing along all of the spots that made you quiver. This isn’t how you’d expected your first time with Belphie to be, but it was perfect in its own way. His jealousy revealing his true feelings for you. 
“I don’t c-care about him..” You whined out. “I want you.” Sure, you’d been having a good time on your date, but this was what you truly wanted. You wanted Belphie - all of him and nothing less. 
It was a good thing you had the wall to support you because your legs felt like they were going to give out at any moment now, blurred vision trying to focus on the night sky above you instead of the creeping sensation of your climax.
"You're mine." It came out as a grunt, the demon getting closer and closer to his own orgasm as your walls squeezed around him in pulses. "Got it? You belong to me." With his chest flush with your back, his scent was now covering your body. And, soon, it would fill it too.
You nodded your head as best you could, attempting to answer him out loud but into dissolved into a choked sob, your back arching and toes curling in your high heels. "Belphie!" His name left your mouth without any hesitation, all of your reservations gone from his assault on your body.
The stars that twinkled in your vision were brighter than any of the ones in the sky above.
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Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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domthedevil · 17 days ago
i see that you're still taking requests so could you do headcanons about the first time with the rest of the brothers following the levi fic?
Sweet tender baby MCs having their first time with the brothers deserves separate fics I think. And so my first series has begun. Let me know who should be written next. ✌🏻😘
Based off this request: Be Gentle (Levi x AFAB!MC)
Be Gentle pt 2
Warnings: Belphegore x afab!mc, loss of virginity
Belphie thought the bet was stupid. Whoever you wanted to be with, you would be with. And for the first time in a while, he wasn’t so sure it would be him. Not when he knew you had your pick of the liter. Feeling a little down, the youngest brother made his way to the planetarium. He let the others argue it out on what reward there would be for being chosen. Again, Belphie thought, this bet was stupid.
Waking up from a long nap, Belphie blinked his eyes open to your adorable sleeping face. Whether your mouth hung open, or you drooled, even your snores were cute to him. Running his hand through your hair, Belphie stirred you just enough to wake you up. His smile warmed as you saw your eyes finally meet his.
“I was looking for you, and then I fell asleep.” You chuckled a little, hiding your face in his chest. “I want to ask you something....”
Helping you up, Belphie held your hand tightly as you both strolled to your room. Once the door was closed, the loud click of the lock was heard, and you were alone, both of you hugged each other tight. Hastily kissing each other your hands roamed up Belphie’s shirt, gracing his abdomen. A shiver ran up his spine before he gently pulled your hands away.
“This is about you...get on the bed.” His reddened face matched the heat burning across yours.
Kissing much slower, you let him hover above you. His lazy tongue massaged yours gently at first. But soon he was overcome with a little more excitement. His hands slowly played with every button and zipper. Soon you were bare and breathing heavy, feeling very kissed. Belphie used a much different speed to remove his own clothing, not caring where his clothes ended up.
Overly eager yourself, your arms reached out to hug him to your chest. You could feel his hardening length rut against your legs; and his racing heart against your own. His hands now teased your warm body. Licking and pinching your nipples, he used his hips to hold yours down. Your own hands rubbed at his back. Gently encouraging him to keep going. You wanted this. You wanted him.
“How do you feel MC?” His whisper was lower than usual, but still hot against your sensitive nubs. “Is it good?”
You made a small noise in the affirmative. The smirk on his face grew as he saw you smiling as well. Dipping lower, Belphie supported your thighs from underneath as he spread your legs open. His cock twitched as he saw you tense and clench around nothing. He loved the way you looked, and for the first time he understood Beel’s sudden urge to eat the first delicious thing he sees. Using broad strokes, he ran his tongue over your entrance and clit. The little jump your hips made had him craving even more.
Using slow movements, Belphie teased your clit. Circling and prodding against its hood. It felt like little shocks of electricity building in your core. The more he licked, the more it grew. All you could do was grip the sheets beneath you. Your breathing mixed with your moans had Belphie’s dick dripping with excitement. He was the first to make you feel this good. And he was going to make you feel even better.
Freeing one of his hands, his long fingers slipped inside your soaking pussy. He could taste every ounce of arousal. And you tasted sweeter than anything he had ever had before. Belphie’s other hand pumped at his length to the sounds of your moans. Scissoring his fingers and pressing deep inside you, the luckiest demon in the world moaned as well. You were turning him on so much, but he was trying to hold back for your sake.
“Belphie it feels good. M-my legs are shaking.”
“Tell me more. Where does it feel the best?”
You kept describing how it felt. Making him even more desperate to enter you already. Fingers still pulling in and out of you, the youngest demon sat on his knees to watch your face change. Your sweet face now with a furrowed brow and damp with sweat. He wished he could take a picture to show you how arousing you looked.
“MC...I want you so badly.”
Heart pounding in your chest, you could only nod through your moans.
You watched as he moved slowly again. Removing his fingers and using them to rub his cock in front of you. He wasn’t too big, but by no means small. The feel of his tapered tip stroking over your wet folds, lubricating himself, brought you back to the situation. You took a deep breath and squeezed your eyes shut. But instead of being penetrated you were kissed again.
“Look at me MC.” His whisper was almost a whine. “I love you.” Your hands traced the arms that were holding him above you soothingly.
“I love you too....I’m ready.”
A pressure at your entrance startled you slightly. Making him hesitate. But your kiss reassured him as you both went back to looking at each other’s eyes. He pressed into you again. The head of his cock pushed pass the tight walls you’d never felt stretched before. It took your breath away slightly as a sharp pain faded away. The twitching in your hips was adorable to Belphie as he pressed himself entirely inside you.
“It’s tight. Belphie, w-wait...”
“I won’t move until you’re ready.”
It took a moment to adjust. But once you did, the realization of how full you were made you even wetter. A smile spreading across your face, Belphie kissed at your neck. Whispering for him to move, your arms wrapped around his neck while he slowly rocked his hips in shallow movements. Your moans grew louder as your insides adjusted to his member. Belphie’s labored breathing next to your ear made your hold tighten around him.
“More-“ you caught yourself before saying something embarrassing. But that was all he needed to hear, his hips knowing how to respond before he could.
His hips snapped roughly once before controlling himself again, holding one of your legs to help him reach deep inside you. Ever the tease Belphie couldn’t help but put his thumb against your lips. He brushed your lips a moment before putting his finger in your mouth.
“Your mouth is wide open...does it feel that good?”
Licking his thumb you nodded. He was playing with you, but that’s exactly why you came to see him. Pulling his thumb away, he used its slick texture to rub circles around your sensitive bud again. Your grip on his shoulders tightened as he continued to rock into you. The warm feeling was building faster than you’d ever felt before. You’d never been able to make yourself feel this good on your own.
You didn’t expect to hear Belphie be so vocal. But his voice soothed you as he moved in and out of you faster and faster. Letting little praises and teases slip from time to time. His own orgasm was slow burning in his core. Loving the shaky whimpers and moans you let freely ring out, he wasn’t sure how long he could last. This new side of you, these new expressions made his hips pound as hard as his heart.
“I feel hot all over. Belphie I think I’m gonna come.”
His lips crashed against yours. Your arms tightly hugged him to your chest. Every touch was heated and desperate.
“Come for me. I’ll come with you...”
Holding back almost a sob, you felt a hot coil spring free through your core, down to your toes. Belphie could feel your walls clenching tightly around him. His hips however never faulted. He was chasing the same release you were riding out. And the tight squeeze from your pulsing heat brought him over the edge as well.
“M-MC!” He moaned through gritted teeth. The sudden rush and release of coming inside you made his breath hitch in his throat.
Too overstimulated and exhausted, you didn’t even notice him parting from you and cuddling close.
“So...good?” Belphie smirked as he tapped your nose lightly. You nodded enthusiastically.
“Actually...could we do it again?” You moved to rest on yours knees. “I heard this position feels good too...” your face was warm again, but more enamored than embarrassed.
Belphie’s chuckle made you smile, but grow a little self conscious.
“I’ll try anything you want MC.”
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sevendeadlymorons · 17 days ago
The brothers give Mc a blowjob?
Tumblr media
On it, you two ;)
Brothers + Simeon Give M!MC a Blowjob in Public
His pride is way too large to ever be able to do something so embarrassing in public but he couldn’t take his eyes off the way your dick protruded through your trousers
Pulls you in to an alley desperately, not caring who sees and gets down on his knees, completely at your mercy as your hands find his head and tug at his hair sharply
He starts to pull down your trousers, arousal pooling in his gut as he has to process exactly what he’s currently doing, his eyes looking at the erection inside your boxers as the tip drips with pre-cum already
He pulls down your boxers, watching it spring up as he plays with your tip immediately, flicking it with his tongue and pushing your hips into the wall behind you
Likes when you push his head onto your cock, making him take you whole as he whines for you, hearing your words of praise
He moans your name on your cock, going faster as he swirls his tongue around you, jerking you off with his hands whilst watching you carefully so he knows you’re thoroughly enjoying yourself
He allows you to cum in his mouth so your seed is dribbling down his chin and his cheeks are now flushed red in embarrassment
He’s not particularly afraid of making a scene and humiliating you in public, he loves seeing that dirty look on your face as you cling to him
He couldn’t stop staring at your hard erection in your boxers, even if you two were in the cinemas, you were at the back and he thought it was the perfect time to give you a little fun
Reaches over and palms your crotch, watching you stiffen up in surprise but relax into it soon after, unzipping your trousers so he could give you a proper handjob
He wraps his hand around your crotch and starts jerking you off, watching as you make lewd faces for him in public and try and conceal your moans
Starts to get slightly flustered at the fact he was actually pleasuring you in public but it doesn’t stop him as he sneakily leans down to run his tongue up your cock
You place your hand on his head and push him down, hearing him gag quietly and then come up to breathe, his hand straight away going back to your dick
You cum on his hand and he licks it off in front of you, offering his fingers to you as he places two inside your mouth, feeling your tongue lick him clean of your semen
Nothing could have prepared him for the day he jerks you off in a public changing room
It all happened so quick, one moment you were entering a cosplay convention, the next he was on his knees in a changing room, hands pressed to your crotch as he could feel the tip of your dick at the back of his throat
He moans for you and only you as your hands pull at his hair, tugging and pulling his face and cheeks so he’s taking you whole in his mouth
He looks up at you lustfully, his tongue licking you up and down so skilfully that it made you lean your head back against the wall and your legs feel weak
He kisses your tip, fondling with your balls so he can get all your praise, so desperate to hear you call him a good boy that he was willingly to cry out your name until everyone could hear
His cheeks were crimson red, his entire face burning up as you caress him gently, giving him the praise he so desired as he sped up to make you feel even better
You cum in his mouth, a startled gag coming from him as he feels all your load shoot down the back of his throat, swallowing all of it submissively and cleaning you up afterwards
It’s always been his dream to do something naughty in a library so he just couldn’t hold back when he saw the erect cock in your lap
He pulls you behind a book shelf, slamming you against it and getting down on his knees, kissing your boxers submissively as he looks up at you waiting for you to shove your cock deep into his throat
You quickly take out your dick, placing it on his lips teasingly as he laps at it desperately, loving the taste of your pre-cum; his hands running up and down your crotch and thighs
He runs his tongue all the way up your length, watching you squirm as he sucks on your head and grips your thighs
You pull his face onto your dick, impatient, and explore his mouth and cheeks as you thrust your cock in and out of his mouth, his eyes streaming with tears as he coughs on you, struggling to breathe
You eventually let go and allow him to go at his own pace, his hands rubbing you slowly as he sucks you off, his nose almost touching your stomach from how far you were inside his mouth
You end up finishing on his face, your sticky white load dribbling down his cheeks and chin until it drips onto the floor, Satan licking up the cum that was around his lips and swallowing right in front of you with a smirk
What’s better than blowing someone in an empty classroom? Well, not much, so when Asmo gets bored and sees you were particularly excited, he couldn’t stop himself
Pushes you into a desk, lifting you up and spreading your legs apart so he could get a proper view of your huge throbbing erection
Kisses up your thighs until his lips were placed directly on your dick, his fingers traveling under your trousers so he could pull them down and see just how horny you were
He traces a finger over your boxers, playing with the cum that seeped through the cloth and hearing you whine, his hands instinctively pulling them down and taking your cock in his mouth, looking up at you to see your lewd face
He flicks your tip with his tongue, teasing you whilst he messes with your testes and rubs his hand up and down your inner thighs
Your hands grab his head and push his head down, making his nose touch your crotch until he has to come up for air, a wide smirk on his lips as he starts to thrust his head up and down on your dick
You cum down his throat, watching him swallow all of it obediently as he presents you his sticky white tongue afterwards
He’s never had any thought of doing anything lewd in public, but you suggested it and who was he to say no to your face
Pulls you by the wrist into the back room of Hell’s Kitchen and pushes you into a wall, going down on his knees slowly with his cheeks bright red; looking at your erection that was twitching with anticipation through your clothes
He pulls out your cock, watching you as he takes you whole in his mouth, his eyes constantly asking if he’s doing a good job and begging for praise from you
He starts to get faster and greedier, licking you and sucking on your cock until his mouth makes a popping noise when he takes you out of his mouth, immediately going back to you and listening to your words of affirmation
He’s kind of nervous if someone walks in on you two, but he didn’t care because you tasted so good and he wanted so much more. He wanted to know how your semen tastes as he swallows all of it
He jerks you off more desperately, wanting to make you finish so he can clean you up and kiss you so you can taste your own cum
You finally cum in his mouth, choking slightly on the amount you shot down his throat and licking his lips clean of any excess, soon sticking his tongue down your throat so you could know how good you taste
Decided he wanted to humiliate you in public after your continuous teasing towards him throughout the day, so what better way than to do it than in the same room as his brothers
You were eating dinner at the table, Belphie at your side, when you felt his hand touch your thigh and slowly creep up to palm your crotch inconspicuously
You lean back slowly, his shoulder touching yours as his hand travels into your boxers, pulling out your cock and slowly jerking you off; causing you to have to bite your lip to restrain yourself
He goes faster, rubbing his thumb over your sticky tip and eating his food like nothing was happening, ignoring the weird looks his brothers were currently giving the two of you
He suddenly excuses himself, dragging you up with him by the hand and slamming you against the wall right by the door, going down on his knees and sucking you off, his eyes submissively and lust filled as he begs for you to touch him
You run your hands through his hair, tugging and pulling harshly as he goes faster, running his nails down your thighs and moaning silently on your cock whilst he listens to the chatter of his brothers in the next room
You cum on his face, drenching him with your semen as he pants tiredly and wipes his face clean, slipping his two sticky fingers into your mouth to clean him off
The angel would never even think about performing such lewd actions in public, but your erection was practically begging him to help you out right now
He sighs and pushes you behind a Bush on your way back to the dorms, trapping you underneath him with his hands as his eyes wander down to your crotch
You smirk and push his head down, watching his face turn dirty and his eyes lewd with ideas of how exactly he’ll make you feel good
He pulls down your trousers and whips out your cock, hesitating before taking your head in his mouth slowly, his tongue lapping and sucking at you with his cheeks flushed red; your head leaning back in pleasure, exposing your neck to him
He leans forward to kiss your neck passionately, jerking you off with his hand and rubbing his thumb over the tip, then going back down to more confidently take you all in his mouth, discovering your hands at the back of his neck encouraging him
He lets you pull at his hair whilst he bobs his head on your hard on, swirling his tongue around skilfully as he looks at you to make sure you’re still moaning his name and displaying that same lustful face for him
You cum down his throat taking him by surprise as he pulls you out of his mouth quickly, watching you shoot your seed all over your stomach, wiping you clean with his thumb
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asmo-ds · 19 days ago
Hello! I hope everything’s well with you and that you’re having an amazing day!
If I may, would it be alright to request a fluff headcanon for each of the brothers where they comfort Teen!MC after MC had a bad nightmare and maybe woke up crying?
This recently happened to me and I was honestly scared cause I didn’t know what to do. If this is against any request rules please feel free to ignore this! If you do end up doing this though thank for taking the time to write it and please stay safe and hydrated 🤍
Tumblr media
Comforting teen!MC after a nightmare
Warnings: Nightmares, panic attacks, crying
Description: After a frightening Nightmare teen!MC runs to the rooms of the sleeping brothers and looks for comfort and protection
a/n: I know this just came in but since this seems as though it is a recent problem I figured it was best to get this out immediately, I hope you have sweet dreams from now on and I hope these are comforting
Tumblr media
- He had fallen asleep on his paperwork whilst working a few hours before, so he woke up startled when he heard frantic knocking on the door
- He shot up and rushed to the door
- When he opened it, the teen jumped on him and wrapped their arms around him, sobbing hysterically and taking him by surprise
- He hesitantly wrapped his arms loosely around them, bringing them to sit down on the edge of his bed
- He shushes them softly and rocks them a bit, rubbing their back and trying to ease the tears enough to tell him what's wrong
- His heart breaks as MC relays every detail of the terrible dream through their choked sobs
- He tells them that he is here now and offers for them to sleep in his bed while he continues his paperwork
- When they fall asleep he watches closely for any signs of discomfort or distress, and if he sees any he will be by their side brushing their hair gently and holding them
Tumblr media
- He woke up startled as he heard the frantic knocking and tripped over his sheets as he attempted to put on clothes
- When he finally reached the door, fully clothed, he was met with the distressed face of the teenage human with tears running down their cheek
- He begins to question them, checking them all over for injuries, asking if Belphegor had done something again, but all he was met with was them throwing their arms around him and sobbing into his shoulder
- He closes his door and sits them down on his couch and lets them cry, rubbing their back and telling them they don’t need to be afraid anymore
- Promises Mc that he wouldn’t let anything hurt them ever
- He agrees to sit down in their room with them until they can fall back asleep
- But when they wake up he’s fast asleep on a chair next to the bed
- What they don’t know is he stayed up for hours comforting their sleeping self as it cried and trembled through a few more nightmares
Tumblr media
- He was playing an online game with friends when the knocking came
- He muted his mic and called that he was in the middle of a game and to go away
- But MC was persistent and decided to just walk in, running and throwing themselves into his arms
- Immediately he logged off, not caring about his teammates who were sure to whine about his disappearance tomorrow
- He awkwardly wrapped them in a blanket and rubbed their back as they cried, silent as he wasn’t good at dealing with people’s emotions
- As MC talked about their nightmare he felt his heart sink to the point where all his awkwardness went away and he pulled them into a tight embrace and told them they could stay in his room if they would like while he slept on the floor/in his gamer chair
Tumblr media
- He goes to bed fairly early, so he was in a deep sleep and did not hear the knocking from the frantic teen
- He woke up to them shaking him, softly sobbing and crying out his name
- He sat up and rubbed his eyes before just pulling them into a hug
- He’s studied dreams before so he was able to talk with them about the dream calmly and explain what could have caused it
- He makes a mental note to talk to Lucifer about the things he and MC talked about fixing to stop the nightmares
- He will read them a soft fairy tale and lull them to sleep with his poetic voice and run his hand through their hair before carrying them back to their room and tucking them in safely
Tumblr media
- MC knocked at his door for a few minutes before they decided to give up and go somewhere else
- But as soon as they turned a sleepy looking Asmodeus came to the door, glaring at whoever interrupted his beauty sleep
- When he sees their red puffy eyes and big frown though he immediatly forgets about himself and takes MC into his room
- He turns on his aroma therapy machine thingy and hugged MC while they just cried it all out
- Listening to the dream made him cry as well and he felt guilty that the poor little human went through that :(
- Cuddles with them until they eventually cry themselves back to sleep
- and after that he doesn’t fall back asleep because he is too worried
- So he is extremely cranky towards everyone other than MC the next day but he has no regret
Tumblr media
- He had just woken up from his reoccurring nightmare when the frantic knocks came
- he ran to the door and embraced the small body of whoever had arrived at his door
- too focused on his own nightmare, he took a moment to realize the tiny body was shaking and salty tears were soaking his shirt
-The second he did realize he held the human tighter, picking them up and bringing them to his bed so they could cry and vent to each other
- He tells MC to sleep in Belphie’s bed since Belphie was sleeping in the attic that night 
- he didn’t sleep because all he could do was stare and think about how they looked like his sister and he wanted to protect them with his entire heart
- so he watched to make sure they didn’t show any signs of a nightmare on the outside
Tumblr media
- He knew they were going to wake up because he felt a nightmare’s energy radiating off of them
- So he woke them up and they shot up with a horrified look on their face and were hyperventilating 
- He shushed them and comforted them, angry that a lesser demon had dared to enter their dream and corrupt his poor human
- He lulled them back to sleep with his magic and the second they passed back out he expelled the demon from their mind and gave it to Beel to eat
- He puts a spell on MC to protect them from the nightmare demons and hopes for the best and worries because he knows if it weren’t for humans’ inner sloth, they would’ve never had that nightmare and he felt hatred towards his sin in that moment
- if any nightmare demons get passed his spell on MC he won’t be happy and is sure that after he expels them from MC’s body he tortures them before he disposes of them permanently
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sevendeadlymorons · 20 days ago
But that gore-ish hc was amazing dude!!! Are planning anymore gore like hcs?👀👀
Thank you hahah!! I like to think it’s my specialty when I really get into it yknow 🤣
Perhaps I should show y’all some of my old works then lmao
Hmm well if it’s requested I have no problems writing it 👀
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