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Welp, I guess I’m doing the whole series now! Let’s get to work on our crazy Australians next! As usual, they will be going by aliases, Mad and Saiko! 

Who made the first move?
I guess, on a technical level, Saiko did. I mean, as far as refusing to murder your best friend at the cost of the freedom of your fellow slaves is a pretty big first move, if you ask me. 

Who said ‘I love you’ first?
Mad. Yeah, it took watching a psychotic girl chase off an opposing faction, but love knows no mental limits, so I’d say that’s plenty of reason to swoon and speak up.

How often they fight?
They most frequently argue over how to run the kingdom, as they both have different ideas on how to do it, but other than that, not much. 

Who’s big spoon/little spoon?
Saiko is big spoon, mostly because she refuses to sleep without taking off her armor. She claims it’s a defensive tactic to make sure no one hurts Mad in his sleep, but in reality she just prefers to be big spoon. (Mad affectionately refers to it as “deadly turtling”).

What their nicknames are for each other?
Upon being typical Australian lovers, Mad usually refers to Saiko as “Love”, “Darling”, or “My Queen.” Saiko addresses him as “Sweetheart” or “My King”, just so people know to f**k off.

Who’s the better cook?
Mad. It wasn’t that Saiko was bad at it. She tried to cook once, but ever since she legit got angry with the cooking equipment and burned the mess hall for the slaves down, Mad handles the cooking so no more incidents occur.

Their song?
Mad: *strums electric guitar* I love you, b*tch.
Mad: *strums electric guitar again* I ain’t never gonna stop loving you, b*tch.
(Hahahahaha! I’m joking)
Miss Adventure by AD/DC (Eh, gonna be honest, I’m kinda winging it with this one, so if you have any better suggestions feel free to let me know)

Who remembers their anniversaries?
Mad. He doesn’t do anything grand about it, but he’ll usually treat it as Saiko’s day off and handle all of the responsibilities of the kingdom. 

Their favorite thing to do together (besides sex)?
Dirt bike racing and/or practicing shooting at their private range. (Mad only likes shooting because he lowkey wants to cuddle while teaching Saiko how to hold a gun). 

Who ‘wears the pants’ in the relationship?
Honestly, it varies. Sometimes Mad will be the high-and-mighty king who has to keep Saiko’s crazy tendencies under control. But other times, Saiko is the overprotective mom-girlfriend who makes sure Mad doesn’t do something that will induce rebellion among their people. 

How they would get engaged?
Mad would probably try to hide it under some everyday responsibility, but would eventually make this big coming-out proposal in front of everyone. (At least, that would be his plan if Saiko hadn’t proposed first XD)

What their wedding would be like?
I honestly have no idea what a punk-apocalyptic wedding would look like. All I can imagine is all of their slaves showing up at the wedding (voluntarily or otherwise) and Mad Rook delivering the most unexpectedly heartfelt eulogy. 

How many kids they’ll have?
Two. One planned, as to make who will run the kingdom in their absence less of a drama, but…well, let’s just say condoms weren’t designed for Power Watch wielders ^^;

Huh, that took a darker turn than I expected it to. But hey, hope this teaches you a little more about Chaos Courtney and my portrayal of Bad Ben!

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This is getting too real, even for Gwen XD

Okay, so this is just a crack version of what the Feedback incident was between Ben and Courtney when they were kids. If you’ve read up on how it went down with them, this video should make more sense. (But I can’t WAIT to see how people without the context will react LOL)

Alright, alright, I give, here’s your context: Courtney’s basically talking about how Feedback’s the one whom Ben’s cheating on her with (in terms of best buddy) and Ben’s referring to their transformations as “kids”, because it’s funnier that way.

Original Video:

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SO! For some reason, my first OTP listing did really well, so I made another one. But this time, we’re rolling with their counterpart baddies: Bad Ben and Chaos Courtney! A’ight, here we go! (Also, I’ll be referring to them as Bad and Chaos, just to avoid confusion)

Who made the first move?
Bad. As soon as a pretty girl catches his eye, he’ll sidle on over, regardless if they silently begged for it or not. Lucky Chaos recognized him right away, or it might’ve been a kick to the nuts for Tennyson.

Who said ‘I love you’ first?
Er…neither. They didn’t really like to use the word “love”, since their relationship was the “friends with benefits” type. Also, they’re evil! Evil have no feelings! (According to them, apparently).

How often they fight?
Ooh, plenty of times. They’ll argue on how to stage a raid or how to escape the cops, but they get a lot of satisfaction and “I told you so’s” out of it when the other’s plan fails.

Who’s big spoon/little spoon?
Bad is big spoon most of the time, but he refuses to cuddle if it’s too hot out. Chaos notices this, so she’ll sometimes switch and be big spoon just to annoy him, LOL.

What their nicknames are for each other?
They also call each other Doofus and Dingus, but they barely use those names anymore. Bad will sometimes answer to “F**kin Moron” if he’s in the mood and though Chaos hates it, she knows when Bad calls her “Doll”, he’s referring to her.

Who’s the better cook?
They both suck at cooking, so they usually just steal takeout from the nearby Chinese food restaurant. 

Their song?
Partners in Crime by Set it Off (ft Ash Costello)

Who remembers their anniversaries?
Since they’re not technically a couple, they have no anniversary, but Chaos considers the day Bad rescued her from the arranged marriage her parents forced her into as important.

Their favorite thing to do together (besides sex)?
I guess it would have to be messing with rival thieves. But really, I have to be honest, that’s only a close second. 

Who ‘wears the pants’ in the relationship?
Bad claims to be the leader of their little duo, which I guess is fair, considering he rescued Chaos from her rich family and he taught her the ways of the criminal, but they just balance each other out for the most part now.

How they would get engaged?
Bad would just steal the biggest diamond ring in the world and offer it to Chaos as a proposal. But, knowing her, she would probably steal it from him before he had the chance to give it to her.

What their wedding would be like?
In secret, obviously, since you can’t exactly have a public wedding when you’re universal criminals. Still, they’d most likely have the wedding hosted by their gang.

How many kids they’ll have?
Who knows? If they bang and it somehow happens, they’re not gonna give a s**t. 

Huh, that took a darker turn than I expected it to. But hey, hope this teaches you a little more about Chaos Courtney and my portrayal of Bad Ben! 

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I always had a thing where Jora is the first known Elemental in her family. Like elemental powers tend to show up randomly, or an elderly elemental passing their power down to a chosen successor. I’d imagine an elderly woman who Jo initially met and helped a few times decided to give the girl her powers and tools as inheritance, because she had faith in her kindness & humanity.

When the elderly woman dies it is also the same day Jo receives her powers. Though it’s not an immediate change. Slowly, over weeks into months into years, Jo questions the purpose of her powers. Was it a mere coincidence that she got them the day her elderly friend passed away? Or sheer bad luck?

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Wanted to put together a ‘through the years’ type thing for my main three Ben 10 OCs, Fen, Sven, and Millie, since I’ve had them since 9th grade and I’ve both, come back to them several times, and tweaked their designs multiple times over the years. Seeing the first drawings is pretty nostalgic actually(and kinda cringe ngl).

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Jora’s Head Designs 🌼🍄

- She has a wide, almost U-shaped forehead & soft lower face

- Short, very thick and expressive eyebrows

- Always in a smile or friendly expression

- Eyes start short, drawn outwards in a straight angle or curved lash

- Ears hidden by hair or revealed using pins

- Hair is naturally thick (curl type ambiguous), and long

- If using graphite color the to give allusion of dark skin

- Deep brown skin, wide nose

- Usually thin lips; might draw the lips to allude to lip gloss

- Overall style & design is round and soft angles to symbolize her delicate personality, to hide her actual superpower, and to contrast with the sharper angles of Omniverse’s art style

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I always had a plot bunny for Post Omniverse where the Substitute Plumbers/Team 10 would form. The members would’ve been Clyde, Sunny, Albedo, Elena, and my OC Kendrix. They’d form this odd circle or what not and their entire arc would be learning how to take accountability for their past, not blaming others, and proving their redemption.

The story would be a lot more character driven with each of the Substitute Plumbers having different motivations. Sunny wants to beat Gwen at something (and get out of community service quicker). Albedo just wants his body back. Elena has nowhere else to go/wants to seek forgiveness from Ben & Julie. Clyde wants to prove himself to be a capable Plumber and leave Ben’s shadow. Kendrix would only be there under the advice of her (technical) mother Jo. Over the course of this storyline their motives would develop into something more altruistic and all would learn to work as a team.

Besides when the whole world has failed them in some way or another, all they have left is each other. Yippee.

The evil counterpart to their group would’ve been either the new Negative 10, based on DJW’s idea or randomly selected villains chosen by Billy Billions. The evil group would represent what the the Substitute Plumbers could’ve ended up as if they continued down their destructive path and refusal to take responsibility for their actions.

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“You turned into Grey Matter again!” Jora squeaked barely able to hold her excitement back. “You look so adorable!”

Ben frowned at her feeling his face burn with embarrassment. “Okay first of all this form is not adorable and second - did you just call me adorable?”

That only made Jora chortle. “Aww don’t tell me you’re actually ashamed.”

“As if,” Ben replied, his bashful look replaced by his usual cocky grin. “Grey Matter helped me plenty of times!” ‘And almost stepped on twice as much,’ he groused in his head.

Jo couldn’t help herself. He absolutely looked too darn cute with his little froggy arms and little froggy eyes. Besides it was kinda endearing in a way.

As you can tell Grey Matter is the alien Jora thinks is the most cutest! ☺☺ Though she actually loves all of his forms!💚💚💚

Also my excuse to draw Jora to be more line with her love of fashion. 🍄

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Theory Time 🕘

Why so ice blue ?

Hi. Today I brought a short Ben 10 theory about Heatblast and his blue form.



So, we saw sick Heatblast (especially cold) got ice theme in episode “Side Effects”

  • He turned blue
  • He choot ice
  • But he couldn’t fire
  • He cought

That’s ok, because Ben got cold virus. But to be honest, I don’t belive Pyronites can naturaly got sick via bacterias or viruses. They simply too ….. Hot to handle 😅🔥

So, what could happened?

  • Even if they don’t get “sick”, Pyronites can be effected by cold enviroment, so theoricaly they can have this form
  • Despite the blue flames looks like ice theme, actually, the fire has blue colour naturally in an intensive heat. Heatblast never reach that kind of heat, but maybe -when they cold- the species produces more heat than usually. Similar how humans’ body shakes in order to produce heat
  • For the same reason, he could not shoot fire in order to not waste heat and energy
  • But why is the ice power? Well, since we know Heatblast can absorbe fire/heat, it’s possible Pyronites tries to absorbe as many energy as they can in this form. And took away an object’s actual energy is freezing is technicly
  • The cough maybe can explain whit low burning. Humans do it because they can’t breath properly from the snoot in their nosetrills (sorry for the picture). Pyronites do not breath, I think, but maybe his source of ignite burns on a lower rate, and Heatblast don’t got enought fuel


So, there you have it, my friends. I would do the same with Four arms and Wildmutt, but they seemingly just operated worse, because of their explained or unexplained biology

I hope you like it. Until next Time … And be cool 😎

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