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#ben barnes
mainlysubmv · 2 days ago
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It's all come-on. Him, the girl next door, the town drunk. They all got some big adventure that they want to sell you on.
1.02 'Chestnut'
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WAIT I've always read this trope but, reader is the sub one, so, let's twist it. Sub billy with one of these funny looking dick know, one of these that look like rings? Maybe even a prostate stimulator one, with a remote control for you to control it. A nice way to punish him if he's being a brat, me thinks👀
My brain just blurted this at me so here goes:
A special 'Fuck You' to Ben Barnes for looking so lovely and stealing my heart. Didn't anyone tell him it's not right to steal?
Put Your Loving Hand Out
Sub!Billy Russo x Dom! Female Reader
Warnings: Smut (18+), Bratty Billy, cockring, orgasm denial, oral (f and m), subspace.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
He wouldn't look at you.
It was the first of many signs that Billy was going to be a brat tonight.
First he wouldn't look at you, then his hands would clench tightly till they were white, with the little red splotches at his knuckles. Next, his voice would be hard...short, clipped responses that let you know he was getting more angry at you, than the subby headspace you usually preferred.
And what were you doing that was so maddening anyway? You'd only slipped a vibrating cockring on him before the date had started. Nothing that your good boy couldn't handle.
The vibrator was pressed to the base of his cock, and when turned on, he could feel it all the way down to his balls.... or so he'd told you.
You give him a reprieve while he eats, you always want to make sure he's healthy and well fed. You weren't a monster after all.
"You're a monster." Billy mumbles under his breath. You blink in surprise. Could he hear your thoughts?
"Watch your tone with me, Bill, I'm not in the teasing mood."
He rolls his eyes.
Oh really?
You slide your body over to his, uncaring about any prying eyes. You turn toward him, carefully tossing your legs over his thighs, to rub at his erection. He still hasn't looked at you. A more submissive Billy, would have had his eyes wide, gazing at you directly, ready to obey.
It probably looks cute, the way you cuddle your body closer to his, the way his arm wraps instinctively around you to hold you close. Anyone catching a look would probably nudge another and express their appreciation of your relationship.
Nobody would catch the way his shoulders stiffen when the vibrations resume, the way he grunts as you massage his cock over his slacks.
No one would hear the threatening tone you just used when you asked,
"Did you just fucking roll your eyes at me?"
He reaches for his glass of wine.
"No, love." He says before taking a sip.
You huff, increasing the level of vibration. He lets out a low groan.
"Don't forget that I can make you cum in your pants like a little boy before you even see me naked, Bill."
He swallows. He knows you can, and you would too, like you've done before when he was a little too bratty with you. You were a harsh domme and you had to be that way to keep Billy Russo in check.
"I'm sorry." Is all he says.
You simmer. It wasn't the best apology, but it would have to do.... for now.
For desert, you have chocolate cake, and he has ice cream, and you split it between you.
"You're being greedy, love." Billy laughs as your mouth latches onto his spoon.
You look up at him mischievously and he can't help but dip down to place a kiss on the corner of your lip. You smile and lean into him. You feel a unbridled passion for him surge in your stomach.
"I think I've punished you enough this evening, you can go take that thing off now if you want."
His response is a deep kiss that goes all the way down to your toes and back up again.
You giggle as he slips away.
Maybe you'd been too harsh? No, if anything you weren't harsh enough. Maybe you should make sure he was okay.
You slip out of your seat and head toward the restroom. You wait a few minutes before entering and locking the door behind you.
You remain quiet for a moment, and it's a good thing you do, or else you wouldn't hear his quiet breaths. You move to the stall door.
"Open this door right now, Billy."
You hear a muffled curse, followed by the sound of his zipper and belt before he tugs the door open.
He looks flushed, breathless, and you know exactly what he was doing. You clench your jaw in anger, eyes no doubt piercing.
"This is the men's room." Billy says.
"Yeah no shit." You take a step forward and press the heel of your palm to his pants, he hisses as you feel his stiff erection.
"Were you touching yourself without my permission?"
"I got your permission." He says, closing his eyes when you squeeze him gently.
"You little brat. You got my permission to take the cockring off... not to fuck your fist in the bathroom."
He swallows, he knows this is bad, he knows that getting to cum today is looking less and less likely.
"Couldn't help it. Hurts."
You tut, "Excuses, excuses, Lieutenant. Meet me at the car." You turn and walk out without another word.
You use those moments, standing by his car to devise a game plan that gets him into the headspace you want.
He comes out a few minutes later.
"Sorry, the waitress took forever." He wraps his arms around you, kissing your forehead.
You nod easily, it really wasn't that long, Billy was just an impatient man. You wrap your arms around him, making sure he understands that whatever punishment he's about to get- that you still love him. And boy, do you have a punishment for him.
"Did she hit on you?" You ask, face muffled into his chest.
"Yes." He says with a small laugh, "She gave me her number."
You laugh with him, and give a small shake of your head.
You tiptoe to kiss his lips briefly before turning away and slipping into the car.
The drive home is comfortably quiet, with his hand in yours throughout the drive.
When the car finally comes to a stop, you kiss his knuckles before speaking.
"What's your colour?"
He swallows before looking at you.
You kiss his hand again before getting out.
You're playful with him when the door to your place closes behind him, teasing him with almost kisses and gentle touches. You tug his jacket off his shoulders and drape it over the couch before you kick off your shoes and pull your hair over your shoulder.
You part your lips to ask him for help, but his hands are already on you, tugging the zipper of your dress down until it pools at your feet. You turn to him, and his eyes are fixed on you, admiring you. You help him next, stripping him until he's left only in his boxers.
You back away from him with a smile and a crook of your finger. He follows obediently, until you're sitting at the edge of your bed with him directly in front of you.
You point at the floor, and he kneels instantly. You can see it in his face that he's not yet fully in that submissive headspace- he's only being obedient right now to stop himself from further punishment.
He looks up at you slowly.
"Can I taste your pussy, love? Please?"
You pretend to think about it for a moment, before nodding your head. He tugs your panties down your legs and wastes no time moving your legs over either shoulder and pressing his face between your thighs.
He licks you slowly, his tongue is warm and dextrous, he spreads pleasure through your body so quickly and so easily that it's almost embarrassing how fast he brings you to the edge.
"Stop." You command.
He groans in protest, sinking his tongue deeper.
"Billy." You warn.
He pulls back with hooded eyes and slick, red lips.
"Wanna taste your cum, love. Please, let me make you happy."
You smile and give him a little shake of your head.
"Bad boys don't get to taste my cum."
His eyes widen and his shoulders drop. You begin to see flickers of that headspace you like so much. He licks his lips, his eyes flit back to your pussy.
"Please." He says.
You give him a false sympathetic look and shake your head, pulling your legs off his shoulders.
"Take those off. Get on the bed."
You watch him hesitate for a moment. Your anger spikes at his disobedience.
"Now, Russo."
He does as you say, moving slowly to let you admire his body and the look of his solid cock between his legs.
"I'll never understand how such a brat like you has such a perfect cock." You tease.
He gives you a little smile and drops himself into the middle of the bed.
He watches as you tug your bra off. You crawl your body over his, to give him a sweet kiss. He sighs blissfully into your mouth.
"Colour?" You ask as you pull back.
"Still green." He responds.
"Good." You say, placing small kisses over his neck.
You move your way down his body, kissing at his collarbones and chest. The tip of his cock grazes your stomach as you slip lower. You suck a mark into his hipbone and he hisses.
"You're really somethin lovely, huh Russo?"
"If you say so, love."
Your mouth curves up into a smile, before you finally move lower to take as much of him as possible into your mouth in one go.
He lets out a broken cry, and then continues to moan as you immediately bob your head on his cock.
You do this for a few moments before stopping to look up at him. His breathing is shallow, his fingers release their grip on the sheets as he catches his breath.
You smile up at him, and then dip your head down to continue pleasing him.
Billy doesn't understand it, you shouldn't be pleasuring him this much, sucking on his cock like it's the best thing you've ever tasted. The obnoxious sounds you make drive him insane. He's confused, you should be making him beg, riding his face, using him to cum, but you're not, and he's thrown.
He gasps when your other hand reaches to massage his balls.
"C-lose." He gasps.
You raise your head, and he breathes a sigh of relief.
He's groaning again when you seat yourself fully on his cock.
"Loveeee." He groans.
You bounce yourself on him, clenching and unclenching to add to the stimulation. You need him to cum before you for this to work.
You try your hardest to push your orgasm away, his cock doing wonders to pull you to the edge faster than you anticipated.
You realise you've had your eyes closed and you peek them open to look down at him. His lips are parted, looking at you up at you with absolute devotion.
"Cum for me, baby." You encourage.
He shakes his head.
"Need you to cum first, love."
"Don't worry about me, baby boy, want you to cum for me, fill me up, I know you're close."
He shakes his head again, fighting his orgasm, fists clutching the sheets for dear life.
"You first, you first." He babbles.
You use your secret weapon, burying your nails into his chest, leaving red welts.
"Cum for me. Now."
He lets out a loud groan as he explodes inside you. You watch him closely, watch as his body twitches as he goes through his orgasm.
He gives a blissed out sigh, as your hips stop, preventing him from experiencing too much overstimulation. Which is another confusing thing. There's no way this was a punishment.
"Are you okay Billy?" You ask softly, leaning forward to rub your thumb against his bottom lip.
He watches you closely before nodding his head.
"So good, love, thank you." He says between breaths.
"Good boy, let's get you cleaned up." You say, pulling your body off of his.
"But-" he hesitates.
"You okay?" You ask.
"Yes, but," he swallows, "Is that it? You- you didn't even cum." He missed it, he missed the moans you'd make, the way you'd tremble on his cock, the way your cum tastes on his tongue.
"I'm alright, Bill." You say confidently, as if there was no problem, "As long as you got to cum like you were going to before I caught you, right?"
Oh. Ohhh, Billy thinks, this was the punishment. The denial of you.
He blinks in shock. He opens his mouth to complain, but he's not even sure what to say.
"Want another?" You ask, placing a kiss on his lips.
"N-no, um..."
You give him an encouraging smile, applying pressure to the red welts on his pecs to soothe them.
"Shower?" You ask, but it's more of a command than a question.
He nods, and you pull him up with a giggle.
You're acting unbelievably normal, for someone that didn't cum. He knows you. He knows that denial makes you irritable. Unable to hit that peak should have had you in a much more awful mood.
Instead you were acting so nicely, peaceful. He wish he could say it wasn't fucking with him. What kind of sub would he be if he couldn't please you?
You were so doting, which only makes him more confused.
You cuddle close to him and fight to fall asleep. You pretend easily though, but you're uncomfortably wet, needy, aching to cum. You can resist though, until he's in that space you need him to be.
Billy's in hell, he's blissed out and drowsy, but he can't sleep. He doesn't believe that this could be a punishment, but also, it may be the worst one yet. When you deny him, it usually just aches his cock, but denying yourself? That hurts in his chest.
He turns to look down at you, sleeping in the crook of his arm. His pretty mistress didn't deserve this.
It's the little hum he makes when you brush against his erection in the morning that wakes you. Your back is against his chest, his breaths puffing into your neck. You turn in his arms and you let out a little sigh when he raises a heavy leg you wrap around you, pulling you close.
"G'mornin." Billy says against the top of your head.
You smile and kiss his chest.
"How do you feel? What's your colour?"
Billy sighs slowly as he thinks about the answer.
"Good," he says simply, "Green."
You smile and look up at him. You give him a quick kiss before sitting up and stumbling to the bathroom to relieve yourself.
He rubs his face into your shoulder after breakfast, letting you know that he's feeling needy as you two sit on the couch. You smile and put down your phone to give him attention and kisses.
"Need anything in particular, baby boy?"
"You, love." He whispers.
You smile, kissing him slowly until you're both needy for each other. You tug his clothes of before helping him as he pulls at yours. Naked on his lap, he pulls back from your lips for a second.
"Can I lick your sweet pussy?"
"Course." You say, slipping off his body and moving back a bit to give him space to fit himself between your legs.
"Thank you." He says slowly, before kissing your clit.
He works slowly this time, tasting you and using his tongue to do filthy things to you. He groans as he slips the wet muscle into your entrance, fucking you with his tongue as best as possible.
You try your hardest to remain quiet, grunting and sighing as he works you up.
You let out a pleasurable filled gasp as he sucks your bud into his mouth.
"Stop. Stop!" You grip his hair and tug harshly to separate his lips from your pussy.
He whines, actually whines and you almost laugh at the desperation in his eyes.
"Wan' you to cum on my tongue, love."
You sit up, pulling your lower half away from him and he pouts.
"How about I suck that pretty cock instead, hmm?"
He gives a petulant shake of his head.
"Don't want that. Want y'pussy on my tongue."
You suck in a breath. This was probably the hardest punishment you've ever given him.
"But look at this cock, all red and leaky." You angle his head down to look at your hand as your thumb swipes at some precum spilling from the head of his cock.
He watches you raise your hand up to your lips and suck his essence from your thumb.
"Don't you want me to make you feel good?"
You're not playing fair as you dip your hand back down to stroke him. He can't think straight with your hand pumping his cock like that. He closes his eyes, breathing against your lips as you bring your face closer to his.
"Lemme suck you off." You command gently.
He nods, eyes closed, and you don't give him time to think before you're on your knees, taking him into your mouth.
Like he did, you take your time pleasuring him, unlike him, you don't have to stop just because he asks. Which he does, several times.
"Please, love. Not like this." He sobs.
You stop for a moment.
"Green." He whines, "But I wanna make you cum. Want to make you happy."
"This makes me happy." You argues.
He lets out a frustrated sigh, and you slip your mouth back around his bulbous tip.
His thigh twitches, and you know it's the first sign of his orgasm.
"I'm close." He warns.
"You have to ask for permission if you want to cum, Billy." You murmur, licking at the base of his cock.
You raise your head.
"What was that?"
"Don't wanna cum."
You let go of his cock completely and he sighs.
"Am I doing something wrong?" You ask carefully, once again fucking with his head.
"No!" He says, his bottom lip wobbles. How could you ask that? When you were utter perfection. When you should be using him to get yourself off rather than trying to make him feel good.
You move your body into his lap to soothe him. He wraps his arms around you and holds you tight.
"I don't deserve this. I was bad. You should punish me."
You shush him, one hand soothing his back, the other buried in his hair.
"Of course you deserve this Billy."
"No! I- I broke the rules! I rolled my eyes at you, I touched my cock- your cock- without permission. I'm bad! I'm a bad boy."
"Oh, Billy." You soothe.
He looks up at you, and your lips part at the beauty of him. His eyes wide and watery, his lips damp, and pink. It's the way he looks at you, that tells you that he's deep into that submissive space.
There he is.
"You're not bad." You say, "You're a good boy, that took your punishment really well. I think it's time we end it now though, yeah?"
He sniffles.
"I'm good?"
"Yeah baby, yeah you are."
You lean down to kiss him.
"My good boy." You murmur against his mouth.
"Tell me what you want."
He fixes you with his wide, soulful eyes.
"Want you to cum on my cock. Use me. I'm yours."
"Oh, baby." You breathe, pressing your mouth to his and lining his cock up to sink into your pussy at the same time.
You ride him quickly, unable to stop yourself from taking what you need from him. His cock is fucking huge, spearing you open with each rock of your hips.
Your hand reaches up to grip his hair.
"Yes, love! So good." He says.
You pull his hair, tilting his head so that you can suck purple bruises into his skin.
"Yes! Use me. Yours. All yours." He babbles.
You moan, raising your other hand to bury your index and middle fingers into his mouth.
He groans in bliss, sucking on your fingers, getting them wet with his tongue as you continue riding him.
You pull your fingers from his mouth, a string of saliva connecting your digits to his lips before you pull further back.
You slip your fingers between your bodies to massage at your clit. You clench around him and you gasp as you feel your body approaching your high.
"Oh fuck!" You gasp, tilting your head back.
"Please cum. Cum on my cock, love. Please. Please. Please."
"Billy!" You cry as you cum, clenching hard around him, the force of your previous denials slamming into you, increasing the intensity of your high. You slump into his chest, twitching helplessly around him as you struggle to catch your breath.
When you're finally able to focus, you hear him gasping thanks into your ear.
"Felt so good to be used by you, my love, thank you."
You look at him as you catch your breath, smiling at your submissive boy. You kiss him gently.
"Did you cum?" You ask gently, implying wirh your tone that it would be okay if he did.
He shakes his head.
"Don't want to. Want to be used."
"Yeah?" You ask teasingly, "want to make me feel good?"
You pull your body off of his with a quiet grunt, turning away from him and bending forward to put your pussy on display.
"Mouth or cock. You choose."
His mouth is on you almost instantly, licking at your clit and the evidence of your previous orgasm. He moans into your pussy, sending vibrations through your clit. His tongue spins a web of pleasure that has you screaming as you explode on his tongue. Your fingers curl around the couch cushions and you're almost worried that they'll tear under the force. He licks you gently, helping you to ride out your orgasm before sitting back patiently.
Your body quivers as you roll onto your back, smiling and crooking your fingers at him. He moves to hover over you.
"So good, Billy." You praise. He groans, loving the praise.
"Want you to fuck me as hard as you can now, understand?" He nods his head, focusing all his senses on you.
"You can cum after I do, my good boy."
You tilt your hips up and he pushes his cock into you. He doesn't hesitate to begin pounding into you hard. His mouth parts as his cock delivers punishing thrusts.
You can't help gripping his shoulder harshly, scraping your nails down the length of his back.
He doesn't stop, doesn't falter, too drunk on your fucked out expressions and your almost-screams to even think about stopping.
He rails you for what feels like hours, but is probably more like ten minutes before you can't fight your orgasm anymore and your vision goes white as you cum with a scream of his name.
His body shakes from holding back, but watching you cum around his cock is what finally pushes him over the edge. He roars as he spills himself inside you, he feels every spasm of his muscles as he fills you with his hot cum.
You both struggle to breathe, skin heated and glistening with sweat. He slowly pulls his cock from you, groaning as he watches his cum spill from your pussy. He picks you up and rolls you over so that you're lying on his chest. You lie there for long moments, until breathing is not so difficult.
"Wow." You say, and you smile as you feel his chest shake as he laughs.
"Understatement." He sighs.
You wait a few moments more.
"Bath?" You ask gently, rubbing his chest.
"Anything you'd like, my love."
You wobble as you stand, and suddenly you're being swept up into Billy's arms.
"I can walk." You complain.
"S'okay, I want to, love."
You can't argue with his doting nature when he's in this state. You insist on drawing the bath though, commanding him to get in when it's ready.
He holds you close as the warmth of the water seeps in to your bodies, face buried in your neck as you pour water over his neck and shoulders.
"Colour?" You ask him as you're lying in bed, his face buried between your breasts, your hands in his hair.
He doesn't look up, his voice is very muffled as he replies.
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outlawadvocate · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
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randevuwritersclub · 2 days ago
𝙨𝙞𝙧𝙞𝙪𝙨 𝙗𝙡𝙖𝙘𝙠 𝙭 𝙧𝙚𝙖𝙙𝙚𝙧
summary - after a long day of quidditch practice Sirius is excited to finally get back to you and you have a surprise waiting for him.
warnings:// swearing, implied smut , edging (f receiving), dirty talk, uses of dove, darling, bunny
Tumblr media
a/n: hello! I feel bad for just leaving for a month but schools a lot and I’ve had this in reserve for awhile so I thought I’d share. not my favorite piece that I’ve written. sorry.
requests are open
You could hardly hold in the excitement you felt as you waited on his bed. Practice had been long and he had to be drained so you wanted to give him a little surprise. Earlier you had even made sure to ask the boys to stay out of the dorm for a while.
You snapped out of your thoughts as you heard the lock of the door click and open. Your ears pricked up as you heard Sirius's voice call something out to James and the thud of the door shutting. You heard footsteps inch closer to the closed curtain you were hiding behind and you started to hold your breath until suddenly the curtain flew back to reveal him.
You could hear the smirk on his face as he realized what was sitting in front of him. You were wearing nothing but black lace underwear and a matching bra. His color. "What's all this for dove?" he asked you innocently. "I just heard that you've been working so hard lately," you said slowly and watched him shift in his place no doubt trying to hide the massive hard on he had "and I wanted to give you a little surprise.." you added. By now he had already started to lean forward, towering over your figure and studying it.
You began to unbutton his shirt and then he briefly pulled away to finish the job for you. He was beautiful. His milky skin was littered with little scars from places long forgotten, at least for now. You noticed his smirk as he watched you gawk at him. You pouted your lips slightly and he snapped out of it. You heard him bark another order at you and this time it was to touch yourself. You whined only slightly at the request but, still, you obliged and you did as you were told. You slowly reached down to your folds and ran your fingers through them. A shaky moan leaving your lips as you did. You continued to touch yourself and looked over at Sirius to see him grabbing himself and trying to get off to you, his eyes dark with lust.
“oh this is gonna be so fun bunny”
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ztfangirl · 2 days ago
Morals: he’s the bad guy
Me: but he’s so hot
Morals: he’s killed thousands of people, done horrible things and wants to take over the world
Me: ……
Me: but he’s so hot tho
Morals: sigh…she’s hopeless
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agentwhiskeysdarlin · a day ago
Kinktober:Day 2
Tumblr media
Anonymous Sex & Creampie with Billy Russo
Pairing: Billy Russo x F!Reader 
Rating: NC-17
Warnings: NSFW below the cut, alcohol consumption, reader being sad, Billy himself, p in v sex, unprotected sex (wrap it up kids), sex in a bathroom, they are complete strangers, a dash of breeding kink, this is just so damn filthy
Word Count: 1,567
Author’s Notes: Ohhh Billy Russo coming in hot. I love love love writing for this man especially when it comes to the smutty times. I hope you all enjoy and feedback is always welcomed! Big thanks to @clint-aww-no-barton​
Kinktober Masterlist
ao3 link 
  The bar was dim and crowded, much to your disgust. You were trying so damn hard to have a good time, but all this was doing was bringing you down more and more. Your chin rested in your hand, elbow on the dark wooden table under you, while your other hand held the drink you had been nursing. You glanced at the dark liquid, wondering why you were taking things so slow when you definitely needed to be more drunk for this. You downed the drink and let the glass come down to the table with force. Your eyes peered up at your friends, all laughing and standing, chairs scratching against the floor as they started for the dance floor.
  “Come on! Stop moping so much,” the friend who you were here for came up and grabbed at your now free hand trying to pull you up.
  “I’m good. You know dancing is not my thing,” you tried to give her a decent smile but she saw right through it.
  “Listen I know this is hard, but I’m very glad you’re here,” she gave your knee a rub before she went off to the dance floor.
  Bachelorette parties had been something you had attended way too many of lately. Your best friend was having hers now, and you were glad she knew you well enough not to be too upset at your current state. You were that girl who was watching all her friends get married while you stood to the side still single You let out a sigh and stood heading for the bar. You were definitely getting drunk tonight, and maybe if you could get enough alcohol coursing through your system you could actually have some fun.
  You leaned on the bar calling out your drink for the bartender. You let your eyes look around at the other patrons before you caught his eye. He was sitting at the other end of the bar, his dark eyes on you. You turned to be sure someone else wasn’t standing behind you, but when you turned back again, you caught his eyes still on you. He was probably the most beautiful man you had ever seen and he was looking at you. You shook your head at yourself as the bartender sat your drink in front of you. You had barley downed the liquor when another drink was taking its place. 
  “From the guy at the end of the bar,” the bartender called out and you glanced down at the man. 
  You gave him a shy smile before chasing your first drink with the second. You let out a breath finally feeling the affects of the drinks fill you. It sent waves of heat to you and you leaned your back against the bar panting slightly. You glanced back down at the bar and noticed the man was gone. You couldn’t help the slight pout, but you shrugged and decided it was time to go to the restroom before you consumed anymore alcohol and hopefully joined your friends. 
    You pushed yourself away from the bar and headed for the back of the building. Mens and women signs pointed to each side of the wide doorway, another single bathroom took the middle of the back wall. You stopped dead in your tracks at the sight before you. There he stood, the man from the bar. He was tall, hair slicked back and he wore a suit of all things. He had his back resting against the wall, his arms crossed and his eyes once again on you. Something danced behind them that sent a spark racing through you. The space between your legs grew wet, and at that moment you wanted nothing more than for him to pull you in that bathroom and have his way with you.
  You licked your lips and as you slid by him and through the door of the empty single bathroom, you gave him a look, one you hoped would tell him it was okay to come in after you. You shut the door, not locking it, and stood in the dimly lit room for only a few moments before the door opened and he stepped inside, locking the door behind him. Hunger fueled his eyes and he stalked toward you until your back was on the small counter top and sink in the corner. Not a single word was spoken before his lips crashed against yours in a bruising force and he effortlessly lifted you onto the sink. 
  He kissed you in a way you had never been kissed before, as his hands started to search your body. He was lighting a fire inside of you and causing you to shiver all at once. He was quick to remove his suit jacket with your help, and loosen his tie, before his hand slid up the bottom of your dress. His fingers brushed against the already wet fabric of your panties and he pulled away, both of you panting.
  “Look at you, already so wet. Does this turn you on hmm? Having a random stranger in a bar bathroom that’s going to absolutely destroy you,” his words came out in a Brooklyn accent and a growl.
  His voice was deep and you knew it wasn’t naturally but it dripped in lust and need. It only sent more wetness to pool where his long fingers so lazily rubbed at.
  “Fuck yes, please,” you were shocked at how desperate you sounded for this man.
  He chuckled, shaking his head at you, before he moved your panties aside and inserted two fingers deep inside of you. You let out a moan you body arching for him as he moved in and out slowly, his eyes watching your face and every move. He didn’t stay there very long before he ripped your panties down your legs and started to undo his pants. You watched panting as he quickly worked. His hand came around the back of your neck, before lacing up into your hair. He jerked your head back and entered you all in one swift movement. Your mouth fell open, torn between letting out a moan or a whimper. The moan won and you were grateful the bar was loud and crowded. He didn’t even give you time to adjust before he was railing into you. His hand dropped, meeting his other one at your hips as he hammered inside of you. 
  Your head tipped forward to meet his eyes fixated on your face. You gave him an innocent look from under your lashes, and he let out a growl before fucking into you deeper and harder. Your mind was focused intently on what he was doing to you. The pleasure that filled you from head to toe as he pounded into you was nothing you had ever felt in your life. 
  “So fucking hot,” he spoke the words with each hard thrust he sent into you, causing you to let out another loud moan.
  “I…I’m close,” you didn’t have any idea how you even got the words out, but they fell from your lips, as your body started to tense with your release growing closer.
  The man placed one hand on the back of your neck, pulling you forward to meet his head gently, foreheads touching and eyes burning holes into yours. The other hand found its home on your clit and rubbed hard circles. You broke, no you shattered, apart right then cumming and squeezing at his cock so hard. He held you in place tight as his thrust became sloppy.
  “Cum inside me. Please fill me,” you whined out with a moan, tears falling down your face at the intensity of what was happening.
  “Fuck,” the man let the word fall from his beautiful lips before he came, pushing himself deep into you.
  Your eyes held his as he moaned and emptied himself, staying there even after he was finished. He had kept rubbing circles on your clit to push you through your high, and finally both of you faltered. The room filled with panting as you both found your footing back on earth. He pulled out of you, pulling noises from the both of you at the loss. Your head went back to the mirror and you closed your eyes for just a moment. He let out a chuckle as he fixed himself. After you felt like you recovered, he helped you down off the sink and you felt what he left behind slicking your thighs. 
  “I think I’ll keep these,” he held your panties up with a smirk before stuffing them in his pocket.
  “Do I get to know your name since you’re stealing my underwear?”
  “Oh is that the only reason you want to know my name hmm?” He smirked as he slipped his suit jacket on, his eyes never falling away from you.
  “I mean no but…”
  “Meet me back in here next Friday night. You let me do that to you again and you’ll know my name,” he backed you up against the sink caging you between it, him and his arms that had settled on each side of you.
  “I would really love to know it before you do that again.”
  “Oh and why is that?” His breathe fanned against your face as he moved down closer to you.
  “So I know what to scream.”
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Together we stand (part 26)
Together we stand (part 26)
Pairing: Billy Russo x Reader
Summary: Together We Stand explores the relationship between Billy Russo and Reader (You), over the course of twenty years. You meet as children, and you two are best friends until life tears you apart. You always find your way to each other over the years, although you witness him becoming someone you barely recognize. Billy is your weakness, the one person you cannot resist, and as he grows into a selfish, cold, manipulative man, you can’t let go of the Billy you once knew.
Warning: Mature (SMUT), 18+, language (cursing), abuse (psychological), toxic relationship dynamics.
Words: 3,100
The * indicates steamy/ mature content
Together we stand playlist
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Tumblr media
You: I’m sorry I’ve been such an asshole. Can we talk?
Billy stares at your text message, sighing. He’s lying in his bed, one hand behind his head, the other one holding his phone. You’ve sent the text this morning, probably after you’ve woken up. He feels relieved that you’re apologizing, but he knows that he would have reached out to you even if you hadn’t. He was pissed at you sure, but he remained worried. You looked pretty shaken off, and he wanted to take care of you.
Billy quickly types an answer:
Billy: It’s fine. Tonight?
He waits for a few minutes before your answers lights his screen.
You: 7 pm? Usual place? I could use a drink.
He grins, satisfied. At least you’re eager to see him again, and that’s a relief. He remembers a time during which it would take days, months, years even, to talk to each other after a fight. Ever since you became adults, communication’s been easier between the two of you, and he’s thankful for that.
Billy: Sure. But you’re paying.
You: Fine 🙄
He chuckles to himself, relieved that he’ll be seeing you by the end of the day. He’d be lying if he said that he didn’t regret rejecting you the night before. Sure, he felt like he was a second choice, and you’ve been kind of a bitch. But he’s tired of pretending like he doesn’t want you, and he can’t wait to make you remember how good you can be together.
He glances at his dick that’s hardening, remembering what it felt like to have you sitting on his lap last night. He moans before grabbing his length, conjuring thoughts of you. He feels like he’s done this a thousand times: pleasing himself thinking of you, and he’s often wondered if you were doing the same. He’s even pictured you while he slept with other girls, because every woman he’s slept with didn’t compare to you. Not even close.  
He tightens his grasp on his cock to the point of pleasure and starts to stroke himself, licking his lips. Pleasure starts to wash over him, and he conjures an image of you bouncing off his dick, his hands roughly cupping your breasts, you nipping your lower lip. He can almost hear your soft whimpers of pleasure, moving his hand up and down his length more quickly. He imagines flipping you over to take you from behind, picturing your back arched and your hair sliding over your shoulders. He almost hears his hips slapping against your ass, and he feels his climax approaching, biting his lower lip. He strokes himself faster, and it doesn’t take him long to reach orgasm, all the pent-up frustration and anger from last night putting him on edge. He comes in his hand, groaning, and he opens his eyes to stare at the ceiling. He grins, promising himself that he’ll have you soon, and looks for something to wipe himself with.
* * * * * * * * *
Billy’s been distracted all day. He’s gone to visit old warehouses, looking for a place to build his business in. He’s picky and he’s looked at countless places already, but he’s got a clear image of what he wants in his mind, and he won’t settle for less.
It’s almost time to meet you, and he comes back home to change. He looks for a black shirt in his wardrobe, his body buzzing with excitement. He changes his jeans, brushes his teeth, puts perfume on, and tries to tame his hair. It’s grown fast since he’s left the marines, and he’s thinking of styling it a certain way when it’ll be long enough, short on the sides with the length slicked back. He glances at his closet, wishing he already had the money to buy the expensive suits he wants. He checks himself out in the mirror, happy with the way he looks, and leaves his apartment, slamming the door behind him.
He makes his way uptown, trying to soothe his nerves, and enters the bar filled with determination. He’s had enough of this dancing around, and he intends to take you home tonight. You’ve already apologized, the frog’s out of the picture, if not now, when? Sure, he’s not where he wanted to be for you. He doesn’t have the status and the power, although he does have the money. But he can’t wait any longer, he must be with you. Every day passing by without you is a waste, and he can’t live like this anymore. His life without you doesn’t make sense, everything he does is to make you proud, and to convince you that you belong together.
He spots you on the green velvet couch where you usually sit, and he walks towards you, shaking his right shoulder unconsciously. You glance at him, a small smile graces your lips, making his stomach flip. He approaches and you stand up, leaning towards him to place a kiss on his cheek. He stares at you, serious and intense, and he watches your smile disappear.
“Hi” he says, looking down at you through his eyelashes. He knows the effect he has on you, and he relishes in it as he watches you swallow thickly and blink a few times, tearing your eyes from his to glance at his lips for a split second.
“Hi back” you reply, and he grins at you, having to resist kissing you. “Thank you for coming” you say, going back to sit, and he follows you on the couch. He’s careful not to sit too far, nor too close: he doesn’t want to look desperate.
“Well, you said you were buying” he jokes, and he removes his leather jacket to put it on the back of the couch. He catches your eyes roaming over his torso and smirks, satisfied.
“I’m sorry” you say, smiling apologetically “I was a mess and I… I shouldn’t have lashed out at you”.
Billy frowns. “It’s fine” he replies, “Consider us even” he adds, and you chuckle, putting a strand of your hair behind your ear.
He details you, noticing the pendant hanging from your neck, the dark green blouse you’re wearing that’s showing a bit of cleavage, and his breathing accelerates, his cock hardening in his pants. You’re wearing a high waisted pencil skirt – your professor look – and he pities your students, because he wouldn’t have been able to concentrate on your classes if he was them.
He swallows before asking “What are you drinking?” and when you answer him, he spots heat in your eyes. It might be more complicated to hold himself off than he’s anticipated, and he welcomes his drink, feeling relieved to take a bit of the edge off.
“You feeling better?” he asks, sipping on his drink, and he appreciates the warmth of the alcohol lining his throat.
“I am” you reply, your finger dancing over the edge of your drink, looking down on it. “I thought about what you said last night” you add, and you hold his gaze, putting your chin up.
“Which part?” he questions, putting a hand over the back of the couch and making himself more comfortable.
“That he wasn’t the right one for me” you reply, not leaving his eyes. Billy takes a breath, places his drink on the coffee table and sits up straight.
“And?” he asks, arching his eyebrows.
You put your own drink down and face him, approaching him slowly. “You said you wanted it to mean something… that you didn’t want to be my second choice” you start, looking into his eyes before briefly glimpsing at his lips.
Billy feels his cock twitch, but he doesn’t care; he’s entranced by you, and hanging on to your every word. He looks at your lips and a small groan escapes from the back of his throat. You speak again:
“You were never a second choice, Billy” you breathe, and your faces are much closer to each other. He can smell your perfume, the alcohol on your lips, and the smell of your hair.
“You’ve always been the one, and I’m sorry I ever made you feel otherwise”. Billy looks deeply into your eyes, his heart slamming rapidly against his ribs. He watches your cheeks reddening, a clear sign that you’re aroused. Your eyes are shimmering, your mouth slightly open, and he lets out a shaky breath before leaning in and crushing his lips on yours.
Your hands immediately tug at his hair, and you bring him closer to you, your chests slamming against each other. He grasps your face, his tongue enters your mouth, and he moans as he tastes you, the liquor making you impossibly more delicious.
You kiss for a few minutes, lost in the feeling of each other, your lips brushing with fervor and urgency, years of resisting each other finally coming to an end. He pulls back, and you look up at him, your lips crimson and swollen, and his hands slide from your face to your shoulders, holding you against him. You pant, detailing his face, and his erection starts to ache.
“Let’s get out of here” he whispers, and you nod, smiling, your eyes beaming. He kisses you again, his lips conveying the repressed passion he’s felt for you all this time, and you moan against his lips, making him pull back again.
He smirks, slips away from you, grabbing his leather jacket and putting it on before standing on his feet. You search for your bag, grab dollar bills out of your wallet and toss them on the table without even looking. You look back up at him, grabbing your coat and getting up, and he takes your hand before leading you out of the bar and into the street. He searches for a cab while you walk beside him, and he doesn’t dare to look at you, knowing that if he does, he won’t resist kissing you again.
He finds a cab, opens the door for you, and you get on. He gives the driver your address, the cab starts, and before he can say anything you’re kissing him again, claiming his lips with a wildness that makes him dizzy. He kisses you back, and he’s thankful that you live close by, because the cab pulls over a few minutes later.
He pays the cab driver before thanking him and you both gets out of the car. He grabs you by the hand and you lead him into your building, before jamming the elevator button frantically. Waiting for it is torture, and when the doors finally slide open, he looks at you. You stare back, stepping inside and he follows you in, standing in front of you, towering over you. The doors close with a “ding”, and he crushes you against the mirror in the back of the elevator, kissing you hungrily, and dragging a hand along your thigh and underneath your skirt. He feels you quiver under him, and he smirks into the kiss, his fingers grazing at your folds over your panties, making you whimper out loud. The doors open again, and you push him off, rushing to your door and looking for your keys into your bag. He comes behind you, slides your hair over your shoulders and kisses your neck before biting it, making you whine again.
You open the door to your apartment, your hands shaking, and Billy closes it behind him, watching you closely as you remove your shoes and your coat, staring heatedly into his eyes. He takes his jacket off, and you step closer to him before capturing his mouth again, slamming him against the wall and tugging at his shirt to slide it over his head. He grins against your lips, his hands tearing your blouse open, buttons flying across the room, making you gasp.
“I loved that blouse” you pant, and he bites your lower lip, undoing the zipper of your skirt.
“I don’t give a fuck” he replies, and he slides your skirt off your legs in a harsh move that removes your panties as well. He grabs you off the floor, you wrap your legs around him, and he carries you to the couch, throwing you on it before kissing your chest. Your hands find their way into his hair, holding him closer to you, and he breathes you in, his tongue lazily caressing your hot skin.
“Take your bra off” he commands, leaning back, and he watches you obey while he removes his jeans, licking his lips. You toss your bra across the room before lying down on the couch again, and he hovers over you, his hands resting at your sides. He kisses you languidly, and you moan against his mouth, before he moves down to your neck, then your breasts, lightly nibbling your nipples.
Your hands clench his hair, and he lets you, loving the sounds coming out of you. He moves to your stomach, placing featherlight kisses on your belly, then bites the skin of your hips, until he reaches your wet core aching for him. He looks up at you once more, taking in the way you gaze at him expectantly, until he buries his face between your legs. Your grip on his hair tightens when he licks your clit and applies pressure on it, making you gasp. He licks your folds then, applying himself, paying attention to your soft gasps and your whimpers. Your taste intoxicates him, and he must repress himself from eating you whole. He kisses you with more force before licking you, alternating between the flat and the tip of his tongue, and you start to shake against his mouth, making him grin. Billy keeps licking and kissing your core, until he feels you tense against him, and your whimpers turn into cries. He speeds up, his moves a bit harsher, and your legs tremble against him, letting him know that you’re close. He fucks you with his mouth until you come against his tongue, and he licks every drop, your orgasm coming alive on his tongue.
He pulls back and moves over your body, sucking feverishly the skin of your chest, then your neck, while you catch your breath. Once your breathing is normal again, you grab his face to kiss him, and he lets you until he can’t ignore his painful erection anymore. As if you’re heard his thoughts, your hands find their way to his boxer briefs to remove them, and you grab his pulsing length, slowly stroking him. His lips leave yours and he sets his head back, his eyes shut, letting you caress him until he can’t wait any longer. He grabs your hands, tosses them aside and sits on the couch.
“C’me here” he pants, and you comply, straddling him like you did the night before. You look into his eyes, your hands tousling his hair, as you slowly slide on his throbbing cock, taking him inch by inch, and making him close his eyes in extasy.
You start to move slowly against him, and he moans, grabbing your back and nestling his face against your breasts, breathing hard. You move faster, thrusting against him, and he focuses so he doesn’t come yet, because he wants this to last. You moan, clenching around him, and his hands grab your hips, guiding your movements against him. You kiss him again, your nails digging into his shoulders, the pain enhancing his pleasure, making him scream.
“Fuck! So good!” he says, panting, and you nod, agreeing with him, still bouncing on his dick, bringing him closer to the edge.
Your movements become a bit more erratic, and he feels that you’re close, bracing himself. He lets you move against him the way you like it, kissing your neck while you come – loudly- all over him. He closes him eyes, concentrating, and he lets you come down slowly. He looks up at you and strokes the hair away from your face, watching you catch your breath. You slide off him and lie on the couch again, and he comes on top, swiftly entering you. He stretches your walls exquisitely, you’re so tight against him, the feeling is amazing, and he stills for a while, trying to catch his breath. Your lips find his, and he slowly thrusts into you, making you moan against his mouth. You lift your leg a bit higher, so he penetrates you deeper, and he starts to see stars. He slides in and out of you at a steady pace, groaning, until his climax hits him and waves of pleasure wash over him. He buries his face against your neck as he comes, and he feels you clench around him, coming for the third time tonight, holding him tightly against you.
Once he’s caught his breath, he leans back to look at you and finds you smiling at him.
“What?” he asks, blinking.
“Nothing” you breathe softly, and you look tenderly at him. “I’m just happy” you add, and his heart bursts in his chest, because he feels exactly the same.
* * * * * * * * *
The hot water slides against his shoulders, and he’s placing lazy kisses on your neck and your shoulders while you wash yourself, the smell of your soap grazing his nostrils. His arms are tightly pressed around you, and he feels as though he can never let you go again, terrified of being apart from you. He feels whole for the first time in years, and he can’t believe that you’re finally his, all of his. He feels you turning in his arms and opens his eyes to find you staring up at him.
You step on your tip toes and kiss him before stepping back.
“I love you” you say, smiling and placing a hand over his face to stroke his cheek.
“Me too” he replies, and he kisses you again, pushing you against the wall of the shower, feeling himself grow hard again. You chuckle against him, and he grabs your thigh to wrap it around his waist, pushing his hardening member against your core.
* * * * * * * * *
After the shower, you took him to lie in your bed and he’s facing you, his fingers lightly stroking your naked arm up and down. You’re both slowly falling asleep, lulled to sleep by each other’s quiet breathing.
“Can I ask you a question?” you ask, and although the room is dark, he can see that you’re blushing.
“Sure” he replies in a low voice.
“Can we please be together now? For real?” Billy looks into your eyes to find the purest form of hope, and his heart bursts of happiness in his chest.
“Yes” he replies, “For real” he adds, and you close your eyes, smiling. Billy watches you falling asleep, and he thinks to himself that he’s never been this happy in his whole life.
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Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
I love you!
Benjamin Greene (Ben Barnes), realizing his feelings towards Julia Day (Julia Ormond) in this very emotional scene from Episode 3 of Gold Digger (BBC, 2019).
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kindnessinpain2000 · a day ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
"...are full of trees and changing leaves." - Virginia Woolf | DARKLINA FALL FEST 2021 | DAY TWO - Change
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Tumblr media
Accidentally discovering Billy moaning your name and he catches you type vibes :)
Okay, I'm sorry, I completely forgot the 'accidentally finding him' thing and I really did this spontaneously.
Tumblr media
Billy's a married man, and he loves his wife. He loves every inch of you. From your sweet legs to the shortest strand of hair on your head.
It's not his fault, he couldn't be the one at fault here- when he had a wife as perfect as you- a man has needs.
And while you're off on a week long business trip, those needs get the better of him.
He's laying in bed when the need hits him the first time. He groans, trying to fight it off. He doesn't want to cum without you. He made a personal goal to try and not touch himself while you were gone. You'd told him it was okay- a week was a long time to be away from each other- and you wouldn't hold it against him if he wanted to rub one out while you weren't there.
He fights the need for several days, but it only grows. When he talks to you, at night, he finds himself stiff. Sometimes you send him heart stopping selfies throughout the day that drive him crazy.
It's grows and grows until he's antsy and aggressive to be around. It helps his job, but it fucks with his head.
At the end of the week, he'd had enough of it. It's a day before you're back, but a day he can't afford to wait. He slams his door shut, tossing his keys and his phone at any random place. He tugs at his tie and kicks his shoes off all in one move. He sheds piece by piece of his clothes as he makes it into the bedroom.
Tumblr media
He's almost naked by the time he makes it to your underwear drawer to pull a pair of his favourite lacy panties of yours.
He presses the soft material to his nose. It smells fresh and flowery- the laundry detergent. He groans at the smell, thinking of you.
His body hits the bed with an oomf before he's tugging his boxers off and throwing them haphazardly, the way you would if you'd helped him strip.
He reaches into the bedside drawer for a bit of lube, he holds it for a second in his hand to warm it up before palming his half hard cock.
He groans, long and low at the stirrings of relief that flood him. He pumps his cock slowly, holding your panties to his face and thinking about you.
He sets a scenario in his head, he's fucking your tits. He remembers how soft they look, how good they taste.
When the fantasy isn't enough for him, he takes things further. He thinks about smushing your face into a wall and fucking you senseless. He imagines your little moans, and the dirty noises you'd make.
His mind goes to worse places, thinking about some of the roughest bouts of sex you once had with him. That time he fucked you on the top deck of his yacht. You were wearing a pretty black bikini. He couldn't help groping your body while you wore it. The way your breasts felt under the palm of his hands, doing this in a place that was his, but where someone could have easily seen. He'd only slipped your bottoms to the side and pulled you onto his cock. Your wedding ring had glittered in the sunshine as he watched your pussy stretch to take him.
What about that one time he fucked you in a strip club? He'd only taken you because you'd never really been and was curious about the hype. Shit, he hadn't known you'd been taking classes before, and when he'd guided you into a private lounge, you'd shown him exactly why he'd made you Mrs. Russo.
Tumblr media
You'd danced so beautifully. Stripping just for him.
He pumps his cock faster, groaning at the thought of how he'd fucked you hard on that little stage, your legs on his shoulders and his cock throbbing as it fit into you forcefully.
His hearing is piqued when the sound of the front door close. He slows his pace as he hears your confused voice, probably at the sight of the clothes thrown about the floor.
He calls out for you.
"Billy?" He hears you say, he listens to your footsteps come his way. He doesn't stop pumping his cock. He wants to see your face when you finally see him.
When the door to the bedroom opens, your lips part in shock. He'd naked on the bed, one hand massaging his cock slowly, the other on his chest, curled around a pair of your underwear.
"Hey Mrs. Russo," he drawls, dropping his other hand down to wrap the scrap of lace around his member. Your mouth waters.
"You here to finish me off, sweetheart?"
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billy russo + A🥴
Hey, I'm so sorry this has taken a while to get out, I'm trying to work through the requests as much as I can, there's so many! I really hope you liked this, let me know by leaving a like, comment and a reblog and happy to take more request :)
Tumblr media
You entered your apartment, slinging your bag on the ground and throwing your coat on the coat rack by the door. It had been a long day at work, and you were so glad the day had finished. All day you had been thinking about coming home to Billy and the things you had planned. On your way home, you did start to feel nervous but excited at the same time.
As you walked further into the apartment, you caught sight of Billy at the kitchen counter, opening a bottle of beer. He was dressed in his shirt and trousers, his hair slightly messy as if he had been running his fingers through it. His shirt was open at the top, revealing his hard chest and you instantly felt a tingle run up your body as you saw him. He looked up and grinned as you came over.
“Hey baby” he said softly as you walked straight to him, your neck craning backwards because he was so tall.
“Hey” you whispered and embraced him, leaning up for a kiss. He kissed you hungrily, his lips taking over yours and you moaned. He tasted divine and you felt heat spark between your legs, tingles washing over.
“How was your day?” you asked, and he sighed softly.
“Busy, got lots of new recruits to train so been working non-stop”.
“Ah okay” you nodded, and Billy looked down at you a smirked.
“How was your day?” he said.
“It was fine…” you wondered off, trying to think of what to say next and Billy grinned, his hands now roaming over your body, trailing down to your thighs.
“Just fine” he whispered, and his hands rounded to your ass, giving it as squeeze, the squeeze gave you another tingle there and your nearly crumbled, your knees going weak with pleasure.
“Yes” you whispered, eyes closing as his hands reached up under your skirt. You weren’t wearing any panties and hadn’t worn any all day. It was a big risk you took, walking the halls of the office, over thinking that your work colleagues would notice you didn’t have any panties on. Billy’s hands smoothed over your ass, gripping it tightly and pulling you closer to his body. You moaned softly, gripping onto his shirt for support and Billy’s hands moved to between your cheeks.
You jumped with a little gasp as he touched the butt plug inserted into your ass. That’s right, a butt plug. It had been in there all day, and you had been squirming around in your chair, just waiting for home time to come so when you arrived home, you were ready for Billy to take you.
“Mmm, still in there then, you did exactly as I told you” Billy said softly.
“Yes Sir” you whispered, and Billy groaned in pleasure. The words rolled off your tongue and sent pleasure to Billy. Billy roughly turned you around, so your back was against his chest, his hand gripping your neck and the other underneath your skirt.
“Mmm, I can’t wait to take this tight little ass of yours” he said into your ear, his warm breath sending shivers down your spine, and you groaned. The pressure on your neck was sending the heat up and you felt your pussy start to drip. The butt plug at first was a little uncomfortable but as you wore it, it became pleasurable. This was your first time doing anal and you felt the nerves creeping back up. Your asshole clenched around the plug, your pussy tingling along with it.
“Ahhh” you moaned as Billy moved his fingers to your pussy, slowly rubbing little circles and pushing one finger between your folds.
“God you’re so wet, you going to be my little anal slut” he whispered, and you nodded.
“Yes Sir” you breathed, and he chuckled, kissing your jaw and moaning deeply.
Billy pushed you into the bedroom, throwing you on the bed on your front. He ripped off your skirt, throwing it to the side and pulling off your blouse and unclipping your bra so you were left in your stockings and heels. Billy ran his hands over your naked body, nails scratching your skin and leaving harsh lines. The pleasure pulsed deep in your pussy, and you were desperate to be touched there.
Billy straddled you, sitting on your legs on the bed as he ran his fingers over your aching pussy to the plug, He took a hold of the end, twisting and turning it and you gasped at the funny sensation.
“You like that, being all plugged up, ready for me to take you?” he asked, and you nodded.
“Yes, I love it” you whispered and gripped the sheets as Billy continued to play with the plug. The plug was deep inside and as he started to pull it, your asshole was being stretched open. The pleasure was unbelievable, and you wanted Billy to take you now. Billy twisted the plug again and it popped out. The pressure of the plug disappeared instantly, and you felt empty. Billy threw the toy to the side and spread open your ass again. He gathered a ball of spit, dropping it directly onto the hole for lube.
The minute you heard his zipper, your stomach did a flip of excitement and you felt him pushing himself inside, the head of his cock dipping in. With the plug being there all day, it had spread you open and made you ready for him. Billy pushed himself inside until he was balls deep. You groaned loudly, gripping the sheets tighter and Billy leans over, wrapping your hair in his hand.
“Ahh god baby, you’re so tight” he whispered as he started to thrust in and out. Your pussy pulsed and clenched as he fucked you, gripping your ass as he took its virginity away. sweat started to drip down your forehead and Billy pulled back your head by your hair, exposing your neck. He roughly kissed you, sucking on the sensitive spot on your neck. A dark purple hickey appeared there, and it was likely it would stay there for at least a week.
“Oh my god, I’m going to cum” you moaned, your legs shaking as your climax built up, the tingles swarming inside you. Billy groaned hard next to you as he fucked you deeper, pounding you and he slapped your ass hard, a sharp sting hitting your skin.
“You going to cum for me baby” he moaned, and you nodded fast.
“Yes, please can I cum” you begged, squeezing your eyes and Billy thrusted deep inside, his cock hardening as his own climax was coming as well.
“Cum for my baby” he granted you permission to cum and you let go, spilling on the bedsheets, you’re cum dripping down your pussy as he fucked your ass. Never in your life did you think you would cum from being fucked in the ass and now you were convinced it was your new favourite thing.
Your body convulsed as you orgasmed and when you finished, you collapsed on the bed. Billy released your hair and he pulled out, shaking his own juice out onto your ass. He groaned, his head falling back as he shook the last few drops out.
You were out of breath, tired and thoroughly fucked. You looked over, a tired cum drunk smile on your face as you looked up at Billy who was also out of breath. He grinned, pulling you up and kissing you softly.
“That was amazing” you breathed.
“Same thing tomorrow” he said, and you nodded. You defiantly wanted this again
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Billy Russo NSFW Alphabet
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Day 9 - Hate/Angry Sex & Lingerie
Tumblr media
Logan Delos x AFAB!Reader
warnings: bit of rough kissing, tiny bit of oral (f receiving)
ratings: EXPLICIT (duh this is kinktober)
wc: 1127
Tumblr media
God, you hated him. With nearly every fiber of your being. He had gone from being your best friend as a child to your lover as a teen to the most arrogant, selfish prick as an adult. The only words you ever heard coming out of his mouth sounded like arrogant bullshit and you were once again ready to get in his face to tell him to shut up.
You were just as much in control of the assets of Delos, Inc. ever since you had inherited forty percent of the stocks. It was only a tiny bit less than what Logan had access to, aside from the fact that his name was on the company, but you knew things about handling business that he hadn’t even bothered to learn.
You heard the knock at your apartment door and you audibly sighed. You were just relaxing in some sexy lingerie and a silk robe to help you feel better about yourself since your day had been nothing but stress. Mountains of paperwork and being berated by your superior was not the best way to spend a Tuesday but you knew with a little wine, some extra makeup and some cute selfies in your lingerie, you’d feel better.
Upon unlocking your door and letting your gaze lift, you gasped. “What are you doing here!?” you asked, hurriedly trying to cover yourself with your robe but it was slipping between your fingers at every turn.
Logan’s eyes unashamedly run over your form and you feel your skin burn at the thought of him seeing you naked. You couldn’t stand him. Why would he ever get the chance to see you at your most vulnerable? But the little smirk he gave when his gaze met yours again made you swallow hard before scoffing.
“What do you want?” you asked, your arms crossing over your chest. You huffed a sigh and tried to keep your face as neutral as possible.
But Logan just smirked wider as he watched your lip quiver and your nose twitch. He knew that reaction and he knew the effect he had on others. You liked to fancy yourself as different but he could tell you were just as vulnerable to his looks and charm.
“Having a relaxing night, hm?” he asked and you felt your brows knit together as your arms tugged your robe even more closed around your body as much as you could. Your lip snarled slightly at his absolute arrogant tone.
“Doesn’t matter to you now does it?” you retorted, your stance becoming more rigid as he took a small step closer to you.
“I suppose it doesn’t,” he responded with an air of calm that sent a chill down your body. You cleared your throat and shook your head.
“I’ll ask you again. What-” You were cut off by his hand on the door, pressing it open slowly as he stalked toward you. You started to stumble back, releasing the robe to expose your lingerie to him as you used your hands to steady yourself against the breakfast bar counter in your kitchen.
“Logan! What-” you stammered as you caught yourself against the counter and watched as Logan kicked your door closed behind him. Your voice was faltering with each pass of words that attempted to leave your lips and your body was already lighting up like a flame tingling all over from his sudden movements.
He moved closer and pressed his chest to yours, his lips mere millimeters from yours. “I thought about you today,” he told you, his gaze flicking between your eyes and your lips and back up to your eyes. He watched as you shuddered, your breath staggering and he took the invitation to cock an eyebrow and smirk at you. Arrogant bastard.
“S-so? You think you can just-” Once again your words were cut off as Logan’s hand traveled up your side. You were breathing more raggedly but you huffed out of your nose and quickly brought your hands up between your bodies to show his chest.
He faltered and stumbled back a bit with a look of shock in his eyes. He certainly wasn’t expecting that. You both stared at each other for a moment, both of you catching your breath before you were slamming together like gasoline and a spark of flame.
The movements were fast and needy as you each peeled back layers of your clothing until he was just in his boxers and you were still in your lingerie. His mouth was hungrily nipping at your skin everywhere that he could and you were so sure you would combust from the sparks of lust pumping through your veins.
Logan’s mouth moved back up to your neck and over to your mouth to capture your lips is a messy and brash kiss. A battle of tongues and teeth and lips as you both sought after the one thing you both needed from such a stressful time at work. Relief.
Your mind tried screaming to remind you that you hated him but when his hand pressed against your soaked folds over the mesh material of your lingerie, you whined. Logan walked with you, his hands holding your hips as he guided you towards the living room area of your apartment.
In quick succession, Logan had you lounging back on the couch as he hovered over your midsection. His mouth and teeth were pulling and tugging at the lingerie until he got down between your thighs. You gasped and threw your hands into his hair when he mouthed over your cunt through the material.
He chuckled to himself as he pulled back and blew cold air over your warm cunt, sending a shiver through your body. He looked up at you and when you felt his gaze you looked down to see those big beautiful dark eyes staring back up at you.
You gasped at how lust-blown his pupils were and how mussed his hair had become. You reached down to cup the side of his face as he turned his face to kiss your palm. Your hand slowly went back up to his hair and just as he opened his mouth to give some smartass remark, you tugged his face back to your core where your other hand had discreetly pulled aside the material.
Logan groaned as his mouth made contact with your cunt and he could smell and taste your sex. He followed your silent instructions and lapped at your juices and drank you down. His tongue moved expertly over your clit and back through your folds and you knew that his talk wasn’t just talk anymore. Especially when he forced three orgasms out of you and you hadn’t even had his cock yet.
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Together we stand (part 25)
Together we stand (part 25)
Pairing: Billy Russo x Reader
Summary: Together We Stand explores the relationship between Billy Russo and Reader (You), over the course of twenty years. You meet as children, and you two are best friends until life tears you apart. You always find your way to each other over the years, although you witness him becoming someone you barely recognize. Billy is your weakness, the one person you cannot resist, and as he grows into a selfish, cold, manipulative man, you can’t let go of the Billy you once knew.
Warning: Mature (SMUT), 18+, language (cursing), abuse (psychological), toxic relationship dynamics.
Words: 2,200
The * indicates steamy/ mature content
Together we stand playlist
My Masterlist
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Part 9*   Part 10   Part 11*   Part 12*   Part 13   Part 14  Part 15
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Part 23     Part 24
Tumblr media
Billy’s been home for a few months now. His military contract is finished, and he’s come back with a nice severance, and enough dirty money to start his business. He’s in the early stages of founding Anvil, the private military firm he’s been dreaming of for the past year.
He’s settled in Brooklyn, close to the apartment you shared seven years ago, out of nostalgia. He intends to buy his own place in a few years, once his business will be profitable. Rawlins calls him periodically, and Billy answers every time. There are always people to silence or assassinate, bodies to dispose of, in order to keep things under wraps. Billy’s happy to oblige: it means more money for him, and it keeps him busy. Frank and you have no idea, and Billy wants to keep it that way.
He’s seen you a few times since he came back, and he’s a bit worried: every time he’s seen you, you had dark circles under your eyes, always seemed tired, elsewhere, and you had lost some weight. When Billy tries to ask you what’s wrong, you always dismiss him, telling him you have too much work. You’ve finally finished your PHD and are teaching full time at Columbia now. You have published another book and are working on the next one in your free time.
It’s late in the night and Billy comes home from a job for Rawlins, shutting the door behind him. He starts by removing his gloves, the gun at his ankle and the one strapped to his thigh. He takes his bullet proof vest off, sighing and thinking that he could go for a beer and that he’s freezing. He’s had to wait for his target to come home for hours, lurking in the cold and the dark, and he’s tired and can’t wait for a hot shower and good night sleep. His phone starts buzzing and he rolls his eyes, thinking that it must be Rawlins. His heart beats faster in his chest when he sees your name illuminating his screen. He checks the time: it’s past 3 am, and it’s unusual for you to call him this late.
He picks up the phone, swallowing thickly.
“What’s wrong?” he asks, his stomach nervously clenches.
He hears your sobs on the other end, rage and fear starting to build in his chest. He says your name, softly, and repeats his question.
“Can you come over?” you ask in a weak voice. Billy doesn’t even blink. “Be there in twenty” he replies, and he hangs up the phone.
* * * * * * * * *
Billy knocks on your door, his vision blurred with rage. He can’t stop thinking about what’s happened to you, his mind going to the darkest places he knows. He feels a lump in his throat, his stomach nervously flipping in his stomach, his heartbeat fast and painful. Adrenaline pulsing through his veins, he thinks that he’s never been this scared in his entire life. Not even when he was in war zones, shot at, or in close combat. Not even in Kandahar, when half of his crew died horribly in front of him.
You open the door a few seconds later, and his heart jumps in his chest at the sight of you. Your eyes are swollen, and your face is red. You’re wearing a shirt that’s too large for you, revealing the soft shape of your shoulders and collarbones, with leggings. You look like you’ve been crying for hours, and he rushes inside, grips your face with both hands and assesses your state quickly: he doesn’t find bruises or cuts on your face, and he inspects the rest of your body immediately, his hands trembling.
“Are you okay?” he asks, his voice low and tremulous with emotion “Are you hurt?” His hands roam over your body, looking for an injury, and you nod energetically.
“I’m fine Billy, I’m not hurt” you reply, your voice filled with sobs.
Billy lets out a relieved sigh and stops examining your body, his hands going back to your face. He holds you, looking closely into your eyes, his heart hurting in his chest.
“What’s wrong?” he asks urgently “What’s going on?”
You shut your eyes, escaping his gaze, and tears stream down your face. “I’m so sorry I called you this late” you let out, and when you open your eyes again, Billy spots shame in them.
“It’s fine” he says, and he lightly pushes your face against his chest, his arms sliding around your shoulders. He holds you in a comforting embrace, feeling relieved to be close to you. His heart still beats fast in his chest but seeing that you’re safe and sound appeases his murderous needs. You sniff against him, your hands covering your face, and Billy places a kiss at the top of your head, catching a whiff of your hair, probably his favorite smell in the world. He revels in the feeling a bit, letting you cool down, caressing your back soothingly, shushing softly to appease you.
You finally look up at him, eyes swollen, with a weak smile. “Thank you for coming” you say, wiping the tears off your face. “I feel so stupid” you add, looking away, and Billy cups your face again.
“Don’t ever apologize for calling me” he says in a stern tone, looking into your eyes. “I’m glad you called.” You nod, offering him another weak smile, and he moves you to sit on the couch. He drapes a shawl that was lying nearby and over your shoulders, before rubbing your arm.
“What’s going on?” he asks, concern lacing his voice.
You stare at your hands, tears still rolling on your cheeks. You look like you’re trying to find some courage, and Billy waits patiently.
“Antoine left” you start, looking back into his eyes. “It’s over.” You state.
Billy’s heart jumps in his chest with immediate joy before he registers the context. Sure, knowing that you and the frog are over might be the best news he’s ever received, but you’re wrecked, and you need him. Spikes of jealousy surge in his heart and bite at him painfully, and he lets out a short breath, bracing himself.
“What’s happened?” he asks, trying to find a neutral tone.
You wipe the tears off your face again “He’s asked me to marry him a few months ago” you start, and Billy suddenly feels sick enough to puke. The thought of you marrying anyone else but him might be enough to kill him, but he tries to focus back to you.
“I said no” you state, looking into Billy’s eyes. “I said I didn’t believe in marriage, that it wasn’t for me.” Billy looks down to his hands, gripping tightly his knee, and he tries to relax.
“He said he wanted a future with me, that he wanted kids and to move back to France eventually” you continue, putting a hand over your forehead. “I told him that I wasn’t ready.”
You stop talking, looking away for a while, and Billy doesn’t know what to say, focusing on his breathing instead.
“We decided keep dating, nonetheless. Things were okay for a while, until we did nothing but fight. He said that he left everything for me. He said that I was selfish, that I couldn’t commit to him. He was right, I couldn’t contradict him, it’s true.” Your voice breaks, and Billy’s heart shatters. You truly loved this guy, and although it makes him hurt more than anything else, he can’t bear to see you like this.
“I couldn’t give Antoine what he wanted. We had another fight tonight, he kept pushing me…” you trail off, and Billy asks a question through gritted teeth.
“Did he hurt you?” he questions, trying to tame himself.
You nod “No. He never touched me.” Billy breathes deeply, calming himself. At least he doesn’t have to hunt this guy down and kill him, he thinks.
“He took his things and left” you finish, and you put your face back into your hands.
“Hey, it’s okay” Billy says, sliding next to you. He takes you in his arms, and you rest your head on his shoulder.
“I feel like I’m broken” you say, your voice muffled. “Why am I so selfish?” you ask, looking back into his eyes.
Billy’s words die in his throat at the sight of you. You’re beautiful, he thinks, caressing your cheek, and putting away a strand of hair from your face.
“You’re not broken” he says softly, and you blink. “Maybe he wasn’t the right one for you” he adds, and you stare into his eyes, not replying.
He gets lost into your gaze, anticipation building in his chest. Your lips slightly parted, your eyes drying off, you suddenly lean and press your lips against his, surprising him. Fireworks explode in his chest, adrenaline rushing in his system, a pure feeling of joy spreading through his veins. You slide a hand behind his neck, bringing his face closer to yours, and Billy tastes the tears in your tongue. He kisses you back, his body taking control of him, grabbing your face urgently and deepening the kiss. It’s been four years since he last kissed you, and it seemed like an eternity to him. He’s wanted nothing but this, basking in the feeling of your tongue against his, tasting you, and he feels lightheaded. You move against him, putting your hands over his shoulders and straddling him, and Billy grips your hips while you settle on top of him. He feels his cock twitching in his pants, aching for you, and he breaks the kiss, gasping.
As soon as your lips leave his, he suddenly gains back consciousness. It seems wrong, he thinks, and he leans his head back to look at you. Your eyes wet, your cheeks red, your lips swollen, you look stunning, and he wants to take you and claim you as his right then and there.
But he doesn’t want it like this. Disgust builds in his chest, surprising him, and a bitter taste fills his mouth. He blinks a few times and pushes you off him, making you whimper.
“I can’t do this” he says, sliding a hand through his hair and breathing through his nose, trying to chase your taste away from his mind. He glances at his hard on and rolls his eyes, aggravated at himself.
“Why?” you ask in a small voice from the other end of the couch.
“You just want me because you’ve been dumped” he snaps, looking back at you. “I’ve been there for years, waiting, and you only want me because you’re alone now.”
You look like he’s just slapped you, but he doesn’t care, anger replacing the previous disgust he felt.
“No… that’s not true” you try and defend yourself, but Billy lets out a humorless laugh.
“Oh really? Then how come the minute Mr. Prince Charming leaves you, you jump my bones, huh?” he asks, glaring at you.
Your face reddens and your eyes harden, a sign that you’re starting to get angry too. You cross your arms, looking away from him, and Billy suddenly feels guilty. You feel like shit, and he’s only made it worse.
“I don’t wanna be your second choice” he says, deciding to be honest with you. “I want to mean something to you.”
You look back at him, confusion and sadness filling your eyes. “You were never a second choice, Billy” you state carefully. “You just made it hard being the first one.”
The words cut through him, and he stops breathing for a few seconds.
“I made it hard?” he says, incredulous. “I’m not the one who hid an important relationship to you for years.” He spits, rage coming back to him.
“I’ve already told you why I hid Antoine from you” you shout, and Billy can see that your rage matches his. “And I’ve apologized.”
“Yeah, well, still hurts to come after a fucking frog” Billy growls.
You scoff, getting up from the couch and pacing around the room. You grip your hair, and start yelling again.
“I can never win with you, Billy! No matter what I do, I’m always the one to blame!”
He gets up and angrily walks up to you. “You’re the one to blame?” he repeats, unbelieving. “You’ve done nothing but blame me during the entirety of our relationship” he accuses “I am the one who can never win with you.”
“I think that you should leave” you assert, tears coming back into your eyes. “I never should have called you. It was a mistake, I’m sorry. I thought that we were friends, but clearly, I was wrong.”
Billy glares at you, clenching his fists. Even in the depth of his anger, he wants to hold you, kiss you and take you against the wall. You’re his, and it’s time you finally realize that.
You stare back, your jaw clenched, looking furious, and Billy turns over, running to the door.
“I’m sorry I couldn’t be your rebound” he hisses as he opens the door. You flip him off, and Billy has to refrain himself from laughing, catching a glimpse of you as a teenager.
“Fuck you, Billy” you hiss, and Billy smiles.
“You wish” he says before slamming the door behind him, and rushing down the stairs.
Part 26
* * * * * * * * * * *
Sooooo this might be my favorite chapter yet?? I love these two assholes, they’re so stupid.
Anyways, can you guess what happens in next part? 😏
As always, thank you for reading, for the feedback and the reblogs. You’re the best readers I could ask for! Tell me what you thought of this part.
* * * * * * * * * * *
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