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If I see one more person blaming Ben for Mal’s “problems” in D2 then I’m gonna flip. Because he had nothing to do with it and it’s pretty damn clear that he didn’t know at all what she was doing and why. But he’s at fault because he got mad at his girlfriend for trying to spell him? Absolutely not.

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So here is the sequel to that post I made about Descendants character design that no one asked for. I figured that since I did the ‘VKs’ I should also do all the assholes from Auradon, just to be fair lol. With this bunch of kids, it’s less so about how “omfg they’re trying to present edgy kids who literally grew up on a prison island without giving them any body mods what blasphemy is this” and moreso just going into the wardrobe and hair stuff. Kinda like how with Mal and everyone it was about having it not just be head to toe colorful leather, this is about having everyone not look like Barbie movie rejects who all coordinate their outfits a little too well in spite of not having a dress code while adding a little bit of extra stuff. I’m not going to go too crazy with piercings and tattoos but the combination of how all these kids are literally royalty and therefore can do pretty much anything along with how severely the characterization of their parents seems to deviate from their original characters, I think it’s reasonable to include some.

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Originally posted by disneytva

*not my gif*

Hey everyone! I’m back with chapter 7! Hope you guys like it!



* Harry’s POV *

I watched Camila run after the purple flame. Jay quickly pushed me out of the way when he saw the beast swing at me. I pushed him against a tree causing him to trip over a fallen log. The beast growled at us and Jay grabbed by arms and yanked me back as the beast came after me once more. I patted Jay’s arms, “Thanks.” he nodded and continued to watch the beast, “No problem!” Ben began to climb a small hill but I noticed he held his hand close to him, “You need some serious nose adjustments.” Carlos looked at us and slowly raised his hand towards the beast, “I’m not so sure.” he only jumped when Ben let out another roar, “Ben? Did Audrey do that?” Jay looked at his clothes, “Huh! I thought I recognized those pants.” I quickly looked down at his pants and nodded in agreement. Gil noticed Ben looking at his hand and he suddenly smiled, “Oh, he’s got a boo-boo. That’s why he’s so cranky. You know, my dad said, that his dad did not handle pain well at all.” Ben let out another growl and Jay looked at Carlos, “You’re good with animals. Do something.” Carlos looked at Jay and back at Ben, “But…Okay. Alright.” Carlos made his way over to Ben, “Hey, Ben. It’s me, Carlos, all right?” Carlos jumped back when Ben swung at him, “Ben! Ben! It’s Carlos, all right? You know me. You helped me once. Remember, with Dude? Right? Let me help. Come on. Let me see your hand.” Ben looked down at his hand before giving it over to Carlos. He smiled and looked down at Ben’s hand, “Oh yeah, that’s a big one. Uh…I’m gonna count, all right? One…Two…” before he could get to three he pulled out whatever object was in Ben’s hand. 

Ben let out a loud roar. Carlos smiled widely, “There it is. You did it.” I smiled softly but I raised an eyebrow when I saw Ben get hit with water. We all turned around and saw a girl with a water blaster. Ben began to change back into a human so it was magically water. I looked past the girl and saw the flames were growing higher. My eyes widened and I began to run towards the fire shouting, “Camila!” I heard someone running after me, probably Gil but I didn’t care. I needed to find Camila. I was suddenly transported into a world of flames. I coughed due to all the smoke but I saw Camila trying to put out as many flames as possible but she was getting tired:


Originally posted by kristoffsqueen

*not my gif*

 I tried to yell out her name but I nearly fell to the ground. I couldn’t see what was happening but I could suddenly take in the fresh air and not smoke. I noticed the grass looked white but I felt Gil lift me up, “I got him!” I heard Camila shout back, “Get him out of here! Go if the flames get too high!” I tried to answer but Gil answered for me, “Okay! Be safe!” I watched as Camila held her side but she continued to freeze the trees. Gil and I ran back to the group but I kept yelling, “I-I have to get her! Let me go, Gil!” I felt someone else grab me and sat me on the floor, “Harry, calm down. She’s gonna be fine,” I looked up and saw Carlos looking down at me, “Camila is a fighter. She can do this.” I sighed softly and nodded, “okay…” I looked at the trees and watched the flames slowly die out. I stood up with the help of Gil and Ben asked, “What happened to the flames? Did Camila do it?” I wish I had all the answers but I didn’t. My eyes widened when I saw her. I let out a breath of air I didn’t know I had until now, “Camila…” I felt Gil had let go of my shoulders and he calmly said, “Go to her.” I began to run towards the girl that I’ve fallen for. 

I quickly ran up to her with a noticeable smile on my face, “Camila!” she quickly looked up from her hands, “Harry!” she tried to run over but she winced and instantly walked slower. Once I made it over to her and began to examine her body for blood or scratches, “Are you okay? Are you bleeding? Are you in pain?” Camila giggled at all my questions but she blushed once I cupped her cheeks, “are you okay?” she smiled at me, “I’m fine, Harry. I’m just a little weak right now, I’ve never used my powers so much.” I nodded and placed a small kiss on her forehead, “You scared me.” she nodded, “You scared me when you ran into the fire.” I nodded but noticed something moving in her hands, “What is that?” she looked down at her hands and smiled, “This is the Fire Spirit. My mom told me that his name is Bruni.” I smiled down at Bruni, “Hello Bruni, you caused Camila a lot of trouble.” Bruni only licked his eye, making Camila giggle, “Come on, let’s get going,” We walked back to the group and Camila smiled widely when she saw Jane, “Jane! You’re okay!” Camila placed Bruni in my hand as she hugged Jane tightly. Jane smiled and hugged back, “I’m glad you’re okay. Carlos told me what happened, I’m glad you’re safe.” she smiled and nodded but gasped softly when she saw Ben, “Ben? What’s up with the teeth and beard?” Ben touched his beard and shrugged, “I guess the Enchanted Lake can only do so much.” Camila nodded and leaned against me, “Bruni likes you…” I looked down at my hand and saw Bruni was sleeping on my hand, “I guess he does.” Ben stood up “Hold on,” I looked at Ben and raised an eyebrow, “who’s side are they on?” Jay smiled and wrapped an arm around Ben’s shoulder, “They escaped and joined us. And Mal has the ember, which is our only hope to stop Audrey. Details will follow.” Ben looked at Camila, “What was with all that fire?” she shook her head, “Details will follow.” Ben looked back at Jay, “Hades ember? Has Mal gone back to the Isle?” Jay sighed, “I said details will follow. We’re meeting up with Man, Evie, and Uma. Let’s go.” Ben’s eyes widened, “Uma?” everyone got annoyed, “Details will follow.” Ben sighed, “Alright, alright.” Everyone began to leave when Bruni jumped out of my hand and jumped onto Camila’s shoulder and crawled down to her hands. I smiled and cleared my throat, “Hey, Jay… yeah, thanks for saving me, gorgeous face.” Jay smiled at me and patted my back, “Save all that sweet talking for Camila. She loves it way more than me.” I smiled at him and nodded, “Will do.” 

chapter 7 is done! Thanks for reading everyone! Stay safe.


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Okay no offense but the citizens of Auradon need to be thanking the VK’s for coming over to Auradon because ever since they did many interesting and adventures things have happened that have probably made life in Auradon more interesting as it appears life has gotten quite dull for them there. Yes life seemed great but isn’t just a little bit plain? I mean come there have been barrier breaches, monster battles, sleeping curses, magic that hasn’t been used in 20 years, big events they probably aren’t used to or haven’t witnessed. I mean come on, you got admit it sounds pretty dang cool. I bet these kids haven’t seen/known this kind of action since there parents were young and playing out their Disney fairytale stories.

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rate the str8 descendants ships: huma, bal, devie, jarlos, buma? haudrey? bevie, jonnie, hevie

1. Huma

Take one look at my blog. This should be self explanatory.

2. Janelos (Jarlos whomst????)

They cute.

3. Bevie

Underrated power couple. Ben loves powerful women.

4. Buma

ANOTHER underrated power couple. ANOTHER powerful woman for Ben to love. HOWEVER, it splits Huma (in a nonpolyamorous context) so it ranks lower than Bevie.

5. Jonnie

We love couple that kick ass together.

6. Hevie

I wrote a whole post about how Harry, true to his character, can end up being a terrible boyfriend to anyone but Uma. That being said, Evie is the closest VK to that badass female energy.

7. Haudrey

Same thing, except Audrey’s an AK.

8. Bal

There are too many tumblr posts out there for me to sit here and explain every reason why this ship is at the bottom.

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Okay so I watched Descendants 2 when it premiered and I’ve watched it multiple times and I’m watching it right now cause I’m binging all the Descendants films and I’m just now realizing that Uma did the same thing to Ben and Mal that Ursula did to Eric and Ariel!!😂😂😂

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A while ago I had an extra Ben doll so I was like hey i can try to make a D3 custom Ben… it turned out horrible so now I’m trying to make it again. I think it looks better than last time so far.

(Still working on Harriet too.)

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Hi everyone, okay so I’m trying something new, I want to write about Descendants. This story is gonna be based off the third movie so bare with me. I came up with this a while back but I felt as if people would hate this so I never released it. I’m trying to be more open and if I wanna write something then I’ll write it and I can only hope that my reader will enjoy it. I’m sorry but this isn’t a x reader story I made up a character for this. Hope you guys like it…maybe and if you don’t, don’t worry I’m still writing AHS and I might start The Walking Dead and IT soon. So don’t worry you’ll have many options with me. Also I kinda changed up the storyline of this first Chapter! Pretend that Mal is already engaged to Ben and they saw Hades already.



Originally posted by arcusxx

*Camila’s POV *

Hi everyone, I’m Camila Oldenburg. I’m the daughter of Elsa Oldenburg, former Queen of Arendelle. My mother believed it’d be best to send me to Auradon Prep instead of staying in the Enchanted Forest with her and the Northuldra people. I do miss my mother, my Aunt Anna, my Uncle Kristoff, Olaf, and Sven, but I can’t complain about Auradon. I’ve inherited my mother’s ice magic but she says I inherited my grandmother’s chocolate brown hair. My mother is internally grateful because I’m able to control my powers, she always told me that she didn’t want me to suffer like she did. Anyways, I’m friends with the VK’s and I enjoy the company of each of them. Mal is engaged with Prince Ben, Carlos is with Jane, Evie is with Doug but they haven’t said the ‘L’ word yet, and Jay and Lonnie are pretty close to becoming a  couple. I’m not dating anybody because my Aunt Anna would tell me stories of her ex-fiance/boyfriend. Those stories stuck with me sometimes making me fear my own powers. Apart from that, I’m extremely excited because the VK’s have gone back to the Isle of the Lost to get four more kids and bring them back to Auradon. I decided to stay back and prepare for their arrival. This should be exciting. I looked at myself in the mirror and smiled at my outfit: 


The outfit- the hair would be brown but let’s pretend :)*

I left my room once I was happy with my appearance, I tend to get insecure about my appearance but if I’m happy then I don’t care what others will say. I walked down the many hall’s of Auradon Prep and I smiled to myself as I reached the garden section. I smiled a bit wider when I saw my close friend, Jane, daughter of the Fairy Godmother, “Hi Jane.” she turned around and smiled brightly, “Camila! Thank the stars that you’re here! I need help with the decorations!” she ran over and hugged me quickly, I smiled as I returned the hug, “I was thinking, maybe if you throw some water around I can freeze them and put them in the bushes or something.” Jane smiled and nodded, “I love that idea! I’ll go get some water right now.” I nodded, “Perfect, I’ll be here waiting.” Jane nodded as she ran off and I began to walk around the garden and enjoy the bright sunlight dancing on my skin but I was torn away from my thoughts when a soft voice sang out, “Ah-Ah-Ah…” I turned around and looked up towards the mountains and sky but I only saw birds flying freeing. I shook my head and dismissed the idea of someone calling out to me. I smiled when I saw Jane coming back with two buckets filled with water, “Is this enough?” I nodded with a small smile, “This is excellent. On three throw the water up.” she nodded and prepared to throw the water in the air, “Ready when you are.” I nodded and I rubbed my hands together and I took in a breath, “One…two…three!” Jane threw the water into the blue sky and I extended my arms into the sky and we watched as ice and blue mist shot out of my hands and made contact with the water droplets, freezing them instantly. The droplets fell to the ground and Jane covered her head not wanting to get poked by anything and I did the same. Jane smiled as she saw almost each droplet had fallen onto the bushes, “You don’t think they’ll melt?” I shook my head, “They won’t, but to be safe…” I extended my arms once more and above each bush a small cloud with blue mist appeared over them, shielding each droplet. Jane smiled and clapped, “This is beautiful!” I smiled as I was about to answer but a voice interrupted me, “Ah-Ah-Ah…” I turned around and looked around again but I turned back towards Jane, “Did you hear that?” Jane looked at me and raised an eyebrow, “Hear what?” I shook my head and sighed, “Nothing…I must be hearing things.” she nodded but she didn’t believe fully “Are you sure?” I nodded in reassurance, “I promise.” After helping Jane with a few more things I was walking back to my room when someone grasped my shoulder causing me to jump and accidentally freezing part of the wall. I quickly turned towards the person and I saw my friend Lonnie, daughter of Mulan, “Lonnie! You scared me!” she nodded and looked towards the wall, “I can see that…” I looked and sighed, “Oh…what can I help you with?” she smiled, “Everyone is about to show up. Are you coming?” I nodded and smiled, “Of course, I’ll be right there.” she nodded as she turned around and made her way back outside. I groaned softly and looked at the wall again, “I’m sorry.” I began to walk down the hall trying to forget the ice wall and that voice. 


I smiled as I stood next to Lonnie and Jane waiting for the VK’s to show up. I looked at the bushes and sighed softly but Lonnie nudged me, “They look great, Camila.” I smiled and nodded, “Thank you, Lonnie.” we continued to wait for them, someone shouted they arrived and the Fairy Godmother smiled at the limo getting closer. Fairy Godmother thought it’d be best if there wouldn’t be such a large crowd to greet everyone. I smiled widely as the door opened and the Core Four stepped out along with four new faces and Ben. Evie smiled and waved at us and walked over with a girl with glasses, “Everyone, this is Dizzy Tremaine, granddaughter of Lady Tremaine.” Jane smiled at her, “I love your outfit.” Lonnie nodded and smiled in agreement. I smiled at her, “Welcome to Auradon, Dizzy.” she smiled at each of us, “Thanks, I already love it here.” Evie smiled and took her on a tour of the campus. Jane looked at her phone and gasped, “Oh dear, I gotta something is going on with my birthday decorations, Lonnie can you come with me?” she nodded and looked at me, “We’ll catch you later, Camila.” I nodded with a smile, “Bye you guys.” they walked away leaving me alone once more. Jay and Carlos walked up to me and Carlos smiled widely, “Camila, this is Squeaky and Squirmy, the sons of Mr. Smee.” I smiled and looked down at them, “Hi, I’m Camila, daughter of Elsa Oldenburg. It’s very nice to meet you two.” They only looked at me and gave me very small smiles. Jay chuckled, “They get really shy, but they’ll warm up to you.” I smiled and nodded, “You guys are gonna love it here.” Carlos smiled at me and they began their tour of the campus. I began to back away when I bumped into someone, I quickly turned around and saw a girl with curly hair, “Oh, I’m so sorry. Are you okay?” she smirked and nodded, “I’m good, don’t worry about you.” I smiled at her, “What’s your name?” she continued to smirk, “I’m Celia Facilier, daughter of Dr. Facilier. Who are you?” I was about to answer but the same voice sang out, “Ah-Ah-Ah…” I looked around and I softly called out, “Hello?” I heard no reply from the voice but I heard Celia snapping her fingers, “Hey, hey, you crazy or something? I asked for your name.” I tore my gaze away from the distance and I looked at Celia, “I’m Camila Oldenburg, daughter of Elsa.” she nodded and slightly smiled, “Nice to meet you.” I returned the smile, “It’s nice to meet you too, I’m sorry but I have to go.” she nodded and backed away, “See ya…” I nodded and I walked away towards the hilltops of Auradon. 

There’s the First Chapter! I’m so excited that I get to write this and I hope you guys love it as much as I do! 

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I’ve just realized something…

Since Mitchell Hope plays both Ben from Descendants and my oc; Holden Goldstein from the Marvel Cinematic Universe. I figured there’s a crossover looking at me in the face. So here’s the idea…

Ben mysterious disappears after the fight with Audrey. Mal is nervous and scared, hoping that her boyfriend is okay as Ben’s disappearance takes a toll on everyone at Auradon. When is Ben is discovered to be in Los Angeles, the Vks race to rescue him and bring him home. But Ben is different. He’s better, stronger, smarter, more powerful and more terrifying. He’s not Ben. He’s something else…..

What do you think of the idea?

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Hey all, I know things have been crazy the last few weeks (maybe even months for some) but I had some inspiration to do some writing. Maybe I’ll finally get the next chapter of “We’ll Light the Fuse Up”. But anyway, for right now, enjoy this sneak peek of the Part 2 of “You’re a Gryffindor, Harry”. When I have the full chapter up I’ll start a new story with a Part 1 and Part 2 on AO3 and as well as on here. I like “You’re a Gryffindor, Harry” as a title but if anyone has any suggestions for title names I’m all ears. 



Originally posted by underfirerp-blog

She ignored the stares and odd looks she received as she made her way into the stands. It wasn’t a surprise that she stood out with her emerald green robe in a sea of red and gold. 

A snake in the lions’ den, she thought with a roll of her eyes. Honestly, she would have thought they would have gotten used to it by now. 

But this wasn’t the first, nor would it be the last time that Uma Tritaea gained stares.

Several older Gryffindors hissed as she passed them by. She hopped smoothly over a purposefully extended leg that happened to be in her path. Uma tucked their sneering faces to the back of her memories, to throw stinging hexes at them when they least expected it. 

Not now though. Now she had to be on her best behavior. There was a reason she was in the stands belonging to the house of lions. 

“Anyone sitting here?” she asked a familiar looking boy. Ben, she thought. From Herbology.

“Yes!” a brunette sitting next to him glared at her just as Ben said “No,” already making room and genuinely giving a smile that took Uma off guard.

“What Audrey means is, it’s all yours. Promise,” he said, his smile growing impossibly brighter despite his companion’s glare twisting into an offended sneer as Uma gave a nod of thanks before sitting down. Ben opened his mouth, as if to say more but was interrupted by the game’s announcer. Diego DeVil, a fourth year Slytherin boy that Uma always saw flirting with anything with legs at their house table - the ghosts included - sat with microphone in hand at the stands where the professors, other school staff, and a few bored looking representatives of the Ministry were congregated. 

“Hello ladies, gents, and non-binary friends to the first match of the season, Gryffindor versus Slytherin!” DeVil smoothly crooned into the ancient looking mic, waiting a moment for the crowd’s enthusiastic screams to die down. “This is surely going to be one for the books, friends. The players are now getting into position as Madame DunBroch steps out onto the field to begin the game!”

What looked like small figures, in red or greens, hovered hundreds of feet above the ground on their brooms as the fiery red haired Gamekeeper and Flight Instructor walked towards the sealed chest. 

“Which team are you watching for?” Ben startled Uma out of her intense stare of the field just as Madame DunBroch released the bludgers and the snitch, the small gold ball a fleeting speck of glimmer in the air before disappearing.

Uma’s gaze was instantly drawn to the source of an excited crowing that she could still easily pick out despite the loud roar of the crowd as the quaffle was thrown up into the air.

“Not watching for a team,” she said, watching as one of the players in Gryffindor red snatched the quaffle from the air, taking off with surprising speed towards the Slytherin goal post.

Merlin, she hoped that idiot of a best friend didn’t get himself hurt. Again. 

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Requested?: No

Your P.O.V.

“Mom, do you trust me?” You ask 

“Of course I trust you, I just don’t trust the people on the isle.” She starts 

“Ben needs my help and I am the only one who can help him when it comes to this. Everybody knows everybody here but me. I’ve kept a down low profile.” You start “I’ve stayed with grandpa most of my life so we can accomplish that. Yes, I am a princess, but I want to help Ben when he becomes king and the only way I can do that is if I go to the isle and see what needs to be improved.” 

Your parents look at you before slowly starting to nod as they look out towards the isle. 

–Time Skip like two years– 

“Jay? You wanted to see me?” You ask as you walk into his room 

“Yeah. I wanted to be the one who told you. Me, Mal, Evie, and Carlos were all picked to go do a semester over at Auradon.” He starts 

“That’s good to hear.” You say as you try to smile 

“You’re not mad that we were picked?” He asks 

“No. I think you four deserve so much better than what you got.” You say 

He looks at you before smiling and pulling you into his arms. 

“If we stay, I’ll fight for you to come over.” He says 

“I know you will. Maybe one day I will be there with you.” You say, a hint of a smile on your face 

Jay’s P.O.V. 

–few months later, shortly before second movie– 

“Hey Ben, I actually wanted to talk to you about who you are inviting over from the isle.” I start as I walk over to his office 

“Oh yeah? You have somebody in mind?” He asks 

“Yeah. Actually Y/N. She was a friend of ours before we came here leaving her behind.” I say 

“Wait, did you say Y/N?” He asks 

“Yeah. Do you know about her?” I ask 

“Uhm, who is her parent?” He asks 

“Some low life in the isle.” I start 

He looks over at one of the pictures in his office when I see the girl in it with them. 

“Wait, what are you thinking?” I ask 

“My sister… she went to the isle to see where we could improve life there for the ones living there.” He starts “We haven’t had contact with her since we strengthened the barrier a few years ago.” He starts 

I look at him before looking towards the isle. 

“You don’t think that could be the same girl I know.” I start 

“It very well could be.” He says 

I look at him before heading towards the door, keeping my head low. 

Your P.O.V.

You look around the isle before shaking your head and heading towards the ship. 

You walk towards the mast when you see Harry walking towards you. 

“Y/N, what are you doing here so early?” Harry asks 

“I need to talk to Uma before everything.” You say 

“Right…” Harry says 

You roll your eyes before walking towards the captain’s quarters. 

“You said you wanted to talk to me…” You say 

“Yeah. There’s a fair chance that they are going to bring back up.” Uma says 

“Like I can’t handle this.” You say

Uma looks at you before nodding. You shake your head before turning around and heading towards the ship’s decks. 

You turn toward the entrance when you hear yelling and struggling. 

“What?…” You start 

You make eye contact when you see Harry and Gil carrying a struggling Ben towards the ship. 

“Ben?!” You almost yell 

“Y/N?” He asks

Your eyes widen as you realize what you did. You look at the others before you feel a hand on your shoulder. 

“How do you know the dear old king? And no point in lying. I would find out somehow.” Uma starts 

“He’s my brother. I came down here to see where we can improve your living style.” I start as I watch her 

Uma smiles before shaking her head. 

“Guys, take her!” Uma yells 

Jay’s P.O.V. 

I walk behind Mal as we head towards the docks. I see Ben by the plank before Harry has Y/N next to himself, hands tied behind her back. 

“Y/N…” I whisper 

She sees me then looks at Ben before trying to pull away from Hook. 

“Wand for the King.” Uma yells 

I watch them before looking back towards the siblings as they stand by the plank. 

“Mal, we need to be careful. They figured out Y/N’s cover.” I whisper 

“They wouldn’t touch her. Not with her being the princess and your girl.” Mal says

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