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Literally what was the point of beast!Ben in the plot of Descendants 3? Was it just to provide the circumstances to separate the VKs into boys and girls? Give them the first reason for Harry to be at least nice to Jay? Because I feel like it was a really wasted plot point.

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Similarities between Mal and Audrey

Before you scroll past, hear me out, okay!

THIS ISN’T MEANT TO CONVINCE ANYONE that you have to like both of these characters in any means, it’s perfectly okay to agree to disagree, this is just to maybe help some be a bit more accepting/tolerant.

  • Both Mal and Audrey wanted to rule over Auradon. (Audrey, with Ben at her side, and Mal, with her mother, and her friends at her side)
  • Both were pressured by older maternal figures to do so. Audrey was literally blamed by her grandmother for Ben falling in love with Mal and not being the future queen, and Maleficent forced Mal to try to steal the wand so she could take over.
  • Both of their best looks were in the first movie (aside from the last dress at the end and the evil!Audrey outfit…yeah).
  • Both of them broke into the Museum of Cultural History.
  • Both of them dyed their hair blonde in the next sequel they appeared in (Mal did to fit in with Auradon while Audrey did so to feel better, and yet interestingly enough, both were the most anxious/out of character with blonde hair too).
  • Both are/were mean girls (Whether you like one or the other, you know it’s true. Telling a girl that her relationship won’t last because of who she is, is pretty mean. Emotionally manipulating a girl to feel like she’s nothing if she’s not pretty, is also pretty mean.)
  • Both were raised to hate the other’s family. (And the proof of this is in their very first meeting. Maleficent tried to kill Audrey’s dad, and cursed her mother to a death like slumber. Meanwhile, Audrey’s maternal family hated Maleficent enough to not even inviter her, and Phillip killed her, so growing up, Mal’s opinions of Audrey’s entire family were shaped by Maleficent’s. So it shouldn’t be a surprise that these two didn’t click at their first encounter.)
  • Both were either dumped by or dumped Ben.
  • Both, at one point, felt a little insecure in their relationship with Ben. (And then everyone looks good and then…where will I be?”, “I’m not one of those pretty, pink princesses, Ben.”)
  • Both, at one point, lost Ben to a love spell in an attempt to get to Fairy Godmother’s wand (and were both wearing yellow and blue as they witnessed love spelled!Ben proclaim his love…and dancing was involved both times).
  • Both used magic for ill-advised purposes.
  • Both cried about Ben.
  • Both tried to warn Ben about “the bad girl”.
  • Both deserve better.
  • Both are artistically talented!
  • Both, at one time, felt alienated. (“There’s nothing to lose when you’re lonely and friendless”, “I don’t fit in, Ben”)
  • Both are trying to be better.
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Descendants 2 - Ben x Platonic!Reader
Summary: “She tried to wipe my memory, (Y/n). How many times has she done it before? I mean, sure, she couldn’t remember the whole spell, but she knew enough of it to start.” Ben’s voice was shaky and fragile. You feared how much of his broken pieces Mal was responsible for.


Originally posted by halfadream

Ben paced back and forth, running a hand through his hair. He had been like this for ten minutes now, an inconsolable mess of stuttering rants and deep sighs. You could feel his panic radiate off of him, thick enough to steal any words you might say to comfort him.

“It’s all my fault, (Y/n). I should have– I could’ve been more attentive, I should have seen this coming, I mean, she’s my… she’s my girlfriend! Or was she? Are we still together?”

He had been questioning his relationship with the girl he was dating, and you still weren’t exactly sure why. He had mentioned something about spells and lies, but it was still confused in your mind. Looking at him, though, you could tell you weren’t the only one who was completely baffled by the day’s events.

He eventually settled onto the edge of your bed, his hands still mussing his hair, but his panicked speech stalling. You sighed and sat on a chair across from him. You had been friends with Ben for years, and you had never seen him this worried - not even when he had come to you about the problems he had with Audrey. Something bad was happening here - something worse than a lovers quarrel.

“She tried to wipe my memory, (Y/n). How many times has she done it before? I mean, sure, she couldn’t remember the whole spell, but she knew enough of it to start.” Ben’s voice was shaky and fragile. You feared how much of his broken pieces Mal was responsible for. Last year he told you she had given him a love potion. Back then, it didn’t seem to shake his faith her. Now, you were wondering if it really had. 

He spoke again, his voice barely over a whisper, “What if she had the spell book? How much would be different if she had gotten to finish it correctly?”

The two of you sat with Ben’s deepest fear between you, both at a loss for words.

Ben’s trust had been shaken. You knew first hand that such a thing was hard to do.

“You’re not the only one to blame, Ben,” your voice was steady in the quiet of your room, “Mal close to make those decisions. Yes, she was having trouble fitting in, but… that’s something the two of you should have handled together.”

You had to be the voice of reason. Otherwise, Ben would be quick to let it go. 

It had struck you long ago that your best friend was a bit of a self-saboteur. He always seemed to find himself in situations and push himself to his breaking point. When he first knew that Mal had given him a love potion, he let things play out. He let himself become a pawn in her game. Sure, things ended up being fine, but he still started a relationship with her when there was no foundation of trust for it to be built upon. That’s what led him here - to a broken relationship because it had been a house balancing on stilts.

But he still loved her. You knew it, and you would be fine with it because it made him happy. But you worried about him. He always played the game with half the deck.

“You don’t understand, (Y/n), I led her here.”

You bit back a reply. There wasn’t much more you could do.

“I have to make things right.”

“…And you will.”

He smiled at you briefly, and you nodded back, forcing the corners of your mouth to quirk upward reassuringly.

“I love her,” his voice was strong with conviction.

“I know you do… and that’s why it’ll work out in the end.”

He stood to go, his nervous energy having been quelled for the time being. You sighed quietly to yourself. ‘It has to work out,’ you thought silently, ‘because it if doesn’t, he won’t ever be the same.’


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This is D2 in the eyes of my 3 year old nephew

Every time my 3-year-old nephew visits me, he asks me to see Uma’s movie (This is how he refers to D2). Before continuing, I want to make something clear. According to my nephew, marriage is for living with someone. In dating, you don’t live with that person. That is all the difference he sees. So, according to him, these are the things that happen in the movie:

  • Mal isn’t happy in Auradon. And because she’s not happy her hair doesn’t have its original color.
  • Uma and Harry are married. They love each other. And Gil is their son (My nephew yells “Time Out” at Gil when he tries to enter the restaurant again and later does the same when Gil says he will tell Uma that Ben is on the island. Throughout the film, my nephew lives in conflict because he is Team Uma but also Team Ben.).
  • Everyone wants to be Uma’s partner in “What’s my name?”
  • The reason why Ursula doesn’t leave the kitchen is that she is very big (like at the end of The Little Mermaid) and the door is very small.
  • Ursula should go live with Gaston and leave Uma alone with Harry and their children. Because Ursula is a bossy grandmother. (Some context: My nephew is a fan of Ursula (I take responsibility for that.) When we saw “Beauty and the Beast” he concluded that Gaston is dumb because he needs someone to do “Time Out” to him. And today, while he was playing he decided that Ursula would be perfect for Gaston. So according to him Ursula and Gaston are officially a couple. And when I asked him why Gaston would be good for Ursula, my nephew said that Gaston could replace Ursula’s eels because she misses them a lot. Their eels are big and evil. Gaston is big and evil. So he is perfect for her.)
  • Mal is not happy in Auradon, but on the island, she’s very happy and artistic (which is always good). So they should let Mal live there. She wants to live there. And I quote the 3-year-old boy: “No it’s no.”
  • My nephew got a little confused with all of this. But until “Space between” he came to this conclusion:  Mal loves Evie. But Ben and Evie are dating and they love each other very much. Evie is happy in Auradon and Ben too, but not Mal, Mal should stay on the island. Ben and Evie should live in Auradon.
  • Mal shouldn’t touch Harry’s hook because Harry is Uma’s husband.
  • Mal made a graffiti of Uma and it is very beautiful. Which is good because Uma is very pretty.
  • My nephew sees D2 dubbed into Spanish. There “Bad to the core” was translated to “Bad from birth”. So according to him: Mal, Evie, Carlos, and Jay crawled wickedly breaking the glass decorations in the living room of their house.
  • By the end of the scene with Ben tied to the mast, my nephew came to a second conclusion: Uma and Harry are married. Ben and Evie are dating. Harry possibly likes Ben. Ben definitely likes Uma. Uma likes Ben. Ben asked Uma to marry him (“You are a leader like me” and “Be part of the solution” for my nephew is “Marry me”). And Harry is not going to like that Ben has asked Uma to marry him. And Ben should ask Evie to marry him.
  • The reason why Harry wants to throw Ben into the sea is that Ben wants to take only Uma to Auradon. And that is bad. Because Uma has a family. Ben must have told Uma that she could take Harry and Gil with her.
  • Evie is incredibly beautiful, has blue lashes, and is the most beautiful princess he has ever seen.
  • Harry is very handsome and moves around a lot, which is good because that makes him more handsome. Besides that his makeup is pretty.
  • Mal must have stayed on the island and not returned to Auradon. Because she is not happy in Auradon. Mal should stay on the island and draw a lot. Uma and her family should live in a ship at sea. Evie and Ben should live in a castle.
  • According to my nephew, the best version of Uma is the transformed and giant Uma.
  • Uma likes Ben very much but she can’t stay in Auradon without Harry and Gil, so that’s why she leaves him. But luckily Ben has Evie.
  • According to my nephew, Mal and Ben are not dating. Mal doesn’t love Ben. What Mal wants is to be happy and she is happy throwing stones, poisoning apples, and drawing very good portraits on the walls. And those things are not good for Ben. People must let Mal be happy. On the island.
  • My nephew’s solution for the end of the film is as follows: Evie and Ben have to marry and live in a castle because Ben has a castle and Evie wants a castle. Ben must be Uma and Harry’s boyfriend. Because then Harry wouldn’t be jealous that Ben would take Uma away. Uma and her family (the crew) must navigate the world. Mal must stay on the island. And Uma must be in her transformed form as long as possible because that way she can hug her husband, her family, and Ben at the same time. And so she would be very happy.
  • Everyone would be happy!

I cannot promise that I have not influenced my nephew in some of these ideas. He has seen this movie over 20 times with me. And surely I have let out a comment or another about Huma, Buma, and Benry, in addition to Benvie. But credit where credit’s due. My nephew’s solution to bringing peace includes a queer and polyamorous world.

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