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chasingthe2000s · a day ago
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intimidating-fettuccine · 2 days ago
BEN: Why is it spelled “camouflage” and not
Toby: Not what?
Toby: NOT WHAT??
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kidical · 2 days ago
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ben jeff friendship
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vamptags · 2 days ago
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goofing around
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sanityisforlosers · a day ago
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cerealsnail · a day ago
Saw you recent pasta posts and it got me pretty curious! Since in your one post, your version of BEN is a demon who killed a kid and took his name, how did that occur in your au? Also, your other BEN post seems like it kinda fits the versions of BEN who is a drowned ghost, is the kids ghost still around in your au? Overall, your creepypasta stuff is pretty cool!
okay first of all anon thank you so much for asking also I am in love with you,,
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(some doodles for your troubles o_o)
second - lemme use your ask as an excuse to go WAY too into detail about my thoughts!!
(tl;dr — I heavily lift from the original ARG/creeepypasta BEN, more than I do any popular fanon versions. he's less 'spooky dead kid' and more 'malicious entity'. but it's a messy mix, and I really love both!! ♡)
OKAY SO LONG ANSWER!! my BEN is heavily inspired by the one I remember from the original creepypasta/arg that he comes from.
my interpretation of what happened in the original story was that: BEN is some kind of demon(?) or MAYBE even a corrupted version of a dead kid (Ben). Ben was once a real boy who got involved in some spooky stuff, and he drowned because of a demon. the demon (BEN) got his name from that kid. so BEN took Ben's name as like.. a trophy. or maybe even a way to mock the kid he killed. spooky!!
HOWEVER your ask made me wanna refresh my memory! so while I was rereading the pasta, I found out the original arg was continued in 2020? and there's a lot more info I wasn't caught up on?? and???
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basically it turns out BEN is actually the amalgamation of a whole lot of dead kids???? (including the original kid - Ben.)
I like it but I'm also peeved, cause that means BEN would know who Link is and my joke is less funny now >:(
my interpretations of creepypasta characters are always changing, but my version of BEN is especially fluid haha. I think the best summary of my BEN right now is like,, an amalgamation of a bunch of dead kids' ghosts.
they were all in a cult together at one point (the moon children), and tried to become immortal by uploading their consciousnesses into technology (ascending). unfortunately, "ascending" requires dying! now, together, they form one malicious demon!! his interests include monster energy, trying to get other people to die/upload their consciousnesses, and long walks on the beach.
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Ben: I can be your partner for the next race
Liu: sorry, Ben. It’s a sibling race
Jeff: maybe there’s a contest for lonely children after this
Liu: its only children, Jeff. A lonely child is what you’re gonna be when I sell you
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slenderette · 2 days ago
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badlydrawncreepypasta · a day ago
can you draw lost silver and ben doin a lil hug, they both desprately need a hug
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hey op your brain is pretty humongous
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graciliss · 2 days ago
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thought I should introduce people more to some of my (Creepypasta) OCs.
this is Victor Zeng, commonly referred to as Watchmaker Zeng or the Horologist of Scheele Street. he's a watchmaker but he's also skilled in other fields of engineering <3
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cabyart · 2 days ago
emm well it's late... go to sleep please,good night...bye :^
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teleostuber · 2 days ago
hello hi!!! i have some silly art request prompts! hope they are fun! thank you for making such swaggy art. love to see it on my dash <3 1. Favorite underrated character (in general) 2. Any pasta + cat ear headphones 3. Any pasta + their opinion on pineapple pizza 4. Any of your faves + flower language
((side note: recently followed you for pasta content and holy shit dude you are legitimately becoming one of my favorite artists on this platform??? scratches my visually pleasing funky art itch :] ))
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kidical · 2 days ago
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i like to think ben can only get like 4ft away from an electronic device before he gets vacuumed back into it so when he wants to go somewhere he has to take a computer on walkies with him
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genericstudios · a day ago
More sketch book pages
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somewhat-crazy · 7 months ago
Slender: adopt some children, they said.
*from the other room*
Masky: Now let’s stay calm and not panic—
Nina: *assorted yelling*
EJ: *demonic screeching*
Slender, without breaking 'eye' contact with Splendor: it’ll be fun they said
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cerealsnail · 14 hours ago
For the other mods, one pokepasta mod is called Lullaby, it has playthroughs on youtube also. And theres also tons of fanfics, comics, and blogs out there still, some old and some pretty new! Some even sometimes return out of no where almost! Some stories are on here and others are on different sites, like Ao3 or even Instagram for some comics. With all these variations on the stories, do you have any fav versions of Ben and even other pastas?
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there are too many to list here so I'll just mention a few bens! :,D pasta monsters of course, and @kidical 's and @ijustwannahavefunn 's are huge inspirations to me!! I love their art to death ;-; ♡♡♡
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creepy-spooghetti · 6 months ago
Things the Creeps find attractive
Hoody - If you wear glasses, that does it for him. You just look so. Freaking. Cute!
Masky - Very subtle, light makeup will make his heart go brrrr.
Jeff the Killer - Believe it or not, it's a major turn-on when you pet\play with Smile, or any other animals, for that matter.
Homicidal Liu - Oversized hoodies. No more needs to be said.
Sully - That's easy; if you retaliate when he flirts with you, he'll love it.
Ben Drowned - When you're willing to listen to him geek out about video games, he'll want to cuddle you so bad. Please let him.
Bloody Painter - He loves it when you talk about your passions. It could be anything. It's very alluring.
Clockwork - If you laugh so hard that food comes out of your nose, she'll get the sudden urge to marry you. It's very strange.
Jane the Killer - Oh please please please play with her hair.
Kagekao - When you do something dumb and then you're willing to laugh at yourself. He'll just jump right in and laugh along with you.
Zero - If you can stand up for yourself instead of wearing your heart on your sleeve, it's one of the most attractive things. Because she's going to tease and make fun of you a lot.
Eyeless Jack - Just listening to him vent is enough for him. Bonus points if you rub his head soothingly while he does so.
Ticci-Toby - He finds it adorable when you bite your lip and look to the side all bashful-like.
X-Virus - If you attempt to like the things he likes. It doesn't have to be anything big; maybe just his favorite type of candy. But he'll greatly appreciate the effort.
Jason the Toymaker - If you accept his frequent gifts with a warm, grateful smile, it'll make his heart sing.
The Puppeteer - When you blow a strand of hair out of your face whenever you're in deep concentration about something, he'll practically have hearts in his eyes.
Candy Pop - He loves it if you look deep into his eyes lovingly.
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slenderette · 2 days ago
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ijustwannahavefunn · 5 months ago
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I know I'm SUpEr late to the party. This drawing has been in my WIP file since October 😬 I have been busy with a lot of stuff and just couldn't draw as often. It's a shame really 😩
The recent Mr.beast video reminded me this sketch exists, and although I still have college going on, the midterm is over and I finally finished all the required things for the Wendy plushie. I thought it's about time for me to draw some pictures again 😉
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zzzaturation · 2 months ago
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