#ben drowned x reader
BEN: Don’t go into the living room.
Y/N: Why?
BEN: I saw a spider.
Y/N: Did you not kill it?
BEN: Listen, it has 8 arms and I have 2, that’s not a fair matchup.
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brain--drop · 4 months ago
How The Creeps React to You Sleeping On Them (Pt 1)
He doesn't notice that you fell asleep while you two were just watching t.v on the couch until he feels your head on his shoulder. He's basically stiff like a board as he doesn't know what to do, having you stay like that for an hour until he hears EJ call for him to help with something. You wake up to find yourself lying down on the couch completely with a pillow under your head and a sweater to cover your arms.
The two of you were just relaxing on the roof pretty late at night, your head on Toby's lap as he talks about a mission he just finished up. When you don't respond at the end, he looks down at your sleeping figure and stays awkwardly quiet, messing with your hair lightly. It's only when he sees you shiver at the cold air around you two that he gets up and puts you up over his shoulder, walking you to your room and tucks you into bed quickly before you wake up.
Like every Friday night, the two of you chill in his room sitting back to back on his bed as you play your own games. You end up dozing off and go limp against Ben's back, making him turn around to glance at you. He doesn't want to wake you but knows that the sleeping position may be uncomfortable so he gently has you lie your head on his lap and continues playing his game. He makes sure that you're still sleeping soundly, putting a part of his comforter on you so you stay warm.
You had gotten back to Jack's mini infirmary after cleaning up everything, having helped him in patching up some people in the mansion. You sit down beside him on one of the beds as you both can finally relax, the two of you sighing in sync. Jack was about to ask you if you were hungry before he felt you lean on him, adjusting you with his arm around you so you don't fall forward. He takes note on your soft breathing, surprised you fell asleep so quick and leaves you be until you wake up, still holding you.
Slender notices that you were reading in the library alone late in the night as you had some trouble sleeping so he decides to accompany you. You both read in silence beside each other, feeling your eyes start to close and lean your head on Slender's forearm. He looks over at you and saves the page you were on in your book before moving you to lean your head on the table. He lets you stay asleep for nearly 3 hours before he closes his own book, waking you up slightly so you're aware he's taking you to bed before carrying you out.
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somewhat-crazy · 3 months ago
jeff: this is... so dumb.
ben, standing on jeff's back: the higher i am, the better i can see.
jeff: you can- you can levitate.
ben: hush now, jeff, i am searching.
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bluespecterr · 7 months ago
Tumblr media
jeff the cat boy
im sorry
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milkycarnations · 3 months ago
What Are They Like with Their S/O?
Tumblr media
Hoodie: Bonnie and Clyde
He wants you IN on his shenanigans. Especially when those shenanigans include fucking with other people for your enjoyment.
Will go out in public with you just so y'all can play pretend and completely fabricate new lives together. You guys went to a bar in the city once and convinced about 10 other people that you were a practicing ophthalmologist and Brian was a stay-at-home dad who spent all day taking care of your 14 children. 8 boys and 6 girls, to be exact.
His amazing memory helps ensure that he never gets caught in his lies and your personality balances his enough for people to believe you guys.
Masky: Bert and Ernie
You may think that Masky is the Bert in this situation, but you're totally wrong. Tim is Ernie all the way: outgoing, light-hearted, etc.
You're tired of him, but you put up with him somehow.
Jeff: Harley Quinn and The Joker
He wants someone as crazy as him. Enough said.
Instead of having opposites that attract, he prefers to be with someone very similar to him. He feels like it helps him understand you better and vice versa.
It's also how he manifests his perception that he is a true beauty and others should follow suit.
Toby: Mike and Sully
He is your tired little green man and you are his fluffy blue kitty.
Toby fits the calculated exhaustion of Mike Wazowski, but he also works well with your charismatic self. I definitely think he's the more bitter one, but gets excited over the small things in private.
Not much of a comedian though. Help him.
Liu: Christina Yang and Meredith Grey
Y'all are honestly so cute 🥺. You compliment each other well, even if you find yourselves in a competitive environment.
You understand each other's emotions better than others on this list.
You're both the other's rock.
EJ: Dr. Watson and Sherlock Holmes
Partners in... Uh... anti-crime? You're probably two rather intelligent people in your fields and your expertise compliments Jack's.
He'll probably use you (not in a bad way) to help him solve problems when he's experimenting with something or trying to figure something out like how Sherlock talks to Watson.
You're probably confused most of the time.
Ben: Doom bf; Animal Crossing gf
Listen. We all knew this was coming. It's not that the roles can't be reversed per se, but he likely has a personality that clashes well with his S/O. Ones soft and likes pastels, the other is fighting demons with chainsaws, but you both switch it up from time to time.
Let's be honest, one of you is the emo/goth/punk and the other is the prep/cottagecore/academia aesthetic.
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girlnextmorgue · 2 months ago
How the Creeps React to a Newbie
NOTICE: This post is a reupload from my old Creepypasta fanfiction blog (now my main blog). If you've seen it before, that's probably because it was posted there first! I pinky promise that I'm not stealing anything, simply moving my old work here for organization purposes.
BG anon asked: Hi hi!! I came across your blog not too long ago and absolutely fell in love with your mansion hcs and creeps rooms hcs! Could I request some hcs of the reader having just joined the mansion, like how would different creeps react to them, who would hang out with them etc if thats not too much? Thanks, love you! -BG anon 🌸
hello bg anon!! thank u so much, im so glad you like my hcs even though they can be kind of incoherent. this is gonna be formatted kind of differently than my usual bullet point hcs, so i hope that you dont mind that too much!! i have a lot of ideas for this concept omg.. okay, i hope you enjoy these!!
Generally, the Creeps are all gonna be a bit hesitant to accept a newcomer. Additions to the Slender Mansion are super rare; Slender has tons of proxies and connections, but only the people that he trusts the most are allowed into the mansion despite it being a sort of safe haven. Everyone is going to be a bit put off by you joining the rag tag crew that lives there, but their reactions are all different.
Nina is the most outgoing of the group living in the mansion, so she's bound to be one of the first people to talk to you. She's also probably going to be the first person that's nice to you. Nina is a people person, and she has a lot to say, so even if you're pretty quiet she talks enough for the both of you! She's also the person that will show you around and introduce you to everyone, even if the rest of her housemates aren't particularly happy about it.
LJ would also be pretty quick to speak to you, if he's even present at the mansion when you arrive. Yes, the cliche candy offer is something he does in my book. If you take it, you'll probably end up in the infirmary with EJ. This is probably one of the best ways to get to talking with EJ, since it's kind of hard to catch him and he isn't much for conversation anyway. If you don't take the candy, then don't worry about that, because there are more ways to meet EJ than getting really sick.
Nina would most definitely introduce you to Jane and Clockwork, while simultaneously inviting you along to some sort of hangout, whether it be a sleepover or a killing spree (though Jane would be hesitant to participate in the latter). Natalie is relatively easygoing, so she'd be quick to start a conversation with you about whatever interests the two of you might share. She's kind of a jack of all trades in my mind, so if you have a hobby then she's probably at least tried it once. Jane is a little harder to talk to. She's a colder person and she isn't quick to trust, but if you end up befriending Nina and Natalie then she starts to warm up to you.
Jane is also good friends with EJ, so if you catch the two having a conversation and are comfortable enough to try to worm your way in, you've earned yourself an additional acquaintance.
Toby is the type to pull some sort of sadistic prank on you on your first night at the mansion. If you react with anger or disgust (depending on what he does), then he'll continue to prank the living shit out of you and try to make your life a living hell until you report to Slenderman about it. Doing that basically guarantees you're on Toby's shit list, even if he can't do anything about it because Slender would kill him, and even if it was kind of his own fault that he ended up getting in trouble. If you're chill about the prank then yeah, Toby will end up with at least some interest in you. He'd probably tell BEN and Jeff about it, and maybe he'd even invite you to hang out with the trio (much to the chagrin of Jane).
The aforementioned pair of idiots were more likely than not gaming on the couch when you entered the mansion and probably didn't pay much attention to your introduction, but that was also probably because Nina was the one doing it. If you do end up hanging out with Jeff and BEN (either through Toby or through being paired up with them for a mission or for chores), you'll have to prove you're worthy of being graced by the presence of the famous Jeff the Killer and his best bud BEN_Drowned. This would either be through video games or through some other form of a challenge, so pick your poison!
Brian is a very easy person to talk to. You probably ended up meeting him in the kitchen or something, I can see him hanging out at the counter with a book in his hand or something. He might have sparked a conversation with a joke, maybe about whatever prank Toby managed to pull on you, and it's just so easy to be friends with the dude. He gets along with mostly everyone, and it's very rare that he meets someone he doesn't like, so yeah. He's probably one of the nicest people in the mansion.
Befriending Tim is a bit of a harder task. Tim is most definitely put in charge of giving you a legitimate tour of the mansion (Nina can't really be trusted), but if he finds you obnoxious or annoying he will not like you. Even Jane calls him a tightass, and she's another person that has zero patience for bullshit. If you do end up managing to get on his good side, congratulations! Please tell me how the fuck you managed to do that! It's especially surprising if you've gotten close with Toby & company, because Tim has no tolerance for that type of behavior.
Liu is a very introverted person, so he's a bit hard to get around to talking to. Conversations with people he doesn't know tend to make him anxious, so you'll probably need to butt in when he's talking to Natalie, Jane, or EJ. Once you get into that conversation and he finds that he's comfortable around you, there is no stopping him from talking. It's definitely refreshing to have a relatively normal conversation about books he's read or the plants that he's taking care of compared to the chaos of the rest of the mansion.
Helen is probably one of the hardest people to get close to. He only really talks to Liu, and that's when he isn't off somewhere drawing or painting. Nina didn't even get to introduce you to each other because he wasn't anywhere to be found. You'd probably have to end up talking to him yourself. It's not that conversation makes him uncomfortable, he just finds everyone annoying at the beginning. If you bug him enough he'll definitely warm up to you, since he's the type that waits for people to come to him, even if he wants to pretend he hates everyone.
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eyeless-cunt · a year ago
Hey what do you think different creeps moans sound like?
TW/CW: Sexual Themes, CUM NOISES ⁉️🔊
I think BEN’s are high pitched and absolutely one of the whiniest. He can’t keep them in and he doesn’t even try to. He’s a whimpering mess that whines and cries until his throat goes raw. On the other hand I think EJ is more a heavy breather than anything. He’ll grip you harder when he’s feeling good and throw his head back with a loud exhale, so obviously trying to keep his cool.
Slender is absolutely static I don’t make the rules. Sorry. Get ready for a major fucking headache. Jeffery will be quiet at first, but eventually when he gets more comfortable or ends up feeling too good he’ll be more verbal. He’ll have heavy breathing and his face will contort in all the right ways as you make him feel good. Liu is also a whiner. His hands will be everywhere as he huffs and whines for your touches.
Toby is on the same spectrum as BEN. He won’t be able to keep his hands off of you as he twitches in pleasure. Whines that are high pitched, whimpers—all of it at once, and it never stopping for even a second. He’s verbal from start to finish. Hoodie is a grunter and a very heavy breather. He’ll let out low moans and the occasional drawn out humming sound.
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killer-intuition · 8 months ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
― Contains: Hoodie, Ben, Jeff, & Toby.
## HOODIE ! !
Hoodie is incredibly sadistic and gets off on seeing you cry and beg for him. There's nothing he enjoys more than getting you to openly cry and plead for him, voice all shaky and eyes rimmed with the prettiest shades of red, for him to take care of you. It definitely feeds into his ego knowing he's the only one that could possibly make you feel so small and meek.
Unbeknownst to you, Hoodie keeps a camcorder discretely tucked away on a bookshelf, and it contains each and every one of your sexual escapades. He likes to scim through the footage whenever you're not around to pass the time.
There's something about seeing you wearing nothing but one of his scarcely worn hoodies and going about your day to day life that riles him up. He'll not hesitate to bend you over the nearest surface and make you scream his name.
He's a self proclaimed top and dom, but he can very rarely be convinced to be a good, obedient boy if you bat your lashes just right and make your voice soft. He'll drop to his knees for you right then and there, but he'll make you regret ever speaking about it if anyone were to catch wind of how soft he is for you.
## BEN ! !
Ben is embodiment of harsh dom and bratty sub, and there's never an in between. He loves flipping between the two mindsets just to see your head spin in an attempt to keep up with him.
His favorite spot for you to be is underneath his desk while he mindlessly taps away at his keyboard, long and slender fingers moving at a lightning pace while you whine for his attention. If you stop for any reason, those pretty fingers will wrap right around your jaw and force you to stare into his piercing red pupils until you whimper quiet apologies.
He will one hundred percent fuck you with the mic connected to his headset on ― you'd be able to hear the cheers from his friends if it weren't for his incessant low moans reverberating in your ears.
He loves having you sat on his lap, your back pressed against his chest, while he whispers in your ear about how he's gonna take you apart piece by piece until the only thing going through your head is his name; his fingers curl just right inside of you, and he'll complain about the mess you've made on his lap just to make you shy away.
## JEFF ! !
Jeff is probably the cruelest person you'll ever meet. Very rarely does he take into account your needs and wants. If he's not getting pleasured, he's not at all interested.
He has a major knife kink, whether or not you like it or not, it'll get incorporated into anything that happens behind closed doors.
Jeff is a demon when it comes to oral. He'll eat you out like it's the last meal he'll ever have, and he won't stop until your thighs are tight around his head and your fingers are yanking at the hair on his head.
He's notorious for breaking the bed with how hard he fucks. He's eerily silent during sex, too; the most you'll get out of him are deep grunts and quiet praises about how good you feel around him, how pretty you look wrapped around his cock.
He might not look that strong, but he's way too good at manhandling you into whatever way he pleases. He'll force you into the sheets to fuck you harder and faster, until you nearly pass out from the sheer pleasure of it all, and the cycle repeats whenever he sees fit.
## TOBY ! !
Toby is a switch at the end of the day. He just wants to feel appreciated and admired, and he'll gladly return the favor, but the control freak in him screams that he needs to be on top at all times. It takes time and a lot of gentle coaxing to get him on his knees, but he gives you everything he has to offer when it inevitably happens.
He prefers to give rather than receive, and spends an ungodly amount of time with his face pressed against your wet heat. The selfish part of him eats you out for his own pleasure because he loves making you moan and gasp his name, breath coming out in short little pants, back arching off the bed and hands entangled in his curls. He's entirely too unabashed by it, at the end of the day.
His favorite position is missionary because it allows him to see the pretty expressions you make while he fucks into you with earnest; he'll hold your hands and sing innocent praises like he isn't pounding you into the bed.
Toby loves to nestle into your chest after sex and just hold you close, especially if your fingers are in his brown locks and nails gently scratching against his scalp. It lulls him to sleep a lot faster than it should.
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simpofachilles · 9 months ago
slenderman: sometimes people ask me how do i manage the creepypastas. the secret is, i don't. i have no control over them whatsoever. this morning toby called my name and when i showed up ben shot me in the throat with a nerf gun.
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splitt · 4 months ago
Hii, can I request a gem! S/O who acts motherly ? (And maybe put some big TIDDIES in there, unless you feel uncomfy with that it's okay) with EJ, Ben, Lj and maybe Toby ?
Thank you in advance !!
EJ, Ben, LJ, Toby x Motherly Gem! S/o Nsfw Headcanons
Tumblr media
A/N: here you go sweetheart, this might be too short i don’t very like this i’m sorry but i hope you enjoy :’)
Warnings: Explicit Sexual Content, MDNI please.
Eyeless Jack
He loves how you take care of him tenderly.
Still, he wants you to know that he is the dominant one and him only. So, it’s not often that he calls you mommy.
Likes to touch your breasts.
Often mentions you being a real mother to his baby, jokingly.
Jack will make you sit on his lap and pull you as locse as possible so he can feel your breasts touching his chest.
He wants you to play with his hair but Jack is kinda shy to ask for it.
He often tells you that you take great care of everyone and your soul is pure, you would be a great mother one day.
Whenever he calls you mommy, he expects you to return the favor.
Suffocate him, you know how to do it.
BEN Drowned
Will call you mommy. Sometimes he does it in public just to tease you with a big grin.
He loves to lay his head on your breasts as he play games. He thinks they are more comfortable than a pillow.
He will call your breasts “mommy milkers.”
Ben’ll burry his head on your mommy milkers with full of joy.
Wants you to breast feed him jokingly.
Whenever he is upset Ben will come to you for comfort because you always find a way to make him feel warmer and happier.
Laughing Jack
He will ask you to give him “candies.”
Man is obsessed with you rubbing your candy on his lollipop.
He absolutely loves the affection he receives from you.
He will let you dominate him because your motherly behaviors turns him on a little too much.
He loves how mature you are on even worst situations, Jack adores this and sometimes he even tries to act like you but he is more of a childish soul.
If he is upset or too tired Jack’ll pull you into a huge hug and try to hide his tears, of course this ends up with you wiping off his tears with love and telling him everything will be okay and you’ll never leave his side.
He loves to driving you mad by eating chocolate and unhealthy sweet stuff before dinner.
Ticci Toby
Since he couldn’t get much attention from his family your motherly actions are all he needs.
Because he’s starving for your attention he’ll be extra anxious about losing his sweetheart.
He loves to watch you cook for him.
Mommy kink.
Always wants your attention to himself and only himself, if he see you taking care of someone other he will be such a killjoy, he’ll get drunk on jealousy.
Toby might hurt himself consciously just to have your attention and affection. He knows you’ll be worried for him and it’ll make you upset but he doesn’t care about that at all.
He will call you mommy only when he wants something naughty.
Will touch your breasts randomly. It doesn’t matter where he is, Toby loves to squeeze them and use them as his stress balls.
Just like LJ, he loves you to give him a breastjob.
He’ll make you wear his clothes because he doesn’t likes others to see your body.
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oddshroom · 4 months ago
Y/N: English is a difficult language. It can be understood through tough thorough thought, though.
E.J: You need to stop.
Y/N: Never
Y/N: You look like a corpse that was just pulled out of the river.
BEN: Wrong. I look like a person who passed out and was dragged out their own pool. Big difference.
Y/N: We’re friends!
Jeff: I’m gonna set you on fire.
Toby: I just fell down an entire flight of stairs and Masky told me “Be careful." As if I didn't already fall all the way down.
Someone please send me requests on the creepypasta fandom, but don’t send NSFW stuff please.
Thank you for your service if you did send me one.
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brain--drop · 4 months ago
The Creeps Love Language
Slenderman: Slender is a silent man, his ideal way of spending time is in the quiet without stress. Because of this, simple quality time is usually his go to when with you. Since he’s also a gentleman, time to time he shows his gratitude with nice acts of service like placing a cup of tea on the table for you as you read or work.
Jeff: Even though he doesn’t want to admit it, Jeff is really touched starved so physical touch is his love language at least when it’s just the two of you. He is a tad bit aggressive though, tugging you towards him for a hug or gripping your hand to put on his head when you stop petting and playing with his hair. Also words of affirmation, the man wants to hear from you that he’s beautiful to boost his ego and he’ll give you sly compliments to keep you on your toes.
Ben: Quality time, definitely. Ben is pretty laid back attitude wise so he doesn’t expect grand gestures aside from getting a large pizza for each of you and gaming. Occasionally, he’ll gift give with things he’s stolen from others, but don’t question it too much, he tries.
EJ: Another silent man, he does the most subtle of services for you. You had a stressful time the day before? He’ll clean up here and there and make dinner before you come back the next day. Your muscles are tense? He’ll run a bath and fluff up your pillows. EJ is the definition of “it’s the little things”.
Masky: Physical touch with no fear of PDA. Always has his arms around you one way of another when talking with others and plays with your fingers as you hold hands. Maybe it’s because he’s older and doesn’t care much of anything, but he mostly just wants the reassurance that you’re there with him. Expect to be dragged to lie down on the couch with him when he’s very bored.
Hoodie: For a man of not many words, he has a lot of words of affirmation to give you. He’ll compliment you whenever he sees you working on a project and thank you every time you do him a favor. He’s also very observant so he’ll tell you he’s proud or appreciates you whenever you’re in a low mood than usual. If you give him compliments back though, he’ll deny it in a flustered manner...so give him compliments.
Toby: If there isn’t a way to have all of the above on love languages, Toby will find a way. However, he is very gentle overall, not being the most dramatic to be overwhelming unless the two of you have had an off day. Gift giving with knick knacks he finds on his trips, acts of service on making sure you hydrate and lie down on a warm bed, physical touch and quality time being mixed in when watching a movie and you will get at least 5 words of affirmation everyday with him.
LJ: Gift giving, this man will spoil you rotten. Candy, plushies, books, blankets and random shiny things he finds, they’re all yours. If you try to tell him that there’s no more space for you to keep everything, he will make room because he’s not stopping. He just gets so excited whenever he sees something that he knows you like or reminds him of you that he has to get it and surprise you every time.
Jane: Simple woman, she just appreciates being around you and quite often will ask if you want to run errands with her since she enjoys your company. She could just listen to you for hours and never get bored or just sit in comfortable silence because it’s familiar and soothing. With how hectic her life and her mind is, she’s grateful for how relaxing your presence is to her.
Liu: Brothers think alike because he is touch starved as well but doesn’t mind when and where the physical touch comes from. His favorite thing to do is just to hold you from behind, his day getting better especially if you look at him in surprise each time he does it. Bonus is him giving you notes of affirmation so you can read them over and over, not minding if you ask to hear it from him directly.
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somewhat-crazy · a month ago
Ben: EJ! Truth or dare?
EJ: Truth.
Ben: Was the moon landing of 1969 faked?
EJ: What?
Ben: Answer the question, Jack.
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whaleofatjme1920 · 6 months ago
Creeps Dealing with a Friend that Can’t Sleep
[Warnings: Like, none?]
[AN: aha I said I was in an off season but here I am. I tried going to sleep at 10pm, it’s almost 1am. Usually I‘m awake until 2-4 in the morning but I’m attempting to sleep earlier. Lying to myself at this point. Apologies for formatting I’m on my phone. Anyways—]
Slender Man
The kind of man to give you a cup of tea and send you on your way.
The tea might be drugged. Slender doesn’t actually care about pretty much everyone but as you’re one of his favored proxies… he can make exceptions.
The way he gets you to sleep is questionable. Brings you back to your room and awkwardly leans in the doorway watching you shuffle.
If he could frown—. Wants you to be in tip top shape for work. Will get you some thing within reason if that gets you to sleep.
He might tell you Germanic fairytales if you’re really not feeling sleep at the moment.
Jeff the Killer
He will jokingly tell you “go to sleep” but man he deals with insomnia too he knows the struggle.
He might make you do push-ups. When you ask why, he says “they tire me out.”
Honestly he just stays up talking to you. He knows there’s no forcing you back down. Once you’re up, you’re up.
Once you start zoning out he might pet your head out of habit.
Doesn’t leave until you’re actually asleep. Might hang around to ensure you stay asleep and then falls asleep with you.
Eyeless Jack
At first he doesn’t actually care like, it’s not his problem lmfao. But then he’s like, nah we’re cool and tosses you a bottle of melatonin.
While waiting for that to kick in, he might actually suggest meditation! I get the feeling EJ meditates every now and then because he considers it his way of “recalibrating” from a long day or week.
He will take away your screens though just so you’re not messing with your sleep schedule anymore.
He might hum to you. He has a gorgeous voice—.
You can pet him while you fall asleep and he’ll purr like a cat lmfao. He wouldn’t afford that part of him to anyone but his best friend.
BEN Drowned
Just as clueless as you are on what to do about it lmfao. He pops through your computer and lazily smiles, asking if you’re having a hard time like him.
The two of you end up saying “no <3” to sleep and stay up watching bad TV shows.
He will get the both of you snacks! Also has a habit of giving you good warm drinks that might put you in a sleepy mood. He’s actually subtly trying to get you to sleep in his own way.
He’s like a demon/ghost/entity he doesn’t necessarily need sleep. But you’re still living a human experience so—
The two of you end up passing out on the couch together as the sun comes up. It worked—just really unorthodox.
Masky (Written more like Tim)
King of insomnia. He’ll make some hot chocolate or warm milk with honey and cinnamon and plop it down in front of you. That thing is a natural sleep aid.
He’s honestly a bit prone to cuddling. He’ll hold you in his arms, smile and put on some late night boring show to get your brain to power off.
Also lowkey might read you “go the fuck to sleep” as a joke. His voice is a tad deeper due to the exhaustion rolling off him so it kinda sounds nice.
He puts you in a really safe, sweet mood and that dampens your energy enough to actually call it a night while it’s still night.
Eventually you get Pavlov’d into thinking cigarettes mean sleepy and get sleepy at the scent of Tim.
Hoodie (Written more like Brian)
Brian has always been gifted with the ability to tune out and go to sleep. He’s had to relearn that as a proxy and sleep doesn’t come as easily to him anymore.
He knows the struggle. Ends up staying up with you and talking. Slowly moving into more boring topics to get your brain tk stop racing.
He will stop you from drinking anything caffeinated after noon. Also prone to keeping your phone away from you.
Might give you his hoodie to get you in a warm sleepy mood.
Brian might also suggest listening to podcasts or rain sounds. He likes the thunderstorm ones because they remind him of summers in alabama! But he really just stays with you the entire time until you’re asleep.
He’s the kind of guy to also say “no <3” to sleep and get up and do stuff. You tell him you can’t sleep and he’s taking you out on an adventure.
He will actually manage to tire you out by how much stuff you’re doing with him throughout the night. And it’s nothing dangerous, he’s just high energy.
Eventually, the two of you are in the backseat of the car chatting, having a nice time and he can tell you’re almost asleep.
His tone switches. He’s gentler and soft, his hand might even pet you like his sister did when he couldn’t sleep. He implements a lot of what she did to you.
And before you know it, you’re asleep in the back seat and Toby is dreading moving because he kinda likes seeing you at ease. He’ll be driving back to your residence and carrying you to your bed so you wake up somewhere comfortable.
Kate the Chaser
She’ll snuggle with you and softly speak to you. She often can’t sleep and those soft moments often help her.
Very prone to getting a book and reading that out loud to you. Sometimes it’s a murder mystery, other times it’s a magazine she got from the corner store-her voice is soothing and sweet.
Kate gets you a warm drink too. If you really can’t sleep, shel might make a midnight snack—mac and cheese is the best bet lol.
Might go onto the roof and talk with you. She’ll point out constellations and individual stars, telling you the myths that surround them. It’s really relaxing.
When she realizes you’re ready to call it a night, she’s moved you back to your bed before you even realize it.
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faded-euphoria · a month ago
Platonic jeff the killer, eyeless jack, ben drowned, and ticci toby x gn!reader
cw- pure fluff. comfort. very short tho 🥲
A hand gently brushed against your forehead moving your hair out of your face. you look up at you current pillow, who happened to be Jeff, his hand running through your hair as his eyes trained on the movie in front of him.
The gentle brush of a thumb over your thigh gained your attention soon after that. Your legs had found their place over Toby's lap, his hand on your thigh right above your knee. A smile crept onto your face, next to your side, Ben sat on the floor, his hat in his lap as he leaned against the couch.
You reached your hand out, gently running through his hair similar to how Jeff was doing with your hair. Ben turned his head slightly, glancing to you, closing his eyes as he leaned into your touch for a moment before he looked back to the movie.
Jack sat on the floor in front of Toby, in between his legs, his head resting against your thigh, using it as a head rest. His mask was off, a rare occurrence even at the manor. His sharp features looked even sharper in the glow of the TV light. He really was pretty.
You close your eyes once more, turning your head and nuzzling into Jeff's belly. A breathy chuckle left him as his hand moved to your cheek, his thumb brushing over it gently lulling you back to sleep.
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bigtittydemonwife · a year ago
How the creepypasta boys ask for a hug
Ben: “cuddle me >:(” over text, in real life you know he wants a hug because he’s hugging you 
Jeff the Killer: “Oi Bastard give me affection”
Ticci Toby: either just clings to you but acts like nothing’s happening or stupidly hints at it “I’m cold” “I was never given affection as a kid”
Liu: the most emotionally mature if not for Jack, either straight up says it or just hugs you
Sully: like Liu (besides the emotionally mature part) he’ll hug you but instead of being gentle he’ll pick you up (don’t matter how tall or thicc you are he’s a strong boi) hold you like simba, he doesn’t ask he just takes 
Eyeless Jack: He’s very shy when it comes for asking for anything especially affection, you can usually tell when he wants one he’ll be more quiet, hover behind you, lingering touches, things like that
Laughing Jack: Just straight up says it “Give me a hug Dollface!” or jumps at you and picks you up spinning you around 
Masky: oh if you think this man is asking for anything you are wrong, he’ll hug you but make up excuses “you looked cold” “I’m tired” 
Hoodie: he doesn't usually like to ask but he’s not as stubborn as Tim “Hold me” Simple but sweet, 
Slenderman: Does not say anything, I doubt he wants hugs, he gets enough of that for Splendor 
Splendorman: “(y/n)! Come here!” / “(y/n) come here I’ve got something cool to show you!”
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chaotic-vibes-only-please · 6 months ago
EJ, BEN, and LJ, catching their s/o masterbatin in their beds, I loved the proxy ones, and I wanted to see one with these characters!!
EJ, BEN, and LJ catching their S/O masterbating in their Beds
Tumblr media
A/N: Oh how much I love this request, the other one was my most liked post 😳 It took a while, but here it is! Also Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!
Warnings: NSFW, MDI, +18, Breeding kink, slight bondage, toys, thigh riding
Eyeless Jack
Jack can smell something sweet and familiar as soon as he enters the hall in which his bedroom is located. It makes his mouth water. Something about this particular aroma also causes his pants to tighten. He listens carefully, tuning into the direction of where its coming from and can faintly hear your moans
Immediately Jack walks down the corridor and rips his door open, only to see the most shocking sight. You're on your stomach, ass up, face buried in his pillow while your fingers stretch and thrust inside of your pussy. Slick drips down your thighs and your moans are loud and lewd. "Jack! Jack! Faster...P-Please, harder" You whine into the cushion that just so happens to be the one he sleeps on every night.
You must not have heard him come in since you're...distracted. Jack drops his hunting bag on the floor silently and creeps over to you in the stealthy way he usually does with his victims.
He's immediately overwhelmed with the urge to mate. You're in the perfect position, like you're presenting to him, you obviously want it. Jack silently comes from behind and pounces ontop of you.
You yelp in response, startled by the presence hovering on you. The familiar scent of Cologone and blood fill your nose. Jack's home. You're embarrassed to say the least that your boyfriend has caught you in the most...scandalous position.
He holds the back of your neck with one hand while the other grips your hip. His crotch presses against your ass, you can feel his hardness throbbing. You remove your hand from your cunt and smile stupidly. Jack's claws dig into your plush thighs as he studies your dripping pussy with the idea to breed you in his mind
"Needy much Little One?" He chuckles darkly and makes a thrusting motion with his hips. You hum in response and press yourself against him. Jack growls and unzips himself. "It looks like you're certainly prepped enough" He whispers huskily before reaching inside his boxers.
He left his room for only fifteen minutes to grab some pizza rolls from downstairs, only to walk in on you with your legs spread and a vibrator pressed against your clit. He drops the entire plate on the floor when he sees you.
You pause after hearing the glass break, caught red handed. Oops, you thought he'd gone out to run some errands, not to the kitchen. Note to self, check next time to make sure he's really away. BENs cheeks are tinted pink, the blush contrasting against his pale skin. Slowly, a large grin tugs at the corners of his lips despite the shyness.
"And you call me the perv" He notes and raises an eyebrow. You huff in response, annoyed by his comment, but then smile as an idea pops in your brain. Might as well give him a show. BEN licks his lips, eyes focused on your glistening pussy before they rake up your body. You press the vibrator harder against your clit, awarding him with a nice porn worthy groan
"So, this is what you do when I'm not home" He comments before wires from the walls snake down to where you lay and wrap around your thighs, holding them wide open while another two wind over your wrists. You drop your favorite toy and pout, wiggling around in your restraints
"So what if it is?" You retaliate as he stalks forward. Ben climbs onto the bed and crawls towards your quivering body. He picks up the vibrator, feeling it buzz against his fingers then shoves it straight into your cunt
"Hey I'm not complaining, seeing you so Needy is the hottest shit I've ever witnessed" He rubs your inner thigh. "If you like my bed so much, I'll have to keep you tied here" BEN chuckles darkly as you lay there unable to do anything but take the toy he'd previously stuffed inside of you
Laughing Jack
He didn't expect this at all. You've always been more on the shy and timid side. Yet there you were, writhing on his matress with his pillow tucked between your legs. Your hips grind desperately against it, your moans are muffled by your hand.
LJ takes a few seconds to himself to calm his racing heartbeat. He loses his usual sly and cocky facade because honestly the demon is shocked beyond imagination. But, he gains his composer fairly quick and crosses his arms, waiting for you to notice him standing at the end of the bed
"O-oh, uh-I can explain" You stutter once you open your eyes to see the tall dark figure in your peripheral vision. His smile is so wide that the whites of his teeth show. He chooses not to say anything yet. LJ studies how your juices soaked the pillow case and the sheets underneath, how only now do you try to cover up what decency you have left
"No need to explain gum drop" His pupils dilate as they lock on the space between your legs that's covered by the cushion. You know you're fucked immediately when he sits down on the edge of the matress and scoops you onto his lap
You're a complete flustered mess in his arms as he makes you straddle his thigh, bare cunt dragging against the cloth of his pants. The friction has you keening in his ear. His claws rest on your plush hips, the temptation to grip them rougher to leave little cuts or bruises on them becoming stronger by the minute
"Continue sweetie, I want to watch you come undone. Be good for me" He orders and presses you down against his leg. You gently hump against it with a whimper and a nod. LJ nibbles on your ear before pulling away to lick a long strip up your neck with his monstrous tongue
You practically begged for him to touch you, and that's what he'll do.
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errorbxtchmariah · a month ago
Ben Trying To Flirt With Y/N Head-Canons
Warnings: None that I can think of.
Incredibly stupid pet names galore
"Hey there my little Neo-Pet" "...Your what?"
Never stops making video game references
SO MUCH PHYSICAL AFFECTION- if your okay with it of course, he tries to be conscious of your feelings
"Haha! I'm joking I'm joking!" Doesn't know how to open up so he pretends his flirting is just joking around
Afraid you'd reject him if you found out he actually like-liked you and it'd ruin the friendship
Still will be annoying to you for fun though
Will get flustered if you continuously call him out or flirt back
A lot of people HC him as a perv but I see him not being that pervy just a total dork
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milkycarnations · 6 days ago
Camping with An S/O Headcanons
Tumblr media
He's all for it. Sets up the tent, starts and maintains the fire - he's doing everything to make it fun for you.
He begs you to make s'mores and stargaze all night with him.
Prefers camping on a lake side.
Makes you sleep in a hammock.
Prefers "rougher" camping: no tent, dehydrated meals, and tons of hiking.
Spends a lot of time playing cards and reading with you.
He's your forest tour guide.
Grabs some leafs and flowers for a scrap book.
You have to make sure he's drinking enough water and properly dressed for the weather. So you're both babysitting each other.
He's a liability.
You're honestly not sure if he doesn't know what he's doing or if he's just lazy.
Honestly, I could see him being the type to hunt for food while gone. Even if it means he has a big ass deer that goes to waste because y'all don't have a freezer.
He enjoys camping in the light rain.
Since he enjoys having plants, he'll walk around with you appreciating all the flora and little bugs.
Likes eating chips and sandwiches while camping.
He likes backyard camping. Literally. The doesn't like to be too far from home.
He sets up a tent in the back yard and puts his whole mattress in it.
Him being him, there'll be fairy lights and he'll being the switch out for some late night gaming with you.
I like to imagine EJs body is suitable for living out in the elements. He enjoys being out in the wild from time to time.
He'll circle around the camp before sleeping.
He's very aware of all the pin drops in the woods, but that's because you're there. If he were alone, he wouldn't be worried.
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introverted-scribblings · 5 months ago
Through The Screen || (BEN Drowned)
So this was a thought I had and now it's here... @smutty-ki113r I blame you for this.
I actually have no idea how this turned out so... I hope you enjoy?
Warnings: NSFW, GN(afab)!reader, voyeurism, masturbation, minors-dni. (wc: 867)
Tumblr media
He was only planning to scare you a little. A joke between the two of you due to that day’s earlier conversation. He was just going to mess with your laptop a bit, he certainly wasn’t expecting to see this through your screen. Your flushed and flustered expression, lips parted as your breath comes out in gasps, eyes lidded as you keep them glued to the screen. Your fingers slowly rubbing circles over your clothed heat as you watch the intimate actions playing on your laptop.
BEN couldn’t look away.
He swallowed thickly. He shouldn’t be watching this, he should respect your privacy. He should disconnect from your device and pretend this never happened. And he’s going to! Right… now… Yet he couldn’t tear himself away from you. In all his wildest fantasies, nothing could compare to the real thing. Seeing you like this… You’re more beautiful than he could ever imagine.
A whimper left you, then a moan as you pushed your fingers harder against your clit. You bite down on your lip and whine, watching as the man on screen licked and sucked at the woman’s folds. You stop, sitting up straight enough to pull your shirt off and tug your underwear down to your ankles, kicking the pair onto the floor.
You pause the video and stand up, walking out of BEN’s field of view for a moment. He could hear shuffling in the background. Now he should stop, he should disconnect and- but then you were back and he was once again enraptured by you. There was a lusty haze in your eyes that made him shiver. He wanted you to look at him that way…
The video was started up again, your fingers resuming their teasing on your now uncovered clit. Your other hand trailing up and down your chest as your eyes were locked to the screen once more. Completely and blissfully unaware that you were being watched.
BEN felt his chest tighten as he watched your fingers dip into your folds, coated in slick. Whining as you curl them inside yourself, desperate to fulfill the ache that consumed you. He wanted to touch you, he wanted to taste you, he wanted to be the one to please you and push you over the edge of euphoria. He couldn’t help wanting to join you in your pleasure, even if you didn’t know it. Kicking off his own pants, he palmed himself through his boxers. Damn how he wished it was your hand…
You let out another whine as you watch the actors on screen. You reach on hand towards the object you had gotten earlier, your favorite toy, and begin to rub it along your slit. You wanted it so bad…
BEN’s breathing was heavy and hot, unable to turn his attention anywhere else but you as his hand ran over his cock. His thumb running over the head and smearing precum down the shaft. A soft groan left his throat at the thought of you, legs spread for him.
“Please…~” You whisper, the head of your toy just barely pushing into you. “Please, BEN…~” You gasp, pushing the toy in further.
He nearly chokes on air as his dick twitches in his hand. Did he really hear that? Was that his name you were gasping?
You call out his name with a lewd moan as you begin to thrust the toy into you. Your vision blurry with lust, your mind was running wild as your head fell back and your eyes fluttered shut. You longed for his touch, you wanted to feel his hands on your body, his lips against yours. You wanted his cock to fill you to the brim instead of the damn toy.
BEN couldn’t believe what was happening. He wouldn’t believe it, yet he was seeing it unfold before him with his own eyes. You were thinking of him, you were getting off at the thought of him. He cursed under his breath as he fucked his hand, wanting nothing more than to replace that stupid toy you were using and fuck you into your mattress. He watched as your thrusting picked up speed, he matched your motions.
You were so close, you just needed a little more! Your other hand found its way to your clit once more, abusing the little pearl as you thrust the toy deep inside you. Your hips thrust upward as the orgasm hit you like a brick. You keened out BEN’s name, letting it escape you like a mantra as your muscles twitched and your vision went white. Eventually, your body settled and fell lax. Your breathing heavy, you pull the toy from you and set it to the side.
BEN watched as you lay there, briefly glancing down at the mess he made and grimacing before grabbing for some tissues to clean up. That beautiful show you put on… that would be burned into his mind until the end of time. With one last glance at your tired form, he disconnected from your laptop. Sitting back in his chair, a small smirk crossed his face. Next time he wouldn’t be watching… next time he’ll be right there with you.
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