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Hargreeves sibs shenanigans
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VIKTOR HARGREEVES [...] the truth about grief ↳ @usergif back to cool event | #1: blending
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All the Hargreeves when Luther opened his shirt at the table :
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HEYY LOVE LOVE YOUR BLOG SO MUCH. can you do a “she fell first and he fell harder” trope sparrow ben x female reader where they’re sharing a bed and he thinks that she’s asleep and Ben tucks her hair behind her ear and whispers “what r u doing to me Y/N”. thank you!
tysm lovely!! i think this is a good place to sneak in my personal favorite trope alongside this one…
faith and fate | sparrow ben  x umbrella fem!reader 
Tumblr media
The Hargreeves, regardless of their timeline of origin, were massive cheapskates. Of all the rooms in the Hotel Obsidian, you were assigned to the same one as none other than the spiky-haired, bright-eyed asshole next to you— courtesy of the lack of money and people willing to share with him.
You’d be lying if you didn’t say that this situation was straight out of some fantasy you’d have in your sleep, but that didn’t matter, because it was probably going to be one of those double-bed rooms, and your daydream of an only-one-bed situation was better for the novels. Sure, Ben Hargreeves was a fucking prick, but the heart wants what it wants, and yours wanted the smoldering, stylish man with a mean streak.
Besides, you clutched your coat, hoping to open the door to what was surely going to be a twin bed in one corner.
Ben trailed closely behind you, the clack of his shoes coming to a halt when he set his eyes upon the arrangement. A queen-sized bed lay ahead, adorned with a thin blanket and a few pillows, all a cheap banana leaf print that harmonized with the garish pink of the walls. Your breath hitched in your throat as you threw your jacket atop the lopsided chair to your left. “Great!” 
“They couldn’t have given us something with two beds? Or the have others man up and divide us by gender?” Ben scratched his head as he removed his shoes, sitting at the footboard. Opening the wardrobe, you gave the room a closer inspection to distract yourself from the sudden influx of blood coursing through your veins. This was another one of those dreams wasn’t it?
Upon slapping your forehead lightly with the closet door, you were proven wrong. 
The sun was well below the horizon by then, the night sky a distant darkness from the light of the corner lamp. The room was overall silent other than the low ramblings of Ben, who fiddled with the gemstones on the bed frame.
“You seem to really hate the idea of sharing with me, huh? You hate me that much?” You chided.
“No, no. I didn’t mean it like that—“ Your intention was to fluster Ben, that was true, but you didn’t exactly predict for him to start blushing that hard. Drawing back the blanket upon the bed, you began to climb in, your heartbeat a murmur that raced on an uneven path. “I just don’t want to make you uncomfortable or anything.”
“Honestly, I thought you actually despised me enough to really be complaining,” a shy smile perched itself on your lips as you looked down, draping the comforter over your legs.
“You’re all deplorable, but no. I have bigger things to worry about.” He rolled his eyes, the veneer of confidence and ‘no-fucks’ attitude staying put.
“You say that like you’re the only one,” and suddenly, Ben was beside you, back resting on the headboard, the gentle glow of the moonlight and the lamp giving his eyes a falsely ecstatic sheen. “I’m tired as hell.”
“Uh, yeah, same. Goodnight?”  
“Goodnight, I guess?” Before rolling over, you decided to sneak in one last tease, wanting to stay in this moment for as long as possible. “Didn’t think you had it in you to be nice like this.” Ben glared at you before pulling the string of the lamp to turn it off.
“Shut up. Don’t cross over to my side, okay?”
“And, uh, if you have a nightmare or something, ask me and I’ll cuddle you.” It was fairly dark inside, but you could still see the pearly shine of his incisors, his mouth tacked into a sneer. “Kidding.” God, you hated that look, but Ben was so beautiful the majority of the time that you couldn’t help but tolerate it.  Facing his back, you tried your best to at least close your eyes, the deafening, rapid thrum of your heart proving to be the main obstacle before sleep other than the guy you liked being right there. Maybe you could feign a nightmare.
Dipping in and out of subconsciousness, you observed Ben as he flopped onto his back, his face a bit more relaxed than it was when awake. It looked good on him, being carefree. The somewhat irregular and faster breaths he took pointed to the idea that he lay awake as well, trying desperately to embrace sleep with open arms only to find it guarded by thoughts.
A chill from the air conditioning vent on the floor shot up; it was springtime, but the Hotel had made sure to bring its own hazy shade of winter to its grounds. Delirious, you prodded Ben to tilt his head toward you. “What?”
“Can I get closer? It’s kind of cold.”
“Yeah, it sort of is. What, you want me to cuddle you? I’ll do it, but I’m not letting you forget it.” Silently, you watched him, your eyes adjusting rapidly to the dark. “Well? Get over here if you want to cuddle.”
“I didn’t say anything about full-on cuddling.” You bit back a giggle. “Sounds to me like you’re the one who wants to do it.”
“What? Where did you get that from?” The sharp rustle of sheets met your ear as he turned to look at you. 
“Whatever, I guess it’ll make the cold less horrible.” Scooting your body close to Ben, your skin recoiled at the idea of being so close to him. 
He hummed in agreement, practically jumping to hold you in his arms. Your face, hot and flushed, was buried in his chest, your mind preoccupied with the notion of whether he could hear your heartbeat or not. Pressing an ear to him, you heard the pace at which his own heart pounded. 
“You seem like you really wanted this, huh?”
“Says the girl that’s nuzzling my chest right now,”
“Okay, shut the fuck up and go to sleep.” His grasp tightened around your frame as his heart slowed in relaxation. The material of his turtleneck was a like a heating pad to you, its warmth like a second hug.
“‘Night.” Closing your eyes again, you tried your best to ease yourself in his arms, questioning the reality of it all; it wasn’t every day that you’re fated to cuddle with Ben in bed, avoiding the cold. Releasing a breath, your body eventually calmed, and you were on the railway to a deep sleep until you felt fingertips on your ear, brushing stray hairs behind your ear. “What are you doing to me, y/n?” Ben’s whisper was pale against the hum of the vent, but you heard the soft vibration of his voice in his body.
The best course of action was to stay still and breathe deeply; clearly he thought you’d nodded off, but did you want to leave this unpunished?
You answered that with a no once you felt his breath on your temple, his lips meeting your skin in a sweet kiss.
Shifting up, you opened your eyes, unsure of what your maneuver would amount to. Taking a leap of faith, you kissed him gently, testing him. “Thought you were asleep,”
“I picked that up for myself, thanks, Ben.” A genuine smile crept upon his face as he ran his hands around your body. 
“You make me so crazy,” he pushed his forehead to meet yours before leaving your mouth hungry for the feeling of his on it.
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Luther: What's it like being married to Five?
Y/N: Before or after we came back to 2019?
Klaus: What's the difference?
Y/N: Before I had to deal with just one baby, now its 5 more.
Y/N: .....
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I just saw a tweet where Diego's actor said that "Diego doesn't bowl" and now all I can think about is Diego hating bowling and his siblings throwing up a bowling themed birthday party for him.
The party is held in a bowling alley. Klaus is dressed up as a giant bowling jack. The only thing they do is bowling. They give Diego a bowling jacket and bowling shoes as presents. The cake is shaped like a bowling ball.
Next year Luther gets a moon-themed birthday
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Angels and Devils
A/N: Idk why it didn’t show up under my tags, so I am reposting the story?
Ask: Congratulations on 100 followers! Amazing! Wanted to send in my love and my request for Five Hargreeves from TUA! 👗 and/or 🌆, please! Thank you so much!✨ Fashion aesthetic: black and white. Whenever I hear Boyfriend I just automatically go to like, classy black dresses and pearl necklaces lol City: San Francisco. Idk why but Wildest Dreams gives me SF vibes - from @seconds-not-decades​
Five Hargreeves x reader
A/N: Thank you so much for requesting and participating in this celebration, sweetheart! I loved writing this so much, and I love your writing so much too, dsafdsafaf (shameless fangirling~) I hope you like this! Literally, San Francisco is barely in this, but oof-
Summary: Idk man-
Contains: Swearing? That's it... also mentions of a bar
Requested: Uh, yeah
NO SPOILERS FOR SEASON 3 (If you haven't watched it already, then what are you doing here? GO WATCH IT RN-)
Tumblr media
“Hurry up!” commanded my dad as he rushed around our manor, commanding the workers to get the place set up for this evening's ball. The living room, where the ball would take place, showed off my father's plentiful wealth, a crustal chandelier hanging from the ceiling and ornate marble busts and artworks lining the walls. “Hey Angel, how was school?” greeted my father as soon as he noticed me leaning against one of the marble columns in the room. “It was good, dad! What was the theme again, for the dance?” I asked as I strode forward giving my dad a hug before stepping away and looking at him expectantly for an answer. “Black and white, Y/N! I thought I told you that ages ago,” said my father absent-mindedly, his mind occupied by thoughts of the party. “Hey, don’t put the vase there!” he hustled over to the exhausted woman, who looked annoyed with him. I chuckled at my dad’s obsessive behavior before walking over to my room. I dropped my backpack in the corner of my room and fell onto the bed, exhausted from the school day. I thanked my lucky stars that the weekend was about to start, so I didn’t have to deal with sleep deprivation the next morning.
I heard a knock at my door, making me take support from my elbows to lift my head to look at the door before yelling, “Come in!” “Hello Miss Y/N! I was just bringing the dress for the party tonight. Your father had arranged for it,” she said as she held a large garment bag in her arms. “Thank you!” I said sweetly, making the woman smile at me before placing the bag next to my place on the bed. She left the room, leaving me alone with my thoughts. I pushed myself off the bed and picked up the garment bag, unzipping the bag to reveal a white party dress. It was graceful enough to fit into the grand gala, but not to the point where it felt like I was out of the 18th century. I lifted it to see that it was fairly light, and the bust glittered with small pearls stitched into it. Along with it was a halo which had a switch attached to it that made it glow with white light, like the devil horns you would get at Disneyland. I knew the exact set of pearls that would go with the dress, and white shoes to match.
By the time I was ready, I was basically late. I ran down the lonely corridor, holding onto the halo on my head to ensure that it didn’t become wonky. My shoes clacked against the marble floors, though the sound faded as I got closer to the music that was playing. I slid to a stop in front of the double door entrance to the room where the party was being held. I inhaled deeply, adjusting my dress before entering the room, pushing the door open with barely any force. My father looked away from his conversation with a moncled man with seven kids around him. The girl was wearing a classic little black dress, with gold sparkles that added a pop to the otherwise plain dress. The other boys all were different renditions of a suit, most just wearing a white or black suit over a white shirt and dress pants. “Y/N, you look very nice,” he said, offering the crook of his elbow to me. I entwined my own elbow with him, and he pulled me closer to the man he had been conversing with earlier.
“Angel, this is Mr. Reginald Hargeeves! He was my friend and business during the 90s,” said my father, introducing me to the cold-looking man. “Pleasure to meet you Mr. Hargreeves. My name is Y/N L/N,” I said, nodding politely at the man. I knew men like him, and they didn’t appreciate physical contact. “These are my children,” he said in response, waving his hand to direct my attention towards the seven kids who stood with stoic expressions, their hands behind their backs. I smiled politely, but received no response, except the fourth kid, who grinned. The one who caught my eye, however, was the fifth one, who glared at his smiling brother. His gaze fell on me, the sharp look in his green eyes making me shudder. He was the only one wearing a black three-piece on top of a crisp white shirt, a gold pocketwatch placed in his breast pocket, the top of it visible. He looked like sin, like the devil. “I’ll take your leave, father,” I said, removing my arm from his and going toward the refreshment table, trying to forget the green-eyed boy by picking up one of the glasses of lemonade and sipping the drink.
I walked around the grandly decorated room, talking to the few adults I knew, but spending most of my time swaying gently to the music as I stood on the sides. I noticed that among the Hargreeve children, the blonde boy and the girl had snuck away together and were talking amongst themselves. The two shy brunettes were admiring the artworks on the walls. Three of them, however, stood near the windows, admiring the moonlit greenery around the house. “Hello,” I greeted the three politely, making them look up at me in unison. “Hey Y/N!” said the boy who had grinned at me earlier excitedly, pulling me into a sudden hug. His white shirt was wrinkled, and his suit dangles off his shoulders as if he had stolen them from someone. “I don’t think I caught your names,” I said, making the boy split away from me and point at himself. “I am Klaus! Grumpypants number one here is Diego, grumpypants number two is Five,” he said, pointing at the two boys respectively. “Five? Isn’t that a bit odd for a name?” I questioned, looking at the green-eyed boy I had admired earlier. “Angel? Isn’t that a bit on the nose?” asked the boy, looking at my get-up pointedly, especially the halo on my head. I crossed my arms, glaring at the boy, who scowled with the same intensity. “Five! We are her guests!” protested Klaus, ‘Diego’ just looking at the scene with an upward crook of his eyebrows. Five, however, didn’t seem to back down. A small giggle then escaped me, just as Five snorted before we both broke into bouts of laughter. “Nice to meet you,” I said through chuckles, holding my hand out to him. Rather than shaking my hand, as I has expected, he took a hold of the tips of my fingers and brushed his lips against my knuckles, the small contact making blood rush to my face. “Pleasure to meet you too, ‘Angel’,” he mocked, making me roll my eyes to ignore the nervous thrum of my heart.
Soon, I started a conversation with the three boys, understanding what it was like to be the children of Reginal Hargreeves, and being the crime fighting team known as The Umbrella Academy. Suddenly, a familiar tune echoed through the room, making my eyes light up as I turned away from my conversation toward the sparsely crowded dance floor. “You okay, Y/N?” asked Five, his left eyebrow raised in confusion. “Swan Lake! This is my favorite waltz,” I mentioned as I stood on my tiptoes in search of my father in hopes of getting one dance in tonight. “Who are you looking for then?” he asked, still confused. “My dad! I want to dance,” I said, before giving up and pouting, crossing my arms angrily. “Well then, may I have this dance?” he asked, offering his hand to me. “Thank you! Literally, you are an angel!” I said happily, placing my hand into his. We moved to the still mostly empty dance floor, Five and I facing each other. I placed my left hand on his shoulder and he slid his rich arm around my waist. I placed my other hand in his, before beginning the classic waltz. I took a step backward, just as Five took a step forward, his dress shoe now placed where my shoe was earlier. I kept my eyes on my feet, trying to remember the steps, not used to dancing with someone who wasn’t my father. “Hey, look up,” said the boy, making my head tilt up to look into his eyes. “Keep your eyes on me,” he said comfortingly, a confident look in his eyes that immediately put me at ease. At the crescendo of the piece, Five’s other hand slipped from my hand and moved to the other side of my waist, before lifting me, just as I placed my free hand on his shoulder. He placed me down and twisted me around, keeping his own movement constant to the beat. When the music slowed down again, he resumed his initial steps, adding in a twirl every now and then, moving both of us across the whole floor. When the music slowed to just a violin, he brought me closer to him with a gentle tug at my waist as we swayed slowly on the spot. The steps were easier as I forgot everything around me, the only thing on my mind was the boy who stood in front of me. His hand was placed at the small of my back, the warmth making me giddy from the blood rush. Just as the music reached a close, he moved his left hand behind his back, keeping his right hand on my waist. I took that as a hint a dipped backward, his hand supporting me from falling over. I kept my hold on his shoulder with my right hand, while moving my left hand up to finish the final step.
My breath hitched as I looked into his eyes, which were twinkling from the excitement of the dance. The warmth of his hand passed through the thin material of the dress, which felt like a burn against my cold skin. Suddenly, applause thundered through the room, making both of us snap away from each other as Five brought me back into a standing position. I glanced around the floor to see that it was empty, everyone having formed a circle around where Five and I had danced. “Thank you for the dance, good sir,” I said in a fake posh accent, curtsying. Before he could respond, I felt someone’s hand clap against my shoulder. “Don’t steal my daughter away from me, Five. She’s my angel,” joked my father, making me chuckle awkwardly. “Wouldn’t dream of it, sir,” replied Five. I walked away from the two’s conversation toward Diego and Klaus. “Ugh, I’m bored,” I complained as soon as they were within earshot, making both of them look toward me. “Didn’t seem that bored a few minutes ago,” said Klaus teasingly. “What are you talking about?” I asked, feigning innocence. “Oh, you know…” he trailed off, looking suggestively in the direction of the dance floor. “I don’t.” “Ok then,” said Klaus, Diego and him glancing at each other with knowing looks. “You just left me with your dad!” complained Five suddenly from behind me, making me jump. “Yeah, and? I was bored,” I replied, shrugging slightly. “Bored? That’s your excuse-,” protested Five, before I cut him off. “Let’s go somewhere. I’m tired of staying here.” “Where would we even go?” questioned Diego, making me grin. “I have a few ideas in mind,” I said airily, walking away, and hearing three distinct pairs of footsteps coming after me. “Please take us to the Raven bar, sweetheart,” I said as soon as we had settled into the limo. “WE’RE GOING TO A BAR?” all three said in different tones, Five with surprise, Klaus with uncontrolled joy, and Diego with confusion. “Yep! These parties always get boring by the second hour, so I sneak out to bars or clubs,” I said happily, grinning at the three of them. “I didn’t take you to be a bad girl! WE HAVE TO BE BESTIES!” exclaimed Klaus, making me chuckle. “I guess the angel get up is more ironic than on the nose, huh,” said Five, making me turn to face him with a sly smile on my face. “I think I might corrupt you, sweetheart,” I whispered in his ear, placing a kiss on the boy's cheek just as the car started, making a wild blush appear on his face. Electricity thrummed under my skin from the contact.
Oh, this was going to be fun.
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Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
helloooo ive been drawing a lot of ben but not posting so here are some from the near and far past :] a little something for all you fellow ben likers out there
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mozzzz05 · 2 days ago
Not saying that Allison anger isn’t valid, or trying to be purposefully dense when it comes to the way emotions work, particularly when you feel like shit but I think it’s pretty obvious that Allison’s behaviour in s3 crossed a line that made her incredibly unlikable (and, realistically, unforgivable)
That being said I really think she should have just sat down, had a few margaritas or whatever and chatted it out with her siblings, or at least some of them, 3 out of 5 of them have been severely fucked over by time travel, and 2 of those involved love. (Now post s3 we can add Luther to the list too, fuck this really is a running theme in this show)
Five literally spent 45 years by himself, stuck in time, was then forced to become an assassin or it really is the rest his life spent alone, he then ends up stuck in his 13 year old body and spends the next 2-3 weeks trying to prevent other apocalypses to protect his family without a break.
Viktor finally found love, love that was not manipulative, or controlling or second best. Real love (Ik his siblings love him but that has a long and complicated history to it that actually links to a lot of his own trauma) made his own little family, and then, just like Allison, had it taken away (and then has what is effectively his son killed)
Klaus, Klaus is clearly the best person to go to, Allison has lost two people to time travel that she loves but Klaus has lost the same person that he loves to time travel twice. They know possibly better than anybody how shit losing someone you love to time travel is and know just how helpless a feeling it is when you just can’t help them, or save them, or even be with them. He literally can talk to the dead and that doesn’t help. And maybe he’s just starting to move on.
I want to say that this isn’t comparing their trauma, especially around time travel, but simply finding similarities in their loses and how having that kind of understanding could have been helpful for Allison, even if was just a shoulder to cry on. I guess Allison, Viktor and Klaus kind of did this in the hair salon in s2, but theirs a difference in being miserable in anticipation for what your about to lose and actually losing it.
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Ben: I'm dead serious
Klaus: *starts laughing* well you got one bit right
Ben: KlAuS WhY wOuLd YoU sAy ThAt
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Tumblr media
He’s got a little devil and an Angel on his shoulders !
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(The Umbrellas are gathered around a broken coffee pot) Five: So…who broke it? I’m not mad. I just want to know.
Victor: I did. I broke- Five: No, you didn’t. Diego? Diego: Don’t look at me. Look at Luther. Luther: What? I didn’t break it. Diego: Huh. That’s weird. How’d you even know it was broken?
Luther: Because it’s sitting right in front of us, and it’s broken.
Diego: (leans in towards Luther) Suspicious.
Umbrella Ben: If it matters - probably not - but Klaus was the last one to use it.
Klaus: Liar! I don’t even drink that shit!
Umbrella Ben: Oh, really? Then what we’re you doing by the coffee cart earlier?
Klaus: I use the wooden stirrers to push back my cuticles, everyone knows that, Ben!
Allison: Okay, okay! Let’s not fight! I broke it, let me pay for it, Five!
Five: No! Who broke it?!
Luther: Five…Lila’s been awfully quiet.
Luther: Yeah! Really.
Lila: Oh, my god!
(Everyone starts fighting except Five)
Five (to camera): I broke it. It burned my hand, so I punched it. I predict five minutes from now they’ll be at each other’s throats with war paint and a pig head on a stick. Good. It was getting a little chummy around here.
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Re: That One TUA S1 Draft That Wasn’t Filmed:
In case you didn’t know, there’s a script of a TUA S1 episode floating around here that must have made it pretty far on the chopping block.
Probably most important, the episode confirms that Reggie knew the world would end in April of 2019. He didn’t know how, he didn’t know the exact day, but he know something was up. Honestly, I thought Reg was bullshitting Klaus in the afterlife when he explained why he killed himself. So I was kinda surprised to learn this.
Most of the script takes place on October 1, 2012, on the brellies’ 23rd birthday. The script opens with two news anchors joking about the Mayan calendar ending in December. Reg and Pogo see this and Reg says something about how the Mayans were only a few years off.
We see Luther living at the academy and running solo missions for Reg. He encounters someone who resembles one of the original comic villains and accidentally ruins a birthday party and emotionally scars some children. It’s hinted at the end of the episode that he’s just left on the mission that will leave him permanently deformed. Also, he watches Allison’s movies and periodically calls her in California.
Diego’s living with Patch. They’re both at the police academy. Diego’s “Number Two” complex results in him getting kicked out and Patch breaking up with him. Diego gives Grace a bracelet he meant for Patch, and Grace gives him the cross-stitch of the domino mask we see in his apartment in 2019.
Also Diego is SUCH a marshmallow, he visits Grace every week and puts money in Klaus’s commissary. And it makes sense why Klaus only asked Diego for rides in S1.
Allison uses her powers constantly. For one day, she tries to NOT use them, and she’s just. So close to losing it. Constantly. Girl can’t wait for coffee, drive in traffic, etc. It’s actually sad how dependent she is on them.
Klaus is in prison. Doesn’t say what he did but it doesn’t surprise me at all. What’s interesting is that he seemed to have received some preferential treatment at first. While he’s transferred to a new block, the guard complains about Klaus getting put with the “white collars” because of his dad. He can’t get drugs and someone puts a hit on him.
Also, we see Klaus engaging in actual, effective self-defense. Like he accidentally kills an inmate. It’s wild. I’m trying to comprehend how he goes from That to jumping on people’s backs and flopping like a fish in seven years. I don’t think he’s forgotten his training. All I can think is that substance abuse has severely fucked him up. Not just loss of muscle mass, but maybe he’s screwed up the way his brain and body coordinate, so even if he knows what to do, he physically can’t. Idk, someone else explain why Klaus can’t fight.
Five is Old Man Five and working for the Commission. To mess with him, the Handler sends him to the brellies’ city in 2012 to see if Five will blow his cover. He does. He yells at Diego but Diego doesn’t recognize him.
BEN BEN BEN. This was probably the biggest change from the show. In S2, Klaus conjures Ben after Ben’s funeral. And Ben’s followed him ever since. HERE though, Ben appears while Klaus is in prison, because this is the first time since he died that Klaus has been sober enough to see him. And he’s actually PISSED that the brellies “let” him die. The episode also acknowledges that for whatever reason, when Klaus gets high again, the other ghosts go away but Ben stays.
Last Viktor, who was written as Vanya in this script. Viktor has recently published his book, and everyone’s furious about it, except Klaus. Viktor also has a girlfriend, who he catches cheating on him, forcing them to break up. So Viktor, unsure what else to do, visits Klaus in prison. They talk about Viktor’s book, and Klaus asks if he included the bit where Grace announced over breakfast that Diego just had his first wet dream. YES, that’s in there. Klaus is the only sibling who supports Viktor and asks for a copy to read in prison.
Oh, and Klaus is delighted to learn that Viktor (then Vanya) has/had a girlfriend. There’s this “yay, gay” kind of moment between them that we never saw in the show, where Klaus refers to himself and Viktor as fruits. Maybe this is why no one bats an eye about Viktor and Sissy in S2. He’s already out.
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kahousstuff · 2 days ago
Hi hi! this is my first request so sorry if its confusing- \(‘ ∇‘ )/
Can you make headcanons about Sparrow!Ben x Female!Vampire!Reader
where shes always sleepy and sleeps on everything like chairs,tables, on top of ben LMAO because when she uses her powers she needs to rest alot alot to be able to use her powers again (her powers are like chaos magic but the color is purple with black)
thank you sm! 💗
using your power takes a lot of energy, as one would assume looking at the sparks of energy you are able to summon
so as a result of this, you fall asleep everywhere
sometimes you’ll be reading something important to your studies and then you’ll just knock out
or someone will be talking to you and you start snoring in between
(therefore you don’t have many friends)
your boyfriend doesn’t mind, though
once or twice you’ve fallen asleep while talking to ben 
instead of brushing you off as rude like most people (calling you rude would be in his nature too), he softens instantly
he wraps his childhood blanket around you and lets you be most of the time
in the case that you fall asleep on top of ben, he does not. move. a muscle.
(other than the ones he needs to kiss you and hold you close to his chest)
occasionally ben will find you dozing off on the sofa and curl up next to you like a kitten
you love him for the rare patience he has and his willingness to keep it with you 
because when you’re awake, holy crap, your powers are awesome
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Tumblr media
We were robbed of more father and son content
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