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Let me just say..... I HAVE NEVER EVER WANTED TO GO TO A PARTY MORE THAN NOW BECAUSE THIS FOX NEEDS TO GET LAID specifically by either four hot brothers or one very hot lady (listen i was kind of upset that nothing else happened :( ) AHHHHHH -馃


Look I thought about our lil unnamed minx and I thought about her a lot. I was like, does she look like Sophie Turner, or Eva Green, or Kat Dennings, or Jessica Chastain? But I decided not to describe because everyone knows their girl crush and who am I to determine it for you in a fantasy story about fucking 4 brothers where one of them asks you to kISS A GIRL I MEAN.

But what I DID consider… just very quietly…

Is the possibility of after the Slumber Party, like a week or two later…

Ben calls you up…

He calls her up…

You go to the Solo house…

You fuck.

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Quarantine Boredom

Since I have nothing to do, and I’m a little bored….

What if you guys send me some stuff? ✨✨ Request are Always open ✨✨

Currently I’m writing for Kylo Ren, Poe Dameron, Din Djarin, Agent Whiskey… (basically any Pedro Pascal character). BUT if you want me to try for someone else your totally welcome 😉

Or if you are just bored and want to talk to someone 👀😉💗

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Man. If this doesnt just make me fall in love all over again with Ben Solo and his arc. I’m still sad about the resolution but even with that you cant ignore the beauty and complexity that we all witnessed for those three movies.

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gif by bensologifs


hello ! welcome to my masterlist. here i will have all my work, ao3 stories, and information on fics (status, warnings, summaries, etc.)


☆ = sfw

★ = nsfw


☆ — ACHE: kylo ren has been visiting you off and on for quite sometime. now being the supreme leader, seeing you is out of the picture. heartbroken, you ignore his pleas to explain himself, igniting old force echos in padmés abandoned lake retreat; varykino.

part i.

➫ part ii. (soon)


( SOON )


( SOON )


( SOON )


☆ — FLOWERS: (sith!obi wan au) where the reader, a sith princess, makes lord mortem a flower crown.


( SOON )

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As I posted about before, The Rise of Kylo Ren confirmed the previous canonical in- and out-of-universe statements that Ben Solo destroyed Luke’s Jedi Temple.

However, the comic does contradict the specific details of the event that previous sources implied, which some readers have taken to mean everything previously said about the event, but especially whodunnit, was a lie or misunderstanding. The comic and prior sources agree on the most basic fact: that Ben/Kylo was responsible. That has never changed.

The pre-TROKR sources suggested these actions and motivations: Ben/Kylo “slaughtered” his fellow students, used his lightsaber to do it, killed “most” while the rest left with him (popularly theorized to become Knights of Ren), and he destroyed the Temple with fire. Some sources had the burning first, others the killing. Kylo himself stated in-universe he destroyed the Temple.

TROKR presented the Temple fire and the majority of the students’ deaths occurring simultaneously instead of one after the other, and as the result of Ben either acting impulsively or unintentionally while filled with the dark side. The prior sources made it seem very deliberate and intentional, possible premeditated. The three students who survived the fire didn’t side with Ben/Kylo and they never joined him later; they weren’t even there when it happened and afterward “left with him” to pursue him. Those three soon died by lightsaber, but not all by Ben/Kylo and none at the Temple. Hennix was accidentally killed by his own repelled lightsaber when he tried to kill Ben for seemingly murdering Voe; Tai was murdered by Ren (the Knights of Ren’s leader not Kylo) while trying to convince Ben to reject the dark side; and Ben murdered Voe in cold blood after previously trying to throw her off a cliff mid-fight. Again, Ben himself stated he destroyed the Temple.

It’s the details that were retconned, not the fact that Ben destroyed the Temple and his fellow students.

No other character ever took credit for or was canonically speculated to have directly caused this destruction (with a single canon-adjacent exception suggesting the Knights of Ren were also involved). In- and out-of-universe sources always clearly identified the destruction and the deaths as Ben’s responsibility. While his instability and draw to the dark side were helped along by years of communicating with “voices,” and he felt betrayed by Luke’s momentary consideration of fatally stopping his turn, it remains true that Ben actually committed this destructive act himself. But because TROKR did not show Ben on a rampage of death and fire, instead reacting to the destruction with horror rather than any satisfaction, the comic made the narrative juuussst ambiguous enough for alternative readings rejecting all other sources along with the story’s own text and imagery.


Ben was confused at first when the red clouds (matching his eyes) appeared in the clear sky. He wasn’t confused afterwards about what happened or the cause of it; he knew. Though he tried to run inside, he never mentioned any of the dead students, only his destruction of the Temple and belief he’d killed Luke; he never showed concern about them as if they were murdered by someone else; he never asked anyone else “why” or tried to find out what happened. He already knew. It was Ben.

Some claims about this comic series:

“Ben heard a voice before the destruction”
This never happened; Ben talked to himself before and only heard the voice afterward. Possibly just people misreading or misremembering?

“Luke sensed Palpatine's presence, not Ben’s darkness”/”Palpatine let Luke sense him so he’d turn on Ben”
This also never happened on page or screen, but it’s an interesting theory for Luke’s reaction since the comic presented Ben as not yet committed to the dark side. Not canon, but not contradicted by canon AFAIK.   

“The Knights of Ren set the Temple on fire”/Snoke or Palpatine ordered the destruction to manipulate Ben”
This reading comes from Ren’s last words in the prologue, “Let’s go find something to burn,” then the scene-cut to Ben watching the burning Temple. It’s contradicted within the same issue by showing the fire resulted from lightning rather than setting a fire. There’s no evidence anyone was present at the Temple or that any Knights are capable of producing lightning. No Knight claimed credit or contradicted Ben when he told them he destroyed the Temple.

“Snoke/Palpatine created the storm”/Ben assumed he did it himself”
This theory cites Snoke/Palpatine’s use of Force lightning while Ben never uses it in the films; how quickly the storm appeared; and Ben immediately heard the voice respond when he said “I never… I didn’t want this,” interpreted as saying he never did it. The voice is surely “Snoke” (Palpatine imitating him), and the voice reached out to Ben again before he fled to Snoke’s garden. This reading ignores all of the imagery and text within the series directly pointing to Ben, including Ben’s own words, along with all prior sources. Ben’s “I never…” don’t mean he didn’t cause it, just that he didn’t truly want it beyond a moment or two. Snoke/Palpatine responding doesn’t mean he’s who actually caused the storm. Why did Ben hear this voice at this moment? Issue #2 showed “Snoke” reached out to Ben in his childhood when sensing his frustration on the mission with Luke and Lor San Tekka, and within #1 “Snoke” contacted Ben again as he left the burning ruins, suggesting Snoke/Palpatine reached out because his sensed Ben’s emotional turmoil or drawing on the dark side when destroying the Temple. Ben angrily produced large bursts of lightning twice more in TROKR #4 when he battled Ren to the death and bled his kyber crystal, showing he’s capable of creating the lightning that hit the Temple.

“Snoke/Palpatine created the storm then brainwashed/gaslit Ben into believing he did it himself but it was never Ben”
This theory claims Ben did nothing himself and only repeatedly took credit for it because he was made to believe he did it. The comic and other sources never show any attempts to gaslight Ben about this event. The voice actually absolved him by blaming the Jedi/Skywalker for their own destruction. The voice never suggested to Ben that he was responsible or tried to make him believe he was responsible.

I’m attempting to collect every in- and out-of-universe source I can find that references the Temple destruction. Probably going to wait to post until the TROS artbook since that could say more things. To sum up what’s the same/different between prior sources and TROKR:

  • Ben is the person who destroyed the Temple: same
  • Ben “slaughtered” his fellow students: different; slaughtered has implications missing in the comic, and he only slaughtered Voe away from the Temple
  • Ben killed his fellow students: same
    Ben killed them with his lightsaber skills: different; neither death he caused with a lightsaber happened at the Temple and neither used his own lightsaber
    The Temple was destroyed with fire: same, but with lightning as the cause of the fire
  • The surviving students “left with him”: from a certain point of view… they “left with him” only to chase him
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Request: hello! could you please write a ben x reader right after Ben redeems himself and throws his saber into the ocean and he does that twirl? how about reader and him connecting through the force for the first time in ten years? and they’re just at a loss for words but still feel strongly as before? thank you!

Tagged: @onlyhopeben (it’s not letting me do it I’m so sorry)


You smile as Ben appears in your hut after hours. The fires were already put out and Master Skywalker instructed all the Padawans to go to bed so that they would wake tomorrow fresh and ready to meditate at sunrise. 

“What are you doing, calling me this late. Master Skywalker already told us to go to bed,” you say, sitting up from your bed.

“I just wanted to say good night,” you smile at the sentiment, feeling your heart grow ten sizes. 

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