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rainybatpersondragon · 4 months ago
Tumblr media
okay but can we talk about how tender and beautiful this was. how full of love and familiarity it was. the look in their eyes. the comfort they find in each other. im sorry, no marvel couple has ever come CLOSE. this is everything I wanted and so so much more.
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manikas-whims · 6 months ago
Tumblr media
you know its true
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lady-of-the-spirit · a month ago
Staring reeeaaallly hard at that one letterboxd comment on Thor 4 that says the first marvel gay kiss will be between star lord and thor not just because it won't but because the first marvel gay kiss already happened in Eternals between Phastos and his husband Ben but because the ship didn't involve a single white skinny male it received the bare bones of attention in this hell fandom
Tumblr media
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siempre-bucky · 4 months ago
Ok headcanon for orla when she learns she is gona be a big sister, she and jack start playing house, reader thinks its adorable druig is like "no no no no", orla walks around with a doll saying its hers and jack's baby 🤣🤣🤣🤣
AHHHHH ok ok hear me out!!!!!
Dad!Druig x Reader & Ben x Phastos
Tumblr media
You, Druig, Ben, and Phastos get to spend some time together in South Dakota
Jack and Orla get along instantly
as thick and thieves
The 4 of you gathered around the kitchen table, Ben telling the story of how he met Phastos
Orla and Jack giggle to each other as they walk in, ignoring their parents
one of Orlas dolls in Jack's arms
"What are you guys up to?" Phastos asks as he watches them get into the fridge
"We're going shopping for the baby," Olra responds nonchalantly, standing on her tippy toes, her head in the fridge
you break out into a grin
"Yeah! We're married now," Jack said excitedly
Druig and Phastos just about choke on their lunch
"Excuse me?" Druig coughs, his eyes widening
"That's nice, baby. He's a keeper," you said happily, leaning back in your chair
your hand tapping Druig's back
"You're too young to be married, Orla," Druig tells her, his lips forming a frown
"No kids," Phastos chimed in
Orla and Jack rolled their eyes as Orla handed him a juice box
"We're just pretending," Jack shook his head at them
"We know," you giggled, "have fun."
"They better divorce in the next twenty minutes," Druig grumbled
"So my son's not good enough for her?" Phastos asked, eyeing the mind reader up and down
Druig scoffed, "no one will ever be."
You turned to Ben and placed your arms over your stomach "You and Phastos should have a girl. Maybe her and Rory could fall in love."
Ben smiled at you, "That would be prefect wouldn't it?"
"No," the other two men said in unison
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stacee-not-jaxx · 6 months ago
Ben called Phastos 'habibi' and I was all in 😭 tenderness is my weakness with any couple. Same with Druig saying 'my beautiful beautiful Makkari'.
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yelenadelova · 6 months ago
am i fed up with the bare minimum in terms of lgbtq+ representation? yes. did i tear up seeing Phastos share a loving kiss with his husband and the father of his child? also yes.
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ninesdb · 6 months ago
Head canons Phastos and Ben cause no one else is writing shit:
They met in like the middle of nowhere. Phastos was done with humans after all, and Ben came across him on holiday or something. And then again. And again. And maybe humans weren’t so bad after all.
Phastos got himself a place closer to Ben to meet up a few more times. They met almost every week, sometimes even more. Go out for coffee, go to library, walk in the park etc. corny shit.
They moved in together in Ben’s place after like 5 months of dating, cause Phastos new home was empty af and moving all of Ben’s stuff would cost too much.
At the time of the movie, they’ve been together for around 15 years.
When Ben brought up the idea of a child, Phastos was hesitant because he had spent so many years hating mankind and didn’t know if he wanted the responsibility of raising one.
A few years later Phastos announced that he was ready. They decided to go for surrogacy with Ben as the father, cause Phastos wanted to see more of his beauty and kindness in the world (he’d probably say it more poetically, but I’m not build like that so this will have to do for now sorry)
They were so excited as they found the right woman for surrogacy and the nine months pregnancy.
They didn’t want to know the sex of the baby; they’d raise them the same anyway. Together they painted the nursery and went to different stores to buy the needed furniture. They got some cute baby clothes, not too many because baby’s grow fast and they’d probably not need these anymore in a few weeks anyway.
The day that Jack got born was and will be one of the best days in either of their lives. “And I’ve lived for over 5000 years, so that says a lot.”. They got the call at around 11 pm and sat waiting for almost 24 hours in shitty hospital chairs. But god were his tiny feet and his tiny hand cute. And his tiny nose, and face...
Please someone tell me what job Ben and/or Phastos have? I need to know, and my mind is blank.
After Jack was born, they both started working 70%, so that they would both have enough time with Jack and they’d still make enough money to get by (considering their house I’d say they both have a decent job).
The amount of love in the house is immeasurable and just radiates from person to person.
Please add what you can! I’d love to see what you all have in mind!
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mcufandomhatespeopleofcolor · 3 months ago
Bear with me for a moment
I have a terrible memory but there was this godawful take that marvel was keeping their gays in the dark with the ben/Phastos kiss being poorly lit.
now keep in mind I don’t have much experience with giffing but I do know that most gifs need to be colored properly and you have to get a really good rip of a movie to get the lighting just right. 
anyways I commissioned my friend cosimad to make phastos/ben gifs for me well before that horrible take. and this is the gorgeous gifset she made
and here’s a screencap
Tumblr media
Like this is what I saw in theaters. They’re lit romantically, kissing like they might not see each other again. to me kissing on the front stoop is evocative of a kiss at the end of a date you know?
I just look I don’t give disney/marvel a lot of credit (honestly they piss me off most of the time lol)  but I really really cannot handle how people are ignoring these two for other *white* characters in eternals.
mod laina
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fancyphoenix · a month ago
*Phastos having a mental breakdown*
Phastos: What if I'm not even gay?
Phastos: What if I'm just faking my gayness.
Phastos: What if I'm not even interested in Men.
Phastos: What I-
Phastos: Never mind.
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mimisempai · 3 months ago
Tumblr media
Home is where the heart is
Missing you is like missing a part of myself
I don't want the evening to end
Only from the heart can you touch the sky
You are the treasure at the foot of my rainbow
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thatmexisaurusrex · 5 months ago
Thinking About Doing a BenTos Anthology Starting January
Hey people!
Tumblr media
Since the amount of BenTos stuff is tragic over on AO3, so I’m thinking of writing an anthology series of small moments with the two of them because Ben and Phastos deserve more fics. I’m thinking at least 9 fics, maybe more. If you have a request for it, feel free to send it over via ask!
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agentem · 6 months ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Haaz Sleiman (Ben from ETERNALS) shirtless for the culture.
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obsessivelymoody · 3 months ago
you make me love again
pairing: phastos/ben stoss
rating: e
word count: 2.1k
summary: With Jack away at a sleepover, Phastos and Ben finally get some alone time.
~ao3 link~
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samwontshare · 5 months ago
Found one transcript of Eternals! Unfortunately it doesn’t indicate the speaker. 😅
Fortunately it’s gonna drop on Disney+ in January so I can get my Ben/Phastos rewatch in to do some more fic writing.
If anyone has clips or a better transcript, lemme know!
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dameofdeath · 2 months ago
I watched Eternals again, and Disney did some things right
I know that Disney is a HORRIBLE company when it comes to LGBTQIAAP+ representatio/rights, but let’s put that aside and talk about how WELL they did with Phastos x Ben. Of course this is not enough representation AT ALL and Disney has a LONG way to go before they are even close to having enough representation (after they achieve this they have to keep it up and, you know) but they did manage to avoid something that I was terrified of.
Ben and Phastos are both attracted to people of a gender the same or similar to there own, But one thing that I was terrified of happening was that this would turn into there entire character. But NO! Phastos is a person, he is a family man and a hero. Of course being LGBTQIAAP+ is part of his identity, but there is more to his character than that
Ben is,of course, a small character and does not have much in the way of development, but what we do see of him is he is more than his sexuality. We can see that he's a loving father and husband.
The media needs to understand that people are more than there sexualitys and Eternals did well in this category.
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thatgaldom · 4 months ago
Okay but I vote that the Phastos/Ben name be phaen, because it sounds like แฟน which (as I understand it) is the Thai word for boyfriend/girlfriend/s.o
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ahsokasforce · 4 months ago
i saw this and… yeah… we all know why 😬
Tumblr media
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i know it’s just a joke, but people saying that Thor and Star Lord could be the MCU’s ‘first’ queer kiss/couple, when Phastos is already in an explicitly queer relationship with a husband who he has shared a kiss with, not to mention the son that they’re raising together. It just goes to show that because Phastos is not played by a man who is a conventionally attractive white man, people will just refuse to acknowledge him.
That is true; people will continue to ignore that because neither of the gay men in The Eternals is White, the Black gay man isn't skinny. There seems to be a trend that more voices will whine and demand that there be sexual tension or sexual lenses be applied to White men who never meant to be seen as homosexual/whose platonic relationships be translated to romantic instead of those focusing on canon homosexual couples. Not to mention how ignored homosexual women are vs. the men (regardless of sexuality) are in fandoms...
Mod Palette
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curiosity-cat · 6 months ago
i noticed a suspicious lack of eternals memes so i am here to supply (MAJOR spoilers)
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
+ some shippy ones because drukkari and phastos/ben own my whole heart
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
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mimisempai · 4 months ago
Home is where the heart is
As his steps bring him closer to his family, impatience overwhelms Phastos.
Developing an addiction with only one fanfic? Yes absolutely.
1137 words - Rating G
Tumblr media
Unable to wait any longer after all this time away from his family, Phastos had to control himself so as not to tell everyone to hurry up the goodbyes. He thought he was over when, as they parted, Kingo again felt compelled to give a more theatrical farewell. Phastos groaned inwardly. He so much longed to go home.
As Kingo continued his antics, he pulled out his phone and, going through the photos, stopped at a picture of Ben teaching Jack to ride his bike, taken in the street in front of their house just before Phastos left.
They'd had to settle for messaging, as the situation hadn't allowed them to talk otherwise. It had only been a few days, but it seemed to him that it had been an eternity since he had seen them. And eternity he knew.
Phastos threw a glance at his companions to see that finally everyone seemed to separate definitively. He greeted everyone, once again and without a backward glance he headed for the Taxi that was to take him to the airport.
This had been the first time he had had to go away and reunite with his former Eternals companions, and he had done so reluctantly, having only agreed because Ben had wisely encouraged and supported him. Deep down, Phastos knew he had to do it, but this was the first time he really had something to lose. And he had almost lost them.
Ben. Jack. His family.
Phastos remembered the night of his departure, when he had tucked their son in, the comforting presence of Ben on the doorstep.  All he wanted to do was stay in the peaceful and comfortable cocoon that his family provided. He had never hated leaving a place or someone as much as he did the night he tore himself away from Ben's arm to follow his companions.
Home is where the heart is .
Until that day, he had never understood this human proverb so well. Every step away from home felt like leaving his heart behind.
Two hours later, Phastos was finally on the plane that would soon take off.  Leaning back in his seat, he texted Ben to let him know he was on his way home. He twirled his wedding ring around his finger. A gesture he had repeated many times over the past few days, as if to remind him over and over again what the main reason he was fighting was. To reassure himself that his reality was this one, Ben and Jack who were waiting for his return.
As the plane neared Chicago, Phastos wondered what his family was doing. Maybe they were out for a bike ride, or Ben was helping Jack take apart and rebuild one of his legos, or Ben was reading a story to Jack. When he imagined all of these situations, Phastos couldn't wait to get home to share everything with them.
He missed the two men of his life so much. He couldn't resist listening once again to the voice message Ben and Jack had sent him just after Phastos and his companions had managed to prevent the emergence.
"Hey Dad, you're the best, we knew you'd win. But now come back soon, we miss you." There were two adorable kissing sounds probably given over the phone by his son, then Ben's voice continued, "Everything our son said. Come back soon my love. You are our hero. We love you." Then Ben said a little lower, almost like a whisper, "I love you."
Phastos listened with a smile to the last few seconds of bickering between Ben and Jack. Because Jack was laughing at Ben's declaration of love.
Then turning off his phone, Phastos whispered with a tight throat, "I love you too, my loves," eliciting a suspicious look from the person sitting next to him.
Swallowing his emotion, he put his phone back in his pocket.
He wanted to curl up next to Ben on the couch to watch one of the robot cartoons Jack loved, he dreamed of holding his son, watching him sleep. He yearned to kiss his husband goodnight and good morning and feel Ben's arms around him. He just wanted to be there with them. To share in all the small things that made up their daily lives, because this was their life. The one the three of them had built. And it was more beautiful and more exciting for Phastos than anything he had created and designed for thousands of years.It was his. They were his.
The plane landed and he got into the cab that would take him from the airport to his home.They were traveling fast on the road to his home. And with each familiar landscape, Phastos knew he was getting closer to home.  And he was even more impatient. And time seemed to slow down.
Finally, he saw his house behind the trees, the white fence, the small piece of lawn, the few Jack's balloons that were left in the middle.
He asked the driver to stop a few meters before his house.
He paid him, got out and started walking fast towards his destination.
He arrived at the front door and opened it silently, his heart pounding as on the first date. Still silently he walked towards the living room and his heart filled with joy at the sight before his eyes.
How beautiful they were, both asleep on the sofa.
Phastos took a minute to watch them before gently approaching so as not to wake them up with a start.
However, Ben, who was a light sleeper, opened his eyes and his smile when he saw Phastos was the second most beautiful thing he had seen today.
Ben didn't move so as not to wake Jack and Phastos continued to walk forward and when he got close to Ben, he leaned in to kiss him and whispered against his lips, "I've missed you both so much."
Ben couldn't seem to contain himself and laying a hand on Phastos' cheek, he replied, "We too, we have missed you so much love."
Jack opened his eyes and seeing Phastos, he shouted, "Daddy!" and held his arms out to his father, who took him in his arms and twirled him around laughing. When they stopped, Jack tightened his arms around his father's neck and whispered against him. "You're finally home. I'm so happy. My daddy is home."
Phastos and Ben looked at each other over their son's heads and exchanged a soft smile.
Ben walked over and wrapped his arms around his husband and son in an embrace.  Kissing Phastos' temple, he whispered, "Welcome home."
Phastos nodded, his throat far too tight to articulate a single word, before snuggling up to his son and his husband.
Yes. He was home. ________
Still not beta'd
Still not my native language
Still hoping you'll enjoy this story 🥰
Still thanking you for bearing with me 😝
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