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#bench trio
feralfens · an hour ago
my fanfic ready requirements are pretty much if my bois (parasocial unclely) dont get to be happy im not reading it (yes this is specifically about benchtrio and eternal duo)
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terrible-ass-always · an hour ago
So I want to read more fics about bee duo/bench trio/sbi so drop some of ur favorites fics about them!!
Feel free to self promote as well :]
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luckyangevil · 4 hours ago
Tommy: Get back here, Tubbo! I'm gonna fucking kick your ass!
Ranboo: I don't think they'll come if you say that.
Tommy: Ranboo, I love you. But for the sake of my sanity and your life, shut the fuck up.
Ranboo: That's fair.
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luckyangevil · 4 hours ago
Tubbo: I love you, you love me
Tommy: We're a fucked up family
Ranboo: Why do you do this?
Tommy: :')
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enderbong · 4 hours ago
fuck everyone else i only love and support jack manifold
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tetriquinn · 4 hours ago
Okay, yeah yeah, I'm supposed the haha funnee angst person, but I have a fluff prompt so shut up:
Ranboo trying to explain the Enderwalk and such to Tommy and Tubbo in order to protect them, but he can't physically speak about it or write it down, so they play charades.
[This would take place after explaining the actual Enderwalk, but this is the only part I wrote dialogue for]
Ranboo: *Writes "government" on a piece of paper and then rips it up*
Tommy and Tubbo, in unison: "Technoblade."
Ranboo: *Nods, and then taps the side of his head*
Tommy: "Technoblade and his big 'fuckin 'ead."
Ranboo: *Shakes his head before tapping again and then covering his ears*
Tubbo: "The voices!"
Ranboo: *Nods frantically and points towards himself*
Tubbo: "You have voices?"
Ranboo: *Holds up one finger*
Tommy: "Just one."
Ranboo: *Nods*
Tommy: "Well who is it?"
Ranboo: *Sighs and then draws a smile on his face with his fingers, keeping them at the corners of his mouth as he cocks his head to the side*
Tommy and Tubbo, in unison: "Oh."
Tubbo: "Geez, that sounds fucking awful."
Ranboo, now finished acting things out: "Heh, yeah, it pretty much is."
Let's be honest here; if they weren't confined to the limitations of Minecraft, this would absolutely become canon.
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bonesposts · 5 hours ago
alright, here we go
so, before i go into detail, let's assign the characters to the games.
run 3 - tommy, tubbo, ranboo, wilbur
block the pig - techno, phil
moto X3M - sapnap, george, ant, sam
chess - dreamXD
fireboy and watergirl - bbh and skeppy
b-cubed - dream
okay, so here's the general premise for all of the games !! (get ready for some tonal whiplash)
run 3
tommy has always been a wanderer. he never really had a family, or anything to keep him tied down, so when he found tunnels in the middle of space, far away from his home planet, that could take him anywhere, he couldn't help but see where they lead. unfortunately, when he tried to make a brief return for supplies, he found that his old home was gone without a trace.
this didn't bother him all that much (the tunnels were more of a home to him anyway) and he got used to complete solitude. that is, until he met a boy with rollerskates and a need for speed named tubbo. they quickly became friends, and traveled the galaxy together.
as they went, they came across a few other travelers. one was a peculier kid that tubbo immediacy became attached to, ranboo. he knew he came to the tunnels for a reason. he doesn't remember what it is. he doesn't remember much of anything at all. he wanders, hoping for a clue as to where he came from. the other, a man with a white streak and two jagged wings jutting from his back. wilbur. he, unlike the rest, wasn't in the tunnels for wandering's sake, he was there for a purpose. see, he believed that the planet was still somewhere out there, and he was going to find it. no matter the cost.
block the pig
what, you expected serious lore?? c'mon man, it's cool math games. phil tries to keep techno from killing orphans by trapping him in a pen. he is successful (sometimes)
moto X3M
sapnap and his crew were a biker group called the hunters. the four of them do increasingly insane stunts, and nothing ever goes wrong. at least, that's what they remember. they don't really like to think about it, since when they do, odd images flicker in their memory. memories of explosions, and accidents, and death. it's nothing to worry about, right?
fireboy and watergirl
bad and skeppy are happy. they're adventuring temples, as they have been for years. things are challenging, but what isn't? all they need to get though everything is teamwork. and maybe a few trolls along the way. who knows. if there's one thing they're sure of, it's that this is how they'll spend the rest of their lives. they're wrong.
dream is sure of two things. one, he's trapped. two, he's angry. see, he's been stuck for as long as he can remember. he sprints from platform to platform, as the ones he stands on disappear before his feet. sometimes, other blocks appear, with other rules. he doesn't know the rules. they were never told to him.
he believes this must be punishment for something. he must have committed some crime, something truly awful. he can't remember. but he does know that he's going to get out. and when he does, he's going to have his revenge.
XD is bored. his role as a divine figure has always been to lay out the pieces. he sets up mortals and events exactly as they should be so that games (or 'lives' as mortals like to call them) can be played. just a few pieces. nothing more. currently, XD is running a few very interesting games. even still, he grows tired of the same old thing. he looks at all the pieces, seperated nicely, and has a thought. why have five games when you can have one big one?
so yeah, that's the setup for this au !! i am tentatively calling it pieces au, since i think it would be funny if someone stumbled across it and didn't realize it was from cool math games. i'll probably do more for it soon, and don't hesitate to send me asks for it ! :]
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teal-jules · 7 hours ago
My dream stream is the bench trio reacting to my immortal.
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chalk1 · 8 hours ago
Three Unstable Teens
Ft lyrics from Teen Idol by Marina
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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tetriquinn · 8 hours ago
New angst prompt just dropped:
Courtesy of yours truly, tetriQuinn.
Dream: "We all know that you prefer to choose sides, rather than people.
But what happens when you're forced to choose...
... between two people?
Two of your favorite people?"
(I personally imagine the 'two people' being Tommy and Tubbo, who would both argue that the other should be saved, and that Ranboo would beg to save both of their lives, instead offering his own, but you have full creative liberty, so go NUTS with whichever characters you desire.)
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ratraves · 9 hours ago
Tumblr media
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meowdy-howdy · 9 hours ago
Tumblr media
alliumduo moodboard with tulips/flowers and the color lavender
inspired by this fic series!: (check it out its amazing and lives in my mind rent free)
art credits: (i just edited to make it transparent)
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monochromloutus · 11 hours ago
Tubbo would order a happy meal just to spite Ranboo
And Tommy would want a happy meal for the toy
Ranboo has to pay for everything and he only gets fries and a milkshake
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mylittlepogchamplol · 11 hours ago
ranboo: “on a scale of ‘damn, daniel’ to ‘fre sha vaca do’, how are you feeling?”
tubbo: “in between ‘its an avacado, thanks’ and ‘how did you defeat captain america’, but as a solid answer i would say ‘i dont need a degree to be a clothing hanger’. how about you, tommy?”
tommy: “probably ‘roadwork ahead’”
wilbur: “i speak many languages, and this is none of them”
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sketchtopia · 11 hours ago
C!Bench trio trying out boba
Tubbo: Shoots projectiles at people
Tommy: Shoots projectiles too but ends up shooting out some of the tea as well
Ranboo: *considers whether he should join in or not*
All three in unison: *Shooting boba projectiles at Dream from an inconspicuous bush*
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meowdy-howdy · 12 hours ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
tommyinnit with garden themes, birds, and tulips!
lightly inspired by this fic series: (its really good and has a happy tone :D)
sources: (art) (hummingbird) (tulips) (finch) (rain petal) (flower weaving) (gardening) (flowers)
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