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#bench trio
lesbi-innit · a day ago
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bench trio my beloveds 
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icyisweird · a day ago
There are 2 types of friends
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starshiprangerash · 6 hours ago
@berryblu-arts wanted someone to edits the Halloween Stream to the iCarly theme. So here you go, hopefully tumblr doesn’t destroy the quality.
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wallbrea-d · a day ago
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allium duo standing together to watch tubbo’s team
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imstillwandering · 2 days ago
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bench trio but make them mildly menacing
[please reblog!! it really helps out :) ]
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i saw a comment somewhere saying that the bench trio always sits in order of height, with ranboo on one side, then tommy, then tubbo, and while i think it’d be funny if they were that smart to plan that out, i think that it’s more likely that tommy just wants to sit in the middle of both of them to get optimum attention from them because hes just clingy and needs the attention
and honestly? yeah same
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cupqueencake · a day ago
And as a treat, our king, wins MCC and he agrees for the bench trio Halloween stream team. As a treat. We aren't worthy.
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thatnimrodmusician · 6 hours ago
tubbo: you’re here for three days, how many clothes do you have?
tommy: i can borrow ranboo’s clothes
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minecraftsmpthings · 2 days ago
Revived!Tommy headcanons (dsmp)
Some revived!Tommy headcanons (Dream smp).  TW: mentions of character death, ptsd, and violence.
After Tommy’s revival a streak of his hair turned white. He often trims it in an effort to not think about how he was brought back.
Tommy has frequent nightmares about people he trusted hurting him and being stuck in the obsidian cell again. This results in him laying awake for hours until daylight.
Some of Tommy’s skin remains bruised because of being beaten to death. He covers it up with his long sleeved shirts and pants.
Tommy likes to be in control of everything because when he can’t do anything in certain situations it brings him back to his past traumas. Not being able to save Tubbo, Wilbur blowing up L’manberg while he just watched, being stuck in prison with Dream.
When people shout or argue Tommy completely zones out, trying to block the noise out. Tubbo and Ranboo have fought in front of him before but stopped after seeing Tommy’s reaction. They figured it be best to not argue when they’re around him.
In stressful situations Tommy sometimes experiences the feeling of his heart stopping or blood running down his skin. He knows it’s not real but leaves to go check if he’s bleeding anyway.
Tommy wears sweaters after his revival because he always feels cold.
To relieve stress Tommy often does gardening and knitting. He doesn’t tell anyone but Ranboo has seen him tending to his garden before, he never says anything because he doesn’t want to embarrass Tommy.
Tommy sometimes clings onto Shroud when he’s stressed. He feels comforted around the spider, feeling that he’ll be safer around him.
After his revival Tommy’s eyes have turned a pale blue and his skin has lost quite a bit of it’s color.
Ranboo gave Tommy a beloved locket. Tommy accepted it and wears it under his shirt. Tubbo and Ranboo have identical ones so they all match. Tommy also still wears his Tubbo compass but he has mixed feelings about it. After his revival seeing the compass brought back a lot of negative emotions from exile.
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0rphan-obliterator · 21 hours ago
Ranboo: Lets be more than friends.
Tubbo: Best friends?
Ranboo: No, more than that.
Tubbo: Mega best friends?
Tommy, storms in out of nowhere: I aM tUbBO’s MeGa BeSt FrIeNd!!
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sadb3an · 2 days ago
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I totally didn't forgot day 6 n e way yuhhh uh bench trio poggers
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big-cri-me · a day ago
today is a bones day, a bench trio team HAS to win mcc today COME ON
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sleepyb0is · 2 days ago
incorrect benchtrio
ranboo: have a good holiday!!
tommy: aw you too
tubbo: have a SHIT holiday
tommy: FUCK you bee boy
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