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#bendy and the ink machine
stareeveecat · 7 minutes ago
your Bendy & Alice Angel?
Since I have three Bendys you'll get all three
Toon Bendy and Alice Angel: 7/10 its really adorable and cute (even though Alice would be big gay for Miss Twisted)
Bendy smol and perfect for hugging
Alice likes to carry him around
Bendy likes piggyback rides and will wallop anyone who hurts Alice
Smol doofus and pretty angel
Very nice
Ink Bendy and Alice Angel: 5/10 mostly because Ink Bendy is kinda a wreck
But it could be cute
Big scary monster and cute little cinnamon roll
Alice is now the perfect size for hugging and being carried around
She is also guaranteed protection from the other monsters
Ink Bendy purrs like a cat please pet him
Ink Bendy being nicer :3
Cute ship kinda iffy about it
Nightlight and Alice: 0/10 no...just no
I dont ship Nightlight with anybody
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boudebucketlover · 36 minutes ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
This is a reference for Ranboo’s Bendy And The Ink Machine stream 
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stareeveecat · 38 minutes ago
Bertrum & his ego?
100/10 otp lololololol
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stareeveecat · 39 minutes ago
Jack x Shawn? HhhHHhh
10/10 very wholesome
Jack is warm and likes to cuddle with Shawn
Shawn gets flustered if Jack even holds his hand
Shawn teaching Jack irish so they can talk to each other without anyone knowing what they're talking about (also so they can cuss out Joey)
Shawn is VERY ticklish
Jack takes full advantage of this
Very good boyfriends
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stareeveecat · 42 minutes ago
charlotte x allison?
10/10 love me some cute lesbians
Allison picks Charlotte up
Charlotte plays with Allison's hair a lot
Singing together because damn they have pretty voices
Allison loves seeing Charlotte flustered
Warm cuddles
They like messing with Susie a lot because it's funny
Very good ship :3
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stareeveecat · 45 minutes ago
Allison dating Norman for the ship ask
-2819391092281/0 NO BAD ANON! BAD!!!
Norman views Allison as his LITTLE SISTER
Allison views Norman as her OLDER BROTHER
Their relationship is brother and sister
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king-of-hearts1313 · an hour ago
Sooo, I've had this done for like a week, but I couldn't find ANY OF MY BLACK COLORED PENCILS. I found them this morning and finished it.
Tumblr media
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anartistwhowrites · an hour ago
So using the advice and help I got from Sammy Lawrence experts I managed to fix his design and make it to where I’m finally pleased with it. The one on the left is the before and the one on the right is the after. I’d love to hear your thoughts on this touch up: whether you think it still needs work or if it’s good enough.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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king-of-hearts1313 · an hour ago
I wanted to draw bendy, but I wanted to draw him different and not just how he is. I drew him more in my style. It was pretty small so I'll probably use it in another drawing.
Tumblr media
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askcharlottewalters · 2 hours ago
what do you mean by don't talk about your uncle?, did he abuse you? sorry but i'm just concerned
charlotte became sad and she looked around and sighed
charlotte : usually it is kinda rude to ask about personal information but… yes, verbally and emotionally . but- i just rather not think about it.
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askcharlottewalters · 2 hours ago
so charlotte what is your family like?
charlotte : well my parents were amazing, i really wish they were around again and as for my uncle sinclair… i’d rather not talk about that manipulitive rich bastard…
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toonibo-studios · 4 hours ago
I'm proud to announce the opening of my New BATIM Ask/RP blog: Bendy-2K! A batim au taking place in the late 90's/ early 200s, Currently (At the time of this post) there is only one post there, that explaining and introducing the Bendy of that blog, Feel free to ask him any questions you guys want! Link:
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ask-mbfad-bendy · 5 hours ago
“Next up is a toon that Aly actually designed and created herself. He’s one of the first toons made by SteinCorp.
Tumblr media
“Sanmihel Hearthsten is actually a Private Investigator specializing in cold cases. The reason the guy is so good and solving them is cuz he’s got the ability to see and communicate with the dead.”
🔮 “I will let you all know that powers aren’t actually common with toons. Sanmihel and Lucian are unique in their odd abilities. Besides not being able to age or be killed, there’s no common superpowers amongst toonkind. There are a few others with special abilities but we’ll introduce them later.”
“Too right. It’s not common amount our kind.
“Anyway Sanmihel is a real down to earth guy though he can get a bit depressed after a difficult case, especially when it involves kids.”
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ask-mbfad-bendy · 5 hours ago
“Figured I’d introduce some of my toon friends to you guys since things seem to be getting so busy!
“First up is this bundle of feathers and attitude!
Tumblr media
“Lucy aka Lucian the Fallen Seraphim. He’s Aly’s bodyguard. I don’t think she really needs one but it does make me feel better that he has her back. There are some humans who don’t take kindly to us toons and the especially don’t take to toon-loving humans like her.
“Lucian May have a rod up his ass a lot but he’s a toon ya wouldn’t wanna pick a fight with. Ya see he can turn them feathered wings into metal blades.... Or his wings are as sharp as blades, I forget which. Either way ya don’t wanna get on this guy’s bad side.
“Me on the other hand I happily ruffle his feathers just to watch him fluff up and get grouchy. Lol.
“He didn’t always look or sound the way he does though. He had a redesign some ten or twenty years ago. I can’t quite recall why.”
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ask-bendys-and-bros · 7 hours ago
Hailey the ink Demoness: She is waking around Mr Drew Studio her face is covered in ink and her dress is covered in ink as well and she Saw the ink Demon um hello there * Blushing little bit red and she feels little bit Shy >//////< 💗💗 May... I .. have... A .. kiss.. on... The... Cheek... Please... 💗💗💗
Tumblr media
sorry I covered you in my ink
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ask-the-ink-demon · 7 hours ago
Tumblr media
My singing voice claim as you already know is Ramin Karimloo's Phantom of the Opera voice.
My speaking voice claim is Jonathan Young:
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bendynzombieattack · 7 hours ago
Final Bendy Reference Sheet (I'm kinda proud of how it turned out)
Tumblr media
I also made some changes to his information
Age: 19 years old
Favorite food: Fried Fish or Homemade Bacon Soup
Living family: Boris and Alice (Alice is not a relative, just a friend, but Bendy and Boris see her as an older sister)
likes music
know the basic of guitar
cares a lot about his friends and family, sometimes eve forgets about himself
yaeba teeth :0
Before he was a troublemaker and didn't care much about the consequences, but after his mother passed away he is trying his best to be responsible and a good example of a brother for Boris
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ask-the-ink-demon · 7 hours ago
I love your blog so much 🥺💗
Tumblr media
Welcome! And thank you for being here and supporting my work♥️
That goes for everyone♥️
i love all of you♥️
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