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#benedict cabbagepatch
vi-trying-to-survive · 12 days ago
Started: 14/10/21
Last Updated: 19/10/21
Peter Parker
Tumblr media
IKEA Adventures
Cookie Quests
Dental Dreads
Daunting Dating
Night-Time Rendezvous
Dancing Dreams
Cold Cuddles
Perfect Picnics
Juice Box
Pillow Forts
Cake Catastrophe
Vending Machine Snacks
Early Morning Hours
Daybreak Ice-Cream
Late Night Snacks
Beach Day Sunrise
Stephen Strange
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Sleepy Mornings
Rainy Day Naps
Brownie Blues
Sick Day Soups
Stuttered Love
Breakfast Scares
Battlefield Tears
Dirty Dishes
Safe Space
Toddler Troubles
Moonlight Mischief
Shattered Glass
Shared Blankets
Tell Me A Story
Cooking Chaos
Maybe I Still Love You
Loki Laufeyson
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Bucky Barnes
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Movie Nights Mornings
Mission Melancholy
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maliatate-simp · a month ago
Lets be honest. Buttercup cumbersnatch's Sherlock Holmes would have found Enola in the first half of the movie.
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chimaeraarts · 6 months ago
Another example of, I found a cool frame,now I need to put something in it. Varnished this one, I am super happy how it turned out. Used a reference from "Van Gogh painting with words" and the sherlock set. Oil paints and I tried that "quinacridone rose" and "pthallo turquoise" in my pallet instead of red and blue, and I like the colors way more
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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whoppert · 6 months ago
Stephen Strange Dating Headcanons
if you have requests for other MCU dating headcanons lmk!!
Tumblr media
you had to ask him out and he said no because "I'm too busy stopping time from falling apart"
but after that wong convinced him that he was an idiot and he turned up at your house with flowers
likes to dance and your first kiss was in the NY Sanctum after you'd played him your favourite song (of which he knew every lyric)
Stephen is crap at communicating how he feels so you have to make him. he really tries tho because he knows that he's not the best at keeping people around and he really cares about you
if you were injured (everything from being hurt in a battle to stubbing your toe) he insists on looking at it. once a doctor always a doctor I guess
he doesn't like PDA but will do it either: 1) if you have been injured, or 2) because he gets jealous when others hit on you. like if someone is hitting on you in a bar, Stephen will throw his arm over your shoulder and address the flirter all innocent like "who's your little friend?"
it's usually pretty funny when he does this, if a little embarrassing but he learns to chill tf out after a little while
forehead kisses yessssssmmmm
he really enjoys your fingers in his hair - when youre alone and ruffling his hair, when you kiss and especially when you... ahem
he is a little insecure (refer to PDA point 2) so he appreciates a lot of reassurance
his love language is acts of service
not stephen but the Cloak of Levitation loves you and will snuggle with you on the couch like a puppy even without stephen. in fact sometimes stephen tries to join you and the cloak tries to push him away
beware of nsfw below the line
this man is experienced
i mean he used to be this hotshot rich doctor of course he had people throwing themselves at him
he also has a massive ego so he loves to master your body, he wants to know how to push all your buttons and he wants to ruin you
he loves to whisper naughty shit in your ear when you can't get away to bang, like everything he wants to do to you because he likes to watch you get flustered and try to keep it together in front of others
big fan of bondage. loves to tie you up, loves to be tied up. will use magic if he has to. he is kinky af
speaking of using magic, he will use it to steady his hand to finger you and once he was doing it to you under the table when you got caught by someone who blatantly called him out (i'm thinking tony) and he just raised his shaking hands into the air and said "trust me. i would love to be between y/n's thighs right now but unfortunately my medical condition prevents me"
a massive fan of the i'm-having-a-bad-day-frustration-fuck
i'm talking bending you over the desk because a mission went south and he just needs to let off steam
the man is kinky so ofc he puts a lot of effort into aftercare. will clean you up afterwards and cuddle and rub your back and tell you what a great job you did
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finn-holmes · 6 months ago
I bought by internet a special episode of Sherlock with behind the scenes I and I've got for you guys some photos that I didn't seen before
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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drarryking · a month ago
My friend texted me around midnight to tell me Benedict Cumbersome was a natural red head and that was SO DISTURBING TO ME that I immediately fell asleep and dreamed about trying to uncover the truth about Benefits Cumberbatch’s HAIR
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vi-trying-to-survive · a month ago
Dirty Dishes
Tumblr media
Stephen Strange x f!Reader
Warnings: None, not really …. This is mostly fluffy fluff
Summary: (Y/N) was trying to wash the dishes but Stephen has other plans
A/N: i hope you guys like this 💕💕💕 just thought I would write some inconsequential fluff 🥺💕💕 but if you have any ideas of what I should write please leave me a request 💕💕 I love writing them 💕💕💕
She sighed contently, running the soaked sponge over the food-stained plates, creating soap suds that wrapped around her hands along with them, occasionally scrubbing harder on a spot that seemed fixed on sticking on. Her mind was so focused on the task of bubbles and clear, cold water in front of her, that her surroundings began to fade into the background, the sounds of the television becoming more incoherent, as the echo of the streaming, crystal liquid from the tap enveloped her ears.
She had delved so far into her work, that she couldn't hear the soft footstep's that grew louder as they entered the space. Stephen leaned against the white wall, fixating his gaze at her, her frame tense as she held the circular, ceramic plates carefully, allowing the lathered dishwashing liquid to flow down to the reflective metal sink, and into the drain at its center. Her eyes were narrowed at a little speck that blemished the otherwise perfectly white surface, strands of hair falling from the ponytail that she pulled them into, the shirt she wore hung loosely around her body, falling off slightly around her shoulders, recognizing it to be his. Taking a few steps forward, he encircled her waist with his arms, as she gasped, being snapped from her daze, resting his chin on her shoulder, turning his head slightly to place a soft kiss on the exposed skin of her neck. She hummed contently for a few seconds, sighing contently as he swayed their bodies gently, before trying to wriggle out of his hold, unconvincingly claiming, "I still haven't finished washing the dishes", gesturing to the single glass that stood alone in the otherwise empty basin.
Raising an eyebrow teasingly at her, the pile of bubbles around the counter caught his eye, scooping some of it up in his hands, smearing it across her cheeks, her jaw-dropping at the action, promptly responding by grabbing the sponge at her side, throwing it at the laughing sorcerer that faced her. Easily avoiding her make-shift weapon, leaving it to land on the dark, aged hard-wood floors, he spun their bodies around, his hands splashing the cold liquid from where it still streamed out of the metal pipping, her hands coming up to shield her face from his attack, dampening her sleeves. The edges of her mouth curled upwards into a grin, grabbing his wrists to hold them at his sides, an attempt to stop them from creating a bigger mess, "Stephen, stop it", she giggled at his playful behavior, her cheeks tinted crimson, "we're gonna have to clean this up too".
His chuckles became softer as he fixated his gaze at her lips, the smile fading from her face as she realised how their faces were inches away from each other, leaning herself closer to him so that their lips connected, moving in sync, his hands, tightening around her waist. Instinctively she interlocked her hands behind his neck, closing any gaps between them, gasping as he pushed her towards the counter, squeezing her hips gently, letting him slip his tongue into her mouth, earning a soft moan from her. Pulling away for a few seconds, he whispered into her ear, “jump”, she responded instantly, curling her legs around his torso as he lifted her to place her on the smooth, spotless counter, continuing the kiss.
After a few more minutes, the pair broke the kiss for air, their soft panting the only sound that drifted around them besides the quiet talking from the television, resting their foreheads against each other. Delicately he placed a hand at the nape of her neck, the warmth from his hand making her hum happily, as he kissed the side of her head tenderly, sighing, “I love you”. Laying her head against his chest, finding comfort in the steady thumping of his heart, “love you too, Stephen”, before pecking his cheek tenderly.
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princessofthedarktimes · 22 days ago
I had a dream that Benedict Cumberbatch's face was on an egg and I just can't
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Have you ever heard of the ‘Skeptics’? The sect like bunch that try to prove that Benedict kids doesn’t exist and that Sophie is abusing him? Are they old in the internet, or I got here late? What are their deal? Since the Flat Earth is already taken, they had to take another conspiracy? I’m so confused at them and all the work they have to prove it’s all fake… and after some time, they start taking to your brain! Gah, help me back!
Tumblr media
there is something seriously wrong with some of y'all.
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jellyraindrops · 29 days ago
MCU on crack but more than usual
Me: hey Peter
Peter: yeah?
Me: you know that saying, "an apple a day keeps the doctor away"?
Peter, falling from the ceiling getting up from his seat: say no more im on it
Doctor Strange: has anyone seen-
Me and Peter, throwing apples at him:
Strange: WHAT IN THE-
Strange: what the HELL-
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the-river-person · 2 months ago
Sans: Benadryl Cummerbund. Alphys: *Snrk*  Benevolent Cucumberpants Papyrus: OH. MY. GOD. NO. STOP THAT! Toriel: ... What are they saying? Frisk: Bulbasaur Toodlesnoot!!! Papyrus: NO! HUMAN! NOT YOU TOO! Toriel: Sans, can you please explain the joke? I’m afraid I do not understand it. Sans: That’s easy, Tori. We’re just talking about our favorite actor is all. You know, Tiddlywomp Vegemite! Papyrus: SANS NO! NOW YOU AREN’T EVEN TRYING!
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