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Doctor Strange - Created by Ruiz Burgos 
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Had to paint Supreme Strange.
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"I love you in every Universe."
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﹫ Stephen Strange.
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I don't feel so good doc
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All I Ask - Part 1 || Stephen Strange x Reader
Tumblr media
Word count: 2.7K Warning: References to Multiverse of Madness. Angst.  A/N: This is my first time writing, so please take it easy on me. This imagine has been inspired by All I ask by Adele and Arcade by Duncan Laurence (ft. FLETCHER).
You blankly stared at your reflection as you wore a pair of diamond earrings, it was the very first gift Stephen has given you. There's a lot of things running in your mind; Stephen's unresolved feelings for Christine being the centre of it. It was her wedding day today and you've been invited considering the fact that you're a close friend at work. You straightened yourself up with a sigh, feeling that your beauty is inadequate compared to Christine. 
"You look beautiful." Stephen's silky deep voice whispered against your ear before giving you a tender kiss on your temple. His slender, yet scarred hands rested on the curves of your waist.
Stephen's sudden appearance startled you, the mini heart attack causing you to clutch the centre of your chest, "Damn it, Stephen! Will you stop creeping up on me like that? Dating a wizard should come with a warning." 
Stephen gave you an offended look through your reflections, stepping away to sit on the edge of your bed, "Uh No, correction, you're dating sorcerer, wizards wear hats and use wands, lame."
"Mhm, and I guess the warnings for Doctor Strange come after you've been bagged right?" You chuckled, reaching for your sweet perfume that Stephen goes nuts for and sprayed it on your wrist then dabbing it behind your ears. 
"Are you seriously comparing me with spell books?" His brows raised, feeling a hint of an edginess in your attitude, which he decides to ignore. He was reading this situation as banter. 
You remained quiet, because for you, your question had two meanings; one was about his use of magic and two, you know that he is not over Christine. You didn’t know how you hadn't noticed from the very start when all the signs were clear as day. Stephen still wears that damned busted watch, there is sorrow in his eyes when she becomes the subject of conversation, the way he lights up when he talks to her and the way he looks at her. 
You searched for those behaviors whenever you're together and by the time you realized he was never going to look at you the same way,  you were already in too deep, you didn't have the guts to say anything because you're scared of losing him. You decided that you will wait for him quietly, but it’s been one year and you're close to snapping. You're a ticking time bomb. 
You admired the decorations inside the church while you and Stephen sat waiting for the ceremony to start. Doctor West was chatting with Stephen and you quietly eavesdropped on their conversation. The man seemed consumed by grief as he talked about his brother and cats, asking Stephen if there had been another way, "... and still you didn't get the girl." Doctor West said.
Ouch. Was it really necessary to be so brutal? You thought and grimaced.
Stephen adjusted his tie on Doctor West's comment, you could feel that he was hurt by it even though his face remained expressionless. He wasn't the only one who got emotionally damaged though. You clutched onto your dress looking elsewhere but Stephen.
Music began and all the guests stood up as Christine prepared to walk herself down the aisle. She looked immaculate in her white dress, her eyes focused on her soon-to-be-husband as she graciously made her way to the altar. 
You turned your body slightly to look at Stephen behind you and there it was again, that longing look, it was obvious that he had tunnel vision towards the bride since he didn't even notice you looking at him. Why am I not surprised? You caught Doctor West's gaze for a split second with water welling in your eyes, as Stephen was fixated on Christine who was fixated on the groom. You quickly turned and wiped them away before they fell, only then Stephen came to his senses, "(Y/N) are you alright?" 
You cleared your throat before talking, afraid that your voice might crack,"Yeah I'm fine, weddings y'know? They're a real tear jerker." You lied and laughed it off. You felt his hand cover your smaller ones, his thumb rubbing the back of your hand as consolation. You sat frozen on your seat for the rest of the ceremony, too afraid to look up at Stephen, too afraid that your cup of emotions might overflow. 
"Should anyone present know of any reason that this couple should not be joined in holy matrimony, speak now or forever hold your peace." The Pastor asked the guests. Stephen squeezed your hand, his jaw clenched as if prohibiting himself to speak. This man, he is in love with someone else, if this wasn't enough proof then you don't know what is.
You decided to separate from Stephen for a while during the reception, you were feeling a range of negative emotions that you needed to suppress. You hid it well towards your friends and colleagues, you weren’t so sure if you would be able to hide it from Stephen any longer, that's why you needed to remove yourself from his presence. 
Stephen hung out at the bar drinking a martini after another round of failing to find you. Christine cleared her throat as she approached the bar where Stephen stood, "A glass of red please." She smiled at the bartender.
You glanced towards their direction from time to time as you caught up with your colleagues, chugging your cocktail and grabbing another from a server that offered. You watched your lover turn water into wine, a sardonic laugh managed to slip from your lips. 
Juliet, your work bestie, followed the direction you were looking at and gave you a look, "I warned you from the start girl."
"I know, I know, I was too blind to see that he probably just kept me around to fill in that black hole, he calls his heart." As much as you hated to say it, you did, you downed another glass and grabbed a glass of champagne this time, "Jeeze, I'm so pathetic, what was I thinking I got something that Christine doesn't?" You laughed at yourself, watching Stephen stopping Christine from walking away. 
"Don't say that! You are not pathetic. Stupid and blinded? Yes. All you need to do now is to follow your head this time babe." Juliet rubbed the side of your arm, glancing at the other two. 
"I want to know what they're talking about." You darted towards the pair, at the same time you made sure that you weren't spotted. Juliet tried to stop you from causing yourself anymore torment but as much as you hated to admit it, you wanted to feel the pain, just in case if tonight doesn't end well, maybe it would be less painful then.
"Christine— I should’ve, " Stephen took a deep breath, "I wish it would've been different– I never stopped caring about us, but I had to make sacrifices… to protect you, I’m sorry." Stephen lowered his gaze.
Christine shook her head, keeping her eyes on him, "It was never going to work out between us."
Stephen raised his eyes to look at her again, her reply stung a lot, "Why not?"
"Because Stephen… you have to be the one holding the knife, and I've always respected you for it but I couldn’t love you for it." 
Stephen pressed his lips together, avoiding eye contact this time, "Truly, I’m just glad that you're happy."
Christine nodded, smiling and getting teary-eyed, "I am, I really, really am."
"Good." Stephen smiled though it was a pain.
"Are you? Are you Happy?" 
"I'm happy." He said, uncertainty present in his tone. Then the thought of your relationship with him crossed his mind.
"Good, you deserve it. Take care of (Y/N), she's heaven sent." Christine patted his shoulder before walking away from him. Your eyes shut tight while also walking away after hearing Palmer mention you in a positive light. Every noise around you becomes a blurred sound, while all that's been said keeps replaying in your head, you can hear Stephen's words loud and clear. I wished it would've been different– I never stopped caring about us. 
Strange noticed your figure walking towards the elevators in a hurry. After not being able to find you in the time frame of being there, he could feel something was wrong because now you're leaving without a word. He ran after you but he was too slow, your eyes landing on each other as the elevator doors shut. At least he had the decency to run after you. 
You saw a glow of golden light reflecting all around the elevator's metal walls, "You're really leaving without me?" Stephen asked after stepping out of the portal. You chuckled quietly, amused at the fact you forgot that he could easily catch up to you. 
"I could never get used to this sorcery," A cold laugh followed, "And yes I am– was leaving without you, Stephen." You answered his question, your face turning dead-pan. The storm that was brewing inside you was only getting stronger in his presence. Another portal opened in front of you, the other side appeared to be your living room— where you're likely to spend the night alone eating ice cream while you drown yourself with tears. You passed through without hesitation and he followed.
"How much have you heard–" He broke the awful silence between you, the portal closing behind him at will. So he knows. 
"Enough. Enough to wake me up from this dream I've been having." You answered his straightforward question with a straightforward answer. You've beaten around the bush long enough to do it now. You didn’t want to tread carefully anymore, you were ready for what's to come, you've had enough. 
"What dream? What are you talking about?" He asked with a slight impatience in his tone. His hands grabbed you by the shoulders and spun you around to face him.
"I've come to a realisation that I am never going to be good enough for you Stephen. All of this– this– this is one sided, and I was stupid and naive to gaslight myself to believe that one day you will look at me like how you look at Christine." You looked anywhere but his blue eyes, afraid that you would melt and give in your false bravery right now. 
"I can't believe this— you're jealous of Christine? Where did we just come from? Her wedding! I can’t have her!" His voice slowly got louder. This time you found the courage to look at him in the eyes, your gaze burning into his soul as you pushed him away from you. 
"I am not jealous of Christine, I am everything but jealous. I know you cannot have her and I know she definitely doesn't love you romantically anymore, so why would I be jealous?" You increased your tone as well. Stephen cocked his head back, surprised to get shouted at by you for the first time, "And since you don't have a clue of what I really am feeling– then I will gladly tell you."
"Oh please, enlighten me." Stephen replied through his gritted teeth. His gaze was unwavering.
"I feel unappreciated, unloved, unnoticed–" You began but instantly got cut off by the man.
"So you’re acting like this because of my lack of attention towards you?" He rolled his eyes and pinched the bridge of his nose, "That's real mature (Y/N)–"
"Oh for fuck's sake Stephen!" You threw your hands in the air, irritated at the fact that he had the nerve to get narcissistic with you, your patience was hanging by a thread, "You just asked me how much I had heard! You wished it would've been different right? If you had the chance for a different outcome, you would choose–" Her. Your throat burned and had to stop yourself from talking before your voice cracked, you bit the inside of your cheek and swallowed the lump you felt inside your throat.
You continued, "I know you're still holding onto her Stephen, I have for awhile– It’s so fucking obvious." 
"If I am then why am I with you?" He asked with his low baritone voice that gave shivers down your spine, he was getting angry and you could tell he didn't want to have this conversation.
"You should ask yourself that– because I. don't. know. Maybe you're lonely, maybe you need someone to make you feel something to mask the fact that you can't get over Christine." 
Stephen scoffed, "And you need to understand, that I was gone for FIVE YEARS and when I came back the love of my life was engaged and now married to someone else!" He finally snapped, his angry eyes telling you that his brain is in a different mode, he was incapable of seeing your side of the story at this point. 
You flinched at his passion, "I understand how you feel—" 
"Oh please, how would you understand exactly how I feel?" 
"For the past year Stephen I have watched you love someone else from afar. I've spent my time trying to please you even though it is not enough to make you genuinely happy– I have been very understanding that you prefer wearing that watch or eating dinner at her favourite places over mine, I do the things that remind you of her with you— all because I had hoped that maybe someday you would come to realise the weight of my feelings for you. 
And I really thought I could do it forever, because I love you— little did I know that I was self-sabotaging myself in the process. I’ve gained nothing and it’s all at my expense, I have spent all the love I’ve saved and you received  all that love and I got nothing in return, what the heck am I supposed to do with that?” You poured your heart out, shouting the words when necessary. You felt free after letting it go, you weren’t able to fight back your tears this time, they burned your cheeks as they dripped down your face. They came as a full acceptance of your emotional pain.
Stephen stayed silent, his eyes flickering as he took the time to let all your pent up feelings sink in. He’s never seen you cry hysterically like that and knowing that he was the cause of it dealt him great heartache and his expression softened. Stephen took a step towards you, his hand reaching for your wrist to pull you into a hug but you pulled away, “(Y/N), I’m sorry. I—”
“Don’t touch me! I don’t want to hear it, I don’t want to hear your pity when I already feel pathetic.” You took a deep breath before drowning in yourself. You wanted him to say that you’re wrong, that you’re overthinking it; you wanted him to pull you in and kiss you like it’s your last day on earth, but you didn’t need honesty to come out from him in a form of speech, it was already in his eyes that he accepted the fact that he made the mistake, “Do you love me or am I just a rebound?” You broke the deafening silence.
Stephen lifted his blue orbs and locked themselves into yours, approaching you slowly as if he was walking on glass, afraid that you might push him away again, “No of course not (Y/N). I love you.” His scarred hands slightly tremble as they cupped your cheeks, his thumbs wiping away your tears. His eyes flickering between your eyes, allowing himself to get lost in it. Your hands clutching onto his blazer until your knuckles turn white. 
“But you’re not in love with me. I have to let you go.” It came out as a whisper, it was probably one  of the most difficult things you’ve had to say. Panic took over Stephen after hearing your request, he forced a smile while trying to find the words to say.
“No, don't say that, (Y/N), we can work this out, I can’t lose you too.” He rested his forehead against yours, “Please.” He whispered. 
You shook your head, “I’ve got nothing left to offer you Stephen, I had a hunch it would end like this but I still carried on because I was selfish and wanted you for myself, but I can’t— I can’t do this anymore. All I ask of you now is to figure yourself out and find something that truly makes you happy.” You gently pushed him away, “Please leave.” Before I change my mind. You bit your swollen lip and looked down on the floor. "Is this really what you want?" He asked quietly, like he's also preparing to let go. You nodded bracing yourself as this maybe the last time that you'll be with him, "I'm sorry (Y/N), I truly am." And you felt the warmth of his hands slip away as he disappeared without another word. Once you didn’t feel his presence anymore, your knees gave in and you dropped on the floor, holding your broken heart in your hands.
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Only Love Can Hurt Like This
Summary: Relive your last moments with Stephen Pairing: Supreme!Stephen Strange x fem!Reader
Word Count: 3,496
Warnings: (Slight, I think) Spoilers for DSMoM! Sadness, Angst, no happy ending
A/N: Well, whew. This was another ride to write. Hope y'all enjoy! Comments/feedback well appreciated! (also, I had this idea listening to Vegas (I wanna ride) and not the song title-) Tho I kinda feel like the ending was rushed?? Idk ;-;
Taglist: NIL
Tumblr media
(Gif credited to TikTok user: @ randomlangme)
Only love can hurt like this
[Name] sobbed into her pillow, the feeling of a broken heart plagued her chest. Her never-ending tears stained her cheeks as she cried every single day and night. What did she do to deserve this? All of this? All she felt was pain, misery and sadness every day. Even forcing herself to eat just to keep her and her baby alive. She tried telling herself to be strong everyday but nothing worse. Not even the words of Charles Xavier could save her from this torment.
She felt the ground shake and she knew exactly who was causing the problem. Her husband and resident Sorcerer Supreme, Doctor Stephen Strange. There was a war between Earth’s Mightiest Heroes and Thanos’s army. Even if the battle was far away, she could hear the aftermath of the fight. Everyone could.
[Name] gave one final sob into her pillow before wiping her tears with a handkerchief that once belonged to Stephen. The beeping of the heart monitor was the only thing that was capable of calming her. An irony, right?
The door swung open and Christine stepped in. She wore a soft but sad smile upon seeing the visible tears decorating prettily on [Name]’s cheeks. In her hand was a pad.
“How are you doing, [Name]?” Her voice soft, careful to not cause any agitation to the pregnant woman.
[Name] sniffled, dapping her cheeks. She forced a sad smile and it broke Christine’s heart.
“I’m alright, Chris..Tired but alright,”
Christine obviously didn’t believe her. How could see when the cause of all her misery was her former lover. She set her pad down on the table, moving over to take [Name]’s hand. She took it and the grip was enough to tell Christine that nothing about her friend was ‘alright’. The doctor stayed still as the soon-to-be mother sought comfort in her touch.
“Doctor Palmer to ward 23,” Came a voice over the PA and [Name] let go of Christine’s hand. It broke her even more.
“I’m sorry, [Name]..I have to go,”
She smiled, shaking her head.
“You’re needed, Christine. Go, I’ll be alright,”
Christine pursed her lips in a thin line, fetching her pad from the table and nodded.
“I’ll be back,” She turned, leaving [Name] alone once more.
[Name]’s eyes fluttered close as a wave of exhaustion took over her body. As she fell asleep, she found herself reminiscing about the good times she had spent with Stephen. Before it all went down.
[Name] met Stephen Strange seven years ago when she was a trainee nurse at the hospital he worked at. Occasionally, she was paired up with Stephen to watch as he did procedures, watching and learning his technique and style. Eventually, her feelings for the Doctor grew past trainer-trainee and the explosive happiness she felt when Stephen reciprocated the feeling was something she could not forget. Shortly after that, Stephen had brought her out for dinner and  a calming walk in the park.
Even after his accident, [Name] stayed with Stephen. He pushed her away, yes but she was not going to give up on him just as he had given up on himself. She watched him meet this supposed being called The Ancient One. He trained himself, fought hard to become the man he wanted to be- a Sorcerer to protect the world and existing realms.
Stephen proposed to [Name] atop the Empire State, where it overlooked the gorgeous city they called home. Of course, she said yes. She loved Stephen and Stephen loved her very much. Their wedding was a small one with close friends and family invited, Wong and members of the  Illuminati too.
Since then, [Name] couldn't stop staring at her wedding ring.
"Vibranium. I had to call T'Challa in for a favour," Stephen said, taking her hand in his. He leaned down, pressing a soft kiss to her hand.
“It’s beautiful, Stephen. I can’t stop staring at it,” [Name] giggled, moving her hands to cup Stephen’s smooth jaw. Her thumb gently caress his cheek. His hands found her hips, pulling her as close as he impossibly could.
“I love you so much,”
“I love you too, in this universe and every,”
Their next step in their journey was their honeymoon. Stephen had planned everything out much to [Name]’s delight. Of course he was worried about leaving Manhattan unprotected but Charles was there to assure him. “The world can live one month without the Sorcerer Supreme, Stephen. Go spend some time with your wife,” Charles said and that was enough for Stephen
Whatever problem [Name] in her life seemingly had disappeared during their honeymoon and Stephen never stopped pampering her, even spending each night in the throes of pleasure. She was finally feeling all of Stephen, mind, soul and body and that made her fall for him even more.
She found herself to be sick on the fourth and last week of their honeymoon and Stephen knew it was good news. She did at least seven tests and when the last one finalised her pregnancy, the couple shared a tight hug with tears in their eyes.
All was going well. [Name] had finally found the man she loved and her life was the best she ever had.
Until Stephen started having nightmares shortly after their return from their honeymoon. He would wake up screaming and covered in cold sweat, going on and on about a Mad Titan who was coming to invade the world.
“It’s just a nightmare, Stephen. Go back to sleep,”
“No, no, no, you don’t understand, [Name]! It’s real. He’s coming!” Stephen ran a hand through his hair, bare chest heaving as he tried to catch his breath.
“Who’s coming, Stephen?”
Stephen turned to her, looking right at her dead in the eyes and with an expression she has never seen before.
Stephen’s well being deteriorated every single day. He was becoming mad and driven to find ways to stop his supposed nightmare from happening. He spent sleepless nights for months going through books within the Sanctorum.
He grew further from [Name], pushing her away as if she didn’t exist to him.
As months passed, her belly was growing bigger and by the fifth month of her pregnancy, she had had enough.
“Stephen!” She screamed, her voice travelled through the vast halls of the Sanctorum. It was quiet, almost too quiet. She swallowed, a hand on her belly and another on the railing as she made her way up the flight of stairs.
“Stephen!” She screamed out again and once again, silence responded.
[Name] made her way to an intersection within the Sanctorum, bright red light emitted through the door from the room at the end of the hall. She felt a trickle of sweat on her temple and wiped it off, creeping towards it.
“Stephen? Baby? Come on..,” She licked her lips, touching the door. She felt a soft heat coming from the door. Her hand moved down to the knob, opening it slowly. It creaked quietly and as the scene revealed before her, she felt her heart break.
Stephen was afloat, red orbs with strings looking akin to veins surrounded her husband. Before him was a book, one she has never seen  before but she recognised the corrupted magic. [Name] covered her mouth, tears pricked her eyes as she watched her husband succumb himself to such darkness.
Stephen opened his eyes, to find his wife in horror staring at him. He waved his hand, the magic disappearing and he brought himself back down on his two feet.
“Honey..Hey..come here..,” He held his arms out.
[Name] was frozen.
“S-Stephen..are you using…Chaos Magic? Stephen, please..stop this. Stop all of this! It’s just a nightmare, Stephen! Everyday, I don’t see you! Everynight, the bed is cold! All you do is..is..,” Her voice cracked, a hand moved to her belly again as her legs gave way. She was just so tired of everything.
“[Name]!” Stephen ran to her, dropping to his knees and held his crying wife.
“Oh, baby..Shh..Shh..,” He had his arms tightly around her, bringing her head to his chest as she cried.
[Name] felt her husband on her again and she couldn’t help but melt into his touch, gripping Stephen’s blue robes tightly as she sobbed. She pulled away first, wiping her tears with the back of her sleeves. Her hands cupped his cheeks, the same way she would always do.
“Stephen..please..stop all this..Please, I’m begging you..I need you, Stephen. I need you..Our baby needs you..Stop doing this magic, Stephen..The consequences..God, I can’t even think about it,” She sobbed out. Stephen swallowed, holding his gaze into [Name]’s brown eyes. He was doing all of this for her. To save her from this impending doom. He wanted what’s best for his wife and their baby and he would do anything to get it.
Stephen’s lips spread into a small smile, leaning in to rest his forehead against [Name]’s.
“I’ll do it..I’ll stop for you..I love you so much, in this universe and every,”
“I love you too,”
The couple shared a deep kiss, one filled with so much love yet sadness and pain lingered.
Must have been a deadly kiss
Humans are natural born liars and [Name] knew Stephen wouldn’t be able to keep true to his words. Sure, sweet kisses were shared and he was finally being the husband he was supposed to be five months ago but the longer he kept this up, the more lies she saw.
“I’m going for a walk, [Name]. Be right back!”
“There’s an emergency and the others need me. I’m sorry, I love you,” became very common excuses for the next three months. [Name] was surprised no one questioned Stephen’s usage of gloves when he has never worn them. Eventually, she has had enough. [Name] told the truth to the members of the Illuminati, Mordo included and Mordo confirmed her words, claiming there was a drastic shift in Stephen in general. He had to be stopped. He was becoming a slave to the Darkhold.
So, when they went to confront Stephen in the Sanctorum, he felt betrayed knowing his wife was the one who confided in his own team. But he loved her too much to feel completely betrayed. A part of him thought it was a good idea she did it but his darker part objected.
Christine kept [Name] safe with the Ultron bots as her guards. They didn’t hear word from Professor X for hours and [Name] had to see for herself.
Imagine the horror she felt upon returning home. Black Bolt, Richard, Maria, Peggy and Charles were all incapacitated and Stephen was no where to be found. Karl Mordo was the first to recover, a hand to his hurting abdomen. [Name] felt tears flow as she approached Karl.
“What happened?”
He coughed.
“He’s succumbed to the book, [Name]. I’m sorry, I’m so sorry,”
[Name] heard several heavy footsteps approaching, Christine and the bots had arrived on time to assist with the members of the Illuminati.
“Where is he? Karl, where is he?”
Mordo straightened up, a gentle hand on [Name]’s shoulder.
“I don’t know, I’m sor-,”
The ground shook violently and almost sent [Name] tumbling to the floor.
Charles and the others slowly came to be, all seemingly unharmed.
“Charles? Are you okay?” [Name] rushed over to the professor, a hand on his chair as she examined the cut on his forehead. He raised a hand up, shaking his head slightly.
“I’m alright, dear. He is more powerful that I had expected,”
“Where is he, Charles? Please, I need to know where-,”
Another violent shake, [Name] braced herself on Charles’s chair.
“What's going on?” Peggy asked and Christine was furiously scrolling through her pad.
“It’s as we feared. Remember our theory about Incursions? I think it’s not just a theory. It’s very much true and it’s happening,”
[Name] was confused, turning to Christine.
“What’s an Incursion?”
Mordo stepped forward, healing himself with a simple wave of his hand.
“An Incursion is when two realities are in a collision race. Stephen has been using the Darkhold for so long, using them to Dreamwalk between realities. He told you about the Mad Titan Thanos’ arrival, yes? It’s all true, [Name]. Strange used the Darkhold to Dreamwalk through multiple realities just to see if there was a possible way to kill Thanos. It’s only a matter of time until he arrives with his army,”
It was a lot to take in. [Name] was approaching her ninth month. She stumbled forward, Peggy caught her just in time. Her breathing was shortening, head growing more and more dizzy the more she forced herself to stay awake. She passed out in Peggy’s arms.
She couldn’t process everything. The world was at war, along with the Incursion happening. She felt so sick and shaken to the core.
It was never supposed to be this way.
Their love was never supposed to be this way.
But it’s the sweetest pain
Burning hot through my veins
Love is torture
Makes me more sure
[Name]’s eyes fluttered open, back to her painful reality. She held her abdomen, squeezing her eyes shut at the sharp pain. Water ran down her legs and she knew it was time.
She screamed in pain as another wave of pain washed over her. Nurses ran into her room, doing immediate checks on the woman.
Christine ran in shortly after.
“It’s time, Doctor Palmer,”
“Alright, people. Let’s prep the room!”
[Name] screamed again. It hurts everywhere. She wished Stephen was here for her, to be there for her while she brought their beautiful baby into this messed up world.
It felt like forever but when the wailings of a baby filled the room, [Name] felt more tears running down her cheeks, both of happiness and of sorrow. The doctor held up her crying baby, giving her a good clean before wrapping her up with a soft, white blanket. [Name] sniffled, reaching out for her baby and when she felt her little girl in her arms, more and more tears flowed. She looked up, Christine’s eyes were glossy as well.
“What’s her name?” Christine asked.
“Stefanie…Stefanie Faye Strange,” [Name] smiled, leaning down to plant a kiss on Stefanie's head. Her mind drifted to a distant memory.
“If we had a boy, we would name him after you. Vincent Alexander Strange. If we had a girl, Stefanie Faye Strange,”
Stephan laughed, leaning in. His lips brushed [Name]’s forehead in a light kiss.
“I like it. Anything for my dear, pregnant wife,”
She gave him a playful shove on his shoulder and he wrapped his arms around her torso, resting his forehead on her head as they watched the distant sun set from the roof of the Santorum.
Hours turned to days and days turned into a month and [Name] felt happiness with Stefanie. She reminded her so much of Stephan. From her eyes to her nose, everything.
The war was over.. The Incursion had killed billions now and it took a lot of strength and power to just bring it to a stop. When it did, trillions had died and their deaths were on Stephan’s shoulders.
Christine burst into [Name]’s room, panting.
“It’s over..It’s over,”
[Name] gasped, eyes wide as she felt hope. Hope in which she could see Stephen again.
“I want to see him,”
Christine frowned.
“[Name], I’m not sure-,”
“Christine..please.. I want to see him,”
The Doctor inhaled deeply, sighing before nodding. She could not do this to her friend.
After all, it would be the last time she would see Stephen.
Christine had brought Karl in as fast as she could..
[Name] held Stefanie in her arms, the baby was soundly asleep. She turned to Karl, swallowing.
“[Name], I strongly go against your decision-,”
Christine gave him a look and he closed his mouth. He sighed heavily, swallowing. With both hands raised in, he moved a hand in a circular motion to open a portal.
As it widened, [Name] could see the aftermath of everything. Bodies of alien beings strewn around, lifeless along with heroes that had died in the middle of battle. She stepped through, looking back to see Karl and Christine with saddened looks on their faces.
Why were they sad? [Name] didn’t understand why. The war had stopped, the Incursion had stopped and Stephen was hopefully out of the Book’s hold. Shouldn’t it be a happy occasion despite their losses?
[Name] turned ahead, seeing four figures and Charles in the distance. There was a figure on his knees and she knew who it was.
[Name] gasped, tears pooled in the corner of her eyes again as she rushed over to the group.
“Stephen!” She yelled.
Four heads turned in her direction and Stephen was staring at her.
“[Name]..[Name]!” He stood, running towards her. Maria stepped forward to try and stop Stephen but was stopped by Charles.
Stephen stopped short of her, his expression broken and face bloodied. That’s when he noticed a little wrapped bundle in her arms. His eyes heated up, tears flowed as he fell to his knees. [Name] kneeled in front of him, careful of little Stefanie as she pulled Stephen in for a hug. She cried on his shoulder and so did he, pain and sorrow released as they cried together.
When Stephen pulled away, his shaking hands gently cradled Stefanie’s head.
“I’m sorry..I’m so, so sorry..I cannot take back what I did, [Name]. I’m so, so sorry,” Stephen’s voice cracked as he looked back up, capturing [Name]’s lips in a deep kiss. She returned in and it felt like home once again.
“Meet our baby girl, Stephen. Meet Stefanie Faye Strange,”
[Name] tilted her arms slightly, showing the baby to her husband and she heard him audibly gasp.
“She looks so much like you, Stephen..I-I..God, I miss you so much,”
Stephen cracked a small smile.
“I miss you too, honey. So, so much,”
Stefanie wriggled lightly, opening her eyes to reveal the exact same blue as his own. He felt his heart crack as the baby studied her father.
“Stefanie, say hi to daddy,” [Name] cooed softly. Stephen brought a black finger to the baby, she grabbed it almost immediately. He let out a soft sob, leaning into plant a soft kiss to Stefanie’s forehead.
“I love you two so much.. What I did, I thought it was the right thing to do. I wanted to save you, to save our baby from danger. I went too far and the deaths of many rest on my shoulders. I have to pay the price, baby,” Stephen swallowed the lump in his throat. [Name] shook her head.
“You’ve already paid it. Just come home to me, to Stefanie. Please.. I can’t live without you. Stephen, please..,” [Name] pleaded, cupping Stephen’s cheek with a hand. He leaned into it, turning his head to kiss her palm.
“I love you so much. I love you and Stefanie so much. I love you and Stefanie in this universe and every..I’m sorry,”
Stephen pulled away, standing up. She stood as well, a hand held her elbow.
“Take care of her, Mordo. Watch over her and Stefanie. Please, old friend?”
Karl pursed his lips, nodding slowly as he too was filled with sadness.
“Take her back..She doesn’t need to see this,” Stephen smiled, taking [Name]’s hand in his.
“Wait, wait, no. Where are you- What are you going to do to him? No! Wait! Wait!!” [Name] wailed. Stefanie sensed her mother’s distress and cried aloud as Karl slowly tugged her struggling form back. Stephen slowly let go of her hand, turning away and returning to the group.
He kneeled down before the five, breath shaking and heart heavy as the sound of his wife and baby’s wailing slowly disappeared. Everyone sympathised with the family but Stephen had to pay. Even if it meant killing him so no one would know what he had done.
“I shall miss you, old friend,” Charles spoke with a heavy heart. He didn’t want to do any of this. None of them did.
Stephen lifted his head to see his wife trying to get away from Karl as Christine held his baby. She dropped to her knees just short of the portal, screaming for Stephen’s name and begging for him.
Stephen squeezed his eyes shut and nodded.
This was it.
This was the end.
“I’m ready,”
The last thing [Name] saw just before the portal closed was Blackagar’s soundwave striking her husband and she felt so very numb, endless tears flowed till no end.
Her heart could never be mended.
Tears will always fall.
For she will never see her husband ever again.
Only love can hurt like this
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mrsgingles · 15 hours ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
it’s just a throwaway comment by Benedict Cumberbatch but when he mentioned voguing in this interview, I immediately had to draw my mental image of Strange and Wanda voguing, waacking and shablaming the house down.
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lemoniddlebatch · 2 days ago
Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness costume design concepts that were done for the Doctor Strange variants by Karla Ortiz
Tumblr media
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ririsasy · 2 days ago
Benedict Cumberbatch talked about Ironstrange.
He knows the term better than Ali. 🤣 It's not doctor man Ali, it's Ironstrange. Benedict is a man of culture.
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
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mischievous-thunder · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
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blackstar30 · a day ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Benedict Cumberbatch>>>>
ugh he is so hot
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Tumblr media Tumblr media
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parkdore · 2 days ago
How does one ever move on from the utter sublime sheer brilliance that is Benedict's Sherlock
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doctorstrangeaskblog · a day ago
Things in Doctor Strange you probably haven't noticed.
Stephen was blipped for 5 years and he still probably is the strongest sorcerer (or in the top 3) when it comes to offensive spells and versatility.
Stephen now can use telekinesis in a better way than he could in Thor Ragnarok, but he needs to use his hands.
The Cloak is A VERY STRONG SHIELD/ARMOR Stephen probably would have a hole in his chest or get burned to death if the Cloak hadn't shielded him.
Kamar Taj is in crisis since before Doctor Strange 01 due to Kaecilius attacks before the movie took place, during the movie and by the end of the movie- Kamar Taj also suffered a big loss of sorcerers to Thanos (the blip and the battle in Endgame), also by Mordo, who has been attacking sorcerers and Stephen offscreen. Therefore, Kamar Taj is weaker than it normally used to be. Let's not forget Kaecilius exploded all the 3 Sanctums, Kamar Taj and Stephen managed to reverse only the damage caused in the Hong Kong Sanctum.
The Sanctum Guardians for Hong Kong, London and New York have been replaced- Doctor Strange in his movie replaced Daniel Drumm who got killed. The London's Guardian also had been killed in Doctor Strange 01 and Wong had also replaced the previous Hong Kong Guardian for some time, giving his place now to a new Guardian- meaning all the 3 current Sanctum Guardians, despite formidable, are still new and not as experienced as the previous ones.
There was a missing book in the special library shelf in Doctor Strange 01, the missing book probably was the Darkhold.
Tumblr media
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nerdbrazil · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
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classickook · 5 hours ago
happiness looks good on you | stephen strange
pairing: stephen strange x widow!reader
summary: you and stephen attend christine’s wedding together (based off this request by anon).
warnings: established relationship, fluff, minor spoilers for multiverse of madness
word count: 2.3k
a/n: still getting used to writing for stephen so go easy on me lol
Tumblr media
ever since the snap wreaked havoc on your universe, you had stayed behind at the compound while the others went their separate ways, each coping with their grief as they saw fit. just you and natasha were left behind, never giving up hope that a solution would arise so that those who were once lost could finally return to you.
stephen strange, in particular, became somewhat of a priority to you, not only because you had been harboring a small crush on him in the past, you had convinced yourself at the time, but because he had become a sort of friend to you after working together on a few missions.
five long years of fruitless planning and dread led into something more as the remaining team of avengers, you included, finalized a revolutionary idea that would no doubt bring the lost ones back to you.
once everyone had returned, safe and sound, as if the past five years had been put on hold, you decided that you wouldn’t risk another moment of your true feelings toward the sorcerer going unannounced, and the two of you had been inseparable ever since.
still residing at the compound with natasha, and most recently yelena, who had miraculously found her way back to her lost sisters, you were currently accompanied by the two in your bedroom as they assisted you in preparing for the wedding this afternoon. not yours, of course, but that of christine palmer.
your thoughts were interrupted by a lump of fabric being shoved in your direction as yelena urged you to try on her choice of which dress you should wear.
“i think this one would look best,” she insisted, her russian accent strong and so unlike the american one that had coated her tongue when you were younger. “this color suits your complexion. the one you are wearing now washes you out.” you look down at your current dress and frown.
natasha voiced her agreement from her position on the bed.
you rolled your eyes. “fine,” you huffed, “though i didn’t invite you two to help me just for you to criticize me.”
your sisters chuckled to one another as you slipped into the dress, the silk material sliding across your skin and fitting you perfectly. upon viewing your appearance in the mirror, you had to agree that maybe yelena had a point, although the reflection staring back at you seemed unfamiliar. after all, you had been used to strictly wearing the characteristic black uniform of the widows practically your entire life, knowing nothing different. you kind of enjoyed this, getting dressed up in pretty dresses and heels and actually wearing jewelry for a change—would you choose silver, like natasha? or maybe gold, like yelena?
“see?” yelena sidled up next to you, a proud smirk taking over her features.
“yeah, yeah. you were right, whatever.”
natasha rose from the bed to stand behind you, resting her hands on your shoulders and brushing your hair out of your face to gaze at the three of you standing together in the mirror. a soft smile pulled at her lips. “you look beautiful, sestra.”
“yes,” yelena said. “maybe one day we will help you get ready for your own wedding.”
your own wedding. you hadn’t really thought about it, hadn’t even allowed yourself the luxury to think about it, what with your time spent in the red room and then having to save the world over the past several years taking up most of your time. but maybe marriage would be something you could finally have, now that you were free from your past and happy with stephen. “maybe,” you said wistfully.
the moment was interrupted as the telltale golden sparks of a portal materialized in front of you, announcing the presence of none other than your sorcerer boyfriend.
“knock, knock,” a familiar voice echoed from within.
“go, have fun with your lover boy,” natasha teased.
you bid your sisters farewell as you stepped through the portal to find yourself in the cozy space of stephen’s bedroom at the sanctum. you had visited a multitude of times, having familiarized yourself with the magical books lining the library’s shelves and the curious items littered throughout the establishment, hiding in dark corners and behind hollow walls. you had even become well-acquainted with wong and had developed a sort of friendship with the sorcerer during those lonely five years of the snap. somehow, you had managed to annoy him trick him into teaching you a few things about magic, just a few simple spells here and there, and it helped fill the loneliness of stephen’s absence for a while. but you were overjoyed to be together with him now, having him be the one to show you around and share his knowledge of the mystic arts with you.
“well, don’t you look dashing,” you said as you approached your boyfriend, his broad back turned to you as he adjusted his tie in the mirror.
he met your eyes in the reflection and promptly dropped his hands to his sides. “if anyone should be receiving a compliment, it should be you,” he said as he drew closer, drinking in the sight of you from head to toe. “god, you’re breathtaking, honey. let me see.” he reached for your hand and urged you to turn for him like it was your own personal fashion show. you felt silly but did as he asked, giggling nervously as you went.
you returned to your original position, facing him fully now, and the look on his face made your toes curl. “you know what, let’s not go. they won’t even notice our absence.”
you laughed at how serious he sounded. “stephen, don’t be ridiculous. christine is expecting us to be there, and it’s the least we can do. won’t it be nice to see everyone again?”
“not when i could be here alone with you instead.”
heat licked up your skin at what he was insinuating. “stop that,” you admonished lightly, pressing your hands to your warm cheeks.
his smug laugh reached your ears and you swatted at him. “let’s just go, magic man.”
Tumblr media
you followed after stephen as he led you to your assigned pew, pulling you in close, thigh to thigh, and holding your hand in his lap.
the man on the other side of him, doctor west, who you had briefly heard stories about and learned that stephen wasn’t a big fan of his, started up conversation about the unfortunate death of his cats upon returning from the snap. stephen grimaced as the unwanted information was forced upon him and as the man continued to fill him in on everything he had missed out on, you stifled a laugh and gently nudged stephen’s arm, urging him to play nice. he peered over at you briefly and winked before returning his attention to doctor west’s tragic story, playing with your fingers distractedly as the man spoke.
the topic of discussion quickly bled into doctor west recounting stephen’s numerous achievements, being a world famous neurosurgeon - turned heroic sorcerer, winning at everything in life, “but you still didn’t get the girl,” you heard him say, not so subtly hinting at stephen’s failed relationship with christine. your stomach dropped as the conversation took an unexpected turn. while you and stephen had been together over the past year and a half since the snap was reversed, you knew of his past history with christine palmer, and however foolish it seemed, you were nervous for him to see her again. the two of you were happy together, of course, but sometimes you feared that you had been somewhat of a replacement for his former coworker and that, upon seeing her again today, he might realize that he didn’t actually like you all that much after all. you cursed the thought, knowing you were being unnecessarily insecure and entirely foolish, but you couldn’t shake the feeling.
stephen tightened his grip on your hand and your eyes jumped to meet his blue ones, open and honest and swimming with unshakable admiration. he brought your hand to his lips and kissed it gently. “you’re mistaken, doctor west,” he said, though he was still looking at you. “i did get the girl.”
your heart stuttered at his admission. you knew he loved you, obviously, but hearing him say this aloud, his love for you unmistakable in the way that he was looking at you now, erased all of your previous doubts.
stephen ignored the other man from that moment on, his attempt at politeness long gone now that he had taken a stab at offending you, whether it was on purpose or not. stephen turned his body toward you, wrapping an arm around your shoulders as if the two of you were in your own little world, protective and secure, and maybe it was also his way of announcing to the room that you were his. you felt giddy at the thought.
he kissed your temple. “don’t listen to a word he said,” stephen insisted, the deep baritone of his voice like music against the shell of your ear. “you’re my girl,” you looked up at him then, “and nothing is ever going to change that.”
“i love you,” you said suddenly.
he grinned, eyes lighting up and crinkling at the corners. “honey, you have no idea how much i love you.”
Tumblr media
the ceremony was beautiful and elegant and everything you would hope to have one day. christine was radiating pure joy at this new milestone in her life that she was practically glowing.
everyone made their way to the reception area to socialize, and upon entering with stephen by your side, hand in hand, christine immediately welcomed you and thanked you both for coming.
congratulations and polite small talk were exchanged, but you knew the two needed some time to catch up on things. “i’m going to grab us some drinks,” you said kindly. you patted stephen’s chest as you walked by and he pressed a quick kiss to your cheek before watching you make your way across the room.
“i’m glad that you’re happy,” stephen said and he truly meant it. he and christine had been through a lot together, sure, but it was never going to work out between them, not like that. but knowing what he knew now, and how the relationship with christine led him to you and encouraged him to be better and learn from his mistakes, well, that was certainly worth it.
“i am. i really, really am,” she said, beaming.
“are you?”
his gaze was pulled to you from across the room as you milled about, mingling and laughing with other partygoers as you ordered drinks from the open bar, your aura confident and carefree in a way that drew him in, and even if he weren’t already madly in love with you, if he had been a complete stranger having only seen you for the first time here today, he knew he still wouldn’t be able to take his eyes off you.
“i am,” he said, and there wasn’t an ounce of doubt in his tone.
“i’m glad,” christine said as she watched him watching you. “happiness looks good on you, stephen.”
stephen’s eyes were glued to you the entire time, waiting not so patiently for you to return to his side. he already missed having you near him. ever since he returned from the snap, he kept you close to him—physically and emotionally. it was definitely a challenge for him at first, what with not being very approachable or allowing people in for most of his adult life, but he knew he wanted to change that old mindset of his—for you. and you had been with him ever since.
“when are you going to ask her?”
stephen jolted slightly at christine’s sudden question, having forgotten she was standing beside him.
“ask who what?”
she nodded toward you from your place across the room, now with drinks in both hands as you moved gracefully yet swiftly in your heels, not a single drop spilling even as you were jostled from either side as distracted partygoers intercepted your path.
“oh,” he replied dumbly. stephen patted his jacket pocket self-consciously. “well, actually i have a—”
you approached the two now, your sudden appearance causing stephen to forgo completing the rest of his sentence. you offered one of the drinks to him and he pulled you in close, resting his free hand on the small of your back and releasing a comfortable sigh at having you in his arms again.
christine eyed you and stephen with a mischievous glint in her green eyes. “well, i better get going,” she said knowingly. “there are some other guests i should probably say hello to. thank you again for coming, i’m so glad you could make it.” and off she went to the next cluster of people, carrying on with the introductions and congratulations like clockwork.
“so what did you two talk about?” you asked stephen.
he took a sip of his drink and you watched his throat bob as he swallowed. “you.”
you choked. “what about me?”
“stephen, what about me?”
you leaned back enough so you could catch his eye. “stephen.”
he chuckled warmly and slid his arm further around your waist to bring you closer to him, the sound filling up your lungs and sliding through your veins. it was like his very being consumed every part of you. “nothing, honey.”
you hummed, not quite convinced. “somehow i don’t believe you.”
“somehow you’re just going to have to trust me, then,” he replied.
you eyed him suspiciously. “what aren’t you telling me, doctor strange?”
“i’ll tell you later,” he said, smirking at the use of his professional title. “for now, what do you say we ditch this place and head on home? we’ve stayed long enough.”
you rolled your eyes but agreed anyway, finally growing tired of the way your heels kept pinching your toes and making your every step a living hell. stephen pulled you off to an abandoned corner to create a portal that was far enough away from prying eyes.
“lead the way, magic man,” you said, entwining your hand with his as you stepped through the portal.
Tumblr media
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doctorofmagic · a day ago
nothing against Charlize she is top tier actress but I feel like she is a little too old to play a new character? like she was JUST introduced and we probably will have to wait like 4 to 6 years before she gets a proper arc and both Charlize and Ben won't get younger, but at least his character already got a lot of screentime before
Literally do not know why it should be a problem for actors and actresses to look older than people around their 20-30s, especially women who are constantly under pressure to look younger than their actual age (also kinda misogynist if you ask me).
People age and it's perfectly fine. And if the issue is accuracy, both Clea and Stephen are ancient (Stephen was born in the 30s and was granted extended life by the Ancient One, whereas Clea is half-faltine, plus time passes differenly in the Dark Dimension).
Tumblr media
Anyways, support actors, especially older women in Hollywood 💜
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lemoniddlebatch · 2 days ago
Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness concept art of Doctor Strange and Defender Strange by Ian Joyner
Tumblr media Tumblr media
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ars-de-elysium · 2 days ago
WIP without context:
Tumblr media
🍋 Also- there’s no lime emoji’s?
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