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you had a crush on netanyahu??? explain yourself lol

I was a stupid nine-year-old kid raised in a household that was right wing, Christian, and both parents support Israel very strongly.  My mother is a Jew and a proud right-wing Zionist, and she instilled that into me since childhood.

I was raised in a position where I was forged into a fighting machine and a future Right wing politician by my parents, as both of my parents have ties to the right wing party of my country (America).  My parents were of course, very Islamaphobic and loathed Islam and Arabs in general, so I grew up that way.   

My mother adores Netanyahu, and I remember I saw him on the television and my mother looked like cupid shot an arrow into her.  I remember asking her who it was, and she told me it was Bibi Netanyahu, and she claimed that he was the protector of the State of Israel.

Now, my mother has a taste for men who take charge (my dad is that type) and so naturally, given the fact that I was was raised to be a weapon for the GOP and that my mother adored alpha men and adored Israel, I naturally followed suit.  

This intensified in my teenage years and continued up until I started thinking for myself and I became a communist two years ago at the age of eighteen.  I started learning about the fundimentials of Zionism and how Israel brutalized Palestinians and Arabs in their own country, and I saw how much of a racist asshole he was.  

I still have lots of old posts on this Tumblr from back then. Comrade, I have had this Tumblr since I was sixteen years old so, you’ll stumble on a lot of those posts.  

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reactions to Gantz’s siding and union with netanyahu (including mine) . vast majority can be translated essentially to “shocked and disappointed”. Gantz had advertised himself, three times in a row on a span of less than one year, as the replacement to Netanyahu, had been voted for by people whose only wish was to replace Netanyahu, who had been destroying the democracy in the only actually democratic state in the middle east. Benny Gantz and Gabi Ashkenazi’s actions (actions being joining Netanyahu in a rotation government, with Netanyahu the first in rotation), led to the divide of Blue and White (Kachol Lavan), the party thats head was gantz, which advocated and claimed for, and to be replacement of netanyahu’s likud party and progressively more and more right-wing coalitions and governments, had divided to two:

  1. Khosen L'Israel (gantz and ashkenazi, the name of the party with which gantz entered israeli politics)
  2. and Kachol Lavan, made of: Yesh Atid (led by Yair Lapid) and Telem (תל"ם stands for תנועה לאומית ממלכתית Tnua Leumit Mamlakhtit, national statist movement)

tl;dr: how the heroes have fallen, and turned out to be the same as the adversary, and how the ones looking up are now eyeing the ground with despair in their hearts.

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