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57/100 Days of Productivity

Guess who’s studying in bed again? I’m falling behind at uni work, but I’m doing my best! I hope that after this week things slow down a little bit…

I’m almost at 500 followers, thank you guys! I decided I’ll be tracking #heyalyss (or #hey alyss - as Alyss is the name I usually go in the internet). If you want me to see your post, use this tag, it would be really nice ^_^

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❅ 15.1O.2O2O

I thought that I would be able to post every single day for the challenge, but I found out now that it isn’t going to be possible, so I am probably doing some days with more than one prompt. 

It’s that time of the semester where the projects are not being entirely worked on, but I am still suffering because of them. It is the time of finding references for all the works that I want to develop and if I can share this little fun and useless fact about me is that I truly hate this time of the research. I suffer trying to know how to develop a project or even with the many readings that I have to do for them, but the most unpleasant part is definitely trying to discover references that help me with the essays. Why it has to be so difficult to find something about the subject? There is so much information but seems like I never can find anything. 

「  Day 1O of studyblr community challenge - What is one thing you wished you could change about studyblr?

I think that at least nowadays it has been better or at least the content that I see comes to that, but I would like for people to let go of the “perfect aesthetic look”. Not that they need to stop posting beautiful pictures with the prettiest handwriting I ever saw, but like we are all messy at some point of our studies, we all have that times that we are really struggling and I would like for people to share more that side.

「  Day 11 of studyblr community challenge - What is something that you have learnt from studyblr?

I learn many damn things in here. I remember that I had many issues with organizing my life with school, to find the right resources and the right way to study because I am stubborn and not a really big fan of changes, but I think the biggest lesson from here is that I learned how to develop myself as a student, not only for specific subjects, but as a student for life.

「  Day 12 of studyblr community challenge - How much time do you spend on studyblr per day on average?

I think that a maximum of 30 to 45 minutes.

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14.10.20 || annotating video!! i edited it bc it was so out of focus and had terrible lighting 😖

「day 14 of @myhoneststudyblr‘s studyblr community challenge」

what are some of your study essentials? - since everything is online now, i would probably have to say my lil drawing tablet (which, btw, is SIGNIFICANTLY cheaper than buying an ipad), my hard drive (which i harvested from an old laptop), my laptop and my bullet journal

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11.10.2020 // this is the best lighting i can offer u on this dark gloomy day - the clouds are so thick, it’s like a daylong evening… haven’t been able to focus at all today, i’d do anything to be able to just curl up in a blanket with a movie and call it a day and it’s not even 3pm yet

day 11 - What is something that you have learnt from studyblr?

i’ve learnt about all these different ways people study and some of them have helped me immensely… but i’ve also learnt a lot about grind culture, not always in the most pleasant of ways… it has let me notice when i’m spiralling into this unhealthy mindset though and that’s the start of getting better at resisting the toxic must-be-productive-at-all-costs thoughts:)

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07.10.20 || tb flipthrough of a very chaotic september. layout? who is she?

「day 7 of @myhoneststudyblr‘s studyblr community challenge」

what is your goal for your studyblr for the next few months? - being more consistent and diligent with posting without it interfering with my classwork and such.

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06.10.2020 || yes, i did do a photoshoot for my laptop bc my desktop background is gorgeous and my Extra Gene told me to do so. photo credit

「day 6 of @myhoneststudyblr‘s studyblr community challenge」

why did you decide to do this challenge and what is your goal? - i thought it would be a nice way to get to meet people in the community while still keeping track of my productivity and work through a creative outlet. (thats pretty sick; knocking all your social, mental and creative work all in one tumblr post)

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hi! here are some online class study tips that have worked for me, so i wanted to share them with you guys!! online classes have been touuuugh, but we’ll get through this together! :D

  • plan ahead. a lot of my professors gave assignments earlier and gave us about a month to work on them. some of us might have the tendency to work on them later on, but working on them as soon as i can and finishing them 2 weeks earlier than the deadline gave me more time to work on bigger, more important projects. this can also give you more time to make changes to it when there are last minute requirements you have to include.
  • call your friends. when we went to school, we always looked forward to hanging out with our friends after being in class for hours. all that is painfully absent now, so i tried to compensate by calling my friends after classes or designating a specific day in the week where all of you are free and having a fun study session together.
  • change of scenery. being in the same space every hour of every day adds to the dreadfulness of it all, so having a change of scenery every once in a while can actually make you feel more energized. whenever i got the chance to go out to the park or the library, i would always take it. but!! adding some polaroids on your walls, changing your bed sheets, or even just studying in your dining room are also just as effective!
  • keep a water bottle next to you. it’s so easy for us to forget to drink water as the day goes by. with this, having a water bottle next to you makes you want to reach out to it and drink water more frequently. not only does this keep you hydrated, but drinking water will also wake you up when you’re feeling snoozy in the middle of a class lecture!
  • have a group chat where u log productivity. my friends and i become motivated to work when we see that others are working, so we made a group chat where we logged tasks that we’ve accomplished as the day goes by. aside from this, i’m also part of a group in the focus to-do app where you can see other people working as well as how many hours they’ve worked during the day.
  • wear uv protection glasses. this is one of the most important things i learned during this whole online class experience. my eye grades went from 20/20 to 50/100 in the span of just a month and a half, and i had to get prescription glasses! don’t let online classes ruin your eyesight, people! learn from my experience :(
  • spread out your tasks. for some reason, professors have given us so much more assignments for online classes compared to when we were in the actual university. it can get quite overwhelming, but spreading out your tasks can help lessen the stress and pressure. i work on small tasks for a short period of time each day to make sure that i’m able to get things done on time without feeling extremely tired. i actually made a post on this here! check it out if you want a more elaborate explanation for this part :)
  • listen to the live discussions. i used to zone out during synchronous sessions, talk to friends, or play games on my phone, thinking that i don’t have to listen now and that i can just rewatch it later. while being able to rewatch your professor’s lecture is one of the pros of online classes, try to listen to your professor’s live discussions as much as you can! it saves so much time and gives you the change to ask them questions during the lesson proper. if you’re able to understand the lesson during the session, you’d be able to spend your extra time working on other assignments or doing things for yourself. however, there definitely are some classes wherein you’d really have to repeatedly listen to the recorded sessions in order to fully understand the concepts, and that’s fine too! the point of this is to try and listen to the lesson as much as you can so you can spend less time on it later.
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05.10.20 || desk lil messy but look!! pain au chocolat !!! (i only ate half of it bc i was in pe 😞)

「day 5 of @myhoneststudyblr‘s studyblr community challenge」

have you ever done a challenge before? - yes!!! last month i did @spell-studies‘s quarantine fall study challenge 

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04.10.20 || a nice lil dried flower arrangement ft. an old bujo spread :>

day 4 of @myhoneststudyblr‘s studyblr community challenge

how long have you had a studyblr? - not long! since august i think? four months sounds like a short time but it seems so long ago. regardless, i hope to have fun in this community for years to come 🥳

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33/100 Days of Productivity

  • Attended online classes
  • Studied Sociology

Studyblr Community Challenge

Day 3 - Why did you create your studyblr?

I created it to make myself more accountable and to study more.

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@myhoneststudyblr ‘s studyblr community challenge days 1-3 !

day 1 - introduce yourself and tell us what you study! 

hi im ana (she/her) and im a uni freshman studying social sciences! my major is multidisciplinary which means i’ll be studying political science, literature and history among many other things

day 2 - explain your studyblr url!

its just a combination of academic and hour (hr). nothing to fancy, just something to remind me to study and do my work hehe

day 3 - why did your create a studyblr?

i’ve been on tumblr for a very long time (like bbc sherlock-phandom long) and studyblr has been one of the communities that i’ve consistently followed even across multiple accounts. i’ve never had the time to start a studyblr but since the pandemic hit, free time was all i had. so, i though what better time to start a studyblr than now?

i’ve also always admired the solidarity and positive support that the community has, along with the love for learning and growth that the community has and i’ve always wanted to be apart of that and share that kind of positivity. 

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— october 2, 2020

hey guys!! sorry i’ve been super inactive. i just finished all my requirements for online classes, and this term is officially done for me!!! this term was such a ride and honestly am so proud that i was able to pull through. i’ll be a sophomore in the next term and im so so excited to finally be taking my majors!! anw, i submitted my last requirement yesterday, so today i fixed my room and had a much needed reset day for myself. i hope everyone’s having a good day! remember to take a break and drink some water 💗

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Day 1 - Introduce yourself and tell us what you study ✨

Hello! I’m Wiame. I’m 17 and am from Morocco.

I have graduated from hs last summer and I literally do not know what to do with my life therefore I might take a gap year or randomly jump into any uni course? Who knows? Stay tuned for the adventure guys :’)

Anyway, in order to stay sane, I am still taking this time to study German, focus on my hobbies and health.

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30.09.20 || quarantine fall study challenge

plant + my chicken scratch! i think this may be the start of my plant mom journey :O

september has been tough. i think i seriously underestimated how tough online classes will be. but i move forward!! october may not be the month where i enjoy the set-up of this learning environment but it will be the month where i keep moving forward!!

i hope everyone had a lovely september and here’s to a better and happier last 3 months of 2020 to all of us!

things i achieved today:

  • finished all my outlines for comm
  • sent some ~serious concern~ emails that have been bothering me for weeks now
  • worked out! (day 2 of week 2 pls help)
  • mentally prepared for my classes this week (they were cancelled since friday lmao)

wednesday, 09/30 - positive affirmations! what are yours? write some!

(is this study challenge destiny?) 

what i feel is valid. 

happiness will come soon.

papasa ako (i will pass.)

i have deserved everything i achieved. 

i cannot be great at everything and anything i can do is enough.

i am worthy of love and there are people in your corner. 

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biology! i’ve really only been doing practice questions for all my subjects since exams are coming up, none of which are ✨aesthetic✨ but i’m excited to document my language learning journey once these big exams are all over!

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24th Sept. 2020

These days you’ll see me posting a lot about Calculus, because I’m going to have my first exam next monday so I’m dedicating myself to Calculus whenever I can.
It’s a lot to study, but everything is easier with my kitten around ♥

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23.09.20 || quarantine study challenge

old pic but here’s a pic of the cleanest my desk has been the past 2 weeks. please don’t ask about the state its in rn, its a sensitive topic for me… 

things i accomplished today:

  • finished day 2 of my required workout (it sounds like im in prison)
  • edited the vid for said workout
  • attended the nth zoom meeting/seminar of the month (i’ve lost count but i’ve also mastered the skill of sounding like ive been paying attention)

wednesday, 09/23 - unpopular book opinion?

kinda weird and only sort of related but, I don’t like bookmarks?? like any form or style of bookmarks are sometimes just annoying??? i also despise dog-earring the pages of a book like pls don’t. we read our books like savages; you open a page and hope for the best. 

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