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DAY 1 /30

26 MAY, 2020

Hey to all,

So I feel better than I did before, which is a good sign :)

I still can’t find the perfect music for when I study but I’m sure I will soon.


  • Coordination chemistry ncert
  • Modern physics and Radioactivity short notes
  • Organic revision for alcohols, phenols and ethers ( @thatbrandnewbindersmell proud of me yet?)
  • Drink water

Yep so that’s pretty much I guess.

Anyway I’m halfway done with this right now which is really cool.

Today is a good day.

Anyway stay safe and love ya’ll <3

Au revoir,


🎶 No Running From Me ~ Toulouse

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75 - 77 / 100 days of productivity

After a week of total chaos, I caved and started a physical bullet journal. Being able to write down and see my tasks all organized on actual paper makes me feel so much calmer. The minimalist layout helps a lot too.

Also, quick announcement: I will be posting some minimalist June calendar phone wallpapers soon. And since pride month is only a few days away, I will also post some pride-themed phone wallpapers as well. So if you’re interested, make sure to be on the look out for that ✨
 - thank you :)

Tunes: YOU TOO - Chase Atlantic

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052220 - 17/30 days of productivity

I was in a meeting today and it hit me again how difficult this time is for everyone. I’ve been keeping myself busy lately, and I realized it’s probably because I want to distract myself from worrying and thinking about the whole situation. Many of you are probably anxious and restless too for many different reasons, so if you ever need someone to talk to, feel free to message or ask me. :)

This too shall pass.

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052120 - 16/30 days of productivity || week 9 of 2020 quarantine challenge

Started rereading and annotating Pride & Prejudice for fun.

Thu - Who would you want to play you in a movie of your life? Saoirse Ronan just because she’s good.
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052020 - 15/30 days of productivity || week 9 of 2020 quarantine challenge

Wed - Are you a clean or messy person?
Clean when focused and motivated, messy when my mind’s a mess especially when multitasking.
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13.5.20 / 9:49 pm (4/30)

gotta say, i’m not too happy about my current anthropology course, the cultural anthropology side of it is going well but i’m a bit shaky with physical anthropology, so i’m quite nervous how that has gone so far. anyways i ate some cookies while taking notes so i was happy fjfbjd and the subject matter is always interesting. after the political anthropology book, the next one on my reading list concerns theories

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DAY 13 - 18 / 30

8 May, 2020 - 13 May, 2020

Hiya all,

Yep it’s 30 dop and not 15 anymore. I guess since the exams have been postponed I need to study a bit more.

I’ve taken a lot of break days in the middle anyway so the study days need to be extended too :)


  • Modern physics ( notes + questions)
  • Daily organic lecture with @nineballbutmakeitstudy :)
  • Reduce instagram time usage
  • Write one poem atleast
  • And try not to let my depression take over me + drink water. ( these are just to motivate and remind myself sorry for being weird)

Anyway I’ll be back tomorrow with the progress.

Till then adios and wish me luck!


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oooo yes people tend to judge by handshakes a lot!! (a pity for me bc mine are terrible ADJKFNDKS). as for what i think says a lot about a person:

• their handwriting

• how they apologise (or if they apologise at all)

• punctuality

• the people they’re friends with

• how they react when something doesn’t go to plan

• how they treat people who can’t do anything for them

• their fave fictional characters

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i’m a plant mom now yay!!! (her name is ashley)

so ya girl is back on tumblr after a long hiatus. why? because tumblr active me thrives and like has relatively better mental health than instagram active me.

anyways i made a new schedule yesterday. and, i did wake up at 7:30 am. but then actually following the rest of the schedule was a far fetched dream. i went back to sleep at 9 lmao. woke up at 10:30, had breakfast and like got ready and stuff, sat down to study and ended up stress cleaning. cut to my afternoon study session in which i took this picture of my desk, watched 1.5 hours of bestdressed’s youtube videos and, and, AND … wait for it, stress cleaned again. got a bit of study done right before making this post but yea. that’s a day in my quarantine life. (also i finally unfollowed and blocked my ex if anyone cares.) byeee <3

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DAYS 06 - 12

1 May, 2020 - 7 May, 2020

The past days haven’t been the best. I was scared of uploading my progress here because in short there is no progress.

So I contacted @nineballbutmakeitstudy and now I get daily organic lessons ( Thanks babe)

The tasks for the day are:

  • Give one online test ( 3 hours mains pattern)
  • Coordination chemistry ncert and questions (as many as possible)
  • Alkyl halides ncert
  • D & F block questions ( as many as possible)

My exam dates came out and they are scheduled in the last week of July. So I’m short I’m getting a lot of time for prep but I’m a little tired of studying continuously. I wish it would get over soon..

Anyway don’t have an option now do I? So imma try to get back on track now. I’ve had enough of break days now..

Wish me luck.

🎶 Talk ~ Hozier

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I got some washi tape, pens and a new mouse for my laptop for my birthday! Can’t wait to decorate my bupl (bullet-planner because the Muji planner doesn’t quite count as a journal haha)! I’m attending a webinar about the European XFEL research facility this afternoon all about X-ray LASERs to image stuff like chemical reactions, and molecules!

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62 / 100 days of productivity

Reading my old journal(s) and resisting the urge to fix all the grammar mistakes.

Also is anyone studying/ taking any courses during Spring Term (aka Summer Break for some of y’all) or is it just me?

Tunes: By the time you’ve finished your coffee - Korantemaa

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61 / 100 days of productivity

Got a sudden burst of productivity today. But of course, technical errors just had to show up while I was ordering things online and stressed me out again.

Maybe that’s why today’s playlist is so moody.

Tunes: Glasses - Fvck
(also I’ve been told that “Distractions” is me in song form and I don’t know how to feel about that)

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