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#bernie 2020

Remember when Bernie was the only Presidential candidate who ran on nationalizing energy production, and now over 3 million residents are powerless in freezing temps because Texas deregulated their energy grid to appease the fossil fuel industry? 

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As just a senator, Bernie   Sanders has already accomplished so much, and done so much for our country… Sezy, AND and an adventurer. what more could you ask for from your representatives ?

And yet I’d bet Biden isn’t even a dope head. This country’s leadership is pathetic….

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Bernie sanders is not ignorant, or a slut.

He is an intelligent and acknowledged hoe.

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idk if ive already posted about this but, one time when my cousins were over, we decided to go to a place called nandi hills. There were tons of monkeys and pretty plants and flowers and bees, so we had a picnic. The monkeys were always a nuisance and they did scare us a little but uhh, eh. Annoying little fricks. 

Now i was helping pack up after our little picnic and i noticed this very old wise looking plump man. He was wearing beige pants, red suspenders, a blue tshirt and a pink bow tie.

He was just sitting there, cross legged with a peaceful expression on his face, looking like the king of the monkeys and the plants. 

Anyways i thought it was really funny and i needed to share this because it reminded me a lot about the new bernie meme.

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The problems between the kitchen and the Lightwoods continue 😅⁠

Continúan los problemas entre la cocina y los Lightwood 😅⁠

I’m sorry, I couldn’t resist the temptation to include #berniememes in my recent #fanart 😅⁠

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“If we can share our joy with each other, I think we can begin to shift the narrative and shift the conversation. We don’t have to be driven by fear.. We can respond to each other and to the world differently.”–Jamaal Bowman

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Things I didn’t do: watch the inauguration, understand the stock market, watch Supernatural

Things I did do: make memes 

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Bernie Sanders LoFi Subway Ride (Twitter: @good) 

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