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#bernie sanders meme

When the algorithm recommendations are actually spot on (derogatory)


photoshop him in his mittens…

photoshop him in his mittens…

photoshop him in his mittens…

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[I.D. Two frames from a Joker movie. In one, a white old man is turned diagonally toward the viewer, saying “Let me get this straight. You think that Bernie Sanders getting called an ignorant slut is funny?”. The second frame is of the Joker, turned toward the old man and answering “I do, and I’m tired of pretending it’s not”. End of ID.]

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guess anything goes in government these days

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You remind me of the meme.
What meme?
The meme with the mittens.
What mittens?
The mittens of Bernie.
Do what?
You remind me of the meme!

Hey y’all! So yesterday, Mama and I were chatting about the Bernie Sanders meme and as I joke, I told her I should put him in a scene of Labyrinth. Well, I did. And I have no regrets.
Mama said I should share it along with the little lyrics I could come up with earlier here, so here I am sharing it. 
I hope y’all enjoy!

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