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#besides actual rp threads
heroquills-a · 2 years ago
( pltbhplbhbh )
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wcnderfulrush · a year ago
Tumblr media
When you make yourself sad by realizing that you have only one actual idoltwt mutual, and that goes into realizing why you’re so iffy over all your idol muses since no one really cares about those in the rpc anymore, and then you say you’re cool but your brain goes “kotori’s still been around for the past couple of years just through ship threads alone, right?” and you want to say no but then you remember all your idol rpc mutuals are nonexistent now, and now you’re debating putting her on your multi because you know your brain is right but you’ll be damned if you ever get rid of her as a muse because you love her far too much.
#;big bubble blowing baby! ( ooc )#( will she actually get moved to the multi? debatable#it'd certainly help me not forget her as much myself#since even though rpc is kind of dead#idol rpc is Truly Dead#like who is still alive out there?? hello??? echo????#kotori is one of the muses i'd never get rid of honestly#since i love her / the memories i made through her throughout the years too much#but literally for the past couple years i've rped nothing but ship threads#and i love all of them!!!#and they aren't all inherently shippy to be fair#but it's all been with mutuals who play characters i ship with kotori#and all the threads have been with those characters#and most of those threads have been super soft or got dropped halfway b/c life made me lose motivation for it#i think i have kind of the problem my friend wars has#except i can rp mundane slice-of-life and love it#but just the pull of even just a bit more complexity with diantha / prunella#even just a bit more action with vane / vikala#other muses in my multi could fit into both of those categories besides the idol ones#i also know part of it is a debate i literally just had with myself#because i have verses with those idol muses#and I think they could be really engaging and complex and contain good movement in general#but when i was debating making a starter here; looking over all the verses i had for kotori#would they be interesting for anyone else?#would anyone actually interact with that?#rp and writing are hobbies but also two different things#and i could write little fanfics for all the aus i've thought up whenever i want to and be satisfied#but i don't think anyone would actually interact with them in an rp setting; where interaction is basically one of the main points#so even with all these things i think are interesting that i made for those muses#everyone will opt for the muse they like best
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themanofgloom · a year ago
Normalize direct communication with RP Partners
In the past and from what I’ve seen, some people are too afraid to actually communicate with their partners and instead send in their complaints via anonymous ask form. 
NOT examples of what this post is about:
Anonymous ask: Hey, I’m a bit shy about interacting with you and I’m anxious about meeting new RP partners in general. But I was interested in your blog. I have a fantasy rp multimuse blog that I think you might be interested in
Anonymous ask: I’m a little intimidated by your blog but I still really wanna interact with you, I’m just scared I might be annoying you
Anonymous ask: Hi we’re already interacting but could I ask for you to tag (trigger)? Thanks
These asks are anonymous just because the sender wants to be. There is an option for the sender to directly message the person, but anonymity can help ease anxiety and fear when talking to someone. Directly sending a message to the person can also work, but there wouldn’t be that much of a change besides someone being anonymous.
Examples that ARE what this post is about:
Anonymous ask: You said that you never deny ships with anybody but you did it with me lol
Anonymous ask: Thanks for ghosting me
Anonymous ask: Can you actually reply to my thread and my starter instead of ignoring them?
The reasons why these asks are inappropriate anonymously are because they’re
a. Private matters to be dealt with
b. Mysterious and confusing when the sender’s identity is concealed
c. Possibly distressing when the asks are vague
If you have a personal issue with an RP partner, you have to privately talk to them about it. If you hide behind an anonymous face and send them an ask about their issues, they could guess it was you, but unrelated people will see the ask, and unnecessary drama may occur.
If you have a personal issue with an RP partner, please directly talk to them about it. They might not even be aware that they’re doing anything wrong, and if you directly and cleanly inform them yourself instead of vaguely sending in an ask about it, both of you can work on the issue together. And if it doesn’t work out? Leave the situation, stop being partners, etc. etc. 
- Twisty, mun of themanofgloom
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mwcaph-game · a month ago
MWCAPH! Development Post #3
(Second development post)
Hi, hello! It's time for another development post!
I've mentioned this before in the old demo forum thread, but for those who don't know, MWCAPH! originally came from my NaNoWriMo 2015 novel, Book Bounded. I reached 50k words, but it was a trash draft and I don't think I ever reached the halfway point of the story. And let's just say, the premise of my story has changed a lot since then.
Tumblr media
(Minor character spoilers, but this is the earliest drawing of Roselyna I remember. The ferret with handcuffs was a joke character from one of my early RPs back in the day.)
I talked about the inspiration for MWCAPH! in the last update post, but the premise went through quite a bit of iterations before I even arrived with the original trio of Wayne, Roselyna, and Patrick.
So, the earliest idea I can remember… the MC was a priest taking care of a bunch of children (who found children annoying), protecting them from terrorists and a bunch of natural disasters.
Eventually it became a couple of teenagers instead of a priest, until I settled with just Patrick (the other one became his crush). I never really developed the other children, besides proto-Wayne and Roselyna (who I based on two of my high school classmates). I couldn't decide who I wanted to be older, so I just made them twins instead.
Yup, Wayne and Roselyna are actually the original twins of the story. I gave their backstory to the MC and created a whole new backstory for them. Patrick was the original protagonist, but once I discovered how much fun it is to write children, I eventually gave each of them a POV… until Patrick was finally demoted to a deuteragonist.
Sometime during that though, I had another story idea I came up with while watching ChalkZone (does anyone remember that show?). The MC was a child who drew a comic in a weird notebook in his grandparents' attic. He and his friends were transported into the comic, and they have to reach the end before they can escape. This went through a lot of idea brainstorming that I don't even remember anymore (I remember wanting to write a story with all the tropes in it!), until I finally had the idea for my NaNo 2015 novel.
And ooh boy, little did I know that everything will change once I added time travel elements...
Anyway, that's it for now! Stay tuned for the next development post!
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strangemagicked · 5 months ago
Tumblr media
actually fuck u this is coming out of my tags and into a post post
I’ve been feeling kylie on the whole 
female ocs dont get nearly as much attention.
 like im debating on adding one of my male ocs to my blog for the sole purpose of tricking people into following my female oc blog lmao
Simply because i don’t know how else to get interaction???? I’ve had my female oc blog for 3 weeks. I’ve made ,,,, 7? starter calls & only my friends who i talk too outside of tumblr have liked them. ( read 5 likes; i reblogged it over 11 times to try and get SOMETHING) and honestly? I’ve managed to write 1 thread so far with Jay, and that’s it!! ( bless jay for actively showing my female ocs attention btw)
BUT SO YEAH, if you’re wondering why I’m not rp-ing rn? This is why. I feel like I’m constantly being ignored if I’m not actively posting canon male muses, who I arguably have the least of.
So, yeah, basically, idk fuck the dash? fuck the rpc? i’m not really sure what the moral of this post is besides “max angry :<”
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sundered-souls · 5 months ago
😡, ♫, ▲ (I'm a bit late but here ya go :P Mun memes thingie.)
😡 : Worse role play-related encounter and what advice you would give to others to avoid similar situations 
I’ve been thinking about this since I saw your question (don’t worry about lateness, I’m always happy to receive asks!) and I don’t actually have anything awful to talk about. I did find something though, and they’re forum-based because I haven’t had bad experiences in the FFXIV rpc.
A weird-but-not-terrible rp-related encounter I’ve had is a partner who was probably more invested in my character than me. We had had discussed shipping her muse and mine but I told her from the beginning that it’d take a long time in game before they’d get there. She somehow tried to literally cram several months of character development into our first thread. Ellipses in time included.
Another one happened years prior. I was running a forum and someone created a character that was supposed to be my muse’s daughter without even asking me first. I still have no idea who did that. And for context: my character was 18yo at the time and you couldn’t play a character under the age of 13. Not sure how they thought time worked but we clearly didn’t agree on that.
Now that I think about it, that’s also when I discovered after googling the very same muse’s name that somebody was rping him somewhere else. Or had been since that other forum was closed already. I didn’t even get upset because I was too busy marveling at the fact that people apparently liked my muse enough to be seriously weird about it.
That’s the worst I could think of that’s not community management related. I speak up my mind pretty fast, more or less always had even when terribly anxious, so I don’t really have traumas I could mention. At least not related to your question.
But if I only had one advice to give, that’s be it. If you’re upset and truly care about something, speak up your mind. If you find that you don’t really care, take a step back. Sometimes it’s just not worth getting angry over it. Sometimes it is. Nobody besides you can know how much it affects you on the spot but if you find that you need to get it off your chest, then say your piece. Better do it crying or trembling like a leaf than not at all.
♫ : Are there parts of your own personality that you reflect onto your character? How do they work? 
I don’t believe you can create a character without putting some of you in them, even when they’re absolute trash. It can be hard to connect to them sometimes, especially in the beginning, but you can’t write a character well without relating to them somehow imo. It doesn’t have to be a direct translation though.
As for how it works...
Sometimes it’s personality traits. Sometimes it’s common experience (or close enough). Sometimes it’s very specific feelings. Sometimes it’s common beliefs. To me all of this constitutes who you are but I never give them everything at once. Sometimes I don’t give them anything at all, I just discover along the way what we have in common.
The farthest away from me would be Hanae though. It took me some time to understand more than superficially how she feels about the outside world.
▲ : What sort of information do you like to see on someone’s role play page that helps you determine whether or not you would want to write with them?
rules and boundaries
My absolute preference would be two to three short paragraphs that tell me what’s (to be) known about the character and how they present themself. That’s it. I don’t care much about hooks, how many sisters they have or what they look like beyond the unusual. A list of generic traits tells me nothing about how their mun understands it. But written paragraphs? They set up a tone.
They also let me know how the writer conveys a message, give me an idea of how lore-strict they are and how many characters are put into one. If it goes all over the place, I know from the get-go that we’re not a good match. And I like a measure of realism or at least internal logic in muses and threads.
Also rules and boundaries for obvious reasons I think x) Though I’ll add that even if on paper we’re compatible, if the tone is condescending or aggressive, I’m gonna nope out so fast you’ll wonder if I was even there in the first place. And probably unfollow because passive-aggressive people are just disasters in waiting.
Thanks for the ask @bek-sc! I hope it still makes sense because I rewrote that wall of text so many times I’m sure a few sentences are chimeras at this point
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yukikorogashi · 9 months ago
Get To Know The Mun!
Tumblr media
———  BASICS! ♡
(PEN)NAME: Beckowsky
PRONOUNS: She/Her    
———  THREE  FACTS! ♡
I actually started learning how to apply makeup about 5 years back? And that was when I wore my Joseph Joestar cosplay to a UK convention! c: It was through such cosplay (And drag queen) makeup tutorials that I started to learn how finally apply eyeliner, eyeshadow, and contour, when I never cared much for it in the past. So I honestly have JJBA and cosplaying to thank for when it comes to inspiring me into picking up new skills, and bettering myself.
Besides drawing and writing, singing is another hobby I hold near and dear to my heart. I have auditioned for and entered a few singing competitions in the past (Including the unsuccessful Singapore Idol that lasted for 3 years, lol), but always kinda screwed up near the end thanks to my lack of confidence, lol. The judges for Singapore Idol also put me down for my looks at the time, and said that it was a “family show”, that I wasn’t suited for. I was 14 years old at the time.
I am a self taught boxer and weight lifter. I picked both up when I no longer wanted to be physically bullied by others. And to especially be put down for my weight.... so yeah, I no longer get beaten up now, aaand can help out with any chores or jobs that involve any heavy lifting. 💪🏼
Whew, so... my introduction to RPing was a bit of an odd one. I remember it commencing in 2007, where I had started to write Transformers fanfiction on (The first Michael Bay movie was released that year, and honestly it hyped me up to revisit the 80s G1 series). And it was through there that one of my readers (Who was my friend for a bit, but then turned out to be a pretty toxic individual-- but that’s another story.) asked me whether I did roleplay. And so, clearly knowing zilch about it, my first RP ever was hilariously awful, where all I did was offer single worded responses to their paragraph long ones (And I’m so sorry I did you dirty like that, Thundercracker, ROFL!!!).
But later on, with a close friend of mine that I would meet in the Resident Evil fanfiction side, I slowly started to develop my writing style while RPing with her on MSN. And man, I still keep all those threads saved to this day. It was a fun time. <3 After that, I went quiet for a tiny bit. And despite discovering Tumblr sometime back, I would only focus on my art blog... until I discovered some really cool ask blogs.
I will skip ahead a little and say that I tried getting back into RPing by starting a few ask art blogs of my own (One for Soul Calibur, another for Lollipop Chainsaw, and another for Forbidden Siren. All that have since been converted into regular RP blogs), but gave up when they all turned out to be too exhausting to maintain. Taki from Soul Calibur was honestly my first ever RP blog, with Seong Mi-na coming in later on (Since these two are my queens!!!). But my third, and to this day-- most active blog, is this one! It was around that time that I was getting into Sengoku Basara, and noticed that there were very little blogs for the female characters, and none at all for Itsuki. So in my excitement, I made this blog, very much looking forward to having this little girl enter the fray. In a fandom that normally ever focused upon the hot guys, and nothing more, lol!
And it’s also where I met all my closest friends, too! When I realised how much more fun I had doing crossovers, than I did trying to stay within my own fandom. I have made numerous other RP blogs since, but will always ALWAYS come back to this one.
I don’t really think I have a preference, truth be told? Especially when looking at my muse roster, I play girls, boys, villains, heroes, anti-heroes... I just pick up any character that catches my eye, and see if I can have a go at them. 8′)
———  FLUFF / ANGST / SMUT! ♡    
FLUFF: With these trying times, I definitely appreciate fluff so much more now. And it’s definitely fun trying to think up of some new fluffy scenarios that haven’t been done over and over, lol!
ANGST: Oh... it’s unavoidable. B’)
SMUT: Much like shipping, it is done with a handful of close friends. 
PLOT / MEMES: I am totally down with both! I normally feel that throwing a meme at me will be much easier, especially for those shy folks out there. Heck, I pretty much do the same thing, when it comes to reaching out to others for the first time. Plotting normally comes a little further down the line, when I’m sure my writing partner is comfortable enough to chat with me about it.
tagged by : My bruh @darksonofsparda​!!! <333
tagging : @amepcrdue​ @quirofiliac​ @biggergiants​ @trvehearted​ @thusspoke​ @onewiththeglow​ @heavenlyfighter​ @hamadaxfighter​ @hariolor​ @cavaliiere​ @gyedie​ @lxgatus​ @headmastcr​ @raegiina​ @rebelquilled​ @silvertonguesilverdollar​ @bravelybounded​ @chaotiquetm​!!!
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hoodoo12 · 10 months ago
ISO Family
Our awesome Beetlejuice discord has monthly prompts, and this month it was “family”! This is something I call a ‘supplemental story’ set during one of my rps with @pinkbeej; it fit the requirements of the prompt in a soft angst, melancholy way. 
SFW, Beetlejuice/OC, established relationship, yearning
@turtlepated @thewolfisapartofmysoul @beejiesbitch @beetlewise-and-pennyjuice @angelicspaceprince @janitor-boy
Enjoy! `
The weather was warmer, and in a paradox, Carmen slept better. Usually the summer’s heat made her uncomfortable, all sweaty and sticky, but it slowly dawned on her that previously it was simply due to the fact she lived in a building surrounded by other buildings. Just being in the city made it hotter. She had had a fan, but blowing hot air around did little to counter the concrete, the unventilated apartment she lived in, or the masses of other people. 
Living here, in a part of a cemetery that was mostly neglected, with trees for shade and no other brick buildings to hold the heat and fewer people living atop each other, made a huge difference. Despite the fire that always blazed, actual breezes made their way through the door of the crypt. 
She realized this was another reason most of her family stayed out of the cities: sheer comfort. 
But she was comfortable here. It helped that her lover’s body temperature was consistently low! She’d taken to wearing nothing at all to bed, just to soak in his chill. It was soothing and she dropped into sleep faster and was more rested now than she could ever remember. With deep sleep came dreams, though. Dreams that made it hard to tell they were dreams. 
Dreams of the mundane. 
Of living here. 
Of reading. 
Of simply being. 
 Dreams of life.
Carmen looked up from her book. It was heavy, resting on her thighs, and she could feel soft fabric on the cover instead of a book jacket. She closed it so she could try and read the title, keeping her spot with a finger, but as she did Beej said behind her, 
The word had no meaning and she started to turn, and from behind her again he repeated, 
“Mintaka,” then added, “Meissa.” 
Her ears felt full of cotton. 
“Beej? What did you say?” 
“Mintaka, Meissa,” he replied. 
Why couldn’t she see him? 
It should distress her, sitting on his couch in this familiar space but not being able to locate him. She wasn’t, not really, because she felt safe. She just wanted to know what he was saying. Twisting in her seat, the book still heavy in her lap, she scanned behind her. 
Brow furrowed, she settled back into the cushions properly, and Beej was beside her, pressed to her side, holding her.
“Babes, what does she look like? To you?” 
It was on her lips to question him in return, but his eyes were so bright and alight with joy. Everything about him radiated happiness, from the smile on his face to the fiery magenta not only in his hair, but his scruff. He reached into her lap and put his hand on the book. 
It wasn’t a book. It was a baby. A tiny baby, only a day or two born, with a shock of dark hair tipped in pink. Swaddled and sleeping, the baby was perfect. The taloned hand that Beej used to stroke her head was gentle. 
Carmen glanced back up at him. His expression was of reverence, and expectation. 
“What is her name?” he prompted. 
Her tongue was glued to the roof of her mouth. It took her a moment to work it free so she could answer. 
“B-beej,” she stuttered, with dawning realization he’d offered suggestions to name this child. “ . . . any of them. All of them! She’s yours too, she’s ours--you name her--” 
His smile widened at the permission. His pupils became hearts as he pulled the two of them closer, cradling them both. Tears welled in her eyes from this tight circle of family, as she held their baby and he held her. 
“We’ll call her--” 
His voice dipped and was lost and she wanted to hear it. She wanted to know. He’d finished his sentence, though, smiling broadly and even as she opened her mouth to ask for it one more time, to hear it from his lips again, Carmen woke up. 
There were tears on her cheeks. She sniffed and from behind her, Beej stiffened, instantly alert. 
“You okay, babes?” he asked in a low, concerned voice. 
She reached for his arm and threaded her fingers through his as she pulled it over her stomach. 
“Yes,” she replied, as the dream faded away, as they are wont to do. 
(gold ⭐ to anyone who knows what and why Beej suggested those names . . .) 
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sunbentsky · 2 days ago
1, 2, 3, 12, 13, 14!
Tumblr media
1. What types of threads are your most favourite?
Honestly? It depends on what mood I'm in. Lately, I haven't been able to focus properly so my favorite type of thread right now would be the short, laid-back, banter type.
Sometimes I prefer the intense, fast-paced action threads. Sometimes the heavy dialogue and introspection, character-driven stuff. Other times the feel-good fluff. And other times? Just plain old smut. So really there's no type of thread I prefer above everything else; I like a little bit of everything.
2. What types of threads are your least favourite?
The ones where my partner gives me nothing to work with lol. Luckily, it hasn't been the case lately, but it's happened in the past and it's super frustrating to deal with. (And I mean stuff like-- their muses only reacting to what my muse says/does and not adding anything new, neither in terms of dialogue or action.)
3. What kinds of threads do you think you are best at writing?
This, too, depends on the mood. But hmm, personally I think my writing excels when I don't tone down the lyricism-- the heavy descriptions, engaging all senses, creating poignant imagery, and all that flowery jazz that makes Hemingway turn in his grave.
I know it's not everyone's cup of tea, but it is mine. And I understand sometimes it's not very accessible in the context of RP (although I'm not talking about hitting up the thesaurus every other word because a few popular posts on tumblr told you common words are ~boring). So I do tone it down for RP purposes because this is a collaborative endeavor and I'm not that much of a pretentious ass lol
12. Does your descriptive writing change with each muse, do they influence the way that you narrate and use language?
Answered here!
13. Does your OOC change with each muse, do they influence the way you generally behave?
They WISH they had that much influence lmao. But no, in all seriousness, why would it affect how I behave OOC? I don't take any of my muses that seriously and I'm the same regardless of whom I write.
14. What is your opinion on formatting, editing and icons within the community? How do you style your own, do they differ from muse to muse?
Okay, let's take it from the top. I don't mind how people format their posts besides font size (tumblr's small text is ok but straining, smaller than that is unreable) and paragraphs (my mind shuts down if I have to read HUGE walls of texts with no breaks.) I think icons are cool are actually help me focus better if there's some kind of lil visual cue to go along with the writing, but again I don't mind either way.
I don't do much to my posts, just basic text formatting + plus bolding the dialogue. I use icons if my partner uses icons and if I remember to add them lmao. And I do have different colorings for each muse to better reflect their personalities and just because it's neat and makes me happy. But other than the colors, everything else stays the same from muse to muse.
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yetremains · 2 months ago
2. 3 . 9 . 11
* More Munday Asks *
Tumblr media
2. What’s your first language? Do you know any others? Are there any you’d like to learn? My first language is English, unfortunately. Heavily influenced by West-by-god-Virginia lingo and mid western mountain Colorado lingo. It's... Quite the god damn combination I'll tell you that. English is such a fucking MESS on it's own, and then the slang for different places is even more wild. It's hard even for my own language. As for knowing other languages, most of what I know is broken at best. Spanish, German, French, the classic ones most schools have. There was also a time I was taking Portuguese, Chinese, Romanian, Russian. HOWEVER, my school district removed ALL language classes from the curriculum. Even Spanish. So I am rocky and broken in these languages at best, and my pronunciation is not always easy. Over the years I've tried self teaching my self, and am currently trying to relearn a few of these. While adding Japanese and Korean on top of these. I... I really just like language. And also have no time for it, please save me.
3. Do you have any other hobbies besides rping? What are they? I've already said I enjoy Gaming, Hiking, Skating. But I also enjoy biking quite a bit, I just sadly don't have a good mountain bike anymore. God do I miss it. Feeling the wheels over rough terrain, the wind, and so on. I also used too be into racing, ATV's, off road motorbikes, you name it. As a little kid, one of my racing heroes was Dale Earnhardt Senior, driving the No. 3 Chevrolet in NASCAR most notably. I've actually recently scored new driving classes from people who have taught race car drivers. But, one of my BIG TIME hobbies, is also Singing.
9. Do you like to write rp replies in silence, or with music on? What kind of music? It depends on my mood really and how my brain is. I've got some ADHD problems and executive dysfunction, so it's all about how it flows with me. But usually I do prefer listening too music while I write. It helps me drown out the world behind me, and lets me get immersed. As for what kind? That all depends on the thread I am writing. For fighting I often slam down too heavy metal, rock, or video game fight music, or soundtracks. I've rocked several mortal kombat music types for many of these when writing. I LOVE writing action scenes so much. And if I have full permission too go off and let my muse not hold back? I can get visceral and unleashed.
11. Is there anything you do to ‘warm up’ before you start writing replies? (E.G. read some of a book, have a cup of tea ready?) Now I've answered this one, but there is a few more I do. It all can depend or vary from muse too muse. But if I am having an especially hard time, then I binge on the material my muse is from or affiliated with specifically. For example, I will binge a lot of Sam Jack for Yang, or music that she vibes with. Or as of late, more mortal kombat, or a few live action movies that really capture her capabilities. Anything a muse clicks with can help me get the ball rolling.
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diivinerose · 7 months ago
I call myself here Curly. I am nearly 30 years old and often times very anxious, which is why I am highly selective and private.
This blog is fandomless and +21. So dark thematic are on point here, but they will be tagged with tw:
Since not a lot care to read this, but it is good to mention it. Please do not godmod, control my muse or reblog any threads if you are not a part of it.
To continue a plot, please reblog them and @ me.
I am very tired of this RPC which means I am super private and very selective about the people I write with or who I follow. Beside there is a rp sideblog named @llionhearted. Actually I don't accept any new followers or new rp partners, besides the ones I have now and unless I follow you.
If you want to follow me for my aesthetics, I highly recommend you my main blog @tropfenlady where I also reblog all my aesthetics. You are free to follow and reblog there.
Since I am not following much people I won't probably see your call out post or anything similar, but let me tell you my opinion about it: It's a childish move and you should seek less cowards methods to confront someone. Maybe the DMs are a good start?
And last but not least: Like this rule page so I know that you read them till the end. If you are curious you can read the old rule page here.
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seekeroftruthpromestein · 9 months ago
Welp. Paradox time.It’s the Finale.
Tumblr media
Yikes. Last campground....
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
That doesn’t bode well...
Tumblr media
Here they are. All my friends. I’ve traveled with them for this long. We’re near the end of the game. Who knows what will happen... 
Tumblr media
Promestein. You’ve been a very interesting character to see through this game. Seeing you young kind of shows you were always a fucked up kid. But, you have a good heart. And you now have a found family. You’re no longer a lone wolf salvaging through a dark world. You have us. And we’re happy to have you and alllow you to examine this bright new world.
Tumblr media
Nuruko. I sadly didn’t get to know you too well and I’ll be sure to remedy that next game. But you were an interesting little thing. 
Tumblr media
I wouldn’t have pegged you as a main character honestly but hey. I’m glad your here. You were another person that I’ll have to be sure to bring next time because I feel you probably have lots of interesting insight. 
Tumblr media
Pope. You are DEF going to be in my next group. You were one of the most exciting twists i’ve ever seen and I am happy you were here. I am still angry for no sex scene. 
Tumblr media
Hilde. Once again, another “I didn’t bring around enough” but you hey. Happy to have you.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
These two were my favorite running joke. The not so wise senpai and the student. 
Tumblr media
Not sure why YOU are here but you WERE the first boss of the game. So. Yeah. Welcome.
Tumblr media
And you were the first recruited monster... I think.
Tumblr media
This little exchange reminds me. Granberia was NOT at ALL a regular character in this entire exchange. Hardly any of the knights showed their faces. Alma I think was the most regular. 
Tumblr media
The spirits play little purpose as well. In the orginal trilogy they were SUPER important as they were a constant ability you had to keep on or die.  Here. They’re not weak, they’re decent buffs.  But I rarely use them... I did use them actually in the battle against Blalice. Alice actually is a Spirit Summoner because I felt it was rather poetic all things considered. 
Tumblr media
Wait are you a noble? Maybe you should put on pants. And a shirt. But okay. Vanilla! The most useful member that never see’s battle. She was BRIEFLY drafted in Black Alice when all of the other allies died but yeah. She has been a rock this entire time. Constantly producing MP for the party.  
Tumblr media
I admit I never had a use for her. She mostly stayed around because she had the most Dialog from things. 
Tumblr media
And ah. The MVP herself. Okay second MVP but we’ll get to her soon. Superb support. Valuable as hell. Sadly a lot of Angels have Auto-hit attacks. But I would have lost without her many times. 
Tumblr media
I’m trying to do the whole sentimental thing but yeah. Don’t have a lot to say. Maybe one of these days I’ll have just the four of them on a team. 
Tumblr media
I’m just WAITING for you to betray me. But it’s a bit late and you’re no longer important in the slightest so. 
Tumblr media
Ah speak of the devil. Now. Time for the main course. 
Tumblr media
Traveling with Black Alice has been a really facinating experience. She’s a lot of fun. If you know, a bit evil. It’s interesting that she played the Alice. Pretending to be something she’s not. It makes me wonder if it’s a tradition? I wonder if this experience will make her nicer. 
Tumblr media
Ah Sonya. You sadly have a LOT of death flags... It was interesting the idea of Luka having a human friend, but from a writing perspective it makes sense as she suddenly got the tropes that were associated with Alice in the first game. 
Tumblr media
Not a good sign.
Tumblr media
This does bring a point though. Sonya I dropped out of the party for not being too useful. A healer in a game where healing is incredibly easy. And she didn’t exactly have a whole lot... Actually I could have turned her into a vampire funny enough. And a worm Villager. But yeah, besides that. She didn’t have a whole lot. I’m probably gonna try using her more in my Ilias file as I want to RP it as more of a Human/Angel Centric idea. The only overlap being Prom really. 
Tumblr media
And Alice. I really wish there was more to you but I get it. The romance between Luka and her just isn’t  a focal point. Despite the fact that her and Luka’s children are in fact facing off. I kind of wish that was addressed more. 
Tumblr media
And her mother... There’s actually a LOT of plot threads still not addressed. 
Tumblr media
Was hoping for Elemental Giga. This would be a game where it could be theoretically useful though. With all the abilities and such.
Tumblr media
Ilias prayer music in the background.
Tumblr media
Now we have Opera music... Place has changed.
Tumblr media
Less then steller. 
Tumblr media
You bitch.
Tumblr media
You know what. Fuck you. YOU are FOURTH! 
Tumblr media
Alright gotta act quickly. Can’t... wait
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
I’m not sure if gleefully killing an entire town counts. 
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Never a nice thing to learn.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
“Then the fanfiction writers started... There’s this ONE bitch. She runs a Promestein blog and if you LISTENED to the drivel she writes. She made up this nonsense with male monsters for drama’s sake”
Tumblr media
“And don’t get me started on the Luka Situation. There were like 3 at one point.”
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Wait... How many others from other worlds??
Tumblr media
...Wait When??? I can go over level 60 now?? Must be when I updated.. Huh. Okay. Wish I did this earlier.
Tumblr media
Too many... oh
Tumblr media
See. I’m doing an RP with La Croix that takes place using this concept. But something both of us realized is that Luka actually very rarely DIED in most of his endings. Not right away. Many of them used him as a pleasure slave. Or married him. Or he just gave up adventuring. Some like the angels even used him for 1000′s of years. So. Theoretically. He would have had to live his entire life. Die of natural causes. And then wake up back at a fight he had years ago. 
Tumblr media
But here it just says failed. 
Tumblr media
Oh.... Is this...Which Ilias?
Tumblr media
I forgot... You’re... the Real ilias. so you have been trying your best to keep things from going to shit huh?
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Yikes... So yeah. Makes sense. Fuck that Lukia (Which was us)
Tumblr media
The...Remina labs??
Tumblr media
Oh hey. It that bitch.
Tumblr media
Yes Little Prom. Yes. Soon. You will meet. Yourself.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
A better part of the whole. I remember there being an Angel/Monster hybrid who says she couldn’t  combine her dark and holy energy. This is probably why.
Tumblr media
I wonder if this is a joke of some kind revolving around smoking becoming less allowed in Japan.
Tumblr media
And they summoned.... Black..Alice. Is that how she was alive in the original Trilogy??
Tumblr media
Oh no... This..... Is.... Original Trilogy Black Alice.
Tumblr media
As creepy music plays. I am reminded. The White Rabbit is a universal Constant. Where was she then in the original Trilogy? Simple. She was here. Right here. In Black Alice... the drug created by Promestein. The fusion of Holy and Dark.
Tumblr media
Those poor Scientist.
Tumblr media
That Casualty of it.
Tumblr media
Oh. Dear. Lord.
Tumblr media
“So you finished the art for that Hentai game right?” “HENTAI GAME?? I thought we were making Bloodborne.”
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
That is terrifying. 
Tumblr media
Oh dear lord.
Tumblr media
Angels. Demons. Both are at her demand.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Of course. Time Succubi from aother wordl
Tumblr media
That. Is terrifying.
Tumblr media
Yup. Zero.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
She’s dying as the Villain again? The Pyrrha. 
Tumblr media
Wait. What?
Tumblr media
So... You.. Were killing them to.. Bring them into YOUR world??? So. They’re alive? 
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
So they’re killing people... to bring them into another?  This reminds me of a little bit of a Webcomic called Order of the Stick. Where the gods wondered briefly if they should destroy the world, in order to save the souls. Because the main monster, was a giant horrifying sould devouring creature.  So if the gods destroyed the world, they could save many from inhiliation, and bring them into the after life.  This begs a lot of question about after lives and existance beyond death and whether or not it truly is a death. 
Tumblr media
Bloodying her hands so her daughter doesn’t have to.
Tumblr media
Yeah I would like to know that as well.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
I would like to know actually.
Tumblr media
Wait why are you wearing clothes now?
Tumblr media
I forgot you were a person.  Wait. So these are from another universe.... One where Ilias won...And therefor Eden got to wear clothes. 
Tumblr media
The old Monster and Angel War, Fought in the foreground of the world we stand.
Tumblr media
And the death flags come home to roost. 
Tumblr media
Was she... one the entire time?
Tumblr media
Or did she become one now?
Tumblr media
Mhm. This looks familiar.
Tumblr media
And the music begins. The  battle wasn’t too hard. But...
Tumblr media
This isn’t good.
Tumblr media
Not grand.
Tumblr media
This battle music is though. ♪♫
Tumblr media
Oh you bitch.
Tumblr media
We beat both of them... or...
Tumblr media
We did not.
Tumblr media
That’s... really really not good.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
She’s the element of chaos....   Does that mean there’s a HOly and Dark Spirit too?
Tumblr media
Fine. I’ll train you.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Oh.... shit.... Dad... Killed Alice’s Mom.
Tumblr media
And. That. Is the end.... Welp. I guess we have to do the Ilias Route next.
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invitedeath · 6 months ago
Tumblr media
SEPHIROTH                          — relationship & plotter call.
hello lovely isolians! it’s been actually ages since i made my first one, or my second one, so i’m coming back with new vigour & hopefully some new ideas to tempt you all into friendship ( or...enemy...ship) with sephiroth!
so liking this post means that you are 100% down with interacting with me in some fashion! ways this might happen may be... → me sending you im’s / tumblr asks to plot or chat! i can be quite a talkative person as a forewarning, as i love discussing rp things as well as getting to know my rp partner!  → if we are already friends on discord or twitter, i might message you that way to ask you about plots or ideas or to run things by you. → exchanging ask memes / meme day things that might be a bit more personal than a general sentence meme. → possible random starters or musings dedicated to your muse, sometimes i get sudden inspiration for these things! i will always check first that you’re okay with taking on a new thread, but yes this is for just... if i get inspired & want to put something up for you! → general tomfoolery and shenanigans in character ( and ooc if you like )
you can contact me via the im system here, by the /ask feature or you can ask for my discord/twitter if you prefer those. just let me know. discord is the most private however so we’d need to chat a bit more elsewhere first just for my comfort! i am in the isola discord sever however so we can totally talk in that server for a bit too!
↪ honestly friendships aren’t typically on the agenda for him. he is arrogant beyond belief and considers everyone to be weaker than him or to some degree unworthy of his time or energy. he really does not have any interest emotionally in anyone besides himself, instead he is far more likely to use and discard people when they are no longer needed. HOWEVER, in 2020 sephiroth underwent quite a big character development stage, essentially his long-term goal came to a head and it backfired pretty back when he got all his powers back, so while he’s super strong again now, he’s also semi-content (i guess) with living in isola for a while, if only so he can figure out how the multiverse works (meta, i know). he talks to people now (wow!) and engages in mostly philosophical conversations, about... life. death. etc.
↪  i am down to... vague villain-alliance type deals with fellow power players here. he wont consider your muse a friend, but rather a pawn or even a means to an end, that end being his goal of generally using this island for his means, apologies. preferably the intellectual, over-powered, edgy types will probably gravitate towards him more, but i’m willing to throw anything at the wall to see what sticks. he’s not a nice guy, by any means, but it would be interesting to see how he has to play the game here to his advantage until he regains powers. i especially would like to interact with other villains who are kind of just chilling, maybe they’re veterans in spirale also and they can share a glass of wine over watching all the citizens running around like ants. we could also do a murder if you are into that. 
↪ there are some cases where he might engage in conversation with non-villain types and these would likely be far more dialogue-heavy threads including metaphorical topics or debates. the conversations of life, death, mortality, good vs evil, frailty of existence, legacy, power and corruption, calamities, birthright and betrayal are just some of the topics possible to arise in discussion. that being said, whilst these topics would be of interest to him, the character themselves must meet his standard of what he considers worthy of his time eg. those just willing to argue with him will bore him whereas someone curious to his nature might be treated to an actual conversation. over time this has opened up into most people being capable of talking to him. he has less patience for over-eager plucky types, but anyone with a respectable manner who likes talking a lot will probably find an interesting conversation partner in this... ONLY SLIGHTLY CHILLED sephiroth. he’s not totally chill, he’s just a lil chill.
↪ warriors, outcasts, villains, intellectuals, fellow puppet-master type villains especially, those he ‘befriended’ in past events, perhaps even neighbours to his castle would all be likely connections. friends of those he has worked alongside or met, or those wishing to seek great power and know of his existence might seek him out also, but yes... ““““friends”“““ is a very difficult term for him. he’s getting better.
→ his most recent developments see him as a far more casual version of his canon self, over a year of living as close to a “domestic life” as possible have meant that whilst he is aloof and cold, he is also far more likely to be out and about, buying wine at some creepy gas station at 4:30am for example. he chats when he’s in the mood and might even stick around to cause some chaos for the sake of boredom eating him alive. so whilst he is still very much a dangerous inhabitant here in spirale, sephiroth is currently Domesticated somewhat. 
↪ heroes of all shapes and sizes might feel threatened by the ominous presence of a monster who seems inclined to side with chaos as opposed to peace. he’s not outright starting fires here but he is present in the more morbid moments of isolian discourse, an omen of death lingering on the sideline. he has his plans and he may just mock you with them, but in general since he does and WILL cut down npcs ( or players ) alike, he makes for the perfect villain. BE WARY he has all of his powers unlocked and knows the island well. fighting him would not guarantee your victory, especially if you are a freshly applied character.
in feb 2020 he almost brought chaos to spirale too so i’m sure anyone holding a grudge or wary of a potential threat like that would be very aggro towards him.
↪ he has traumas. plenty of them. some of them originate from labs and white coats, meaning he might just view you as an enemy if you’re a scientist or someone who dabbles in human experimentation. his reasons are his own, but let’s just say that if you consider him a good candidate for poking and prodding with scientific equipment, you may just lose an arm.
↪ i LOVE fight threads especially really gritty, bloody types. i would prefer to plot these out so we know what’s going on beforehand, but feel free to develop these with me honestly i love a good old classic villain hero showdown. he’s less likely to get into these without a good reason but if we do one, the winner is randomly determined via generator to make it fair if your character is also uncapped!
→ police/law enforcers/general crime stoppers might remember him for causing a bit of trouble in the past! insert how bad me be gif. try and ??? get him to apologise i guess. arresting sephiroth sounds like the plot of a funny movie. 
↪ this man has a bf now, can you believe it? 2021...isola gay rights. 
↪ pawns and such would be a fun dynamic later. his general presence is pretty terrifying, so it wouldn’t be a stretch if you have an appropriate muse for them to be fearful enough to carry out some little tasks for him. this might be more common later on, but i’m down to discussion for it currently!
↪ places you may find him can include:                 ↪ near his residence ( personal housing; castle in the mistwood  )                 ↪ fibonacci ward ( levels 3 and 4 especially due to the museums and things. but also the lowest levels, he tends to wander around there as if searching for something... feel free to try and figure out what it is )                 ↪ golden ward ( the university if only to borrow books from the library, he can read there for days at a time without sleep or food. he reads all kinds of things, both fiction and non fiction. )                 ↪ archimedes ward ( pretty much everywhere in this ward, it’s my favourite. he enjoys music and art sometimes. hit me with that biblical shit. )                ↪ the mistwood ( 100% down to be that cryptic creature that leads you from your path to your likely doom )                ↪ the city of yesteryear ( typically the underground areas, just investigating really. any strange occurrences would likely draw him there as would any presence of a strong power. )                ↪ atop skyscrapers, looming at the ‘edge’ of the world we can currently explore, typically more active at night, perhaps at the scene of a murder / attack ( plotted ), if he’s feeling extra ballsy he might be found in a bar but its very rare. very VERY rare, wandering broken buildings, invading scientific facilities or buildings. he’s not going to be found in busy, socially strained areas basically.
↪ i’m down for any ideas you might have too for plots so feel free to just message me if nothing here caters!
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tigrextoque · 8 months ago
Tumblr media
———  basics! ♡
NAME! ♡       Red 
PRONOUNS! ♡     He/Him/His/They/Their/This/Dude. This whole subject is way too touchy IMO anyway
ZODIAC SIGN! ♡      Scorpio
TAKEN OR SINGLE! ♡     LOL ... orz
———  three  facts! ♡
                  Wait you mean about me or in general?
1! ♡    I’m a fucking weeb that learned Japanese and now can speak it with actual Japanese people. It’s pretty neat. Every 60 seconds, a minute passes in Africa.
2! ♡   Huge sucker for memes. Give me all the memes. I’ll probably throw them at you too at one point, swear it. A penny saved, saves you a penny.
3! ♡   I’m vegan. Please lower your pitchforks. xD People die when they are killed.
———  experience! ♡
PLATFORMS USED! ♡     So my first RP was actually on a forum. In fact, for the longest time I’ve been part of numerous forum RP sites. I still find them to be the most organized. Though at like 2014 my friend introduced me to Tumblr RP and it kinda stuck. It’s a different layout but and interface, but it works! At first I thought using a blog to RP was weird but now I cant seem to get enough of it lol. So much so that even forum RP sites just don’t do it for me anymore. So... Yeah right now it’s Tumblr RP only. I find it difficult RPing on Discord too for some reason, though open to at least trying it.
———  muse  preference! ♡
GENDER! ♡     Hmm, seems like I prefer playing men. I have played female muses before but, it appears that my choices always go back to either past muses or my favorite characters; which most of the time end up being male. I’ve played about 90% male muses and only a measly 10% female muses in my time... Though I swear I can write them! xD
LEAST FAVOURITE FACE(S)! ♡   Horimiya faces. Overused, underwhelming. Next question please.
MULTI OR SINGLE! ♡      Alright so I actually do have a multimuse (by which I mean there are 3 muses there) and ultimately I find it more difficult to focus on several muses at once. Truth is one muse is always pushed to the front lines while the others get shafted; carried as ‘side-muses’. I might be nitpicking but I feel like those muses deserve better than to be pulled out on the occasional rare interaction. So I’m going to have to go with single-muse. It’s also incidentally what I’ve been going with for the longest time.
FLUFF / ANGST / SMUT! ♡    okay let’s do this.
FLUFF :   Absolute sucker for fluff. Considering most of my muses take a narrative that occurs in non-apocalyptic and/or non-hostile realities, it’s easier to get to the slice-of-life, fluff, casual and humorous threads. As an absolute shipping whore that I am, I also tend towards this end because of how it can lead to shipping. Did I mention I love humor to death?
ANGST :   Alright so. Real talk, I was once part of a group that was obsessed with angst. This in turn made me stray away from it for a long time because I just flat out had enough of it. Nowadays my stand on angst is a lot clearer; and that is, I love me my angst but only if it’s properly justified. Angst without reason is just edge and I can’t take that seriously. Angst also hits just right only when it’s properly timed; and to have a big low, you need a big high to precede it -- and vice-versa. Shit hits the most when it comes in the middle of something good.
SMUT :   Oooookay. I won’t say I’m good at it but latest threads I’ve had with it were, not gonna lie, really fun lol. Like made me giddy to see the reply coming up and I legit waited to see the other person’s reaction to what I posted. It’s probably person-dependent but, I’m a bit awkward with smut most of the time. Key phrase, most of the time. I’m definitely willing to explore if I get the chance ;D
PLOT / MEMES! ♡     Alright so admittedly I find it difficult to get stuff going off of this section. Plots are one thing but memes don’t always lead to proper plots lol. It can end really quickly (it tends to, actually) and not much happens besides that. I stick with plots for more thought-out threads and interactions I’d want to develop, though memes are the loose way to have fun and less so plot. Hence why I don’t reblog AU memes or those “your muse finds mine beaten up” stuff.
tagged by: @mysteriousshopkeeper​ (ay what you doin there :eyes_emoji:)
Tagging: @neverxalone, @solitariusdeluna, @hirako5hinji, @nightbeat-cat, @arctxcstalkxr, @raikagoenkaku, @escolopendraa, @spiritsofswords, @galefist, @pure-patissiere. TAG PEOPLE BECAUSE IF YOU DON’T, THEY probably WON’T DO IT!
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deity-of-calamity · 6 months ago
(Posting this for mobile users)
Mun is 33
Muse is Demisexual and Bi romantic (leans towards men)
Muse Alignment: Chaotic Neutral
NO INCEST (By this I mean don’t bring it into rps with me. As I will not rp it. Selfcest is fine however.)
NO POLITICS (I never have, nor ever will, care for political bullshit. So I’d appreciate it if you kept that away from me while we rp. I come on here to get AWAY from real life stress. It’s not easy since I’m American and I have to hear about this regardless of how hard I try not to. But I’d really like it if you could keep it away from rping. Thanks.)
DON’T CONTROL MY MUSE (unless we plot it for an rp)
DON’T GIVE MY MUSE HEADCANONS (Ex: How they like the temperature, what kind of food they like, etc. I’m the one who ultimately decides what they want. Discussing it is fine but don’t automatically give them something I haven’t agreed to.)
NO SMUT WITH MINORS ( I MEAN IT. You’ll be blocked if you lie about your age)
I will rp NSFW (Mostly violence. Smut isn’t common but will be tagged/put under a read more if it happens. And even if it does, I prefer it to be with muns I trust and for it be as clean as possible.)
I’m okay with romantic relationships (but there needs to be chemistry. Bill is not an easy person to love)
Reply length: I am not very good with writing long replies. Let alone super long like paragraphs. However sometimes I can write long ones if I’m in the mood and can actually think of a lot to write. Typically I just try to have more than one sentence written out. But when it comes to an ask, those tend to be short because I have no idea if anyone wants to turn that into an rp. So if you do, either tell me or move it to a separate text post.
I’m mostly a just wing it rper and I don’t always make starters. But feel free to message me if you’d like to plot. I also rp based on my mood. Some days I may not be feeling certain muses and I’m sorry. Also real life stuff can be stressful at times and I tend to play games or listen to music to relax. I’m also an artist so I may draw too.
Please don’t pressure me about replies. I am trying to get to them as best I can.
Sometimes I’ll drop threads without warning. However it’s not usually on purpose as most of the time I’m trying to come up with a good response. Not everything is going to be an instant reply. I like to think of something if it’s a more thought provoking thread. Sometimes the reply might be long. Sometimes not.
I enjoy Hazbin Hotel content. I’m sorry if it makes you uncomfortable but please don’t harass me about it. Just because I enjoy the characters and story, it does not make me a bad person and I am not going to waste my breath on people who only want to be jerks over it.
The way I portray Bill is a bit kinder than what most people may be used to. I am often anxious about how others will react to this but I felt the need to point out that mine is more of an angsty mess than just flat out heartless. He’ll also make a mention of Will here and there. This is mostly due to the close connection my Bill had with another person’s Will but I love the idea of the two being close. (Be it like brothers or even romantic)
This is just more of something I want to point out. I tend to rp Bill in a humanoid form, even if he’s in the mindscape and it’s more of a dream body. As I have no idea how to rp a triangle and I’ve been doing this type of form for a few years now.
Because I feel like it may not be very clear and I’m never sure of what to tag. The fact of the matter is, Bill is a dark character. So dark themes will be present. Especially psychological ones. I’ll still tag things like suicidal stuff and if it happens, smut, (though that’s not very likely unless I trust the mun and even then it’s got to be clean enough)
This one kind of falls in with the above. Bill is a villain and has abusive tendencies. Even if he forms a close relationship. He will try to restrain himself for a loved one but some aggression is to be expected. I guess a way to look at it is that Bill has Yandere habits with those he cares for. My version of Bill can be gentle but he has limits.
Shipping: I love ships. Can be platonic, romantic, etc.
One: I have thought this over in the past. But now more than ever I’ve decided to add this into my rules.
I AM NOT A MEME RESOURCE. Please reblog memes/sentence starters from the original source. The only exception is if the source is deleted or can’t be found. If you reblog from me but don’t send me at least one thing in return, then don’t bother. The second exception is my friends. I don’t mind if they reblog from me. The third exception being that if you’re on mobile a lot or mobile only. I know it can be hard to find sources sometimes because of that. But I would PREFER if you sent me at least one thing instead of reblogging memes or sentence starters all the time.
Two: I am fine with Bill x older Dipper and Bill x older Mabel. But they MUST be 21 or older. I would say 18 like I have in the past but a lot of people seem to have issues with that as it’s still in the teens. Besides it makes rping drinking and possibly drug use (if your muse does either) easier to do since they’d be fully grown adults.
Three: This is more of just me wanting to speak on it. But I feel it needs to be said. Please don’t make your muse already know that Bill is bad or that he’s no good without much interaction. A bad feeling is fine but Bill is a master manipulator and I’d really like for people to remember that. Your muse can get bad feelings and feel suspicious but unless it’s someone from canon or a muse he’s been around for long enough, it’s not fair to throw him under the bus when they don’t actually know anything. The exceptions can be if your muse meets a Ford or one of the Pines and they talk about Bill. Or if they speak with some of the denizens from Gravity Falls. Other than that, they would only have information gathered from rumors.
Anything that would actually be on file would either be the Time Police or people from worlds affected by Bill. The most accurate stuff would be the Time Police though. And even then, top secret. So don’t just say your muse has something unless they have good connections. Even that has it’s limits but I also don’t want to just say the muses can’t have anything at all. Especially if they work for a government of some kind. That would be about the only way they could get something solid. Especially since Bill these days is presumed dead and gone.
Four: I work 5 days a week and even though it’s part time, sometimes I’m just too tired/sore to get to much during the week. I’ll try to get replies and stuff done but big stuff is usually best saved for the weekends. And Friday if I can manage that.
I understand if people have anxiety issues. So you can send me Just Gold or tell me you’ve read my rules. I’ll usually assume people who interact with me have but I like to be sure.
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preempire · 10 months ago
[ was tagged in an OOC meme, so all that boring stuff is going under the cut. thanks a lot, @onehell-of-apilot! ]
———  BASICS! ♡
NAME! ♡     lance
PRONOUNS! ♡     he/him
ZODIAC SIGN! ♡     year of the rat
TAKEN OR SINGLE! ♡     [dial up tones]
———  THREE  FACTS! ♡
1! ♡     i have a shitty nailbiting habit
2! ♡     english is my 4th language. its rough and i keep a dictionary/thesaurus by me whenever i have to do any writing, and besides the general insecurity of not knowing if my sentences are correct (sentence structure in the languages i’m more comfortable with differ) i also... just. struggle with trying to make din’s dialogue sound both a) natural; and b) in-character. this usually translates to my sentences either being too long or too short and me not being able to cut them right. so sorry!
3! ♡     my default leaving-the-house outfit irl is always a superman t-shirt and jeans. like if i was a video game character that would be my permanent outfit configuration. now that we’re quarantined it’s a superman t-shirt and shorts but my point is. all i ever wear is superman. awful
PLATFORMS USED! ♡     weibo, twitter, livejournal, insanejournal, dreamwidth, tumblr. at the moment i only write on dreamwidth and tumblr, and occasionally touch insanejournal when i want to do ~filthy smut things with OCs, lmao.
GENDER! ♡    males/masc nb
LEAST FAVOURITE FACE(S)! ♡    i don’t know any of your western celebrities and can’t be arsed to have a “least favourite”
MULTI OR SINGLE! ♡    single. i only have a multi sideblog for characters i wanna write w/o putting effort into info pages and the like
FLUFF:   yeah it’s good. i’ve written more fluff on tumblr than i have anywhere else, which is pretty cool. it’s suited though, i think, since din is so often distressed in canon that it’s nice to write him in situations where he can actually take a moment to breathe. fluff is fun. i dig it.
ANGST:   i like angst as a means for catharsis caused by outside circumstances instead of personal drama between characters. personal drama can be fun but i tend to play characters who’d just speak up instead of letting stuff bubble beneath the surface... quite purposefully, really, so that i don’t have to rp personal drama that could be solved by communication. LOL. i’m also not too fond of grimdark stuff, but it depends on circumstances
SMUT:   i don’t write a lot of it on preempire because of din’s priorities in life, but i’m always down. smut experience has made it boring for me to write bottoms / switches, though, and in my own personal headcanon din prefers topping anyway. #thehelmetstayson. on other platforms i’ve written some pretty weird kink stuff, but i don’t have a lot of kink limits, lmao. it doesn’t have to be That Deep.
PLOT / MEMES! ♡     plotting for pre-established relationships, memes for everything else. i’m not good at plotting, and it’s more fun for me to roll where inspiration hits. honestly, from the other platforms i write on, i prefer jumping into threads just assuming pre-established platonic relations, but tumblr seems to have a thing about OOC contact always being preferred before doing anything (even if the thing isn’t that serious) so i don’t mind adjusting. ultimately, though, i’m down to just wing it. writing is more fun to me than making the best plot ever beforehand.
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sundered-souls · 7 months ago
LFRP || Inge Sjasaris
Tumblr media
The Basics ––– –
Age: Young by Vieras’ standards, not as young by everybody else’s
Birthday: 5th Sun of the 2th Umbral Moon
Race: Viera (Rava tribe)
Gender: Cis F
Sexuality: Doesn’t use labels
Marital Status: Married and poly, though not particularly looking
Physical Appearance ––– –
Hair: Medium length and curly, she cuts it herself when the length starts bothering her. Pretty much looking like this, just not as well kept because she doesn’t have time for that (or doesn't take it, more like).
Eyes: Grey and expressive
Height: 5'10 (1,78m) so pretty short for an adult Viera
Build: Inge’s main advantage is her stamina. She’s fit for long walks and climbing rather than physical prowess, although as an archer, she doesn’t lack strength either. You gotta pull that cord and keep your bow steady, after all.
Distinguishing Marks: Not much beside the bags under her eyes, proof ever present that she sacrifices her sleep too often for her own good.
Common Accessories: A staff made of (apparently) unworked wood with green leaves on the upper part and an unaspected crystal sitting atop. Her leather bag with potions, food, tea, gil, knives, etc. inside. She almost always wear a circlet.
Personal ––– –
Profession: field medic/adventurer
Hobbies: Reading nonfiction, alchemy, hiking and traveling
Languages: Her native language; Dalmascan; Eorzean Common. Her accent is light enough to be forgettable nowadays
Residence: Lavender’s Bed, the Twelvewood in which she actually spends more time than in her house
Birthplace: Sjasaris, Golmorre Jungle
Religion: Same as her sisters in Golmorre
Patron Deity: /
Fears: not putting her gifts to good use, losing people she cares about
Hooks [informative, I’m not looking for RP atm] ––– –
Medic! Oh’s me. Inge’s healing style is very hit or miss. Her specialty is enhancing people’s abilities to make the fights last as little as possible and while it’s extremely efficient with skilled fighters, it’s much more dangerous for average and below average ones. For that reason she’s becoming more and more picky about her partners when taking contracts, especially since she dislikes people relying too much on healing magic to fight.
Wood Will Be Done. While she’s not officially of the Twin Adlers, she’s affiliated to the conjurers’ guild and the archers’ guild both. This and other talents rarely discussed make her the perfect candidate for missions deep in the Wood where no hearer is close enough to appease the Elementals should the need arise.
Wood Will Be Done, remastered edition. While she’s made a home of the Twelvewood, the same cannot be said of Gridania. She often offer her help to Keeper and Duskwight communities within the Shroud, from healing to cleansing rituals to buying goods in their stead in places less than welcoming to them. She also has frequent contact with poachers.
Contact Information  ––– –
As Inge is currently busy in an on-going campaign, I’m not looking for more threads and scenes for her. That being said, I’ve got more than enough muses to find something if you wish to RP with me.
You can find my rules and preferences here.
As for contacting me: my asks and my DM are open so feel free to hmu on Tumblr! I only give my Discord handle privately.
Thank you for your interest :D
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regina-tenebris · 9 months ago
💝 - Who are some rpers you look up to?
// Oh, sweetness, there's too many Rpers I admire in this community.
For example, I strongly adore the amazing way @piltover-sharpshooter is able to start wordbuilding & making everything have absolute sense! He just takes an idea & transforms it into written magic. I love reading his ideas & his creative mind is something I truly look up at. He is amazing & I honestly recommend everyone to follow him & enjoy it. Besides that, his absolute ability to create smiles in anybody with all the things that crosses his mind. I wish I was this clever, creative & quick ♥
I also adore the way @heredis-sanguinis passion over their muse. It's a wonderful display of love over a character & how much one can develop with ideas, headcanons, art & concepts. They are amazing at writing as well! Our RP-threads are true of my favorites cause I would read their writing over & over again. Follow them, you won't regret one single second spend reading their content or admiring their art.
Following the line of both writing and art: I also admire the dedication @thegoldentigress is able to place in her OCs. Qadira & Quirin are those OCs that are SO well developed & cared for in every single aspect that you just forget they aren't canon & wish they were actually to see more and more content of them, receiving all the love they absolutely deserve. Jackie does incredible work, and her art is 10000/10 ♥
Also, I admire the braveness, writing style, and good heart of @zauns-insane-secret ; they have such a kind & approachable way of being that he makes everyone feel comfortable. The way they also portray his muses, especially Jack, is also really great & creative, I really love to read all the verses he is able to develop & the ideas that come out, for example, all the possible timelines for Jack baby ♥ How he doesn't break character and goes through all with great skill. It's nice!
Others I also admire tons in both Writing & Art at the same time are @vixtionary , @virtuosin & @gaennakyrivi . They are incredible in all the aspects I could look for: Their art is incredible, their writing is amazing and so well done. They care so much over all the details they place & everything they do I'm going to be 100% honest: It's tons of times better than many of Riot's official content. I honestly wish they would give them domain over their characters cause I actually enjoy their portrayals, & writing style a ton, along with headcanons & worldbuilding, & their marvelous way to manage art ♥ ♥
 • 🙗  •
💙 - Are there any muses you’ve been considering trying out?
// Actually yes! I had considered trying my hand properly on many, specifically speaking, all of them are in my MultiMuse (@angelicxlly) ; I had considered trying my hand on Ahri, Ashe, Lillia, Neeko, Soraka, Seraphine & very recently also decided to include Sett's Mom for sweet shenanigans.
Those are muses I'm not really into the wish of creating a full blog, but that gives me the vibe & wish to portray them, trying them out when I'm in a more colorful mood than my usual love for LeBlanc ♡ /  If anybody wishes to interact with them, feel free to come ♡♡♡
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cosmicmoved · 10 months ago
Tumblr media
i think, although he would never bring it up, karam is actually very aware that he’s ‘weird’ and that he doesn’t relate to people / people don’t relate to him. this does play a role in his distrust of most humans, besides just bad experience, and he deliberately distances himself in order to avoid the frustration and alienation of not being understood. obviously, as i’ve said before, his entire existence is marked and even defined by loneliness because he’s been this solitary figure for so, so long. he’s been by himself for over two centuries and he doesn’t really know how to exist among people but i really feel like the fact he can’t quite understand the people around him and the fact he is often seen as strange by default would make the problem worse; he’s no longer alone because he’s by himself but because people think he’s odd. he barely talks, especially to people he doesn’t really know, and he certainly doesn’t emote much around people he doesn’t trust. the kind of person who’s dismissed with ‘don’t worry about him, he’s just like that’.
although, at the same time, he could care a lot more. he’s used to being by himself and he’s not used to factoring in what other people think of him. karam is cautious and finds himself suddenly forced to care what people think about him because he doesn’t trust people. he’s aware that humans shun what’s different and, although i have yet to go into much detail, he has been mistreated by humans in the past. being the sort of spirit who is supposed to exist as  something like a bridge between humans and other spirits, karam isn’t supposed to hate humans. it’s not natural or inherent but being shunned as a monster when he was quite young and then being left to watch humans destroy the natural world he cherished...well, it fucked him up a little, let’s just say that! he’s bitter and he’s resentful! these are negative feelings that have continued to develop for over two hundred years. again, it isn’t natural. not to start with. but maybe this feeling has become natural.
i’m not really making a very clear point here because it’s kind of hard to fully explain this internal conflict of him not caring what humans think of him because of his personal distrust and this need to be seen by someone. he wants to be left alone and to avoid people but he longs to be accepted by somebody, given that he’s really never had that feeling. personally, regardless of how karam feels about it, i think he needs to learn what trust feels like. it’s not familiar to him. he’s wary of just about everyone. he’ll treat non-humans with more immediate warmth but he’s still very distant. this is also mostly hard to explain as i’ve had consistent issues in roleplay with people not wanting to read characters as multi-faceted; i don’t want to have to ignore karam’s more complicated emotions because people might see this and only read him as sad and quiet but i also don’t want to ignore this aspect of his character just to make sure people still understand that he IS this imposing and enigmatic figure. i don’t want to do a disservice to karam as a character by denying him that air of mystery. and that’s why i’ve been so vague about his backstory, like i’ve said before, and why i only talk about his inner feelings in passing. i really want to keep this balance between him being a PERSON with emotions but also not having people focus on that alone.
i need people to understand that karam does have feelings and, emotionally speaking, he’s all over the fucking place. but nobody needs to know that. i think it’d be okay if like maybe a few characters were able to read that from him and were able to make him open up but, for the most part, it’s just a weird area?? i’m going to talk about karam on an emotional level because i’m trying to develop him but please just understand that, if he were a character in a book being experienced through another character’s eyes, this stuff wouldn’t be immediately evident. this is several layers deep. karam is closed off by design. but also i’m bad at explaining myself so like. i get it </3          (i haven’t actually written a lot of threads for karam where he really thinks about these emotions in much depth so i’m partly struggling to explain myself because i’ve yet to properly encounter this in writing but that’s just the nature of rp ASDFGHGFD)
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