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#best bluetooth headsets for phone calls
sirfrogsworth · a month ago
Tumblr media
I don't know if it is something I just need to get used to, but I find holding a smartphone up to my ear rather uncomfortable. Do you smoosh your ear up to the glass? Do you try to hover the phone a few millimeters away? I'm unsure of the best technique. However, since I am always in bed, I decided to try one of these bluetooth "trucker headsets." They are popular to use in call centers too, but usually those are wired for more reliability.
It actually works great. I can hear calls much better and it is much more comfortable. Katrina said the microphone was clear on her end when we did a test call. The headset just hangs on my bedpost so I can access it easily if I get a call. I can answer and hang up with the little button on the side.
Two minor cons. It falls asleep if not in use for a while and you have to reconnect it. So if someone calls while it is asleep there is some mad fumbling to get it working. And it charges with micro USB, one of the worst USB connections ever conceived. I wish I had found one that does USB C—or there are some that charge in little docks.
Maybe I'll upgrade down the line, but for now, this one works great.
Oh, and if I ever decide to do online gaming I can also use it to yell at teenagers after they disparage my mother.
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