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#best friend

Thank you for being my unpaid therapist. You are beautiful amazing and kind, I love you bunches 🙃

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Okay, so like, me and my best friend(the text messages I’ve posted are between me and him) got to talking(it’s 1:30 am rn lol) and we both came up with this idea for a matching friend tattoo. If you can’t read it, it says “I know your trauma but not your favorite color”, and it’s an inside joke between us :p Just fun stuff, hope y’all like it anyways!

Taglist: (still not sure if I tag for non bnha lol) @kamehamethot @queensynderella @kingtamakimurder @katsuki-bakugous-lady @queenwinterofluna

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Since I’m on the topic of best friends, I thought I would being up a set with a freindship so committed a lot of people question if they are a couple. I think however, that their relationship more strongly resembles a quasiplatonic one.

These girls run a business and live together. They get the opportunity to live in castle and get fancy dresses, even meeting some boys, yet they go back to their small and simple life due to that unique story line. There need to be more movies that highlight and glorify really close friendships like this movie did. A Barbie movie did it, and so can mainstream ones for general audiences with good touch.

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Sister: if anyone were to bury me, I would haunt them. Viciously

Best friend: so if we want you to stay around, we should bury you

Sister: no. Viciously. I would hide all your socks

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True friendship is keeping a list of books you read on goodreads and competing to have the most amount of books read

And as an english major I am kicking her ass

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I finally got to watch all the Descendants movies recently courtesy of a little present I received from someone. And while I enjoyed large chunks of the films in so bad it’s good ways, there were actually small parts I liked uninronically. The biggest thing being the best friend love story between Mal and Evie.

I liked the best friend side plot throughout the movies way more than the romantic one between Mal and Ben just because it was a lot more intimate and deep. There was more emotion and honesty in the close friendship the two girls shared then the shorter time with more deceit in the romance the girl and boy had, which was something different for a lot of film series like this. I’m glad there was a lot of focus on it and that the movies pointed out how Mal needed her best friendship with Evie not just as much but even more than her romantic one with Ben.

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“There is an uncanny softness in her eyes when I kiss her lips, then comes that sexy grin when she feels my bliss.. it rips through her chest, all up in her heart. Sex not needed for her happiness, hold her hand and when you talk just make sense.. ripples of whisper lips and dimples on the fritz as I kiss her on the chin and nipples, just yum yum, nom nom on her neck. Little smiles rile her up, so much time to talk a lot.. a girl like her is sexy in a way that I should call the cops, cause she’s just way too hot, and so sweet that I can’t believe my teeth don’t rot. She’s on top always and wet in spots, she stokes my fire with everything she’s got..”

A girl like her makes the word perfect seem so damn flawed - eUë

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May 27, 2020

Hi Yoongi!

I opened up to my best friend about the gap and awkwardness. Turns out she felt that too when we met that time. She just tried to understand it since we’re both busy and far from each other on our senior years and in college. She just laughed it off when I opened it to her while I was laughing while crying. I could feel a something was let out from my chest. I worried about it for years and now we’re good. The morning after, X messaged me for how she appreciates the virtual hug. I actually feel that we’re going through the same thing. It’s just that, she’s better handling things than me. We could actually relate to each other on how we couldn’t open up to our close friends, the breakdown, the complicated thoughts, and how you became our support system. From the people I know in real life, she’s the one could really relate to. Then my close friend in Australia, let’s call her A, was stuck in history. She kept reading fictions about history. I kinda teased her what if she was suddenly in 1892, since that was the exact year of the story she’s reading. I kept talking about my friends today since there’s nothing to talk about me for now. I just felt happy talking to them.

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My best friend texted me at 2am last night to tell me he wrote a 3500 word fan fiction about my DND campaign. I’ve made it, friends. I have now had a fan fiction written about my work LMAO

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I still love you, dear. Even after we’ve ripped ourselves apart. I yearn to be with you.

Like silly putty after separation… Each part reaching for the other.

How long will I reach for you? Do I want to be a ball again? Only if I could hold you.

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