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love lesson of 2/28: when your partner is upset or not in the best mood or stressed, simply ask them “Do you need comfort or advice?” Sometimes it’s good just to be a shoulder to cry on, a hug of support or just hearing “I’m proud of you and all you do” or sometimes your person may need advice or help with something bothering them. It certainly is a wonderful thing to fall in love but even better when it is with someone who can be your best friend as well.

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Extraño tanto a mi mejor amiga y deseo tanto poder verla :c

E, sunnie te extraña demasiado.

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Great night with this babe 🖤🖤🖤 I’m sleepy and drunk and off to bed!!! Love you bitch!!! Good night My Tmbler Friends 😘 @xxxtracarmalgirl6969

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Ok so, I have tik tok but I don’t post anything (if I were to post something it would probably be a yt account apart from my tumblr tbh but that’s neither here nor there) and I follow this awesome creator who came up with her own character called Princess Astrea, and she does really funny voice overs and dresses in period pieces and has a prop sword and I love her content (her handle is @embrenn365 if you want to check her out to see what I mean)

BUT today I was struck with the realization that, as her character is a Princess, it would totally be possible that her and Merlin (BBC) could meet at some point and I feel like they would become the best of friends if I’m honest

The Princess just gives off those chaotic good vibes and Merlin is always down to break the rules and gets unwillingly dragged to Arthur’s adventures because someone has to keep this idiot prince alive and destiny says it’s him so yeah, but what I’m basically saying is that I believe that if Princess Astrea and Merlin were to ever meet they would pass the vibe check and become just fricking chaotic best friends and now that idea lives in my head rent free but I felt the need to share the good vibes I get from this hilarious imaginary situation in which Princess Astrea wearing her hair down with her jewel crown just proceeds to absolutely demolish Arthur in a sword fight after he makes a comment demeaning women’s ability to fight and Merlin’s just in the back like “I just found my new best friend” and they can have tea and complain about entitled pricks with someone who understands for once

Anyway, I couldn’t get this idea out of my head so I decided to share it because why not

(Ps: if anyone takes this idea and decides they want to write a story about the adventures of Princess Astrea and Merlin they are more than welcomed to do so and just message me and I WILL read it and love it)


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Miss her, will always miss her, my best friend. She was my Doctor, except we both missed the TARDIS. She deserved the TARDIS.

Sometimes being a friend means mastering the art of timing. There is a time for silence. A time to let go and allow people to hurl themselves into their own destiny. And a time to prepare to pick up the pieces when it’s all over.

Octavia E Butler.

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The Puddle = Chapter 3

Fictional Characters x Grace - this is a character based off of myself and my personal fears.

Summary: What happens when you end up in a fictional world? Grace is pulled into a new world, and it’s nothing like she has seen before. How? Who pulled her in? Most importantly why? She is just 16 years old. 

Trigger warnings: There shouldn’t be anything but please let me know if you think there is!

a/n: Hello my lovelies, I hope y’all are doing well! i just wanted to let you know that the next few parts are going to be a bit shorter, but don’t fret because the ending will be gnarly(I hope).Please feel free to leave your thoughts, I enjoy them very much. I hope you have a great day/evening! 

Incase you missed it!: Pt. 1, Pt. 2

Stepping through the door I could hear laughter and feet shuffling. I run to catch up and see a bunch of black figures standing on stairs. Looking around I see a robe on the railing, picking it up I see the Hogwarts crest on it. Quickly putting it on I hear Draco Malfoy trying to sway Harry Potter to be his friend. 

“I think I can tell the wrong sort for myself, thanks” Harry announces in a very bored voice. I snicker to myself, that’s my favorite part of Harry Potter. Sadly I wasn’t quiet enough, Draco looks back at me and scowls. Silly boy thinks he can scare me? Never. I hear footsteps making their way towards us. 

“Now if you will all follow me please.” Professor McGonagall says. Everyone shuffles on after her, I cannot believe it! I will be sorted into a house, but like for reals. Though I know I am a Ravenclaw I hope that I get Gryffindor, only because I wanted to become close with Neville. But at the sametime I want to be Ravenclaw because I want to be close with Luna. I am mentally pouting at the moment.

“Grace Bowen” hearing my name snapped me out of my pout session. Professor McGonagall beckoned me to step forward, sitting down on the stool I panic but try to hide it. The sorting hat begins talking to itself. 

“Hmmmm… Ra…. GRYFFINDOR!” The hat yelled.Um okay then, I got up with shaky legs and went to go sit down by 2 taller, red headed boys. Not too close though, I know a lot of the people here yes, but I don’t want to talk to them first… I looked down at the table waiting for everyone to be sorted.

“Hello there, I’m Fred Weasley!” one of the boys exclaimed. Though I am not 100% surprised he started talking to me it was kinda weird.

“And I’m George.” The other peaked around to see me. Now you can say that the boys are almost the same person. However I could tell the boys apart and I truthfully liked George a lot more, no hate Fred!!

“Hi, I’m Grace Bowen.” I introduce myself meekly. Looking over at George I saw him mouth my name and literally felt butterflies in my stomach. My face began to heat up, so I quickly looked away. Karlee comes to sit in front of me next to Hermione 

“What are you doing here?” Looking at her in confusion. She just smiles,

“You will see soon enough.” smiling she turns and sees Fred, her facing lighting up. I can’t help but laugh, I look over and see George is laughing as well. 

“Love at first sight?” the brunette girl leans forward laughing along but her face is red. “The name is Clementine but you can call me Clem.” She says a bit quieter, I like her but she was never in any of the books, or movies? There is something different about her… I don’t know what it is but I like it.” 

“I’m Grace!”Smiling at her 

“Karlee” she giggles. She knows something more. The girls wink at each other.

“We’re Fred and George.” Fred doesn’t look away from Karlee as he says this. Meeting a few ‘new’ people we enjoy dinner, honestly I have never felt so welcomed so quickly. 

We were taken to our dormitories, and the Gryffindor common room was beautiful. I was getting settled in when Karlee, Clem, Hermione, and another blonde haired girl walked in claiming their beds. The room was a circle so at the first bed was the blonde girl, next was Hermione, then Clem, me, and lastly Karlee. We soon went to sleep, only when I woke up we skipped like 3 years. It was the day Dumbledore had to draw names from the Goblet of Fire. Fred and George being the people they were, tried to put their names in. While they were fighting Fred yelled ‘I’ll rip your ear off’ and though they don’t know why yet, it broke me to hear this. 


“Sit down, please.” Dumbledore shused “Now the moment we have all been waiting for… the selection.”  The Goblet’s fire burning bright blue turned red and out came a piece of paper. 

“The Durmstrang champion is Viktor Krum!” The room was filled with cheers and clapping as we watched him descend to meet Dumbledore. Another piece of paper that looked as though it was a giant pencil shredding landed in his hands.

“The Champion for the Beauxbatons is… Fleur Delacour.” With a bright proud smile she stands embracing the loud higher pitched cheers of her friends. 

“The Hogwarts champion. Cedric Diggory!” Loud cheers and screams could be heard from all schools. “We now have our 3 champions! But in the end only one will win, only one will hoist this chalice of champions, this vessel of victory. The TRIWIZARD CUP!” Quite suddenly the speech was cut off, the goblet’s fire was flailing around and turning red. It seemed almost angry as another piece of paper made its way to Dumbledore, inspecting the paper I see red creep up his cheeks as he mutters something. Looking to McGonagall then to me.

“Grace Bowen?” everyone turns to look at me, but how?

“GRACE BOWEN!” he yells, walking up he hands me the paper. I look at him worriedly, how could my name have been in the goblet. I didn’t want to be in the tournament.

The day of the first challenge had arrived. Waiting in the tent. I feel like I am going to suffocate, so I step out for a second. Not looking where I am going I run into something and fall backwards. Typical Grace! You know you are so clumsy, a voice in my head told me. 

“What are you talking about? It was my fault I should have been looking down and where I was going.” What? Looking up I see George’s face smiling, I said that outloud? Wait no. hold up, my face contorts.

“You just called me short.” I state. Leaning down towards me he responds;

“Well yes, because you are.” he chuckles at me. I am small compared to him but still, “What you are like 5’4 right?” he needs to stop teasing me. “No! I am 5’6, so not that much shorter.”

“You know it doesn’t matter, I just came to wish you goodluck!” leaning down he wraps his lanky arms around me. Finally allowing myself to wrap my arms around him, I hear someone near us cough. WHAT COULD YOU POSSIBLY NEED I AM HUGGING FLIPPIN GEORGE WEASLEY!!

He let’s go and turns around to see who it is. 

“We just wanted to wish you luck and let you know you got this.” the 2 girls snickered “But it seems you already have someone to tell you.” My face turned bright red.

“Well, um thank you…” I look up to George and smile “I best get back now. Thank you.” I say directly to George. He smiles and leans down for one last hug. After he leaves I give the girls a pointed look and they just start giggling even more, ‘Oh yes thank you George!!’ 

“Oh quit mocking me, you know if Fred had hugged you, you would have turned to jelly and you wouldn’t know what to say.” I bit back a laugh at her, as her face went completely blank and she was red. 

Bidding the girls goodbye I walk back into the tent. We now had to reach in a bag and pick out which dragon we would face. Fleur the Welsh Green, Krum the Chinese Fireball, Cedric Swedish Short-snout and me the Hebridean Black. 

I was the very last one to go, waiting for everyone made me feel sick. What if I don’t make it? I mean then I will be a disgrace to Hogwarts right? What will the..

“Now for The last contestant! Grace Bowen!” Walking out I couldn’t hear anything, I’m not sure whether everyone was quiet or it was because I just couldn’t hear anymore. 


Walking over to the sorting hat I knew I was going to be in Gryffindor, there was no other choice even though I am a Hufflepuff. This is finally my time to become close with Grace. I hadn’t expected to see Fred and George yet!! Oh my goodness his face, the way he can take charge and just finds the best in everything, his humor, his personality, HIS SMILE! His eyes, the way that he can be so goofy all the time but the person who is right there with you when your crying, he’s the one who can make you laugh when you’ve had nothing but bad luck, he’s the one who gives you the hope that things are going to get better, when he holds you everything bad in the world goes away, he gives you everything you’ve ever wanted in the world just by looking at you, he makes you feel like you can do anything as long as he’s at your side

Seeing Grace go through these trials will be kind of scary, because even though I know she will be fine it is all still happening. Finally they call Grace out and my heart starts racing. She walks out and sees the egg and starts towards it but she doesn’t see the Hebridean Black coming behind her. The tail coming at her from behind caught her by the knees and she fell backwards hitting her head on the rocks. Screaming for her to get up, I try to get someone to help her! 

“SOMEONE HELP HER!!!” Watching her I can see she is trying to get up before the Hebridean can attack again, she flips over so she is on her stomach. Slowly she crawls closer to the center where the egg is. Thinking she is safe she gets up and starts to run, but she isn’t fast enough and the dragon’s tail comes swinging towards her. Dropping down the tail misses her by inches. Getting up she runs over behind a rock 


Turning my head to the left a bit to see where the dragon was all I could see was a breathtakingly beautiful purple eyes. Then a loud screech caused my ears to ring. The Hebridean Black dragon was stunning, and though it is incredibly dangerous I loved it. Think, think, think, what can I do?! I looked around seeing what I could use to my advantage. 

“PETRIFICUS TOTALUS!!” Binding the whole dragon’s body, I was able to run over to where the egg was, snacthed it and held it high. 

 … … … … … … … … . 

I was worried about the first trial for almost nothing! I mean it wasn’t necessarily easy, but it also wasn’t too hard. Later I went back to the Gryffindor dormitory only to find everyone in the common room. People started yelling and congratulating me, someone asked me to open up the egg. This is gonna hurt, I look over at Karlee and Clementine both of them are already covering their ears. Opening it a high pitched shriek comes out now everyone is yelling in pain. Quickly shutting it I can feel my piercing headache coming back. I step off to the side and sit down on a chair, eventually people go on to do other things. Karlee walks over to as how I am but my head it buzzing, 

“Do you want to sit on the couch?” she asks sincerely. Just shaking my head yes, she helps me over to the couch. I lay my head on the arm rest just watching the fire. Not quite sure when I found myself falling asleep, someone had come over and picked me up. The smell of vanilla invaded my nose, and it was amazing. I heard Hermione say thank you to someone and I was put on my bed. A hand pushed some hair out of my face and then left. The person said goodnight, and that is when my heart exploded. I knew that voice. Even though I was almost all the way asleep, it was George. You know he could have just left me down there but he brought me upstairs. I smile to myself. 

It was a week before the Yule ball, I was excited! Today Professor McGonagall was going to teach us how to properly dance. Though I hate to admit it I already knew how to, I took a class a long time ago. The only people to know about this were Professor McGonagall and Neville, I had previously agreed to help teach Neville; and had asked to skip this class since I already knew how to dance. 

“Mrs. Bowen, and Mr. Longbottom please come forward.” McGonagall began, Neville walked to the middle of the floor with me following along “You both will be demonstrating how to dance for the class today.” People started to snicker, it bothered Neville and he got all flustered.

“Don’t worry, we got this.” Professor McGonagall was narrating our every step, as we kept our eyes on each other. The song came to an end and I felt like I was pulled out of a trance. Professor McGonagall was smiling at us and thanking us. 

“Everyone pairs up, boy girl.” some people groaned and others seemed ecstatic. Neville went to go ask someone else and I stood over against the wall looking at my feet. Then another pair of feet appeared in my line of sight, bigger feet. Looking up to meet a pair of brown eyes. 

“Would you do me the greatest pleasure in the world of being my dance partner?” he asked in a silly voice, then proceeding to bow way too deeply.

“Why yes King George.” It is hard to hold back a giggle. As we dance together I realize that he is a really good dancer. But as soon as we get into a rhythm George misplaces his foot on purpose making me trip into him. Ooof, I stick my hands out to hopefully catch myself, but he just wraps his arms around my tighter as my hands fall on his chest. Stepping back coughing and feeling my face burn. 

“Guess you literally fell for me huh?” George and I hadn’t talked about anything but he had been flirting a little bit. But I didn’t want to assume anything. 

“Yes literally.” and other ways too, I mean who wouldn’t love George!? Class ended soon after that so I grabbed my stuff and ran out, completely embarrassed. 

After lunch I decide to hang out in the courtyard area with Karlee, Clem, and Hermione. Hermione was helping me study for a test tomorrow, the other 2 were talking about something secretly and giggling about whatever it was. I see everyone looking at us so I look up behind Hermione, Victor Krum comes over. Nodding his head at me and the others;

“Can I borrow you?” His face softens as he talks to Hermione. She turns to me, shaking my head and she turns to go with him. I turn to talk to Karlee and Clem about whatever just happened, but Clem is talking to Luna. 

“Karlee?” I said.

“Hmm?” she queried while not looking up from what she was doing. 

“Do you think George likes me?” I inquired “I mean earlier he said ‘Guess you literally fell for me’ Is that flirting?” Her head immediately snapped up at the mention of George. 

“Grace I mean this in the nicest way possible. But are you dumb?!” leaning forward. “Of course he likes you! First off, have you met yourself? You are brilliant, kind, brave, and not to mention HOT! Second, you guys literally belong together! Plus maybe one day if it all works out we will be real sisters.” she winked at me. 

If it were anyone else who had said that I would have been completely flustered and red. But Karlee and I have become extremely close, plus she was right we basically fit together. I am not sure if I would go as far as to say I love him yet, but I most definitely like him…. Like A LOT! “You’re right.” I was about to say something else when she cut me off

“Of course I am right, plus George is like a brother so I know everything.” I just laugh it off. I see Fred walking up behind Karlee but she still hasn’t noticed. He puts his finger up to his mouth signaling me to be quiet. 

“So Karlee, do you have any tests coming up? You know I can..” 

“AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH” I was cut off by Karlee’s loud shriek as Fred came up behind her. We only get a few weird looks from teachers. I sit there and laugh, thinking about Marco and Celia, And Karlee and Fred. I wish I could have that.

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I like a guy.

He’s my friend.

We used to work together.

I moved away.

We told each other how we felt.

—but distance killed it—

We are still friends.

Talk almost every day.

I dont say this about everyone but

I hope we get married one day.

If it’s meant to be.

~ love is stronger than distance~

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What I wish I could say to my best friend 1/3

I don’t want to be annoying. I know it’s annoying that I say I don’t want to be annoying. I don’t want to make our friendship awkward, or taint it. But I don’t have anyone to express my feelings to but Patrick, and I know he needs a break from it. I am not typing all of this because of pity or wanting pity. Which sucks, because I feel like every time we hang out after this I will feel like it’s because you feel sorry for me and you feel like you have to.

But, I know I need to be completely honest. You have no idea how lonely I am. You have no idea how much I absolutely dislike myself. I feel like I have a good personality. I’m nice, I smile a lot, and I never want anyone to feel unheard. But, I am really not good at communicating. I look back at in a psychological sense, trying to figure out what made me this way.

As you know, I didn’t have many friends in high school. I lot of people didn’t like me, but I never could figure out why. I grew up with all my peers, all the same people. I guess that’s why. I never was in the “in crowd.” I remember the first time I realized no one liked me. I was in 4th grade, and missed a day of school due to going out of town with my grandmother. The next day at school, everyone was saying to me, “I’m sorry Jenna, I really wasn’t involved in it.’ And “I am so sorry for what happened.” I remember being so confused. I was so worried that maybe someone got hurt at school or something like that. I got to my class, and the teacher talked to me. She said that my classmates had found my school picture, and drew all over it. Devil horns, a mustache, scribbles, rude names, etc. At the age I am now, this really wouldn’t be a big deal. But being 10 years old, this really really hurt my feelings. I still remember what it felt like. The teacher made the whole class apologize to me, which was very embarrassing. I just remember sitting in my little seat and crying to myself.

Later that year, myself and another girl in my class caught Swine Flu. We were both put into the hospital, but two different ones. The whole class and teachers had bought her gifts and flowers and they all signed a card for her. I got back to school, and when I found out, I was so hurt. I told everyone I was also in the hospital with it, and absolutely no one believed me and everyone told me I was lying. I didn’t even realize how much these things affected me until I reflected.

Flash forward to my senior year in high school, my sister and I invited the whole class to our senior party. No one came. I was so embarrassed and hurt. I was only invited to a couple of them, but I went to both, even if I wasn’t good friends with them. I was really anxious to go, but I did it because I wanted to be liked.
Two weeks after I graduated, a girl and I got into a car accident. It was a pretty bad one. We were drinking and driving, which was so so stupid. I learned my lesson. We had plans to get a ride but they didn’t show up. The other girl was driving and fell asleep at the wheel and we crashed into 2 trees. I had 3 close friends at my school, so I thought. My best friend never checked on me, and my other two friends group texted me and told me I deserved it and I should have died. I was so shocked. This was because they did not like the girl I was with, she didn’t go to my school. They also said I deserved it because I was under the influence. Which was crazy to me at the time because they were always barred out every night. People can do whatever they want, but making me feel bad about the same thing they did was really confusing. I had one person in class text me, which was my first boyfriend in 4th grade. It was brief, but it was nice that someone actually checked. Pretty much everyone in my class called and texted the girl I was with though.

Circling back around to my whole point, yeah, I didn’t really have friends, therefore I did not really have any social situations. You were the only true best friend I ever had. You always made me feel loved and important, and you never would talk badly behind my back like my other friend did.

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