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#best leadership podcasts
denialforme · 2 months ago
Find the Best Leadership Podcasts
Once you get the best leadership podcasts you can learn the most important things about leadership. You can listen to the speeches by the engaging leaders and you can learn how to reach your goals. In this way, you can now explore life in your way and you can achieve success in real-time. The podcasts also help you to know how to establish a good communication with the team members and thus it becomes easy to increase the overall productivity. In this way, you can give your business a new start comprehending how the leadership podcasts bring in the positive aspects.
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longshotleaders · 4 months ago
Entrepreneurs podcast
Entrepreneurs podcasts everywhere are looking to expand their businesses by building a company that delivers on values. In this episode of The Longshot Podcast, I interview long-time Rolling Stone Magazine contributor Alex Blumberg about his new podcast: Gimlet Media's StartUp. Visit the website:
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individualsun8954 · 8 months ago
Best Leadership Podcasts
There are certain people who believe that leadership is an innate strength but for others  leadership is also an ability that one can learn much like many other abilities. One of the effective means of achieving this is to listen to the best leadership podcasts from the world's finest business minds.
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leadershiphacker · 10 days ago
The Hot Sauce Principle with Brandon Smith
The Hot Sauce Principle with Brandon Smith
Brandon Smith is,“The Workplace Therapist.” He’s the Founder and President of The Worksmiths, an Executive Coach, Speaker and Author of the book, The Hot Sauce Principle. In this fascinating conversation you can learn about: The reason there is so much dysfunction in the workplace.The best survival tactics for eliminating dysfunction.How to stimulate urgency and avoid panic when driving…
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gotheriotpodcast · 8 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
The R.I.O.T. Podcast aka "Righteous Invasion Of Truth" is a Fun Loving upbeat weekly Christian Podcast. This powerful Podcast will boost your day and spiritual growth with relevant conversations on today’s hot topics.
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personalcoachingcenter · 10 months ago
Perfection versus Maximizing Your Potential in Leadership
New Post has been published on
Perfection versus Maximizing Your Potential in Leadership
A Coaching Power Tool Created by Silky Fischer-Lee (Executive Coach, SWITZERLAND)
Being Perfect
We often fall into situations in life where we want to be perfect or want to be recognized as perfect with our roles and responsibilities.
Stoeber& Childs (2010, p.577) describe perfectionism as a personality disposition characterized by “striving for flawlessness and setting excessively high standards for performance accompanied by tendencies for overly critical evaluation of one’s behavior”.
Although perfectionism has a negative connotation, it has been perceived as a positive personal trait in many societies. Growing up in a traditional South Korean family, perfectionism had a deep root in my life. Until recently, I thought to strive for perfection in everything I do was a good thing, despite the anxiety I had to deal with.
Not long ago, I had an opportunity to learn more about myself and started to realize the harm that striving for perfection can do to my personal and professional growth.
Perfectionists with self-oriented perfectionism tend to focus on being perfect, motivated by their own needs, and set excessively high standards for themselves. Perfectionists with socially prescribed perfectionism believe that other people have excessively high standards for themselves and fulfilling these standards is a condition to be accepted by others (Stoeber&Chiilds, 2010, p.577). Both self-oriented and socially prescribed perfectionism can lead people to be overly self-critical of their own being. Perfectionism can create anxiety, avoidance, and self-condemnation (GoodTherapy, n.a.). Perfectionists tend to compare themselves to others with unrealistic standards and feel unhappy for others’ success and achievement (GoodTherapy, n.a.). Perfectionism can develop a tendency in people to avoid tasks and situations if they think perfection cannot be achieved. It can also lead people to ignore the important learning process, pushing their focus solely on the result (GoodTherapy, n.a.). Perfectionists develop an aversion toward smart risk-taking.
Figure 1. Traits of Perfectionism,  Source: Gilmartin B. (n.a.)
As Brearley (n.a) points out as below,  perfectionism in leadership in the workplace can be counterproductive and can harm the people and the organization’s culture.
Teams can miss opportunities to innovate, as they are too occupied with the requests from perfectionist leaders. The teams will need to focus on working and reaching complete perfection defined by the personal standards of leaders. There is no room for innovation.
Perfectionist leaders can cause frustration and more uncertainty within the team by demanding constant, unnecessary changes and modification of their work for their own ideas of perfection.
Perfectionist leaders can change the team dynamic by developing the culture of perfectionism. A team with many perfectionists will not be open-minded. The team will be afraid of making mistakes, speaking up, slow to learn from mistakes, and resistant to changes that are needed.
Perfectionist leaders can develop narcissistic behaviors described as below (Mayo Clinic, n.a.). These behaviors can appear when they face criticism and can decrease the morale of the team.
Becoming impatient or angry when they do not receive special treatment.
Having significant interpersonal problems and easily feeling slighted.
Reacting with rage or contempt and trying to belittle the other person to make themselves appear superior.
Having difficulty regulating emotions and behavior.
Experiencing major problems dealing with stress and adapting to change.
Feeling depressed and moody because they fall short of perfection.
Having secret feelings of insecurity, shame, vulnerability, and humiliation.
Maximizing Your Potential
Focusing on maximizing potential helps people be grateful, joyful, and fruitful for who they are and what they do, despite on-going challenges and issues in life. People who focus on maximizing their potential possess inner peace and strength as a foundation.  They have a great awareness of themselves, are not afraid of making mistakes, and are fast to learn from mistakes. They are also comfortable with themselves. Maximizing your potential does not mean neglecting responsibilities in any role they are in. On the contrary, people who strive for maximizing their potential can set goals that are Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Realistic& Timely. This creates actions, which hold themselves accountable for what they want to achieve in their lives. They are also not afraid to take a smart risk.
In today’s highly complex, uncertain, and extremely competitive environment, there is a great demand for leaders who can “build teams, keep people connected and engaged, and drive a culture of innovation, risk tolerance, and continuous improvement” (Abbatiello et al., 2017).  These leaders help organizations become living systems. They can “work together, complement each other, and function as a team” (Abbatiello et al., 2017) with a growth mindset. These are leaders who are being at their fullest.
Figure 2. Leadership capabilities needed to succeed in a digital world, Source: Deloitte  University Press I
The journey to becoming a leader of “being at fullest” involves developing self-awareness and improving self-management skills. Self-awareness and self-management are inseparable and complement each other.
Self-awareness can help you live a more fulfilling and joyful life while being true to yourself. It will enable you to:
Be authentic.
Be grateful for who you are and what you have.
Reframe your negative thoughts and focus on your strengths.
Be proactively responsive to the situations and people with courage and conscience.
Have inner peace and a positive attitude towards others and challenging situations.
Self-management is about “managing your own beliefs, your judgments, your opinions, your reactions” and “knowing how to conduct yourself ”(ICA, 2014). A self-managed person can put her/himself in the driver seat of their own life. With integrity, trust, and honesty they can set SMART goals and adapt to changes in life by proactively initiating actionable plans and holding themselves accountable.
Self Application
There are different ways that you can develop self-awareness and improve self-management skills. Below are some of the examples.
Developing self-awareness (Tjan, 2015; ICA, 2019):
Write down your strengths and how you want to use and improve them.
Write down your priorities and key plans.
Take psychometric tests.
Ask for feedback about yourself from your family members, close friends, and colleagues on a regular basis.
Improving self-management skills (Indeed, n.a.):
Assess your strengths and use them: Understanding your strengths and apply them. Prioritize your responsibilities and focus on the most critical ones to complete.
Develop organizational systems: streamline your activities using one single source of truth, if possible.
Create deadlines. Hold yourself accountable for getting tasks done by putting structures in place.
Perform one task at a time. Focus your time, energy, and abilities on a single task at any given moment by being fully present.
Take care of your physical, mental, and emotional health: Keep a healthy lifestyle with a healthy diet, regular exercise, and breaks.
Evaluate your progress objectively.
Coaching Application
ICF (n.a.) defines coaching as “partnering with clients in a thought-provoking and creative process that inspires them to maximize their personal and professional potential”. A coach supports clients to create self-awareness and improve self-management skills to maximize their potential and growth. Coaching can equip leaders to develop self-awareness and improve their self-management skills. This transforms the organizational culture and enhances employee motivation and engagement.
Building Trust
A coach, a trusted partner, can support the clients to become aware of their thoughts, emotions, and behaviors. As coaches, we believe that people are naturally creative, resourceful, and focus on the whole person (Kimsey-House, et al, 2018).
Active Listening and Powerful Questioning
Powerful questioning can support the clients to create self-awareness and see things from different perspectives (ICA, 2019). It can open up the client’s mind toward other ideas and opportunities. It also supports clients to create their own actions to achieve their goals. Powerful questioning can only happen when a coach is an active listener and fully present, creating a safe space for the client. Coaches must ensure that there are no judgment and assumptions in question.
Effective feedback
Coaches support the clients to develop awareness through effective feedback with no judgment and assumptions involved. Feedback in coaching is simply an observation that a coach has noticed from the conversation with the client (ICA, 2019 a). Effective feedback can help the client get more insight into their thoughts and behaviors.
Self-management in coaching requires the responsibility and accountability of both the coach and the client. Both parties are required to be self-managed. While the clients are learning about their own self-management in their role as leaders, by “setting aside personal opinions, pride, defensiveness, needing to look good and being right” and by being fully present for the clients”, the coach can support the client to learn about and improve their own self-management skills (ICA, 2019 b).
Strengths Finder
StrengthsFinder is an internet-based tool that was developed by Marcus Buckingham and Donald O. Clifton to assess personality from the Positive Psychology perspective. This assessment tool focuses on finding the strengths of the individual and suggests the more suitable development paths based on the strengths. In leadership coaching, Strength Finder can help managers to (ICA, 2019 c):
Gain awareness and appreciation of their talents within the context of their role as leaders of people.
Understand how the Strengths Finder themes manifest themselves in the workplace.
Gain an understanding of and appreciation for each team member’s unique and powerful talent.
Gain an understanding of and appreciation for the team’s collective strengths, potential talent gaps, and vulnerabilities.
Use strengths-based development techniques to address specific team-related issues and challenges.
What are my strengths?
How can I apply my strengths in my life and at work?
What can I do to further develop my strengths?
What are my top priorities?
What are the three things that you are most grateful for?
What am I doing that is working?
What is slowing me down?
What can I do to change?
What are the benefits of developing self-awareness?
What are the three top challenges in self-management?
What are the benefits of improving self-management skills?
How do I maintain my self-awareness as a coach?
How do I improve my self-management skills as a coach?
Abbatiello, A., Knight, M., Philpot, S. & Roy, I (2017) Leadership Disrupted: Pushing the boundaries (Online). (Accessed 19 Apr 2020)
Brearley, B. (n.a.) How Being a Perfectionist Leader is Killing Your Leadership (Online) (Accessed 18 Apr 2020)
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Kimsey-House, H., Kimsey-House, K., Sandahl, P. & Whitworth, L. (2018) Co-Active Coaching: Changing Business, Transforming Lives. 4th Ed. Boston. Nicholas Brealey Publishing.
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Scott, E. (n.a.) Perfectionist Traits: Do These Sound Familiar? (Online)(Accessed 19 Apr 2020)
Stoeber, J. & Childs, J.H. (2010) The assessment of Self-Oriented and Socially Prescribed Perfectionism: Subscales Make a Difference, Journal of Personality Assessment, 92(6), p. 577-585.
Tjan, A.K. (2015)  5 Ways to Become More Self-aware (Online)(Accessed 19 Apr 2020)
Original source: 
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writingwithcolor · 5 months ago
Hi! I'm working on a book (an urban fantasy kind of thing) where I've added a mythology invented by me. One of my main characters is semi-immortal and he was born in the Philippines around the time of the Spanish invasion. I want him to believe in the gods invented by me while still believing in the pre-colonial Filipino religion. I was wondering if there are any Dos and Don'ts I should pay attention to, in order to make it believable and respectful of Filipinos' beliefs.
Filipino Mythology and good resources
Narrow down ethnic group and tribe
Hello! Prior to making any recommendations, I’d like to get a few things out of the way. 
First off, from which ethnic group is he?
And if he identifies with the present-day Filipino definition of indigenous (to narrow it down even more), which specific tribe? 
It’s worth noting that the Philippines as a concept did not exist prior to Spanish colonization and even during the early period of occupation. All the ethnic groups had and have cultures distinct from each other (some more so than others in the present-day, based on the effects of colonization, proximity, and cultural exchange). 
In Northern Luzon, you have the bulul (carved wooden figures) of the Ifugao and the Ikalahan. 
In Mindanao, there are heavy neighboring-ASEAN and Islamic influences, hence the use of the titles Rajah and Sultan to denote position and leadership. 
Look up pictures of traditional clothing from any number of provinces, and you’ll get some pretty different things. 
Same goes for myths and legends. Narrow it down to the group your character belongs to, and you’ll have a much easier time.
Avoid classing traditional stories as myth
I’d be wary, though, of declaring all traditional stories “myths”, considering folk religions and beliefs are practiced in certain areas and amongst indigenous communities. And if your character was semi-immortal, what reason would he have to consider those stories as legend? 
Now, with that discussed, it’s important to note that a fair amount of surviving Filipino folktales exist in Spanish-influenced form (think morality tales & references to Roman Catholicism), and there’s a lot of well-intentioned fakelore floating around the Internet that details “Filipino” legends, often in a manner attractive and/or simplified for a Western audience that wants to view our culture from a Western lens. 
But that’s hardly possible. While we have concepts that might be analogous, they’re not the same, and you’d be best off tapping the academic curriculums of Filipino ethnology and archaeology students in Philippine universities.
 Explorations in Philippine Folklore by Herminia Menez is a wonderful resource, and it’s relatively inexpensive. 
Ambeth Ocampo’s article collections and talks about the pre-colonial Philippines offer insights as well into folklore and history - don’t miss them! 
Podcast recommendations
I also recommend the Sandaang Salaysay podcast on Spotify, by Ateneo (they’re a Philippine university), which has episodes in Tagalog and English ( They might be pretty kid-y, but so are the Adarna House books about Philippine mythos - another rec of mine! Gorgeously illustrated with English and Tagalog versions. 
And if you’d like something more modern and horror-type, try Wag Kang Lilingon ( A lot of our horror movies have their roots in traditional Filipino folklore, and you’d be surprised at how normalized the supernatural is for many Filipinos. It’s not just some “backwards provincial” thing for many, so tread carefully. Some of the concepts you may come across are people’s beliefs, not just stories to play around with to create the “magical indigenous person” or “ooo generic chanting ooo” or some other bonkers stereotype. As usual - ask the advice of sensitivity readers if you can! There are many aspects that are off-limits. There are also many aspects that aren’t. 
Utilize good resources - either first-hand sources or Philippine academic materials. (Emphasis on Philippine.) As a writer and researcher, you’ll be better off for it. 
Best of luck!
~ Mod Isa
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denialforme · 5 months ago
Let’s jump into the history of podcasting:
These days, podcasting is big business. However, this hasn't always been the case. Few people understood what the word meant when it was first coined, and for several years thereafter. And if they did, it's possible that they don't know how to listen to one. Podcasts, on the other hand, are now easy to find, download, and listen to. Plus, it seems that everybody and their sister has their own show. We'd like to talk about how the format came to be so popular, and how you can be a part of one of the more significant media transformations of the last two decades. At, we are providing the effective opioid podcast and podcast to sleep. We are offering the range of different types of podcast to transfer the maximum information to the people.
Let's start by defining what a podcast is. That's better said than done, however. It's an audio file that's downloaded to a smartphone from an RSS feed in the most technical context. Unlike other forms of digital audio, a podcast typically consists of talking or dialogue rather than music. A podcast is similar to on-demand talk radio in several respects.Podcasts as we know them began in 2004, when Adam Curry and Dave Winer created iPodder, a software that enabled users to stream radio broadcasts to their Apple iPods. As a result, the term podcasting was coined, incorporating the terms iPod and broadcast. Isn't that correct?
What Is the Best Way to Listen to Podcasts?
There are a lot of ways to listen to podcasts, as you might have noted above. Since podcast viewing can be passive, the vast majority of podcast listening takes place on mobile devices. When you're walking, exercising, or cleaning the kitchen. Podcasts can be listened to from any place. However, you can find podcasts in a number of ways. There are so many that choosing one can be difficult. So, here's our list of favorite podcast apps and places to listen to them, and they're all available on both mobile and desktop. We have trained our experts in highly professional way to provide you the best septic podcast, cardio nerds podcast and the nocturnists podcast.
 Spotify – In terms of podcast presentation, Spotify has come a long way, and you can also get customized tips.
Apple Podcasts – The granddaddy of all podcast networks, the regular Podcasts program on the iPhone is a must-have.
Google Podcasts – For Android users who are unable to access Apple Podcasts, Google's entrance into the market is strong and trustworthy. This software may or may not come pre-installed on your computer, depending on the vendor.
YouTube – As previously said, YouTube is a popular podcasting site nowadays. Keep in mind, however, that YouTube requires a premium subscription to stream audio in the background, so it has to be the primary app running if you want podcasts and videos for free.We are leading the era of podcasting by offering the effective and authentic anesthesia podcast.
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longshotleaders · 23 days ago
In his podcast, JLD interview inspiring entrepreneurs to help along the entrepreneurial journey. His goal with EOF is to deliver the inspiration and strategies you need to FIRE UP your entrepreneurial journey and create the life you’ve always dreamed of.
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individualsun8954 · 10 months ago
Leadership Podcasts
Some believe that a few people possess leadership as an inherent ability, but it is also opined that leadership is a talent that you can acquire much like many other talents . Listening to leadership podcasts from the brightest corporate minds in the world is one of the effective ways to do so.
Tumblr media
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leadershiphacker · 3 days ago
Leadership Trajectory with Dr Jeffrey Magee
Leadership Trajectory with Dr Jeffrey Magee
Dr Jeffrey Magee is a Chief Culture and Learning Officer, Editor in Chief at Professional Performance Magazine, author of 31 books, he’s also a speaker and board adviser. In this really inspiring show you can learn about: The importance of investing into Human CapitalHow to become part of the Top 1% high achieversWhy settling for a “B” grade will stimulate mediocrityHow to find your X Factor and…
Tumblr media
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themagicians-girl · 7 months ago
Sun Through The Houses
Sun in the 1st house: 
People notice these individuals because they are leaders and exude confidence. They are unapologetically themselves at all times regardless of where they are or who they are around. It is easy for these individuals to gain respect for this reason. On the other hand, others can envy this and display jealousy or hatred for them. You can often find people with their sun in the first house on the stage whether that be in a leadership position in the workplace, at a theater, or in front of a camera. These people shine and they do so, usually, gracefully. These individuals hold themselves in a proud and dignified way, and expect those around them to do the same. They put much emphasis on their appearance. This does not necessarily mean their looks but mostly how the carry themselves. They will never show up in a wrinkled shirt or with smelly breath. They must appear presentable at all times, because they are opportunists and they want to be ready for anything.   On the dark side, they must watch out for their egotistical and domineering tendencies. 
Sun in the 2nd house:
These individuals strive for pleasure and comfort. They like to own nice things - whatever that means for them individually. Because of the need for possession these people can become workaholics. They may work long hours or strive to be very financially set. Actually, when these people are struggling financially expect them to become severely depressed. They cannot fathom living paycheck to paycheck, its their biggest fear. When these people aren’t at work you can often find them at a restaurant or hanging out at home, which, by the way, their home will be their safe space and very comfortable. They may struggle to leave the home, or with moving in general. These people grow very attached to their home base. They may move out of their parents home older than most, or, if the childhood was chaotic, leave as quickly as possible to find the security they are craving. Sun in the 2nd house people enjoy food A LOT. Cooking them a nice meal is the way to their heart. They are usually good cooks themselves. On the dark side, be mindful of your materialistic nature. It’s okay to believe in things that aren’t only tangible. You don’t need to work 24/7. Money comes and goes. Embrace change, and remember that nothing in the universe is solely ours. Father may have put a lot of emphasis on career growing up, also may have been overbearing and put a lot of pressure on the child.
Sun in the 3rd house:
These people love to learn and travel. They live for it. They are the types to buy a rundown bus, throw a mattress in it, and travel the country. They don’t care for materialistic possessions, they just wish to seek endless knowledge. Actually, they need to be mentally stimulated at all times. Which may cause mental anxiety at times because they do not know how to slow down, rest, and recharge. These people may be good at trivia, because they know a little about everything. If aspects are positive, will have a solid relationship with siblings. You can find these people listening to podcasts, at the library, reading, or watching documentaries. Most likely the podcasts though, because they like to be on the move. Expect these people to travel often. If they don’t have the means to travel, they will immerse themselves in travel any other way they can via; movies, events, stories, friends, etc. Could be excellent teachers if they can develop patience, something they struggle with. Skills to develop: dig deeper into your passions, not just surface level. Stick with hobbies and projects longer, see them through. How many unfinished projects do you have right now? 
Sun in the 4th:
These people have an attachment to their family whether it be good or bad, its there and prevalent in their life. They are always pulled to the family, away or towards. If aspects were negative, they may have had an abusive father who stifled their growth or did not allow them to be who they truly wanted to be. If aspects were good, they probably have a very good relationship with the father. May really want children or at least, a solid family structure (family can mean anything). These people are nurturing, kind, and empathetic souls. They enjoy feeling embraced and cared for, and will make you feel the same. They are very proud of those they consider family and are protective of them. These individuals may work in settings where they serve others in one way or another. People trust them. Be mindful not to become possessive of those you hold closest to you, and if you’re struggling with the family, it’s okay to get help for that. 
Sun in the 5th: 
Some of the most creative people you will ever meet. They love the arts and creative adventures. They are most likely involved in art in some form, whether that be singing, modeling, painting, or photography. These individuals have what it takes to entice an audience, and they do all of the time. Many admirers. May struggle to chose a long term partner due to enjoying attention from many. Sun in the 5th house people have many friends and people will admire them. They are gregarious and full of life. They love to party and have a good time. They aren’t the type to spent much time alone. They’d prefer to be out adventuring or creating with others. Probably love children and children probably love them too. These people are very vocal, it’s hard to miss them. They may love makeup, and put a lot of effort into their looks. They can charm others. On the dark side, be weary of leading people on or being too full of yourself. Ask yourself, do you really like that person, or do you like the attention they are giving you? It’s okay to share the spotlight with others. You will find support when you give support.
Sun in the 6th:
These people throw themselves into work and serving others. They spent a majority of their time at work, and find it hard to take vacations or relax. May have an emphasis on nutrition or working out, may take those aspects of life too far and struggle with self-esteem. These individuals are often selfless and caring. They are excellent friends. They are practical rather than emotional in their approach to life. May have had a parent that was overbearing and expected them to be perfectionists which developed into anxiety and indecision in adulthood. Lack of trust for oneself. These people are good at tending to things. They are the type to find a stray animal and take it home and nurture it. They are fixers in all aspects of life. Should their chart have positive aspects to the sun, they will take good care of their physical and mental health and will inspire others to do the same. On the dark side, your career is not a personality trait. Develop skills and passions outside of work, or you will bore others crazy. It’s okay to relax and experience pleasure.
Sun in the 7th: 
Expect these people to have a close circle of people very dear to them. They strive for interpersonal relationships. It makes them feel whole. Other people, make them feel whole. Which can teeter on negative or positive, depending how much independence the person has acquired. Regardless, these individuals know how to make connections. They may have many acquaintances. They strive for balance and harmony in life. They may work in fields where they act as a mediator of some sorts, such as counseling. When the Sun is in the 7th house of one on one relationships, these people will struggle to distinguish themselves between their own self and others. They must work hard to maintain boundaries for themselves or they will run themselves too thin. These people are empathetic, caring, and selfless. They will be the most support friend and lover. They are excellent communicators and can make two of the worst enemies find an understanding. They are respected for their diplomacy. 
Sun in the 8th:
Regardless if the Sun is in an extroverted sign such as Leo or Gemini, people with 8th house Suns will appear quieter and more private. Much of their personality is hidden and they only show it to those they trust. These people may appear distant, without trying. They just feel hard to reach. These people enjoy what is hidden. They may have secret hobbies or passions. May have obsessive tendencies and struggle with depression. May live a double lifestyle. Dark humor. If aspects to the sun are negative, may have lost the father during childhood in someway. These people are excellent detectives. They love uncovering the mysteries around them, especially other peoples mysteries. You can’t hide anything from Sun in the 8th people, and if you do, they will feel betrayed and never trust you again. Trust is big for these people. May have few friends, but the friends they do have will last a lifetime. May dabble with the occult or darker aspects of life such as taboo, kink, witchcraft, etc. Dark sense of humor.
Sun in the 9th house:
These individuals put much emphasis on personal development. They want to endlessly search for knowledge and to become the best person they can be. They would prefer to be intelligent above anything else. These people make excellent teachers. They want to travel or live in foreign countries. Father may be of a  vastly different nationality to mother or was born elsewhere. These individuals are interested in history, law, philosophy, and language. May speak multiple languages. May have friends that live all over the world. These people are expansive and want to adventure the world. They feel they must in order to fulfill their life purpose. They need independence and freedom from others. They enjoy mentally stimulating conversations. If they can learn something new from you, they will respect you.
Sun in the 10th house:
Individuals with their sun in the 10th house are easy to spot. They will be in a position of power or will be in the spotlight somehow. They strive to be in the public eye. They are leaders and want to live a life of fame. They want to be known and respected. They usually deserve the roles they achieve because they are hard workers. They have much to teach others regarding chasing success and dreams. Very rarely will you meet a Sun in the 10th person that isn’t chasing a dream of some sort. These individuals need to have goals to work towards. Complacency is not their friend. When they aren’t being productive they may become depressed. A struggle for people with their Suns in the 10th is that, although they want admiration, they struggle to have meaningful relationships with others. Relationships may rely on business partnerships rather than a true bond. Don’t abuse your power or sell your soul in search of it. Fame is nothing compared to genuine care and love. Balance.
Sun in the 11th:
People with their Sun in the 11th house have booked schedules for months in advance. They are always attending events, workshops, or traveling. They are involved in many organizations whether that be community outreach, clubs, committees, or social circles. They want to be surrounded by people and community. These individuals bring friends together and can introduce many people to one another. They feel most whole when they belong to a group. You can expect them to have many acquaintances and friends. On the downside, their romantic relationships may struggle because they want to spend all of their free time with friends. Must achieve independence from their groups. May be great planners and organizers. Eccentric and unique people. May struggle to understand who they are apart from others. 
Sun in the 12th: 
These individuals are sensitive idealists. They love animals and taking care of vulnerable people, because they feel vulnerable them self. These people often get stuck in a daydream or fantasy world. They can struggle to ground themselves in the present moment because of this. Psychic intuition. Escapist tendencies due to feeling like the world is too harsh. Must work to develop thicker skin. Usually extremely creative and artistic because they hide away so often into their own world. May be quieter individuals or introverted. They enjoy one on one interactions or smaller groups to a big crowd. May have very vivid dreams. Can easily read others emotions. May be prone to wearing rose colored glasses. Father may have been aloof or not in the childs life. Be mindful of substance abuse or manipulating others when you feel threatened. 
As always, look at your chart as a whole.
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puppetavasharpe · 5 months ago
Relationship Post #1: Sara Lance & Ava Sharpe (Avalance)
Tumblr media
Sara and Ava have one of the best relationships I’ve seen on television, let alone a wlw relationship. I’m going to list themes in their relationship and examples of each, as to why they’re my favorite relationship 😊
In the fight scene in S3E2: “Freakshow” Ava and Sara are shown as being evenly matched in their skills, determination, and stubbornness. I believe the writers did this as a way to show that Ava was just as badass as Sara, and someone who can hold her own in life. They start out on equal footing. Neither are seen as damsels in distress.
Tumblr media
Throughout season 3, they’re both shown saving the other on multiple occasions. Again, neither is a damsel in distress, and both are very capable women who can hold their own.
Also, Sara being the captain of the Waverider and Ava being the Director of the Time Bureau, shows they are both committed to their teams, and successful women. Both have leadership qualities, so neither is going to be a follower to the other.
In season 4, Ava states neither NEEDS each other, but that Sara is who she WANTS. Again, they’re shown as strong and equal to one another.
Tumblr media
Healthy Communication
Throughout the show, Sara and Ava are shown to have great communication in their relationship. In the first episode, Ava asks Sara to move into her apartment with her. They have a conversation as to why that isn’t in Sara’s best interest at the moment. And Ava is completely accepting of this, immediately understanding where Sara is coming from.
In S4E4: “Wet Hot American Bummer,” when Sara presents the idea of using a potion to become kids, Ava’s insecurities get the best of her and she walks away very upset. However the very next scene shows, after some introspection, Ava apologizing for her negative reaction with Sara. She immediately realizes her reaction was because of her own insecurities and admits this out loud. They’re then seen doing a pinky swear as a way to make up 🥺😍
Tumblr media
This issue is solved quickly and isn’t dwelled on by either character, nor is it brought up in future disagreements as a grudge by one or the other.
Even in S4E6: “Tender is the Nate,” when Sara comes into Ava’s office for an ‘afternoon delight,’ 😏 and Hank interrupts them, they are respectful of each other’s jobs. Ava tells Sara she knows their team is worth it, and Sara tells Ava she’ll try to tighten the budget. This shows a mutual respect of one another.
In S4E12: “The Eggplant, The Witch, and The Wardrobe,” Sara goes to Ava’s purgatory to save her 🥺. Throughout this episode, they’re seen working through their individual insecurities. Sara’s insecurity, being afraid of longterm commitment and Ava’s insecurity, as being not enough for Sara because she is a clone.
Tumblr media
Showing that they WANT each other, not NEED each other, shows they are of equal footing, have healthy communication, and retain a sense individuality for each woman. I’ve seen a lot of shows that make characters feel like they NEED each other to live or be happy, and it was a huge breath of fresh air to hear Ava and Sara say these things to each other 🥰.
In S5E1: “Meet the Legends,” Ava struggles with comforting Sara concerning Crisis on Infinite Earths, which is understandable because that crossover is confusing even for the audience, let alone for Ava to know what to say to comfort Sara. BUT near the end of the episode, the writers have Ava be vulnerable and honest with Sara by saying she doesn’t know how to comfort Sara. This is extremely mature of Ava to admit, and it’s exactly what Sara needed to hear. 🥰 Being able to admit you don’t know what to provide another person and asking them what they need is very healthy behavior.
Yes, Ava has been shown to be a jealous partner in their relationship. But this is not necessarily or automatically a negative thing as some people believe. Evolutionary psychologists “believe that jealousy is [...] an evolved trait, one that helps people avoid wasting resources on partners who might cheat,” (source). In other words, jealousy is as natural of an emotion to have as anger, sadness, or happiness. What makes it healthy vs unhealthy is how couples handle that jealousy. The times we’ve seen Ava be jealous include:
S3E12 - Ava finding out Sara slept with Constantine 3 weeks prior.
Same episode when she is with Constantine.
S4E1 - Ava says she doesn’t want to talk about Constantine with Sara.
S4E4 - Ava and Constantine snipe at each other before summer camp.
S5E6 - Ava answers Sara’s phone when Rene keeps calling her.
Unhealthy jealousy actions include:
a) Mind Reading - assuming you know what your partner is thinking
b) Labeling - an ex of this would be “ALL women are unreliable”
c) Discounting Positives - hyper focusing on the actions that made you jealous
Every time Ava is jealous, she and Sara immediately solve the issue at hand. We never see Ava act with the unhealthy actions described above. They discuss and she moves on. It’s never brought up as a grudge and they grow each time it happens. I would label this as healthy jealousy. And it’s definitely handled with healthy communication.
Sara and Ava are both well established characters with immense amounts of depth. They both have friendships outside of the relationship. For Sara this includes Oliver, Felicity, Ray, Mick, Amaya, etc. And for Ava this includes Nora, Nate, Mona, Mick, etc.
They also both have hobbies (Ava: serial killer podcast; Sara: knife collections, crossword puzzles). They’re often seen being dedicated to their respective jobs, both being successful and ambitious. They are literally the definition of a power couple.
They’re also both super badass and can hold their own in a fight. They don’t need to rely on one another to defend themselves. And it’s especially badass when they team up to kick ass 😎
Tumblr media
While they are established as being individual from one another, and neither is JUST a love interest, they are also very supportive of one another and are always in each other’s corner.
Tumblr media
Because Sara and Ava are both leaders of important and dangerous entities, they are able to provide support to one another when the burden becomes too much to bear. Both understand the difficulties the other may be going through. And this is shown a few times. In S3E13: “No Country for Old Dads,” Sara is stressed about Ray being kidnapped and Ava is able to provide her with comfort regarding the situation and help solving the problem.
In S5E2: “Miss me, Kiss me, Love me,” Sara is shown supporting Ava while she’s having a personal crisis of losing her job. Ava’s job has been a huge part of her life, she was literally programmed as a clone to work for the Time Bureau. Even when Ava is making a fool of herself while drunk, Sara completely supports and loves her 🥺. And tries to include her in the mission.
Tumblr media
Throughout S5, we see Sara give captain duties to Ava. This shows trust, reliability, and love between them. Sara knows and trusts that Ava can take some of the burden off of her as leader of the Legends.
Tumblr media
Becoming Co-Captains of the Legends team does not take away from their individuality or independence because it’s already been well established that they can stand alone as characters. They both still have outside friendships, are able to take care of themselves, and neither are damsels in distress.
If anything, showing that they are strong together and can co-captain shows what a healthy relationship they have. As stated before, it shows reliability, complete trust, love and respect for one another. And it conveys the fact that they are both strong women who are leader types.
Tumblr media
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Resources for Getting Involved in Mutual Aid
What is Mutual Aid? (video)
Safety Practices for Mutual Aid During the Pandemic (zine)
Solidarity Not Charity: Mutual Aid & How to Organize in the Age of Coronavirus (video)
Setting Up A Legal Defense Fund 
Community Bails Around the Country 
Mutual Aid on Lockdown (podcast)
Mutual Aid toolkit
List of Mutual Aids by State
Leadership Qualities that Support Mutuality and Collaboration
COVID Mutual Aid Initiatives
Coronavirus Tech Handbook
Let’s Talk Mutual Aid (zine)
Mutual Fire Brigade (zine)
How to Form an Affinity Group (zine)
DIY Emergency Hand Washing Station Instructions
Mutual Aid & Disaster Relief: Navigating Trauma 
Prisoner Support Programs
The Conquest of Bread (full book)
Community Bail Funds as an Organizing Tool
Best Practices for Jail Support 
Food Not Bombs - volunteer or start your own chapter
Overdose Prevention Guide
Start a Harm Reduction Program
Guide to Defeating ICE Hold Requests
Anti-Racist Neighborhood Watch
A Community Resource on Anti-Deportation Education and Organizing (spanish version)
National Participatory Defense Network
Sex Worker Co-Op & Emergency Fund for Workers in Crisis
Sex Workers Behind Bars Jail Support 
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Tumblr media
Disclaimer: I have a MLIS that included a few archives-specific classes, and I’ve interned at multiple archival and archival-adjacent institutions. However, I’ve never been formally employed as an archivist.
@geejaysmith​ if there’s any chance we might actually present things to each other you might want to skip this, otherwise it’ll be boring.
Tumblr media
The beefcakes thing is an in-joke, don’t worry about it.
You will see more men in archives than in libraries – some come in via history majors rather than library school. Despite their underrepresentation in library and info science, they are overrepresented in administration/leadership, so Jon getting promoted over Sasha is characteristic in that regard.
Tumblr media
It’s not ideal to poke holes in your records. If you have to use fasteners, it’s best to use archival quality paper clips. (I’ve pried quite a few rusty paper clips off documents in my day.) Rubber bands are the worst because they get sticky and then hard and adhere themselves to whatever they touch.
Obviously you also don’t want to get records wet, or get food on them (which can rot and attract pests.) I once had to remind a volunteer at a presidential library to not eat mini Snickers bars while scanning materials.
Tumblr media
Context is really important in archives, so you want to keep materials together to preserve meaning. Authority files give you standardized names and subjects you can assign to records (or, more often, series or collection-level descriptions). If Jon had assigned metadata like that to statements, he wouldn’t be like ‘hm this name seems familiar’ and fail to realize that this IRS guy’s statement references him encountering someone who allegedly disappeared a year ago according to statement 1.
Tumblr media
I have a post on whether or not the Magnus Archives are actually archives here. I’m sure Jonny Sims (the author) chose archives because they have a reputation for being spooky and mysterious… but that’s the exact reason their continued distortion in popular culture is annoying. I’d mind it less if everyone wasn’t doing it. 
Tumblr media
Acetate tape will eventually break down and become unusable – this is known as vinegar syndrome. I don’t know what kind of tape Jon’s tape recorder uses, but I believe it’s supposed to be old, so I wouldn’t be surprised if it’s acetate.
Archivists work toward access and preservation. What will keep this information around long term? What will help researchers find what they’re looking for? Reading stuff into a tape recorder does neither of these things. I get it makes sense for the podcast format, but still. 
Also iirc there are canonically researchers using this collection. Do you think anyone’s written a thesis about the worm sex statement?
Tumblr media
Archives can be tools for oppression or liberation, depending on their contents, who controls them, and who is allowed to help shape them. Honestly that’s its own powerpoint, but suffice to say, deciding whose story gets told and how is an inherently political act, and archives have tended to uphold those in power. I’ve worked with or come close to some pretty chilling things. The item pictured on this slide is the safety plug from one of the atomic bombs dropped on Japan. Interning in the same building as it for 3 weeks was.... a lot.
Pests cause damage to the records, but worms aren’t usually the main culprits. Also, most archive employee crime is theft, not everything the TMA gang gets up to.
Finally, the divorce cult thing is me calling out the rest of the group chat. Don’t worry about it.
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Three tales of Paul being protective of John (or trying at least!)
“John Lennon poured a bottle of beer over Chris Montez’s head. Well Chris took a slim view of this and went mad and took a punch at John. Paul tried to intervene but in the scuffle that was going on landed on his back and knocked his head on the pavement, nearly knocking himself out.”
[Edit: the letter seems to be from Pete Best, as per near the end of]
“John Lennon was the first one out on the floor,” [Tom] Jones recalled in an interview with Channel Bee. “And he looks up at me and he says [to the tune of It’s Not Unusual], ‘It’s not a unicorn it’s an elephant.’“He said, ‘How you doing you Welsh p**f?’” the Welsh-born singer continued.“I said, ‘Come up here you Scouse p***k, I’ll show you!’”
Thankfully, Jones’ manager Gordon Mills and Lennon’s Beatles bandmate Paul McCartney were on hand to diffuse the situation. Mills quickly chipped in to tell Jones that was merely Lennon’s sense of humour. 
According to the Liverpool Echo, Jones later revealed how McCartney had stepped in as well. “Paul McCartney said to me, ‘If John Lennon made fun of a song, it means he likes it, because he wouldn’t make a comment on it if it didn’t strike him,’” he said.
(Terrible source:
"I constantly saw Lennon and McCartney together because Paul came along to see that I wasn't rude to John - who I can't say I got on with. Paul didn't want me to upset John." - Sir Joseph Lockwood
(Source: Northern Songs: The True Story of the Beatles Song Publishing Empire, Brian Southall, 2008)
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Tumblr media
Thriving Mindset Leadership | PACESetters
PACEsetters developed Thriving Mindset Leadership (TML) to meet a need for professional development that goes beyond improving skills. TML offers a way to guide people on a journey that engages their natural, internal drives, identifies and expands their mindset, and builds on their strengths so they can reach their full potential. The goal is to develop an organization of high-performing people and teams who are able to be the best they can be.
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longshotleaders · 6 months ago
We explore their struggles, challenges, shortcomings, and setbacks that ultimately lead to growth and betterment.
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