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i wanna re do my firestar design (eventually lol) since im not totally happy with it, same for ravenpaw probably but i still like my graystripe! next after some re-do’s tho is sandstorm and then after her, dustpelt. i will hopefully be doing every cat from book 1 and then the rest if i want to :]

this is a firestar re-do concept sketch, and the cinderpelt is what i immediately think of when i think of her, but it seems a bit too tall and lanky for me, so her design will likely be different if i ever get to her. she’s just for fun!

also kit doodle too lol

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Hey look i still art (Surprisingly) and look how much ive grown lol. From the victoria secret boob sweater meme of 2015 to today: July 16th, 2019

Holy fuck the evolution of Kris is dramatic. Still dont understand hands or feet, but i finally got legs down and arms. Also poor Kris is embarrassed because of these as am i, but hey, she the token child in my OC collection

Also hey im not dead: look at that lol


2.2016 or 2017, i dont recall but that one was an 8 hour project and then some if i recall

3. 3 weeks ago. Took about 2-3 hours to draw because the factory i work at was boring as fuck that day.

4. Today, twas the first one i drew today for about an hour and a half

5. Today in the span of 30 mins because the factory i work at is boring as fuck so i got to squeeze another picture in!

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I need,,,,,to post,,,,,my art of Yena,,,,,

just need 2 start posting abt her again in general tbh

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Name: Princess Apple silvermoon Harmonica luna dancer.

Age: 15 (however she has the power change her age to however old she wants, plus she’s immortal blessed with eternal beauty not matter what ag she is)

Height: 6'6

Weight: 5 pounds 

Gender: Female (however she has the ability to change her gender but she preffers to be Female)

Species: She is an Irken/Vortian/unicorn/Demon/angel/fairy/butterfly/Magical girl/leprechaun/catgirl/human/mermaid/cyborg/saiyan

Bio: Princess Apple silvermoon Harmonica luna dancer comes From the planet Desu Desu Kawaii star. Where she rules over the aliens into being her sex crazed slaves, she has mastered all the languages of the world and can talk to animals and bring in world peace. She is a descendant of the strict Irken, a smart Vortian, retarded unicorn, infected Demon, drug induced angel, fairy with cocaine, dead butterfly, Magical girl, drunk leprechaun, a desperate catgirl, a hobo human, the ugly mermaid, a rusted cyborg, and one horny saiyan after they had one too many drinks that resulted in one huge screw fest in which Princess Apple silvermoon Harmonica Luna Dancer was conceive and born.

Because of all of her accomplishments and endless beauty, Crazy prep highschool pre-teen tenticle monsters that lives right next door manage to trick her by inviting her to a pool party where they flashed her tits to the crowd and made her eat a giant wedding cake, which she is allergic to and makes her fart loud rainbow gas that smell like licorice. After that they tied her up in Spaghetti and shut her in a pod and sent her to Earth, where they hope she would never return. She crash perfectly and flawlessly and landed at Zim’s back yard. The moment that Zim popped out from the can and saw her he instantly fell in love with her. She came out of the ship and asked him for help and he agreed as soon as she entered the living room. She grabbed Zim and pulled him onto the couch and said “ZIM I WANT TO MAKE CRAZY DESU SEXY TIME WITH YOU!” and thus they had crazy monkey sex.

They did it lotsa times and even let Gir and miny moose join in as well Keef who was still stalking Zim and got jealous of the Princess Apple silvermoon Harmonica Luna Dance screwing zim so she invited him to join in love fest, so after a month of nothing but love making and rolling around in waffles. She decided to enter school with Zim, without a disguise. However all the students instantly loved her because she was so pretty and beautiful and kind.  Ms. Bitters liked her so much, that the old hag smiled for the first time causing her to exploded into diamonds. Which made all the students cheer. Even Dib who was determine to find an alien was awestruck by her beauty. At lunch, Princess Apple silvermoon Harmonica Luna Dance had become everyones best friend including Gaz and Tak who suddenly there and was making out with the two girls at the same time. Dib came over and asked her to the School Dance which she agreed. However that made Zim jealous resulting them into getting into a fishy slap fight at the dance. Princess Apple silvermoon Harmonica Luna dancer decided to stop the fight by flashing her giant tits  and flipping her skirt up which shined like the sun which melted the people upfront and made others so mezmerised that it resulted with the whole school doing a huge orgyfest filled with fruit punch, jelly and waffles. Alas after having so much fun on Earth she needed to get back to her world so she stole the school’s supple of cupcakes and farted rainbows out of her ass and sailed through space.

However she only made it halfway because those cupcakes were strawberry flavored and not chocolate so she just floated there in space before her face collided onto ‘The Massive’ Where she landed ass first ontop of Red and Purple’s giant donut stash. Both tallest were surprised and awed by her flawless features and the scent of dunuts she now smelled like that they demanded she marry them.  Princess Apple silvermoon Harmonica Luna Dancer was locked up and then dressed pretty as the took her to Planet Marrymore. However she managed to ditch the wedding ceremony by flashing the driver her massive tits because she then realized she is pregnant with Lard Nar’s baby. (even though they never met) so she had to flee the empire. She landed onto Hobo 13 where gave birth to a buttload of babies which she couldn’t keep and she didn’t want to be a mommy so she catapult them into into Sun, (and onto some other planets where the jelly babies stuck to the surface.) Even though she really love them it was for the best. 

She now flies around space joining the universe by talking to them and screwing her huge tits and ass, however some days she lands in foodcourtia where she striptease in gravy for all those lonely aliens that wanna screw her. However she is determined to find her way home bay any means necessary even if it means you wanna screw her or you want her to screw you with her hidden 8 inch dick.


my amazing sempai friend made a oc for a contest and my god it was golden. she asked me to record it and post it here uvu

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I remember like 2 months ago I decided to write a frick-frack scene using my OC,Davyd. I never have written fricks before. And Im laughing because it started so smoothly with him and the other dude spinning around the wherevertheywere and then make outs and idk it was cute. Then the unclothing scene goes and I remember sitting there while writing being like “shit” and literally wrote this: (It was in a “you” perspective, where you were the other dude)

-“Keep undressing, asssshole” He said. You smiled and smacked him in the shoulder, jockingly. His hissing was amusing. ((Also I wrote in Davyd’s hissing/lisping?????? omfg))

“You’re an unromantic jerk” He kept saying.-

And then I freaked out and wrote -You kicked him in the dick and walked off. THE END- And then drew my first dick at the bottom.It had a bruise and a sad face. And also there’s this little note that says “actual legit thing about how their first time together go. like, this is a thing that happened” and now im laughing a lot because Davyd sucks so hard omg. I though I could share this.

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i played a rogue character in dnd, right

i had like this double life thing going on

cause whenever i went to steal shit it would either be really flawless or tremendously bad

so there was a string of unconvicted thefts in the town of Symbaru

professional work, in and out in less then 4 minutes, easily stealing whatever they were after, known as “The Thieving Magpie,” countless potions and high quality books would go missing and people would randomly find things reverse pickpocketed into their belongings

then there was lucinda

the wandering girl from a nearby elven villages who would “attempt” to steal something and be so bad at it no one had the heart to do anything more then kick her out of the local taverns for a couple hours

besides her failed attempts made great bar stories

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