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#best of luck my friends

Ah, the struggles of going for prefect/head person. I’d say that if you feel like you have what it takes to go for head girl, absolutely go for it! Nothing ventured, nothing gained. Good luck either way, in whichever you decide to go for!

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Okay I’m here to rant about how how PB obviously has my icloud hacked and knows about my secret name list in my notes. 

I hunt the heck out of names to go towards a list I have for my general writing. It’s long, I use a very amazing generator that takes your name suggestions and gives you quite relative results based on your choices. I’ve used names like Isadora, Kinsley, Indigo, Cosima, Asami. And somehow I share a brain with everyone at PB because we keep choosing the same names. 

My Open Heart MC has been Esme since the start, and now in book two we have another Esme lol. Then there was Seraphine, my MC for Bloodbound, and in book two they brought in another Seraphine. I just changed her name, I started over to call her Holland instead. 

Atlas is revealed to be your twin in Chapter 10 of The Elementalist, and if I’m correct, The Heist: Monaco came out right before the chapter was released. After choosing Atlas as my MC name in Monaco, I remember getting back to The Elementalist and being shook that they also used Atlas lol.  

My MC for The Elementalist was Theodosia (changed to Theodora because I liked it more) Then Theodosia in that one boring ass book happened. Remy was my damn LI in Perfect Match and then in book two that old man was named Remy and I had to restart the book to rename my girlfriend. Then there was ACOR where I named my MC Sabina and restarted chapter one when I realized my future wife had the same name. 

Anyways they probably brainwashed me for my naming secrets and I’m not even getting paid for it. 

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I understand the whole no one keeping you accountable thing. I’m still in class until May 15th. I just opened up 5 new word documents for 5 different essays and the worst part is they’re all due next week. I also have yet to film me reading the one essay, finish my project on Rick that I also have to film, and I still have to film a short film. I’d like to die please and thanks. I wish you the best of luck with all your assignments, send some luck my way (I’m gonna need it to 😭🙈).

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