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#best quote

Hello everybody, and welcome to this little place on the internet destined to talk about Teen Wolf once more!

I’m going to be rewatching the show for the first time after 3 years, and I’ll be reacting to it on this blog.

I’ve decided to have 3 main categories to make this “React with me to Teen Wolf” more interesting:

  1. The main reaction: A whole post of me talking about the plot, music, special efects,relationships, …
  2. The best quote of the Episode: A post with my favourite quote said by any character + the reasoning behind it. Also my favourite quote by Stiles (if not all the quotes would be his)
  3. Best character of the Episode: a post about which character was fundamental in this episode and why

I’d love it if you guys interacted in the different categories. You know what? I just thought of a new one that won’t be possible without you… “The Fandom Favourite” :

A whole category in which I will post the most commented answers to each episode, the favourite character, the favourite quote, any geeky detail about the show that you want to share, really, anything you think that should’ve been mentioned/appreciated. This is your section.

To participate in this, you can send it to me privately (preferably tbh) or just comment it on the og post.

So, here we go!

Let’s remember why we are all still in love with Teen Wolf.

PS: Even though I am a Stalia shipper 100% and they are still endgame in my mind, I’d love it if Stydia, Sterek ,Scalia, … shippers would share their opinion too. Let’s make this blog a respectful space where everyone can talk freely about Teen Wolf as long as they are respecting everyone else’s opinion.

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mi inviti a guardare il cielo

mi racconti che è bello

che sopra di noi

le rondini vivono

un mondo tutto loro

che di sera è luna

e di giorno è sole

che le stelle ci sono sempre

ma devi trattenere il sonno

per vederle bene

devi saper domare gli sbadigli

solo dopo tanto impegno

si rivelano davvero

mi inviti a guardare il cielo

che il cielo è bello


le nuvole non stanno mai ferme

sono come il cuore le nuvole

cambiano forma

cambiano ritmo


in continuazione

e volano gli aerei

le mongolfiere

e pure i pensieri ci volano

per non parlare dei sogni

miliardi sono i sogni

che abitano ancora qui sopra

e non trovano più casa loro

mi inviti a guardare il cielo

che ci son tutte queste cose

in cielo, dici,

ma io

tutte queste cose

le vedo in te

e allora finisce così

che tu guardi il cielo

e io

guardo te

Gio Evan

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