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So while doing physics hw yesterday I decided to look up if sharks could see in color and learned that it’s pretty possible that a majority of species are colorblind. This means Kisame, if Kishimoto ever actaully explained what looking and being like a shark in narutoverse even meant, most likely deals with colorblindness.

Hear me out on this, you have Kisame who can’t see as well as his fellow shinobi, but has a stellar nose and hearing to make up for it and Obito, when making up the Akatsuki pairs, probably knows this since he’s the unknown dictator of Kiri by this point and clan weaknesses are a thing a kage would know. So Kisame sometimes misses things that are based on color and knows it, Obito knows this, now the question is does Itachi. 

Now, there are several ways this can play out.

Scenario A is Itachi knows and works around it despite his own failing eyesight to varying levels of success and maybe Kisame figures it out, maybe not depends on how you view their relationship in canon.

Scenario B though, that’s the real fun. Obito and Kisame don’t tell him because they don’t trust him with what could be a dangerous secret like that so Itachi is left in the dark. Going in thinking his partner can see everything he can’t and that he must play it cool in terms of not showing he is steadily getting blind as fuck. So now you have Kisame not being able to discern what color something is, Itachi not being able to fricking see, and neither wanting the other to know that they can’t tell what something is. It would be an elaborate game of chicken that neither knew they were playing and it would be HILARIOUS.

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A Re: Cutie Honey reference in Lupin III: Sweet Lost Night…


And Honey’s boss in Re: Cutie Honey dressed as Red Jacket!Lupin (w/ a blue button down and yellow tie aka primary color scheme) is a nod to some of his appearances in those colors such as Sweet Lost Night…



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Is there anyone else that just wakes up so hungry and simultaneously so thirsty that when you drink something your brain goes ‘nope too hungry to drink’ and when you eat something your brain goes ‘nope too thirsty to eat’ so you end up not really eating or drinking anything because whatever you do it just doesn’t satisfy your needs?

No? Just me?

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