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#best tiktoks
death2america · 7 hours ago
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hollandsour · 22 hours ago
Omg what about the tik tok where they show their partner the screen and they get a fake message pop up asking when their boyfriend leaves so they can see them
Ughh I cant help it, I have a major thing for dad!Tom so yeah.
Fake Text
Warnings: Suggestive? and fluff
WC: 500
While Tom was in the shower, you were trying some Tik Tok filters. You found this one filter that caught your attention. The filter was a fake text message that let you type any text you'd wish. It was genius, and you wanted to prank Tom with it. When Tom came out of the shower, the only thing covering his body was the towel wrapped below his waist. His whole v-line was visible. You watched as he dried his wet hair with a separate towel.
¨You look so fucking hot right now¨ You bit your lip, standing up from your position in bed. Placing your phone on your desk. Positioning it so that it was standing up. Tom came closer to you, he was about to kiss you, but you pulled away.
¨Lets make a Tik Tok¨ You laughed as he threw his head back in annoyance.
¨Really, now?¨ He wined.
¨Yes, now!¨
¨But I am in a towel babe¨
¨I am naked....?¨
¨Exactly! Stop being a baby¨ You pressed the record button, with the fake text filter picked out. You decided on pranking Tom, saying you were pregnant. You wanted to see how he would react, even though you weren't pregnant. Tom was just standing there, watching you start the Tik Tok in adoration.
¨Oh shit, wait I forgot something¨ You lied to him, and left. Leaving Tom in front of the camera.
¨Babe, hurry up-¨ Tom was interrupted by the sudden notification. He got closer to the phone, so he would be able to read it.
¨Did you tell Tom about the positive test?¨ He whispered, eyes growing wide in shock. He kept looking at the message that had been ¨sent¨ by your best friend.
¨Darling?¨ Tom called out for you. You came rushing back, ready to see his reaction.
¨Yes?¨ You asked innocently.
¨Are-are you pregnant?¨ Tom asked, with the widest smile on his face.
¨The text, there look!¨ Tom was about to cry tears of happiness. You started to feel bad about pranking him. You had no idea he wanted a baby THAT bad.
¨Oh, no¨ You laugh, and his smile faded ¨It was a filter. I wanted to get your reaction¨ You pout at him. ¨I am sorry, I had no idea you wanted a baby¨
¨Well, that was cute y/N¨ Tom said sarcastically.
¨I am sorry!¨ You come closer to him and hug him.
¨Its alright¨He kisses your head. ¨You know, I am already only wearing a towel sooo, like....¨ He smirked.
¨Oh boy!¨ You laugh.
¨Can we please, please¨ He begged, giving you puppy eyes.
¨My love please, can we please try for a baby!¨ He insisted his smile was brighter than ever.
¨Ughhh Fine!¨ You gave in, pulling him in for a kiss.
¨I love you so much.¨ He says, small tears threatening to fall.
¨I love you more¨ You wiped his tears away.
¨This is the first time your Tik Toks bring me joy¨ Tom kisses you.
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I found the best phrase on Tiktok yesterday.
If someone knows what Tiktok this is from, please link me so I can give credit. I keep having Technical difficulties when I find Tiktoks I like.
"Politically I'm a woman. Socially I'm nonbinary."
If you know, you know.
If you don't know, post an ask I'll explain it later.
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tiktocks · 7 months ago
That cut was completely horrifying
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tiktocks · 4 months ago
Dogs react to their name being called.
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fuks · a year ago
the best tiktok ever made
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tiktocks · 4 months ago
This is spot on lol
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tiktocks · 5 months ago
This sounds like the theme song to a sitcom in the 90s-00s. Super cute #bestoftiktok
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leesh · 2 years ago
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