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denialforme · 5 months ago
Why there is a need to start a podcast:
Podcasts present a rare opportunity for analysts and business professionals to provide their audiences with useful, in-depth content. Beyond short-form material including social media or blog posts, the long-form style of a podcast helps you to build a deeper interaction with your viewers while simultaneously extending your exposure to new audiences.Here are five reasons why you should launch a podcast if you're on the fence about it.We are offering the best herpes podcast, the scope podcast and internal podcast.
 It's simple:
Let's get this out of the way right now. Starting a podcast may tend to be a daunting endeavor, but it only requires a minor initial investment and is remarkably simple to execute. There are plenty of microphone ratings available online to assist you in finding the best microphone for your budget. Using sites like Fivrr, you can quickly and cheaply create the introductory audio. Starting and continuing the recording process would not be as difficult as you would think if you proceed with some detailed analysis.
We are constantly bombarded with short-form material in an age of information saturation. Tweets, blog posts, news stories, and videos are designed to provide readers with short bursts of information and play an important role in establishing ongoing contact between companies and their audiences. However, unlike blog entries and social media posts, which are limited to a few hundred words or 140 characters, a podcast helps you to go further into your content.
You're assisting your colleagues.
You are assisting your colleagues:
An interview is the most popular format for a podcast. Bringing guests on to interview as the host of your own show helps you to not only extend the content you're presenting to your audience by using your guests' experience, but also to help business partners. When you welcome anyone to be a guest on your program, you're giving them access to your audience, which might help them broaden their audience. You will also reach into the guests' viewers if they advertise the episode to their fans.
 You develop an intimate relationship with your audience
Podcasts that are popular are rarely scripted and often loosely edited. As a result, the host's charisma has an opportunity to come through in an unfiltered manner. Podcasts, like film, are one of the easiest ways for a host and a viewer to form personal relationships and trust. Giving customers a voice and a personality to communicate with the brand helps to cultivate their confidence at a time where we have countless choices for all of our buying decisions.
 At, We offer the best sports leadership podcasts and infertility podcasts. When listeners subscribe to your show, they are opting in to hear from you on a daily basis, close to how they would sign in to get an email. The aim is to maintain continuity in terms of how often you post and the kind of material you share. You'll be able to keep top of mind with them and begin to create confidence and a personal bond, contributing to an even greater degree of brand loyalty
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An Underdog In Michigan's Guv Race Reveals Dems How To Operate On Environment Modification.
How should you resource your leads for your outgoing sales campaign? In an interview prior to the program's best, though, the Harrisons informed me Head was meant on some degree to personify the dark drives that manifest all too easily in a specific generation of upset youths, for whom a dissatisfaction with the globe around them can cause unfortunate repercussions. Although this kind of marketing through sensory experience prevailed in the food sector, specifically in patisseries, for informing routine consumers of the intro of brand-new menus as well as preferences, it is only in the current times that this sort of method has been checked out in all sorts of other services and products. Lindsey Anderson, who runs the One-Click Lindsey website and the Web Impakt marketing business, is the creator of the Traffic and Leads Podcast Her broadcast covers subjects such as reconciling use social networks to get leads, searching for leads with advertisements on Facebook and other systems, and also making use of advertising strategies to locate leads. Lead generation is using a computer program, a data source, the Internet, or a specialized service to get or receive information for the purpose of increasing the extent of an organisation, raising sales profits, searching for a task or for brand-new clients or conducting customized research study. For instance, a kind on the company site that visitors can fill out to request a recall will create high-grade leads - these visitors are very likely to acquire because they're interested enough to intend to hear even more - however possibly will not create a great deal of leads. I don't assert to recognize everything concerning lead generation, but I do run a lead generation business concentrating on solar leads These solar leads are valued greater due to the nature of the cost of planetary systems, so these may not put on ALL kinds of neighborhood list building. Instances of inbound advertising and marketing include content marketing using blogging, e-books, whitepapers, email-marketing, social media sites advertising and marketing as well as peer reviews, as well as digital marketing techniques such as Search Engine Optimization (SEO), Online Search Engine Marketing (SEM), Pay-Per-Click Campaigns (Pay Per Click), or a combination thereof. Lead generation companies use an extremely comprehensive database that consists of thousands upon countless service leads for their clients to capitalize on. Therefore, if the business would certainly look for a particular organisation sector as their target for establishing appointment, these list building business would certainly most certainly have those leads. Regional areas are the first customers of practically every service, no matter what market they might be in. Tiny to medium-sized ventures, particularly, job generally function by building a solid local client base first, as this structure enables them to expand steadily as well as to expand their client reach in the future. A lead generator will quickly place you together with a listing of hundreds or perhaps countless similar people who are mosting likely to have an interest in what you need to supply, and consequently are going to be able to aid you build your business in no time at all. I have tried several leads solution in the past that were unqualified and costly, so normally I was a bit hesitant to try (Search Engine Optimization Leads Quote) when Suraj called me, but as a result of the inexpensive, I figured I would certainly give it a shot to examine the top quality. An exceptionally flexible medium that provides you accessibility to any kind of variety of or else unattainable prospects for several functions; to offer your products; generate sales leads; adhere to up enquiries; obtain more organisation from current clients; stay connected with previous clients; close the sale beforehand ... therefore far more.
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robinwilson272 · 13 days ago
Long-form content is any piece of content that exceeds the 2,000+ word mark.
That could mean a 3,500-word blog post, a 10,000-word whitepaper, or a 15,000-word ebook.
Some popular types of long-form content include:
How to guides
Ultimate guides
Resource lists
Industry definitions
Case studies
Long-from content can also refer to non-written content formats, like videos and podcasts, but they won’t be our focus here.
Hire the best Content Marketing Agency to unlock unimaginable business growth online.
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martawtorres29 · 17 days ago
51 Must-Know Content Marketing Statistics (2021 Guide)
Need to reference a few content marketing statistics? Maybe you…
Need some data to convince your CEO to give you a bigger content budget;
Want to know what results to expect from your hard work producing, editing, and perfecting blog articles, videos, podcasting episodes and infographics;
Are creating a content marketing strategy and want to discover the biggest and best opportunities;
Have invested some time or money in content marketing, but aren’t seeing results and you want to know what you’re doing wrong;
Are an established content marketer and simply want to stay on top of industry trends.
If any of those statements ring a bell, this article will be right up your alley.
We’ll cover what the latest data says about content marketing in 2021 — curated from hundreds of thousands of data points across all types of content.
Ready? Put your data-nerd hat on and dive in.
Content Strategy and Return on Investment Statistics
It’s 2021, and well over a decade has passed since the first digital marketing gurus gave content the keys to the online kingdom.
And a decade is a long time on the rapidly evolving, ever-changing internet.
So is content still king? Or has it been dethroned in favor of some new, exciting marketing channel?
Let’s look to the data to find out.
6 Content Marketing Strategy Statistics
SEMRush’s whitepaper, The State of Content Marketing 2019, reports that 91% of organizations around the world use content marketing in their marketing strategies.
In CMI’s (Content Marketing Institute) 10th annual content marketing survey, only 33% of the B2C (business to consumer) respondents reported having a documented content strategy, while 3 out of 4 reported that they’ve achieved some level of success with content marketing.
The same survey separated out those companies who have reached a level of sophistication and maturity with their content marketing to examine their responses alone. Let’s look at some of their statistics:
52% report they’re extremely successful with content marketing;
53% have documented strategies;
92% used metrics and analytics to assess content performance.
What can we learn from the successes of these B2C companies?
First, what gets measured gets managed.
Keeping an eye on Google Analytics to assess the performance of your content is good business. This can help you determine what works for your organization and how best to attract and serve your target audience.
Second, recording an official content marketing strategy may help you realize more success with your content.
And third, while correlation is not causation, it’s safe to say that looking to the data to craft your content marketing strategy is smart.
The relative success of the mature B2C companies in the survey suggest that there’s an opportunity for more B2C marketers to analyze content metrics and use them to craft an intentional, data-driven content marketing strategy to make their content efforts work harder for them.
7 Content Marketing Budget Statistics
There are a few things required to create a documented strategy for any marketing channel.
You need data, ideally pre-existing, about your website’s performance, your marketing funnel, and your target customers.
You need goals, or at least a sense of what you hope to achieve with your strategy so you can determine whether you’re successful.
And you need a budget that will help you reach those goals.
If you’re crafting your strategy for the first time, you might wonder what the budget is for other companies.
What do you have to spend to achieve some success with content?
Let’s look at the statistics:
The average annual B2C content marketing budget was $230,000 in 2019, with 23% of marketers surveyed stating they had no budget for content, and 31% reporting a budget of under $100,000 (Content Marketing Institute).
When looking at B2B content, these numbers change slightly:
The average budget was $185,000 in 2019;
18% stated they had no budget for content;
36% reporting a budget of under $100,000.
These numbers suggest that you should set aside some money from your company’s marketing budget to spend on the content channel (even if your budget isn’t $230,000/year).
62% of marketers surveyed by SEMRush expected to increase their content marketing budgets in the following year.
Likely because content marketing still generates a strong return on investment.
How strong? Let’s find out.
3 Content Return on Investment Statistics
The purpose of any marketing effort — whether it’s email marketing, inbound marketing, PPC ads, etc. — is to generate sales and conversions.
We’ll see shortly that there are many benefits to content marketing beyond revenue generation, but content is no exception.
So what type of return on investment (ROI) can you expect from your content marketing efforts?
According to data collected by Chief Marketer, 41% of B2B (business to business) marketers state content marketing as one of the traditional marketing channels that attracts the highest ROI leads, and 62% said it was one of their most valuable lead-nurturing marketing strategies.
In fact, a survey of more than 600 senior-level marketers identified content marketing as the marketing channel responsible for the second highest ROI (Statista, 2017), next only to SEO (with which content goes hand-in-hand).
But measuring the content marketing ROI isn’t as black and white as many other channels. There are two reasons for this:
1. Content marketing is a team player
Content marketing attracts traffic at the top of the funnel, and assists many other channels in converting.
For example, a piece of educational content related to your product might attract organic traffic from Google if you rank on the first page for your target search term. If the visitor doesn’t convert from that session, you can retarget them on a social platform like Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, or LinkedIn using your website’s pixel, and they may convert from that channel.
This conversion wouldn’t be possible if they hadn’t landed on your website via content.
2. Content marketing enjoys compounding returns
Unlike with paid acquisition channels, you only have to pay for a piece of content once, but it can keep generating revenue for you forever. You may pay $500 for a piece of content that generates only a 10% ROI the first month, but then a 15% ROI the second month, and so on.
The nature of content marketing means that it’s best to look at the other benefits of content as well as the revenue it generates to best understand it’s return on investment.
4 Statistics on the Benefits of Content Marketing
Aside from direct conversions, Content Marketing Institute’s 2019 report suggests that there are many other benefits of content marketing.
Survey respondents reported the following:
Improving brand awareness (81%);
Audience education (73%);
Building trust and credibility with audiences (68%);
Lead nurturing (58%).
Content marketing is effective at relationship building, not only with your target audience (whether that’s boomers, millennials, or people who live in a specific location), but also with other companies in your industry, influencers, and partners.
Now that you know the numbers to take care of the data and budget portions of your content strategy, you need to know what type of content to build your strategy around.
Content Marketing Statistics by Content Format
So you know you need to double down on content marketing in 2021.
Now you just need to decide what type of content to invest your resources into creating.
Not sure where to start? Let’s look at the statistics that’ll help inform the meat of your content strategy.
7 Written Content Marketing Statistics
HubSpot’s State of Marketing Report indicated that written content through blogging was the primary type of media used in marketing strategies in 2019, and it was only barely beaten by video content in 2020.
This makes sense, since text is the basis of Google search, at least until Google’s algorithm is able to accurately make sense of audio and video content.
Of those who actively engaged in content marketing, 92% of B2B companies used shorter articles and blog content, whereas only 32% used long-form articles (Content Marketing Institute, 2020).
This statistic changed slightly when looking at B2C companies, with 80% of B2C content marketers publishing short articles and only 28% employing long-form content.
This is a shame, since the average first-page Google search result contained just under 1500 words, according to Brian Dean of Backlinko, who also reports that longer-form content is linked to more often, collecting over 77% more backlinks than short-form content.
These statistics suggest that while written content will probably be the backbone of your strategy, investing in long-form, in-depth content over short-form content will generate more results.
But what if your audience isn’t the type to sit down and read long articles? What if they prefer to consume their content in a more convenient, portable form?
Here’s what the data says about other content types.
7 Audio Content Marketing Statistics
Since podcasts came on the scene in 2004, podcast listening has risen tremendously in popularity.
Edison Research reports that 100 million people in the United States alone listen to podcasts every month, and like any form of media, we should expect to see that number increase.
Audio content has an edge on written content too. We’ve long known that people don’t read every word on the page. Nielsen reports that 79% of users scan the page, and only 20% of users will get to the bottom of an article (Sumo, 2018).
Compare that to podcast listeners, where 43% will listen to the entire episode.
This suggests a huge opportunity to keep your audience engaged with your content through audio.
Yet, Orbit Media’s Annual Blogger Survey suggests that only 8% of bloggers include audio content in their typical post.
Of those identified as monthly podcast listeners in the U.S. in 2019, 54% were men, and just under 40% were between the ages of 25-54.
Is there room in your strategy to incorporate audio content?
7 Visual Content Marketing Statistics
Some stats indicate that 65% of the population are visual learners, and that visual information is processed by the brain 60,000x faster than text.
Many marketers know this intuitively. According to data gathered by Venngage, 74% of marketers surveyed use some form of visual in the majority of their content.
But between photos, infographics, charts, graphs, illustrations, and slides, there are billions of visuals on the web today. Trying to stand out using visual content is like finding a needle in a haystack, right?
The statistics paint another picture (pun intended).
Only 8% of marketers surveyed by Venngage reported using charts and data visualizations in their content, and only 34% reported using original graphics such as infographics and illustrations.
This number rises to 65% when you look at B2B marketers, but even still, the majority of marketers are still only using basic stock photos and calling that “visual content.”
This is a huge gap in visual content marketing, especially since original graphics (such as infographics and original illustrations) was the #1 visual content type to help marketers reach their marketing goals (Venngage, 2020).
This suggests an opportunity for marketers to build visual, custom content into their content strategies.
6 Video Content Marketing Statistics
No content marketing strategy is complete without including video marketing.
Not only does video allow for engaging, interactive content, but as you’ll soon see, it’s also a turbocharged marketing tool that’s only growing bigger.
3 billion searches per month are done on YouTube (Mushroom Networks, 2020), making it the second-largest search engine in the world, next only to Google.
HubSpot’s 2020 State of Marketing Report identifies video as the primary content type used in marketing strategies last year, outpacing blog posts, infographics, case studies, and webinars.
But if you’re looking to utilize video in your content marketing strategy for 2021, you may have some competition. According to Statista, in 2019 there were 500 hours of video content uploaded to YouTube every single minute.
Even so, 87% of content marketers who used video in their content strategies reported that it increased website traffic, and 80% reported an increase in sales conversions from video content (Wyzowl, 2020).
These video marketing successes show up in how companies spend their marketing dollars. In the U.S. in 2019, marketers spent $9.95 billion on digital video advertising (Statista, 2020).
If you’re not making room for video marketing in your content strategy, you may want to reconsider.
4 Content Distribution Statistics
You’ve just read the key statistics to help inform your content creation strategy. Now all you need to do is do some keyword research and start producing, right?
Not so fast.
Even if you produce a stunning amount of content perfectly targeting the keywords your audience is searching, and even if it’s quality content, if you don’t have a distribution strategy, your content won’t get the attention it deserves.
So where should you promote your content to get the most eyes on it?
Other than the company website (30%), nearly 30% of survey respondents reported that Facebook was their primary content distribution channel (HubSpot, 2020).
In a survey done by Content Marketing Institute in 2019, 71% of B2B marketers in the “successful” group reported using paid channels, such as search engine marketing (SEM) or paid social media marketing to promote their content. Only 55% of the respondents in the “least successful” group reported doing the same.
While content marketing is typically regarded as an organic marketing channel, this statistic suggests that it can be made more powerful when given a leg up with digital advertising.
The Data Proves That Content (Marketing) is Still King
You can’t just put together a couple of short articles, post them on your website, and watch the traffic, lead generation stats, and conversion rates soar. As the data clearly shows, you might need to build a small budget for content creation if you want to see real, tangible results.
These content marketing stats confirm what marketers in the top performing companies all over the world already know:
Content marketing is still one of the most effective and profitable digital marketing channels available.
You just have to get a little savvy (and a little creative) to reap the benefits of this marketing powerhouse.
So, are you ready to take the marketing throne?
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addzetadvertisingmedia · 29 days ago
Digital Marketing Strategy - Grow Your Small Business
Tumblr media
Best Digital marketing promotion ideas
Every business needs marketing strategies to succeed. Small businesses need to develop the right digital marketing strategy. It might seem tempting to spend all your marketing budget on one idea for digital marketing promotion, but it is better to distribute the money among different strategies. To boost their chances of reaching their target @audience, small businesses must develop a different channel Digital marketing strategy. This means that every business's digital strategy will be unique.
Understanding the various digital strategies available will help you decide which ones are most effective for the marketing and promotion of your business. These are the top digital marketing strategies that small businesses should consider.
SEO (Search Engine Optimization).
This strategy is crucial to market and promotes your company against large companies. Local Small businesses can use #SEO to get people to your Website when they search for any products or @services online. You can build brand awareness by being present in search results for related searches.
Keyword research and volume Optimization content to include relevant, high-quality information on your website.
You can build internal links to link your content to reputable, high-ranking websites.
PPC (Pay per Click) Advertising
Although pay-per-click ads (PPC), are intended to drive click-throughs to your site, they can also be used to build brand awareness, expand your client base, retain your customers, and more. If people search for products or services you offer, your ad will appear if they match the criteria for your advertising campaigns. PPC marketing is a great way to market and promotes any business to your target audience. It allows your brand to appear in search results for related searches repeatedly, or "stalking", your website visitors with your ads.
Social Ads
Content Discovery
Search engine marketing (SEM)
Comparison shopping engines
Content Marketing
This digital marketing Company is designed to provide information to potential customers about your products & services. Your website is the best way to give your audience a complete picture of your company. Everyone wants to market their business via digital marketing. However, businesses that educate and inform their target audience will be seen as experts and thought leaders in their field. You'll be more likely to grow your business if people have confidence in you and your company. Content marketing is about delivering valuable and high-quality information digitally to your target audience, usually through:
Whitepapers, e-books, etc.
Social Media
Although social media is ubiquitous, small businesses may find it difficult to use. Benefits of Social media marketing can be a very effective way to promote digital marketing ideas. It can be very helpful:
You can be a thought leader and show that you are an expert in your field.
Establish and maintain relationships with:
Brand champions
Customers already in business
Strategic partners
It can be hard for small businesses with limited resources to manage all the social media accounts simultaneously if they want to use all the platforms. Social media marketing is about building a relationship with your target market, not creating content for them. Instead of trying to communicate on all social media platforms, discover which channels your target audience uses and then use them to interact with them.
Email Marketing
Best Email Marketing Service can be a powerful Digital marketing strategy for small businesses. However, it requires you to create a list of clients and customers. Email marketing gives you the chance to:
To establish yourself as an industry thought leader and drive traffic to your site, share updates, promotions, general messaging, and other information about your business.
Establish and maintain relationships with prospects as well as existing customers
Convert subscribers to leads
Affiliate Marketing
Although it may seem counterintuitive and strange, this digital marketing strategy allows small businesses to leverage the power of other companies' networks and marketing efforts by offering incentives to generate leads or sales for them.
Conversion Optimization
You can't choose which digital marketing strategy for small businesses you want, but you need to determine which are moving your customers to the next stage of the sales funnel. You'll need to continue testing and measuring your digital marketing strategies to determine which ones are most effective in reaching your target audience.
Various Digital Marketing Strategies available will help you decide which ones are most effective for the marketing and promotion of your business.
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jennies13 · a month ago
How to Develop an Effective Content Strategy for Educational Websites
When it comes to connecting to an audience and building awareness about your brand,  environmental economics assignment help content always plays a major role. It is your content strategy that makes a difference in building relationships with all types of clients, providing them valuable information and enhancing their experience which in turn makes them visit your site again and again. Visitors today are looking for high-quality content that can be accessed from anywhere. So how can you develop a content strategy which ensures that every picture, video or piece of text your website contains is reflecting your message in the best possible way? Here are 8 practical ways to achieve that:
Source: 1. Understand your Target Audience The first step in building a content strategy for your educational website is to understand what your audience wants to read or what information would be useful for them. To get to know your users better you need to think like a student or a parent who wants information about an educational institution. To get a clear idea of what actually engages your audience you can conduct surveys, polls, run social media campaigns and take feedback from your present audience and stakeholders.   2. Find the Gaps Once you understand what kind of content you have to create, you need to find the gaps in your current website and start bridging them. For instance, you can rate your website on your own in terms of video-based content, pictures, infographics, storytelling and brand awareness. Then match these findings with your audience’s interests to determine where your website is lacking. Maybe you have provided all the information but it needs to be more organized or maybe your site is lacking that interactive element that would make it easy to navigate through the information. 3. Create Powerful Content There are a number of things to keep in mind when you set to create content for your website –- 1. Share your story effectively.  swift programming assignment help You may use short videos on every course you are offering or testimonials from various social media platforms reflecting your institution’s success. Students love infographics giving them quick information about your institution in minutes. 2. Include blog posts that would be beneficial for your audience. If it is a school’s website, then you might include articles especially for parents such as how to help your kids learn math. If it is a college’s website, include articles that would be useful for students such as how to write an effective essay, or how to find an internship opportunity.   3. Include videos, podcasts, and webinars to provide the insights of your institution, covering any events or activities that your future and the current audience would like to view. 4. Provide eBooks and whitepapers that can be downloaded easily from your website giving your readers the complete contact details of your institution as well. 4. Reach Out to Your Audience Where can you find your prospective audience? How can you make your content reach people at the right time? For that, you must understand where your audience is most of the time. For instance, social media platforms such as Instagram and Snapchat are the most popular destinations for students of this age. Twitter and LinkedIn can be used to connect with your audience promptly. Facebook campaigns can also turn fruitful in sharing information and building relationships.
Source: 5. Analyze your Success With all the effort you are put in creating valuable content and reaching your target audience on social media or through other marketing strategies, you must analyze how effective your efforts are and how you should alter your SEO strategies to enhance your success. Using Google analytics will help you find clear insights about your website.  Blog views can help you understand how engaging your readers are finding your content. Social shares are also a good metric to find how many people you are reaching. 6. Go Mobile! Researchers say that around 68% of students today access their college’s website through mobile. In fact, a majority of your educational website audience today, like GoAssignmentHelp, use mobile devices like tablets, smartphone’s, and laptops. If your site is not optimized for mobiles, you are missing a major opportunity for reaching your audience. Many institutions also offer mobile apps which provide all the important information to users.  international business assignment help These kinds of apps can provide a personalized experience for students and parents such as reminders for events or instant help through live chat features. 7. Amplify User Experience User experience is one of the main aspects of an effective content strategy. Research shows that a majority of college students today feel that the quality of an institution’s website affects how they build a perception of that institute. If students are unable to find the content they are looking for on an institution’s website, it straightway creates a negative impression in their minds. Many students also say that not only photos and text, but also the placement of content on a website is important. Hence, UX and navigation should be a major part of your content strategy, if you want to amplify the user experience. 8. Incorporate Technology of the New Age Take a step further in connecting and engaging your audience by incorporating innovative technology with your website. For example, the Texas A & M University has incorporated a virtual reality feature on their site that enables students to take a virtual campus tour. Include voice search or incorporate a chatbot to enhance the user experience. With chatbots, students will be able to access the website 24/7 and not have to waste their time visiting the admin office for getting an answer to each and every query. On the whole, to build positive, long-term relations with students, parents, educators, and alumni, educational institutions not only need informative content on their website but an effective strategy to back it up. Your content strategy should have three major targets –- the value that your content is going to deliver to your target audience, the resources with which you can create powerful content and the strategies with which you will reach out to your audience. When will you begin to build your online presence?
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David Schofield
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1. Writing the Content
2. Getting it Designed
Designrr creates a beautifully designed ebook direct from your Website, Microsoft Word, Google Docs...
and more
4. Publish
One-click export produces a beautiful ebook ready for publishing.   Flipbook & PDF options are all included.
Image Editor
No need for Photoshop....Any image can be cropped, resized, colored as you see fit.  A comprehensive image editor is included.
Draft Editor
If your content is not quite ready for design, or you want to start writing from scratch.
A complete draft editor is included.  Its a clean writing interface, no distractions or complications.  You can create multiple drafts and merge them altogether in the final ebook.
Its also perfect for when you simply want to copy and paste text from anywhere else.
Publish to Animated Flipbook
Dynamic Flipbooks are easy to share, work on mobile and are also a great way to protect your ebook from downloading.
Edit Publish & Edit Again..
With our built in design editor you can customize any ebook in anyway you wish.  
Easy to use with full drag and drop, you change and re-organize anything.
Best of all - after you've published, you can always go back, make changes and publish again if you wish.
The final ebook is yours to download and keep.
BUY NOW $27 (Lifetime Offer)
""Designrr has saved us so much time in our business. We like to create blog posts and then repurpose them as PDFs on several other websites. It has been great for SEO. Using Designrr we've managed to spread our content everywhere and it takes about 10% of the time that it used to. It's an integral part of our business now.""
"Its an Integral part of our business"
Matt Wolfe & Joe Fier - Hustle & Flowchart Podcast
Designrr is the first tool ever to include content and design in 
one easy to use software platform 
for professional and stunning instant ebooks.
1) Grow your list faster using content upgrades
by creating a downloadable ebook (called a lead magnet) in exchange for an email address.  
Converting your existing blog posts into a lead magnet is proven to increase your conversions. 
"I’ve experimented with this in both a podcast episode and a blog post in the past, and it really does work. On each of those specific pages, I saw roughly a 500% increase in email opt-ins."
- Pat Flynn
Pat Flynn of Smart Passive Income said about 'Content Upgrades':
2) Turn your knowledge into Sales
Everyone knows converting your ideas, experience and know-how into an ebook is the perfect way to generate an income online.
However you have to present a great looking, high quality design thats looks like its been put together by a professional.
With Designrr you can transform any cheap looking ebook into a stunning design that's bang up to date!
3) Engage your readers with the quality they deserve.
Boring textual PDFs are an instant turnoff.
Convert your content into to beautifully designed ebooks with just a few clicks.
Designrr will save your $1000's!
No need to buy 3rd party templates, graphics or images like this one...
Over 100 ebook templates are bundled for free.
No need to outsource to expensive 3rd party services or freelancers who simply don't deliver what you want, wasting your time.
With Designrr you just...
Import your content, select a template, change the cover image and generate an eBook. That's it!  Nothing more is needed.
But thats not all...
FREE Commercial License   - VALUE: $497
The commercial license allows you to create unlimited eBooks and sell them to clients with no fees or royalties to pay.
All our designs will be provided to you, to re-use and re-sell to your clients.
Sell ebook services online in marketplaces like, Upwork & Fiverr.
FREE Marketing eBook
This 'For Dummies' ebook outlines our 5 Step Marketing framework that removes the effort from Content Marketing.  Suitable for anyone at any level in marketing, from beginner to expert.
FREE Facebook Community
Get Peer support, experience and advice from our 22,000 member strong community.
Weekly Livestreams covering various coaching topics, software features and implementation guides.
Lifetime Access to the Designrr Platform
100 Templates covering every niche
Your Blog Posts, MS Word Docs, Google Docs
PDFs, Reports, Whitepapers, Leadmagnets and Animated Flipbooks
Automatic Page Numbering
Unlimited Royalty & Copyright Free Image Search
Shapes and custom elements
So what exactly do you get?
Automatic Table of Contents
Google font collections included
Full Video and Written Training Tutorials
In-App Chat Support 24x7
FREE Commercial License - Value $497
Sell your ebooks as a service and make a profit
FREE Marketing eBook
Content Marketing For Dummies - learn how to grow your business online
FREE Facebook Community 22,000 Members
FREE On-demand training
Get peer support and advice from fellow users
Join Over 100,000 Customers from 83 Countries Loving Designrr
BUY NOW - $27 Lifetime Access
Instant Access
No installation or download required.
Compatible with both Windows and Mac.  
Access from your Website Browser
30 Day Money Back Guarantee
Save Time, Money and Publish in minutes:
Save $300-$1000 on outsourcing costs
Save hours of writing from scratch
Save up to $500 for design templates
No wasting time searching for designers
Save $300 on expensive Design tools like Photoshop and Indesign 
Avoid technology overwhelm with this easy to use & fun online tool
Click the BUY button below to get started...
Special Offer (Normally $324 per year)
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Are all my links in the final pdf clickable?
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Instant Access
No installation or download required.
Compatible with both Windows and Mac.  
Access from your Website Browser
30 Day Money Back Guarantee
Instant ebooks with New Technology
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Over 100,000 customers can't be wrong
On your own website or upload to an ebook ecommerce store
With the this offer you can host up to 10 active flipbooks at any one time.  Further upgrades offer more flipbook options.
How many Flipbooks can I create?
Special Offer Closing:
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