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After seeing one of my best humans today, I feel so much better ☀️🔥🖤

Apologies for my pale, no make up and awkward smile in the background, at least my friend is gorgeous and can take all the attention. Annoying to think she’s 5 years younger than me 😅🤦‍♀️🤣

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Sunday 31st May,

Another Sunday another Doctor Who day, this time he saved the future Titanic from crashing into the earth from space, it was brilliant!

Cleaned the car inside and out, did do that good a job but it is so much better than what it was before, and I reorganised the inside so all my cables and stuff I keep in the car to make my life and my friends life easier are more organised and looks a lot cleaner. I’m proud of it!

No walk today just having one day off to relax and get back to normal, ready for another 200k in June! However I do go back to work on the 15th June so we will see how that affects my steps, I will try to still go for a walk even if I am at work!

Missing my bestie today, she knows I worry, but not long to go before we can see each other again!

Another update tomorrow,

Stay home, stay safe.

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Friday 29th May,

Got a surprise from my best friend today, skin care products in the post! Such a surprise and so happy with it! Thank you bestie! She knows I’ve tried to take care of my skin a bit more and she’s always there to help me!

Another decent walk today, saw another friend whilst out walking and sat for a chat in the park for a bit, 12k steps today so nice long walk! Listenin to Harry Potter audiobook again, a few more walks should finish it off!

Time for an evening of xbox with the bestie though!

Another update tomorrow,

Stay home, stay safe.

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Gold: I can’t believe you exist. You’re such a blessing to this earth

Silver: I can’t believe we are mutuals

White: Your icon is goals

Beige: Idk what to say except W O W


Originally posted by bxbydollmarie

My dear best friend of Tumblr… You always make me smile and happy that I meet my twin from another mother. ❤️ The one who is my Asa to my Jesse. I have no words to thank you for this! 🥺

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