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watchOS 8 Çıkış Tarihi ve Yeni Apple Watch Özellikleri: Son Söylentiler

watchOS 8 Çıkış Tarihi ve Yeni Apple Watch Özellikleri: Son Söylentiler

Her yaz Apple, Apple Watch için watchOS yazılımına yönelik bir sonraki büyük güncellemesini açıklar ve bu güncelleme her sonbaharda halka açıklanır. 2021 yazında watchOS 8’i ilk kez duyacağız.
Bu yazıda watchOS 8’e bakıyoruz ve güncellemeden neler bekleyebileceğinizi açıklıyoruz. Ne zaman duyurulacağını ve gösterileceğini, ne zaman beta testi için uygun hale geleceğini ve ne zaman halka…


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Only real men get to see  Jordyn’s bikini pics. Sissy losers are only allowed to look at the censored versions.

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I have some thoughts on A/B/O written out in my docs, so.. I suppose I ought to share? These aren’t the guidelines I always use, it’s just one of my A/B/O-verses.

The population is about 38% omega, 37% beta, and 25% alpha. No one dynamic is discriminated against, but all of them have harmful stereotypes attached, such as: omegas are weak, alphas are violent, betas are unsociable loners. (Obviously, none of these are inherently true.)

Primary and most secondary sex characteristics align with the male/female sex rather than alpha/beta/omega sex, though it’s been noted that omega males tend to have a leaner frame and softer figure than alpha males due to slightly more feminine fat distribution patterns, and vice versa with alpha females. It is harder for omega males to gain muscle mass than alpha or beta males, and it is easier for female alphas to gain muscle mass than beta or omega females.

Presentation occurs a little later than puberty, at about 14-17 years of age for both sexes. During presentation, one’s scent changes from a child’s scent to the mature scent of their dynamic. Scent glands are located on the wrists, neck, ankles, cheeks, and in omegas and alphas, the hips & upper thighs. Some betas figure out their dynamic before presentation due to lack of hip glands; however, the scent secreted from hip glands is rather weak, so some don’t notice the difference. Scents from the hip and thighs are meant to mark mates during sex; mating is not for life so the scent fades eventually. It is unknown why betas evolved without this mechanism. Instead, their wrist glands extend up the forearm in an unusual distribution. (Is this just me wanting to make betas unique and mysterious? Maybe…)

Dynamic is inherited from the parents, but due to the complex genes involved in presentation, a dynamic that hasn’t presented itself in a family for generations can sneak back in. There are also quite a few developmental disorders affecting presentation, ranging from mild (“this scent is strange”) to life-threatening.

And as for the dynamics, personality wise: 

Alphas — Alphas are known for their leadership abilities, social dominance, and protective nature. Alphas are the protectors and leaders of the pack, often standing out for their extroversion and ability to coordinate large groups or projects. 

Betas — Betas are the sex of solitude, support, and slyness. Betas are clever and not opposed to isolation. They have historically been either the strategists or the outcasts of the pack; sometimes both. A lot of mystery surrounds betas and their reasons for evolving the way that they did. 

Omegas — Known to be parental, self-sacrificing, and sympathetic. Omegas have often been the caretakers of the pack. They aren’t necessarily kind or outgoing, but they tend to have soft spots for children or people in need.

Of course, these classifications won’t apply to every alpha, beta, or omega–they’re simply trends in the sexes. Most people won’t fit any of these stereotypes to a T, but rather exhibit one or two traits strongly. For example, an alpha might have strong extroversion, but falter on the organizational skills, or an omega might be self-sacrificing but fucking hate kids. A beta might be clever but also outgoing, or highly introverted but not sly or clever in any way. Like I said, they’re merely trends, traits that are more likely to show up in a particular dynamic.

And finally, reproductive cycles, aka the heats and ruts and shit:

Alphas will experience ruts four times a year, about one to two weeks in length, in which their health is vulnerable and they experience reproductive drive. Ruts can incur fevers, irritability, and sensitivity to both pain and pleasant sensations. Most unmated alphas prefer to be left alone during the worst days of it. 

Four times a year, omegas experience heats that are painful more than sexual, though there is a slightly increased reproductive drive. The most prominent symptoms are immune vulnerability, cramping, fevers, cravings, and fatigue. These cycles last about one to two weeks. During heats, omegas have the urge to ‘nest.’ Nesting is a practice in which omegas gather materials with the scents of their loved ones and use them to create a safe space for them to wait out their heats. A nest is not required for a safe heat, but it definitely helps. 

Betas will experience heats if they are exposed to alpha pheromones around the time of their cycle, and ruts if exposed to omega pheromones. If exposed to neither or to beta pheromones, they will experience no reproductive drive and instead only suffer immune vulnerabilities. These cycles occur four times a year.

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She never wore lingerie for you.. but she loves to wear it for real men

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Mind-melting highlights from the latest Zelda: Ocarina of Time beta leak - VG247
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Omegaverse Eyes

😱 How did you read my mind? 😱

I may be kind of basing it on teenage werewolf shows (I’m guilty) but that is exactly how I imagine eyes

Red is for Alphas ❤️

Yellow/Gold is for Betas 💛

Blue is for Omegas 💙

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Omega Neglected By Their Parents Headcanons

• If we are referring to their biological parents, they would be an Alpha/Omega couple

• The family unit is crucial to society

• An Omega child that is neglected by their parents can have serious behavioral problems

• The parents could have separated and completely dismantled the family or maybe they are just disinterested in their child

• Having no Omega parent to help them navigate their Omega nature is a disaster

• The poor Omega has to figure out heats on their own in their late teens, deal with scent, and unwanted attention

• The absence of the Alpha parent also strips the young Omega from positive interaction with the Alpha dynamic

• The Omega would either be too trusting without realizing the dangers of being around stranger Alphas because they don’t know any better

• Or the Omega would completely be hostile towards Alphas, as they remind them of their dysfunctional Alpha parent

• No active Alpha parent also means less protected

• Neglected Omegas would be less likely to start their own families and less likely to have kids. What did they get out of their family unit? Nothing!

• Why would the Omega want to create another broken family?

• Lacking parental attention might also cause the Omega to rebel in order to attract that missing spotlight

• Promiscuous behavior, lots of partying, getting involved in petty crime, etc

• If the Alpha/Omega parents have an abusive relationship, verbally or mentally, the Omega child might grow up to believe that is what relationships are

• Having a healthy family helps set healthy boundaries for future relationships

• Interactions with parents shape our future interactions

• Any child, not just Omegas, that are neglected by their parents, grow up missing that family warmth

• The impacts are different on different individuals; however, in some instances, they can be detrimental to the development of the child

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Alpha/Omega Couple ED Headcanons

• Erectile dysfunction can be very common after a certain age

• It is nothing to be ashamed of

• Alphas are expected to be extremely agressive, sexual, and dominant

• Undoubtedly, when ED occurs sometimes, the Alpha feels emasculated and embarrassed

• It’s like his masculinity is being stripped off

• His Omega, on the other hand, doesn’t find it embarrassing and provides emotional support to the Alpha

• The Omega holds the Alpha close and reassures them that it’s really not a big deal

• The Omega would be okay with stopping or taking it slow until their Alpha mate feels better

• The Alpha may feel especially emasculated during the Omega’s heats

• Taking care of their Omega might be a bit trickier

• If the Omega is older as well, heats won’t be a problem anymore

• The Omega might also be nervous when the problems first occurs, thinking that the Alpha doesn’t find them attractive anymore

• Later on, they realize that it is a dysfunction and has nothing to do with attraction

• Certain lifestyle changes can help ease the problem

• However, a true Omega mate would never hold that against their Alpha. It is not something they have control over

• The Omega taking things extra slow and spending more time on foreplay and pleasuring the Alpha before they begin having sex

• Also, the Omega wearing extremely sexy lingerie and teasing the Alpha enough to drive them crazy in order to help them

• If the problem occurs, the Omega cuddles with the Alpha all night, wishpering how much they love them

• ED is not a reason for Alphas or any other dynamic to feel emasculated or embarrassed

• Omegas should be understanding towards their mates and never make an Alpha feel bad because of it 💓

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Alpha Reacting to Beta Soulmate Headcanons

• Traditional Alphas believe strongly that they belong with Omegas

• It would be a shock for this traditional Alpha to find out that they are experiencing soulmate signs towards a Beta, instead of an Omega

• Once the Alpha starts feeling pulled towards the Beta and realizes that they can hardly control their sexual appetite around them, the Alpha knows that their entire understanding of the world is about to change

• They can’t explain why they are being completely glued to this Beta and can’t stay away from them

• In the beginning, the Alpha will definitely be nervous and worried because of social expectations

• It was supposed to be an Omega all along and now it’s a Beta

• Does the Alpha ignore their true mate and seek an Omega? Or do they stay with their soulmate?

• If it really is their soulmate, the Alpha will 100% stay with the Beta

• Once you meet your soulmate, you can’t really walk away from that

• Depending on the culture and the family of the Alpha, many people might be displeased with the Alpha/Beta pairing

• They Alpha’s own parents, if they are traditional too, would probably be worried at first

• So will the Alpha themself

• The family will probably be saddened because they won’t have Alpha or Omega grandchildren. But the happinesses of their child is always their first priority

• However, as time goes by, the Alpha realizes that it doesn’t matter what their society is thinking

• If they have had the privilege to meet their soulmate, they will pursue them

• The Alpha courts the Beta and the relationship begins

• The Beta feels the soulmate connection, too

• The Beta may be troubled at first because they are having an identity crisis - do they stay their Beta self? Or do they tone it down to mimic the Omega nature?

• Their Alpha is very traditional meaning that they would have wanted a submissive, small Omega. How does the Beta deal with that?

• Their Alpha soulmates makes it perfectly clear that they got a Beta true mate for a reason

• If it had to be an Omega, it would have been. The Alpha wants their Beta to act like themselves, not emulate Omega behaviour

• The Alpha is kinda happy they are missing on crazy Omega heats and all the drama that comes with these crazy people…

• Especially not having to worry about another Alpha forcefully reclaiming their Beta mate. And all the attention Omegas get in general from stranger Alphas

• The two soulmates can and will absolutely be extremely happy and genuinely grateful that they found each other

• Since the Alpha has grown up in a traditional environment, the couple will also have a traditional outlook

• They regularly get mistaken for an Alpha/Omega couple

• Needless to say, even though the Alpha doesn’t want the Beta to act like an Omega, this type of power dynamic will still be somewhat evident

• The Beta will be in that position one way or another as they are mated to a traditional Alpha

• Cute Beta pups

• Lots of scenting

• The Beta has hard time adjusting to their Alpha’s knot

“Show me you can take my knot, my gorgeous Beta”

“Show me you can do it better than any Omega out there”

• The Alpha is very understanding and gentle

• During the Alpha’s ruts, the Beta is always there for them and helps them ride them out together

• The Beta feels insecure sometimes, especially around other Omegas, but the Alpha mate is always quick to make their soulmate feel loved and appreciated

• After bonding, the Alpha likes to re-do the claim mark every few weeks to make sure that their Beta is properly marked

• Let’s be honest, some confrontation will inevitably occur here and there between the Alpha and the Beta due to their dynamics

• However, the Alpha wouldn’t have it any other way and is happy to have this gorgeous Beta as their mate 💖

More on the issue:

Omegaverse Soulmate Headcanons

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Anonymous request:

“Oh, yeah, sure! So, from what I’ve read, “the pull” is a term for soulmates or true mates. Most aus focus on 2+ true mates feeling a pull to each other, hence the name. Me, though, I’m partial to the true mates AU in which alphas go into rut, omegas go into heat, and betas feel elated only when they touch their true mate for the first time. Before they touch them, alphas and omegas don’t go into ruts and heats, though. It only after they touch their true mate do they have ruts/heats regularly. Soooo yeah, I was just wondering if you could provide “pull” hcs for those pairings, and maybe if you’re feeling adventurous or super noice, doing the au I explained regarding touch…?”

Omegaverse Soulmate Headcanons


• They are traditionally considered the OG soulmate couple

• Alphas and Omegas can be true mates/soulmates with other dynamics, as well

• However, since the soulmate signs are most prominent in Alpha/Omega relations, many believe that they innately belong to each other

• Statistically, Alphas are more likely to have an Omega soulmate. And Omegas are more likely to have an Alpha soulmate

Soulmates signs for A/O include:

- Intoxicating, exceptionally pleasant smell (more than any other Alpha or Omega)

- Triggered ruts/heats (out of cycle; heats/ruts start during puberty, not when meeting a soulmate)

- Unxplainable attraction and pull (when you know, you know)

- For the Alpha: hyphenated sense of protection and care towards the Omega

- For the Omega: submissive behavior in terms of wanting to be protected by the Alpha; finding themselves a bit more agreeable

- Being inseparable: when it’s real, you just can’t walk away from it


• Traditionally Beta couples are also considered true soulmates

• They also express very prominent soulmate signs

• Statistically, Betas are more likely to be soulmates with other Betas

Soulmates signs for B/B include:

- Finding the other Beta incredibly good smelling, more than any other Beta

- Increased libido and lust for the partner

- Unexplainable attraction and pull (when you know, you know)

- Betas become extremely elated when touched by their Beta soulmate

- Being inseparable: when it’s real, you just can’t walk away from it


• Contrary to popular belief, they can still be soulmates

• It is less common than Alpha/Omega

Soulmate signs are less prominent

Soulmate signs for A/B include:

- Increased sexual attraction and libido

- It can sometimes trigger the Alpha’s rut but it is rare

- Unexplainable reaction and pull (when you know, you know)

- For the Beta: can feel it through touch elation


• Contrary to popular belief, they can still be soulmates

• Definitely less common than Alpha/Omega or Alpha/Beta

Soulmate signs are less prominent

Soulmate signs for B/O include:

- Increased sexual attraction and libido

- It can sometimes trigger the Omega’s heat but it is rare

- Unexplainable reaction and pull (when you know, you know)

- For the Beta: can feel it through touch elation


• There are instances of Alpha/Alpha soulmates

• Statistically, it happens rarely

Soulmate signs are not prominent at all

• Relies more on innate feeling rather than physical signs like the previous couples

Soulmate signs for A/A include:

- Increased sexual attraction and libido

- Unexplainable reaction and pull (when you know, you know)


• There are some instances for Omega/Omega soulmates

• Statistically, it happens rarely

Soulmate signs are not prominent at all

• Relies more on innate feeling rather than physical signs like the previous couples

Soulmates signs for O/O include:

- Increased sexual attraction and libido

- Unexplainable reaction and pull (when you know, you know)

P.S. These concepts apply to my AU. Many other variations exists out there, depending on the writer. One of my favorites are birth marks :)

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Some unused icons that have appeared in the @HiddenPalaceOrg ‘Sonic 1′ prototype release, at some point part of the Special Stage. Images via @CuttingRoomWiki

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When you haven’t cum in a month and a hot girl sits next to you on the train…

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Omegaverse Superpowers Headcanons


• Super strength

• Super speed

• Super healing

• Flight

• Invulnerability

• Memory manipulation


• Power absorption

• X-ray vision

• Teleportation

• Elemental control

• Fast healing

• Time manipulation


• Persuasion

• Invisibility

• Telepathy

• Telekinesis

• Enhanced smell

• Elasticity

P.S. It’s just a concept for entertainment. I tried correlating superpowers to dynamic nature a bit. However, you totally don’t have to connect them as such. Feel free to assign whatever superpowers to whichever dynamic you desire.

Have a wonderful day! 💓

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