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#beta kids

thinking about that one post that talks about just how close all the beta kids were

like holy shit they were absolute homies

the true and genuine love and affection put into john’s birthday gifts and the fucking aviators that john gave dave?? the hand written birthday messages? the closeness of how they talk?? like fuck??? the beta kids just really loved each other a lot and i really treasure and value that

i haven’t played pesterquest, but i really hope that they didn’t skip over how much they actually cherished each other

i know they grew apart, the meteor is to blame for that, i mean 3 years apart? the strilondes got to fall in love and make new friends while the harleyberts got stuck together and didn’t really get to have space from one another and just kinda had to Deal with their trauma from the game without getting to be with their friends so like i get that that’s why they aren’t as close in the epilogues or at the end of homestuck

but how close they were in the beginning… shit dude id kill for friends like that

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