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#beta request
siriuslymentalaboutmoony · 4 months ago
anyone interested in beta‘ing/reading a marauders fanfic containing:
-Marauders life’s from the 60s up to the Battle of Hogwarts (yes, it might be long)
-mostly canon but with a twist (it’s Regulus. Regulus is the twist)
-WOLFSTAR (slowburn and lots of pining)
-going through puberty as a werewolf
-sexual awakenings
-going through puberty in general
-coming of age story, get ready for hormones
-Dorlene (hot headed, quidditch playing lesbians, because I love them)
-Jily (of course)
-also Jegulus (with some sexual tension and bi-panic)
-lots of feelings between the black brothers
-muggle appreciation (mostly music but also football)
-Regulus getting what he deserves (which is better, obviously)
-Horcruxes and angst
-but most importantly A LOT of friendship and pranks
I got three chapters atm, if you‘re interested to beta or just generally interested in reading, I’ll be posting it on ao3 :) I’m mostly looking for someone to help with grammar and maybe even the general britishness of it (since I‘m not British myself)
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anipwrites · 18 days ago
Hey what if, and I know this is a long shot.
What if I had a chapter of a Cookie Run fanfic that I wanted to upload before the Halloween event ends in like 5 days.
Would anyone be willing to beta read it?
Its a fanfiction that’s basically just me going ‘heres how, in my wildest dreams, I feel like the story mode and dark mode for the Dark Cacao Kingdom chapter would go in Cookie Run: Kingdom’. I’m hoping to get at least the first chapter out within 5 days just in case the next update IS the Dark Cacao Kingdom chapter.
Its got a lot of Gingerbrave, Strawberry Cookie, Wizard Cookie, Milk Cookie, Purple Yam Cookie, and Dark Choco Cookie. In future chapters more characters will be appearing (Espresso Cookie, Avocado Cookie, Dark Cacao Cookie), and Pomegranate and Dark Enchantress appear some.
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oceantoast-writes · 15 days ago
I am looking for someone to beta read my persona 5 au where Morgana meets up with Akechi instead of getting caught in Kamoshida’s palace. It’s a shuake fic if that sparks your intrest 
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pallojaketjux · 2 months ago
Looking for a beta reader!
Just throwing this out there if anyone is interested (thank you @valgal78).
I’m looking for a beta reader for a couple of my Timmy/Armie fics. Would be cool if it was someone who loves this pairing, is preferably +30 years old (this is not a deal breaker necessarily, but I just feel so weird sending explicit material to people way younger than me).
It would be more so commenting on structure, word choices, scenes, story arch and character development rather than grammar. No need to be a native English speaker. I just need another pair of eyes and someone who is into T/A.
I'm not a prolific or fast writer. At the moment I have two fics in progress. Both explicit and probably will be 5 to 10 chapters each. I’m not planning on posting before they are finished so there is no time constraint.
Message me if you’d be keen.
x pallojaketju
Tumblr media
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thepurrbutton · a month ago
Looking for a beta reader
Hi, I’m looking for someone willing to beta read a Miranda/Andy story for me.
It’s possibly a big ask, as it is ~35,000 words divided over 12 chapters.
Any type of beta reading that you’re willing to do would be welcome: spelling, grammar, style, inconsistencies, characterization, plot (anything I’m forgetting).
I like direct and to the point editing, but I’ll trust you’ll do it the way that suits you best. If you start reading and you nope out, you can just let me know. You’re not stuck reading the whole thing if you don’t want to, promise!
Some potentially relevant particulars:
It’s a soulmate AU
No explicit scenes
Some homophobia (though not too much I don’t think)
Some references to het sex (nothing that lasts obviously and again: nothing explicit)
A happy ending
Characters from the movie with a speaking part in this story: Miranda, Andy, Caroline, Cassidy, Lily, Nigel, Greg (Andy’s boss at the Mirror).
I was thinking of using this as the story summary:
“Yes, born on a Monday, the second-best day of the week in my opinion, at 2:49 in the afternoon of March 15, 1982, with Miriam already on my chest. My father wailed ‘oh no!’ and mom punched him smack in the face and split his lip even though she must have been exhausted because it was a twelve-hour delivery.” Andy laughed. It was her birthday, she’d landed a job, and she was spending the evening with her friends. It was a good night, and birthdays were meant for soulmate stories.
If you have more questions, or you’re willing to help me, please let me know. (Chat and asks are also open, whatever works for you.) Thank you for your consideration!
EDIT: I had added it in a reblog but I should have probably done it here too: I have beta readers! Yay!
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b-a-pigeon · a month ago
Call for Beta Readers!
Tumblr media
About the Book:
Poised in Either Eye is a collaboration between @fellamarsh and I, a lighthearted queer contemporary fantasy in the awkward space between novella- and novel-length! Full summary here. It features:
dragons trying to get by in human form
cute gay romance
alternating 3rd-person-POV chapters
gay people, magic, & great fashion
themes of alienation, assimilation, & connection; self-acceptance; pride vs. shame
Logistical Stuff:
Length: 40-45k words, around 150 book pages
Deadline: November 22; first five chapters will go out this week, and those who submit feedback will receive the second half on November 1.
Feedback requested: All is welcome, though we particularly appreciate notes on character development!
Content warnings: gun references, implied emotional abuse, non-explicit sexual content
Compensation: while we unfortunately cannot afford to pay at this time, you'll be acknowledged in the published book and receive a free copy on release day!
The link to the sign up form is here! If you need any specific accommodations there's a section for you to share them. Thanks for reading & feel free to reblog to help us find more readers!
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mishacollinswife · 9 days ago
Hey so uh... I already have a few people who beta my fics and stuff, but I have SO MANY that I don't wanna drop them all on them, so... if anyone would be interested in being a beta for destiel/cockles fics, please let me know! I'm also always open for suggestions on how to make my fics better, and I may or may not have a thing for people screaming at me when I break their heart before I put it back together 😂
If you're interested, just let me know somehow, I'd very much appreciate it! 💙
(If you're not interested, but still wanna help a fellow writer out, reblogs are also very much appreciated! 😊💙)
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notanythingyet · 2 months ago
I’ve come to the dreary conclusion that I am, in fact, my own worst enemy. Editing my work has become full-fledged rewrites at this point and it’s nearly impossible for me to post chapters I’m happy with at the time that I want to. So here is when I ask, IS THERE A BETA IN THE BUILDING???
Tumblr media
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personshapedsplder · 2 months ago
I'm looking for beta readers for the novel I just finished and i don't have the money to hire anyone rn, but if anyone's interested in reading it, I'd love feedback!
Its abt a monster named celan who is writing its last words. it lives alone in a house and meets a prince named atlas, who eventually takes it back to his family. Celan struggles to fit in with atlas's family and atlas and celan begin to fall apart. prominent themes are possessive or controlling love and what it means to be free. It's 80k words and, obviously, a tragedy and monster romance.
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cartoonosaurusrex · a month ago
I am currently working on a fanfiction that's basically a rewrite of Space Jam: A New Legacy, but with Emmet and Lucy instead of Lebron James.
I have made this post because I am looking for beta readers to help me with the plot, dialogue, etc. Knowledge of the Lego Movie and/or Looney Tunes is highly recommended, because I want to do these characters justice since they mean so much to me. This is being written on Google Docs with comments turned on, so you can leave critiques and comments for things I can improve, and I would very much appreciate it.
Synopsis links to chapters and other stuff in Read More
Synopsis: After Emmet and Lucy’s friends are kidnapped by Al G. Rhythm, he challenges them to a basketball game (only problem with that being that they don’t know how to play) and sends them to the Tune World, where they find Bugs Bunny, who helps them put together a team with Bugs’ old cohorts. Meanwhile, Al G. gathers his own team of the baddies dudes from across the Serververse, and when the two teams finally meet face to face, chaos will ensue. Can Emmet, Lucy and the Tune Squad best Al G. and his Goon Squad, or will he crush them like the insects he thinks they are?
The first chapter (w.i.p.)
The chapter where they meet Bugs Bunny
The chapter where they take Marvin's ship to DC World (w.i.p.)
The logo:
Tumblr media
Emmet and Lucy in Tune Squad uniforms:
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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jusdegroseille · a day ago
Working on some Viktor x Jayce fanfiction (also trying to add Mel up there, so might be better to say I’m writing some Vik x Jayce x Mel) but I would like to have a native beta!! Is someone interested in this wonderful job that is rereading my lil gay work? I pay with online cookies and never ending gratefulness!! (also you can consider myself as bitcoin but for fanfiction author I might become famous one day)
Reblog for visibility please :)
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greyhavenisback · a month ago
Folks, a friend of mine is looking for some help with a Sterek fic. A beta, of sorts. She's a native Spanish speaker and is looking for a native English speaker because she wants to write the same fic in both languages but isn't confident in her English writing skills. She's very nice, and around the same age as me (so a fandom oldie 😂). She doesn't have a Tumblr but she is on IG and Twitter so if you can help, drop me a DM and I'll put you in touch.
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thecrowcrew2020 · 10 days ago
Is anyone looking for a mutual beta reader? I’ve finally started writing and I would love to find someone who could beta read for me and I for them
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ashenburst · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
WIP introduction: Far Goes the Farrago
Genre: Dark Fantasy, New Adult, Psychological
TWs: depression, drugging, self-harm, abuse, suicide, explicit gore and violence, mentions of sexual assault, religious trauma
POV: third person dual with the occasional side-character chapter
Themes: exploring sexuality and love (bisexuality, asexuality, QPRs etc), found family, existentialism, Christianity, religion, coping with trauma, discovering and choosing a path in life, growing out of friendships, nihilism, free will as obstructed by man, trust, apathy and its range, morality, wisdom of living
Estimated word count: circa 250k (130k+ written in the past year woo!)
It is a tale of the unknown hero or the greatest villain: he who has forgiven the devil. But long before seeing his epilogue come true, Ulrich started off as an entirely different person: a fake hero, some unfulfilled hope, tightly promised failure. His inner demons were yet to be brutalized by the outer ones. Zachariah's already were.
The supernatural is slowly dying, banned and punished by law. Ulrich Adler is an arbiter, one of those who are trained to bring out that prohibition. As many good men, he is distraught by unjust fate, and tricked into a pact with the Devil. To battle it and prove his good, he must resort to nefarious ways - and gather a wicked motivation to keep him alive. No training could've possibly prepared him for the inhumane adventure that awaits, orchestrated by none other than the Devil himself. Therein Ulrich discovers a terrifying life of his own.
Right on his tail is Zachariah Vero, a hollow author desperate to save his friends by sacrificing the world. Doing so means overcoming the worst bits of his past, and in spite of all his demons, succeed in capturing the Devil. In the meantime, inspiration strikes, and Zachariah learns - to his horror - that breathing lives into paper is less thrilling than ripping them apart. And that, perhaps, he'd never had a life of his own.
Their clash is inevitable, both of subjective justice. The only sort that can exist. Makes for a Faust-inspired, Dostoyevsky-dipped, Nietzsche-sprinkled mess with a whole lot of blood and jokes.
Side note: Though it might seem dark, there's a ton of humor, warmth and genuine positivity in this book. Also yeah I totally knew this intro post was supposed to be made.
The 100k version is on my Patreon, and the 130k+ version will be joining it soon! The earlier versions are available on Wattpad!
I am also looking for beta and sensitivity readers!
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wangxianficrecs · 5 months ago
Hello! I was wondering if you’d know where to find a beta reader for nielan fics? Or maybe signal boost for anyone willing?
I am always happy to signal boost! And I believe that the MDZS Big Bang Discord group has a list of betas, so you should check that out, too.
Meanwhile, any volunteers?
Tumblr media
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stolenavalanche · 3 months ago
Looking for some honest feedback about a novel I'm working on. I just need someone to read the first "chapter" or so and be honest with their feedback. If you're willing and interested, I would appreciate it. Just let me know. I've included a small bit to hopefully find the right person. Thank you!
Taking a deep breath, she went to turn around the mast, ready to run, when she heard a click and stopped. Standing there in a leather tri-corner hat was Captain Rosmarinus and at her head, was pointed a pistol. Hazel froze in fear while the captain smiled.
“Well hello there and welcome aboard the Burning Rose.”
There was no threat spoken aloud, but the meaning was clear. Make one move and you’re dead. Dying, whilst being a real threat, was not part of the plan for Hazel and therefore her next course of action needed to be very thought out. While she kept her eyes locked with the captain’s, her hand clenched even tighter on her saber.
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unknownthebook · 4 months ago
Found a Beta Reader
Hi everyone! I found a Beta.
I'm leaving this post here incase people liked it in order to READ the finished fic, rather than Beta it.
Once the fanfiction is out, I will remove the post.
I don't usually get my fanfictions checked by a Beta reader, but I am writing a LONG multi-chapter Phineas and Ferb fanfic (rounding up to 40k cause it's almost finished) and I would like to make sure it's a good/well edited fic.
Basics: It's the "Perry get's turned human" troupe, but I'm hoping it's still original enough. PAIRING: Perry/Heinz. Nothing romantic occurs when Perry is a platypus. Slow Burn. Any other ships in this fic will be extremely minor.
THIS WILL BE RATED EITHER T OR M : There won't be any sexual content, this is a slow burn, but there will be: violence, sexual harassment (<- might classify as assault, I'm not sure. Either way it's a minor level of this offense.), Panic attacks, hostage situations and a few other minor things. The fic also mentions Heinz's canon: neglect, abandonment, and abuse. Regardless of all the above, this fic is supposed to be fluffy XD.
Summary: Heinz’s insecurities get the best of him on a lonely night. He builds an -inator to help his communication with Perry, but things don't go as planned.
Perry fights to get back to his family while Heinz fights to keep Perry in his.
The situation makes the nemeses question what they wanted in the first place.
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nonfunctioning-queer · a month ago
if anyone wants to beta a regency romance novella (~30,000 words) with a neurodivergent main character and a fake marriage to enemies to lover plot hit me up!
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help, i need a quick starker beta!! 
It is a part two of my Struck by Adrenaline fic that I’ve had finished for a long ass time now and just need beta’d
it’s 10k words, if anyone could help out that would be great. i just hate re-reading my own work. 
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thatanonymousl · 3 months ago
DNF beta reader(s) request!
Like the title says, I’m looking for a beta reader or two! I need someone to read over what I’ve written, help me with any clarifications/plot holes/bad grammar, and then help discuss where the story should go. Also potentially looking for someone who can let me know if I cross any creator boundary lines.
Here’s my summary in case you wanna know what the story is about: After a dramatic split months prior that left them both in pieces, Dream and George struggle to put themselves back together and figure out how to navigate life post-breakup.
(I promise that it’s a love story. Just an angsty one ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ )
I’d prefer someone 21 y/o or older. Simply bc I’m older and I feel like I need an editor who is at least in upper-level college, not because the story is super sexual (it’s not). Also, all of the characters are 21+ and so it seems appropriate. Additionally, I’m gonna have to request that you actually know who these characters are. I know I’m dedicating time and energy to write a story about Minecraft youtubers. I know that’s cringey af. It is what it is. I just want you to know who they are too if you’re beta reading :) 
Anyway, I’m Type A so have have whole outlines/charts/playlists/etc. which might make beta-ing easier. I’ve basically done everything except fill out Myers-Briggs tests for these dumb, lovesick idiots.
Long fic pog - it’s about 17k words and halfway(ish) written atm.
Help me out, I’ll love you forever. DM if interested!! :) <3
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