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It’s all fun and games until the resident maid gets brutally murdered.
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In TESVI I want a thieves guild that actually steals from the rich to give to the poor Robin hood style

Maybe have like 2 different competing factions of thieves: one in high rock and another one in hammerfell, with different morals

Have one be like Skyrim: you steal from anyone, and help horrible people like maven or erikur, and the other one steals from corrupt government, thalmor agents, evil counts, oppressors etc to give to beggars or fund a secret charity organisation

Maybe you could side to one or the other and fight to reduce the other one’s influence

Or if it’s only one Guild, once you are in high rank you could start choosing the moral compass of the guild, depending on your influence

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I’m a simple woman with a simple request for any mod developers out there:

Please make a mod that has Erandur call me “my daughter” (or “my son” in the case of a male DB) and use his line about “the benevolence of Mara” when he’s my follower post-Waking Nightmare.

It bothers me immensely that after the quest ends, Erandur uses default dialogue for his voice actor rather than the custom lines he would use in combat and when you address him during Waking Nightmare. He’s a wonderful character with vast amounts of unique dialogue, but it makes me sad that he loses a lot of that and becomes a “generic” follower in a few ways.

If I approach him, I don’t want the “and what might you need, hmm?” line that every dunmer in Skyrim gives me, I want the “Yes, my daughter? How can I help you?” I get when first meeting him.

If this exists someone please tell me. I play Skyrim: Special Edition on the Xbox One!

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