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I was doing it and I absolutely loved it! I was a front desk concierge. Disney World is my life though, so I plan to apply for another program so I can finish my DCP experience before I move here permanently to work. It does really suck though. DCP has been my dream since I was 8 and then it was robbed from us. My heart broke that day. But my story with Disney isn’t over.

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Thank you.  It was a really rough day and it kind of hit me really hard.  It was something I’d been working toward for 5 years and I was less than a month away from closing.  It seemed like the perfect house and like it was meant to be.  But I’m doing better now :)  

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how about 20 “You don’t seem like yourself tonight.” for the angst/fluff prompt list ! !

For this fic I added three more prompts:

From @bethyedolphin9870: 104. “I’ll be there in a few minutes.” and 56. “You don’t have to act like you’re okay.”

From @seek-rest: 72. “It’s okay to cry.”

Thank you to all of you for sending in prompts! Also, another shout out to @seek-rest for giving me the idea for this, you’re a marvel.


The call comes in at 7:31pm. Tony’s down in the tower lab, AC/DC blasting, working on repairing the significant damage to Peter’s suit.

“Friday, pause it,” he says, and the music cuts off. Tony presses the answer button.

“Hey May, what’s going on?”

“Hey Tony, listen… do you think you could come over tonight?”

Tony’s brow furrows. “Sure. Everything alright?”

“It’s Peter. He’s just been so distant this last week, ever since that night. He won’t talk to me about it but I can tell it’s really affecting him. If he’s not at school he’s in his room, and Ned told me he won’t talk to him either. I’m starting to get worried he’s suppressing it all, and you know what happens when he does that.”

Tony nods, even though May can’t see him. “It just explodes some other way. No worries, May, I’ll be there in a few minutes.”

“Thank you, Tony.”

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Oooo please can I suggest 10 and 44 for the prompt list thing - I’m already wriggling with excitement 😂❤️❤️

@bethyedolphin9870 also asked: You’re doing prompts!!! Yes!!! I want to request them alllll because your writing is heaven, but i’ll keep myself to Trust.

Thank you guys!!!  Hope you like it! <3

10 - Misunderstanding

44 - Prove

28 - Trust

Tony was on his hands and feet, crawling around and trying not to hit his head on every table corner when Peter strolled in to the lab.

“Hey, Mister Stark! Thanks for getting me and May a ride from the airport! We had a great time in Vancouver with her sis- uh, why are you on the floor?”

Tony lifted his head but didn’t turn around yet, not quite ready to face the kid with his failure. At least Peter hadn’t noticed - 

“Wait… where’s Ham Solo?”

Tony silently grimaced, before slowly crawling out from underneath the desk. Peter was over by one of the lab tables, an empty cage sitting atop, looking at Tony with wide eyes.

“Mister Stark, please tell me this isn’t what it looks like.”

“This isn’t what it looks like. It’s a complete misunderstanding.”

Peter waved at the cage, looking increasingly upset. “Do you really expect me to believe that?”

Tony sighed deeply, looking down at the ground in guilt. Time to face the music, he supposed.

“Okay, look. I was feeding him this morning and I swore I closed the cage but-”

“You lost Ham Solo?!”

Peter crossed his arms, looking over at Tony angrily. “You had one job, Mister Stark. All you had to do was watch Hammy for four days, and now he’s missing! He could be starving in the streets for all we know-”

“Kid, it hasn’t even been a full day, I’m pretty sure a hamster can-”

“One. Job.”

Tony grimaced again. “I know, I know. And I’m sorry. But don’t worry, we’ll find him, I promise. I got FRIDAY on Hamster Watch, and Clint and Nat are somewhere around here, helping with the search. Between the most advanced AI in the world and two super-spies, there’s no way the little guy is getting out of the tower.”

“You don’t know Hammy, Mister Stark. He’s super smart. Ned and I built him a rat maze last year and he had the route to the exit memorized in less than an hour.”

Peter’s eyes welled up. “I can’t believe he’s missing. What if something happens to him? There aren’t any cats in the tower, are there?”

“No cats,” Tony reassured, walking over to Peter and putting an arm around him. “A few birdbrains sometimes, but definitely no cats.”

 Peter didn’t respond, just leaned into the hug, wiping an arm over his eyes. 

Tony turned and wrapped both arms around him, giving a quick kiss to the boy’s head. “I’m really sorry, Peter. I really did think I closed the cage top, and I was already back in the penthouse when FRIDAY alerted me that he had escaped. Then by the time I ran back down here, he’d already disappeared. For such a stubby-footed fellow, he’s pretty quick.”

That earned him a small chuckle, before Peter pulled away. He crossed his arms and gave Tony a teary but mischievous smile. “Y’know, Mister Stark, even though it was an accident, I still think this counts as a breach of trust on your part. And you know what Captain America’s PSA says to do when there’s a Breach of Trust.”

Tony narrowed his eyes. “Nope, no way. This wasn’t on purpose, it was a total fluke, I’m not doing it.”

Peter gave Tony his most imploring gaze. “But you gotta prove I can trust you again! Please, Mr. Stark?”

Tony blew out a long breath, letting his cheeks puff out on the air. This damn kid.

“Okay, fine. But this is the last time, got it?”

Peter grinned, moving to stand a few feet in front of Tony, his arms making a big X over his chest.

Tony held his arms out. “Ready when you are, kid.”

Peter let himself tip until he fell backwards, Tony catching him in his arms and then lifting him back onto his feet.

Peter turned and gave him another hug. 

“Thanks for doing a trust fall with me, Mister Stark,” he said, then cheekily added, “it’s good to know I can always count on you.”

Tony rolled his eyes. “Yeah, yeah. Glad I’m back in your good graces, Pete.”

Just then a vent opening at the top of the lab ceiling dropped, clattering to the ground and startling the pair. Clint’s head popped out. “Think I found something that belongs to you, Peter.”

He twisted a shoulder, arm falling to hang over the side, hand gripped tightly around a squirmy, squeaky ball of fur.

“You found him! Hammy, you’re okay!”

Peter ran over, lifting his arms to take the hamster. As soon as he had him secured he cuddled the little guy to his chest, murmuring reassurances as Clint dropped down to the ground and walking over to Tony.

“Thanks for finding my kid’s pet, Barton.”

Clint scowled. “You owe me pizza, Stark. I’d do the Budapest mission all over before I’d volunteer to catch that little dude again. He’s freakin’ fast.

“No problem. So you and Nat finally ready to tell everyone exactly what happened in Budapest, eh?”

“Get me my pizza and I’ll consider it.”

“FRI, you heard the man. Ten pizzas to the tower, pronto.”

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Hello-I have three WIP’s on AO3 that all have the PP & TS Tag but i have never seen any of them appear on here when I update them. Am i doing something wrong?

Sorry about that. This blog is automated but sometimes it misses a few. Let me know what your fics are called and I can post them manually.

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