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thecasseejoseph · 2 days ago
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you’re absolutely right one of those lights is unlike the others but that’s not what you’re paying attention to, is it?
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randomreasonstolive · a day ago
Reason to Live #6355
 To want to be better every day. – Guest Submission
(Please don't add negative comments to these posts.)
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putyouinabettermood · 2 days ago
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Just got her two little babies.... via
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somewhatsomelikepoetry · a month ago
Realised I started singing again for no reason
I smile to myself when I pass a mirror
Realised that getting up in the morning is easier
Realised that life isn’t as dark as it used to be
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ferrronika · 7 months ago
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kingofthewilderwest · 25 days ago
okay like. when someone asks, “Keep me in your thoughts and prayers,” that is not the time to detail what your religious affinity is and whether or not you’ll be praying for them. The person needs comfort, support, and attention focused on their struggles, not a theological statement about yourself backlashing against or uplifting religiosity. Just say, simply, “I’ll keep you in your thoughts!” or “Will be praying for you!” or whatever is applicable to what you’d do.
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putyouinabettermood · 2 days ago
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Kitty has achieved nirvana via
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twuce · 5 months ago
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sana ♡ ‘better’ performance
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uttarashadha · 4 days ago
If in retro, are amazing
— 𖥸 —
In this two part series, I explain why Retrogrades, specially for Saturn and Jupiter are infact not such a bad thing.
"Whatever I write down in here is part of my pure research, knowledge and observations that I have collected over the years of my practice, please take it as grain of Salt. And if it doesn't resonate. Leave it as it is <3" - Uttarashadha.
DO NOT Plagiarize my work, I'll know about it.
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Let's Discuss Our Lovely Jupiter Who Decided To Go Retro As soon as he heard his amazing babies were on the way.
Ok now what do I say and where do I start. Hm.
This placement is everything on it's own. Its everything you need in today's world tbh. And I think having this placement is in a way an advantage. What is Jupiter let's discuss that first for 2 secs. It a benefic naturally. So many would assume "OMG A BENEFIC IN RETRO IS IT BAD" ok but the way Jupiter manifests itself is rather better, atleast in today's world. Tbh Jupiter is as traditional as Saturn in terms of what he is. He is also likes to be abided by atleast certain rules to keep up with his traditionality for sure. Jupiter is bank of knowledge. But at times Jupiter in Direct might as well try keeping their knowledge on to their own limits. They expand. Yes. But they expand INSIDE OF THEMSELVES. (Ngl I think I channeled this but maybe Jupiter in direct people might have tendency to grow up being on the healthier side cus the EXPANSION.) Correct me in comments if you feel like I completely just blabbered stupid </3.
Anyways. Jupiter in retro OFC be breaking this traditionality when it comes to education and knowledge. Oh boy do they dislike education system, school etc.
They just cant deal with the fact they are being taught the way they are being taught. Tbh, none of them can be taught "correctly" no you really cant teach them. There is a method of studying and absorbing knowledge that only THE JUPITER IN RX PERSON knows for themselves, no teacher, no guru none can connect with them until that teacher is atleast reaching the expectations of what Jupiter in Rx person thinks a "Knowledge Giver" should be like consciously and unconsciously.
They like unconventional teachers better. They dont like these teachers who are bookish in nature. They like teachers who are FILLED with knowledge that surpasses these books that education systems provide. These guys are good at spotting intellectuals and knowing what teacher is the best and what they do in the very first meeting.
Usually these guys dont like being taught and are better of being self taught. They usually know the best way to teach themselves.
You leave them alone, and let them have an internet connection and meet them after a while. And next thing you'll know they've suddenly mastered something on their own.
Also these guys cant sleep at night knowing the fact they didnt stimulate their brains today with some new information and hence end up feeling hopeless. They need that new-knowledge induced stimuli.
The hate for textbooks is real. I cant stress on it enough. It just doesn't sit with them right. Now coming back to Expansion.
These guys expand OUTSIDE. Instead of the Jupiter in direct that expands on the inside.
By outside I mean, they love spreading knowledge. They wanna talk talk talk about new things they learnt or what that neigbour grandma told them about this very cool thing from 1920s. They are natural teachers. They are very good at explaining things (if mercury unafflicted). They love experiencing knowledge instead of studying it. Mugging up books is something beyond them. They gotta learn and understand things THOROUGHLY AND WITH GENUINETY.
One thing about these guys is, they question alot (For good) and are always confused (also for good) this confusion and them questioning all the time is what pushes them to find the TRUTH. They will question the religion and practices they've been growing into. They'll ask why this and why that and why am I even here. They constantly question the systems (Saturn in retro does it too) they constantly question themselves and keep reflecting. These questioning pushes them away from falling for what other people do and say. And I believe this is a really good thing. Their the last person in the room to fall for peoples words until it will "Feel" honest to them. It's more about feeling for them. They'll try understanding all kinds of religious practices, spiritual practices, all kind of occult practices to find a place for themselves and what they resonate with. I think this is what sets them apart from Jupiter in direct who would most probably follow what they are taught to follow and not question much (UNTIL they hit some realizations) but Jupiter in Rx might as well question since quite a young age after following for a while if it didn't feel honest to them and didnt make sense to them.
These guys might fail their classes and get a slow down or pause in between of their education. I mean your Jupiter Rx really dont be like the school ;(. But these guys will get back on track again. This doesn't lasts for long. These guys will leave the education in between or have other issues (!!) And have a pause and while that time they'd realize quick how it wasnt a great idea and get back on it being more dedicated OR this could manifest as they'd try researching and learning everything to the point they'll make a living out of their pure knowledge.
But these guys, will be abided by rules at certain level. They are not TOTALLY #BeepTheSystem kinds like how Saturn retro can be.
In other words imagine Jupiter retro as a weird ride. It will work at extremes. Like it goes back and come forward like a boomerang.
Meaning, once when in life they'd thing that papers are dumb. Certificates are dumb. Degrees are dumb.
After a certain point they'll instead start respecting it or more like try achieving the same as the society is doing.
But the only difference is. Once they are over with the ride and comeback being this societal individual. They'll be left with knowledge. Immense knowledge.
One sentence to explain them is:
"Lol I've done this before, and heres my experience, now take from it. And you decide"
They become this experienced teacher. People learn through THEIR experiences.
It's like they at one point become accepting of this world. They dont go ANTI- something. They are more like, "Yes this exists. And also this other thing exists. I've been against it. But now I've also learnt to accept it. Cus that's life. And heres my experience for you to hear"
I think the motive of Jupiter retro is to experience the both extremes. And then land on to a conclusion of life.
This is a whole yogi moment for them.
"Once I was a this business person who failed all the classes back in the day but now I'm a yogi meditating in Himalayas ...oh also perusing a PhD" _ kinda energy.
If Jpiter rules expansion, I think it also rules the expansion of two end points. The extremes.
These guys go through depression, confusion, questioning, learning and experiencing EVERYTHING. And then land onto conclusions of right and wrongs and become very accepting of society.
This is very Uttarabhadrapada vibes.
OHHHHH well, Isn't Uttarabhadrapada sign lord Jupiter and Nakshatra lord Saturn🤯
I believe whatever I just said is MORE common with people who have Saturn and Jupiter in retro together.
And tbh this boomerang moment happens for them after their spiritual awakening hits in is what I believe.
Like they go against everything, don't like nothing the systems and society provides,have worse of worse experiences with teachers and never meeting a teacher that they'd ever click with.
And then hitting a spiritual awakening and then suddenly coming across best of the best gurus and teachers that they just click with, getting back to education that once they must've hated it or opposed (to the point they pursue a damn PhD). Accepting society's flaws and and then making right and wrong decision on how to deal with them through what they've learnt in their experience and then they throw to become this immense loved and respected and most "Fitting" person in this society that people, look up to. The experiences speak for themselves.
With more to say, I guess something related to forgein, travels would always be part of their experience or something so.
Learning from foriegn gurus or people or awakening their boomerang movement after traveling can be a thing.
With money, as I said in my previous post retro's and debilitation happens to give kinda boost to materialistic things in your life. Because I mean, if you think about it honestly. When your planets are in good position, they are quite fulfilling. They dont have sense of lack. As they happen to be in a good place all to all and are in a bit of comfort zone. But when a planet falls into debilitation/retro generally it understands what it doesnt have, it lacks comfort and is constantly in thirst to be better. That thirst, leads people with these placements to then grow as people and achieve things.
Some planets when in debilitation/retro creates this sense of thirst. Which is honestly profiting.
Experience is a key word in this case.
And that's what Jupiter in Retrograde is all about...Learning about life and an attempt of mastering it through experiences, spirtuality and acceptance and constant expansion that crosses all limits and boundaries for good.
In contrast to Jupiter in Direct that might not question much in their first half of life (according to placements). The Jupiter in Retro in other hand is forced into confusion and lostness for the learning experience that's about to come.
So that's it's for my both big cute planets retro series.
I wanna thankyou all first all with all the love and support you guys have given in the first post of mine of the series. I hope this post resonates with you atleast on SOME level.
Here is my gratitude stamp to you:
゚。 you guys
Stay wealthy & hydrated, reader.
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enecoo · 3 months ago
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