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pov james listening to how you get the girl in the car before knocking on betty’s door

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betty // taylor swift // 16.01.2021

I spent so long agonising over this one, 3 days in fact, and there are so many gross drafts. I wanted to do it handwritten but it didn’t feel right so I experimented a bit instead. I like how it turned out in the end. Sigh, my zouis heart. As of scheduling this, I’m off to make a nobody is listening edit. Get ready ;)

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patch your broken wings by me

inspired by the song betty by taylor swift and featuring secret relationship, angst, fluff, and more

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Drivers license sounds like the moment Betty found out about James and the August girl.

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I think my favourite thing is that when we got our cat (july 2020) I asked to name her betty after folklore and my sister said no but then we named her willow and now there is evermore :,)

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Betty is my favorite Glitchtale character-

And congrats! You get to see what my trash art looks like for the first time~!! :D

Gonna draw the digital version later…maybe…my sketches always look better than my digital art xDD

(Betty/Bete noire belongs to Camila Cuevas)

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Riverdale: 5° Temporada - Primeiras Impressões

Riverdale: 5° Temporada – Primeiras Impressões

Olá Apaixonados por Séries, como vocês estão? Riverdale voltou para a quinta temporada finalmente! Eu estava muito animada pra essa quinta temporada, apesar de que vocês sabem que eu não gostei muito da Season Finale da quarta temporada por ter sido muito abrupta e sem “fechamento”. A quarta temporada foi interrompida por causa da pandemia e com isso não conseguiram finalizar as gravações dos…


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sis,,,,,,you good?

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<div> —  Me (Sreya Ajithkumar) </div><span>Ya’ll ever feel that a series is too overrated but then you start watching it to see what all the hypes about and then you get addicted and then you fall in love? That’s Riverdale for me ❤</span>
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Somedays I want to be like a old cardigan under someone’s bed, but others I want to be a figment of someone’s worst intentions.

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