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so um… coming soon :)

“Losing Game,” by RiverdaleHales

Multi-part Bughead AU

When mafia leader, Hal Cooper finds that the life of his only daughter might be in danger, he calls on the help of a bodyguard to keep her safe. But Betty has a distinct reputation and isn’t too fond of her new safe keeper. Although, Jughead Jones has completely different plans for the mafia bosses daughter. But none of them match up to what Betty has planned for him. When money, love, and plenty of crime are all thrown together- life is bound to get messy.

“Well you do have gorgeous eyes. Perhaps I’ll call you… Blue.” 


I am DYING to get started on this, and yes, it’s based on those tik tok prompts that keep popping up on your for you page… you’re welcome. ;)

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That moment when…

You are pushing through your writer’s block and you’re almost done with the next chapter of one of your fics but then your brain turns to silly putty cause you only had like 5 hours of sleep and even coffee ain’t helping…


Originally posted by imjohnbender

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“Remind me why we are doing this again?” Jughead asks begrudgingly as he finishes his trudge up the hill behind Betty who has already picked a spot under a large tree that provides much shade despite the cloudy day.

“Because picnics are fun.” She counters brightly as she spreads the large blanket out. “It’s a nice day.” She gestures to the dark clouds above them.

It’s quite the enigma as most people consider this kind of weather as inappropriate for an activity like a picnic. Though most people don’t have an over sensitivity to sunlight and need blood as their main source of food.  Jughead has learned a lot of things in his life are quite enigmatic and while some take more adjustment than others, he’s grown rather fond of a good enigma.

Or, Betty and Jughead spend their day with a nice picnic, unconventional lifestyles aside.

Read the rest here

Written for @riverdalebingo​ for Summer 2020- Picnic- Betty/Jughead-T- 1,211 words 

A very special thanks to the wonderful @latenightcoffeetalks​ and the amazing @easyluckyfree45​ and of course my beta for life the lovely @velvetsugarbabexo​ for looking it over and editing. 

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Sorry the newest update of All You Desire is late. I started college a month ago and it’s been a ride. It’s been keeping me busy thats for sure. Send me some asks if you’d like. Would love to talk with you guys as I find time to write it!

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“Who was that?” Veronica muttered when they are far enough away from him.  

Betty paused and turned back to watch him as he ran into the ocean, surfboard under his arm. She pushed some hair behind her ear before walking again.  

“I have no idea.”  

“You should have given him your number.” Veronica muttered coyly.  

“Veronica.” Betty hissed and they reached her rickety old Jeep. She threw her bag into the open back, reaching inside for her keys.  

“I’m serious!” Veronica laughed. “I mean he was like stupid hot.”  

“Yeah,” Betty shook her head with a meek tone, not making eye contact with Veronica.  

“I mean I-” Veronica began, picking at a piece of chipping paint on the passenger side door.  

“Enough, okay…”  

Betty unlocked the Jeep and climbed into the driver’s seat, slamming her door a little too hard. Veronica rolled her eyes before jumping at the sudden intrusion on her ears.  

“Can you drop me off at Nick’s?”  

“V,” Betty started finally turning to look at her best friend. “Seriously? Another booty call?”

“What?” Veronica quizzed her. “I’m sensing some judgment.” She lifted her hand into the air and danced her pointer finger around before poking Betty in the arm.

“I just think you’re better than that, that’s all.” Betty shrugged.

“Say’s the one who just blew any chance she had with the hottest guy we’ve seen on the beach all summer.”  

Betty glared at her best friend before switching the gears of her Jeep and pulling out of the parking lot, feeling like an utter idiot. She reached up to move her rear-view mirror, looking back as she watched a minuscule pair of black and gray board shorts disappear into a large wave.  

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Had a few anons about the “casting spoilers.” Here’s my current musings…

I totally get that the writers have to follow their vision and do not write for me or my visions. I respect that.

That being said, I also am

Not obligated to like or watch something I am not a fan of. Currently, the nonsense that is Riverdale, along with Supernatural, are the only two shows I ever watch live. I wasn’t here for the end of last season and was hoping to somehow see things get better. Maybe they will.

Not sure why writer’s think it’s unrealistic for people to stay together- many of my friends, still married now, were high school sweethearts. I thought it was funny when they said that this type of occurrence was just realistic… but remember that time they wrote about Edgar on a Rocket and Veronica ran a rum business and Archie fought a bear… but no, really, we need “realistic” teen relationships…

As always, I’ll watch and give things a try. I made it through the X-files and stuck with it even though seasons 8&9 were tough. That show had one single relationship and the slowest slow burn of all time and viewers didn’t falter. People wouldn’t falter if they kept Bughead consistent.

As for Varchie, I never saw that long term as they don’t really make eachother better. They are vastly different and I think them amicably going their separate ways was inevitable.

So, yes, I’ll watch. But I’m

Not obligated to if I don’t enjoy it anymore. My free time is limited and I watch what makes me happy. Riverdale,with all its insanity, has been turning off my brain and making me happy and I’ll watch until that is no longer the case. Really hoping the whole non-Bughead thing is false or short lived. They kind of wrote themselves into a corner where those two characters carry the show.

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Here comes an outburst from someone who loves Bughead:

I was always upset with how unnecessarily dramatized the couples I liked were.

I have always preferred simple and sincere loves, the kind that if I entered a relationship I would want in real life.

Then I started watching the shows, I got attached to a couple… And suddenly the writers ruined everything. They dramatized the situation and I just got irritated.

Then three couples changed that, and I’ll explain how they changed:

I could talk about shows I love like TBBT, Friends or HIMYM, but in all of these series (which are comedy) couples always ended up creating unnecessary drama.

So let’s go to the three couples I said: Amy and Jake (B99) showed what a healthy relationship should be like in which two people support each other and respect each other. And as a good COMEDY show, they didn’t dramatize the situation. Guys, when I want to see drama, I watch/read drama, comedy I watch to laugh, I don’t need couples making me sad.

And then my favorite AWAE show brought me the relationship of Anne and Gilbert, who honestly were two teenagers who acted more mature than the adults in the series. (And honestly, more than a few in real life.) For those who watched the third season, you know that it took Gilbert a while to understand his feelings for Anne, but when he did, he was quick to act.

And then there was Bughead. In the second season they were dramatized unnecessarily, but other than that, they were always such a good couple. They respect each other, love each other, take care of each other. Then the writers screwed this up.

Initially, I wanted to wait to find out what’s going to happen next season to find out if I would keep watching, but honestly, I don’t want to do that anymore.

I don’t care if the spoilers are real or not, I don’t care about anything that will happen. I’ve been looking to take out of my life lately what has the capacity to hurt me, so that’s what I intend to do with Riverdale. I have some fanfics that I really like that I want to follow until the end, because you fans are incredible, but after that I intend to get away. Are there any chances that I’ll watch it again? Probably not, that I have no hope of the writers doing anything good. I really wanted Bughead to be different, but do you really think they will remain the same? Do you think Jughead with confidence issues would simply start dating someone else after being betrayed by the woman he loves? And that when dating someone, you would simply ignore that person? Betty who (I hope) will be full of guilt for losing Jug, would she also just go out with other people? I’m sorry, call me old-fashioned if you want, but I like people who stay with the loves of their lives when they meet that person. It’s hard to find true love these days, so Betty and Jug found it (they know that) and even so, they gonna date other people? Because if they do, they are complete idiots, and I refuse to watch it. So that’s it, I will be following the fanfics they love, and as soon as they are over, I will be retiring with the intention of being able to stop caring about Riverdale. Because when the writers finish screwing up Bughead, I don’t want what they do to still have the power to hurt me.

Anyway, it was great to be part of this fandom for a while this year, you guys were amazing with me. I hope you don’t get too hurt by whatever happens, and know that if it does, retiring is the best option. Always better than getting hurt unnecessarily. ❤️

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Coming Soon: Five Years - Chapter 11


Betty turned to see a sleepy Jughead rubbing his eyes, stretching his arms above his head, showing off the patch of dark hair that disappeared underneath his waistband. She bit her lip, thoughts of the two of them doing other activities together filling her mind. 

The sound of a throat clearing broke her from her lustful thoughts, a fine blush covering her cheeks as her eyes met his and she realized that she’d been caught ogling her boyfriend. His smirk only grew as he stood up to make his way to her bed.

“Like what you see, Cooper?” Jughead asked, his voice thick and gravelly. Betty nodded shyly, staring up at him, doe-eyed and chewing her lip seductively. Jughead leaned down, grinning smugly as he went to kiss her but the sound of annoyed grunts caught them off guard, stopping him inches away from her lips.

“Christ, can you two just stop? It’s entirely too early to watch you guys eye-fucking each other,” Sweet Pea grumbled, hugging Fangs to his chest. “I swear, you too are like fucking bunny rabbits.”

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Agree to be fuckbuddies? 😂😂 They don’t even get back together and just agree to have sex. A friends with benefits type deal. Lol. I’m sorry to say, but that’s definitely not whats gonna happen. I hope you aren’t too disappointed.

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