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oliviasrodrigo · 4 months ago
what source blogs are you a part of?
oliviasource, hsmtmtsdaily, dailyriverdale, veronicalodgecentral, bettycoopercentral, chenfordsource & i think tht’s it !!!
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bettycoopercentral · 8 months ago
Tumblr media
a brand new source blog dedicated to the brilliant Betty Cooper of the CW’s Riverdale. We will be creating and reblogging content surrounding Betty Snooper, as well as the actress who plays her, Lili Reinhart.
Member and affiliate applications are currently open! We are looking for active members who can post original content, as well as reblog content often.
Requests are always open!
We are tracking #bettycoopercentral and #bettycooperedit! Feel free to tag us in all of your creations!
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blog-directory · a month ago
Popular edit tags: #riverdaleedit (individual blogs may have specific tracked tags)
Source blogs: @riverdalecentral, @riverdaleladiesdaily, @riverdalepocdaily, @riverdale-source, @dailyriverdale, @bettycoopercentral, @veronicalodgecentral
Ship source blogs: @bugheadcentral, @barchiesource, @mendesapasource, @chonicentral
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bettycreeper · 3 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
It's official. Apartment hunting in New York City is The Worst ™. Somehow, every place is so far out of Betty's and Jughead's budget it's laughable, smaller than the closet he slept in during sophomore year, comes readymade with an army of creepy crawly roommates, is in a useless (for business) location, or some combination of each. When Blue and Gold Investigations stumbles onto a suspiciously (too) nice, vacant, AND affordable flat in a prime real estate location during a case, Betty and Jughead know it's too good to be true. As "luck" would have it, it happened to have been the sight of a series of some rather violent unsolved murders, making no one want to live there-no matter how cheap the purchase price. Until now. A murder apartment? That's practically their idea of romance. Plus, someone was finally back on the unsolved case.
@riverdalepromptathon: New York City / pensive @riverdalebingo: Buying a House Together
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