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Dear future husband,

Before asking me to marry you, you gotta make sure of the following.

- You’ve asked my momma for permision

- You’ve asked my father for my hand.

- You’ve hired a photograpgher/videoographer to capture the moment.

- My nails are done!

- Ask my momma and sister about the rings I like, I’ve been showing them rings since I was little.

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I really want to dress up like late 50s / early 60s greasers with my man and maybe some friends and go to a 50s/60s diner. We could get burgers and shakes, and afterwards we could go to the drive in and just be living our best lives.

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Não sei porque eu ainda acreditei nas suas promessas. Na verdade, eu nem deveria me culpar por isso mas me sinto uma completa idiota por ter acreditado tanto em você.

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Okay but imagine being with the bad boy. Like the one that’s always got his leather jacket and his knuckles are always brusied from fighting. And he’s such an ass to everyone, but when it’s just the two of you he’s the sweetest, dorkiest, loving guy in the world

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If you’re with me you best bet that we will watch every episode of the following shows (probably multiple times)

- Criminal Minds

- Supernatural

- Sherlock

- Arrow


- Whitecollar

I will most definitely fan girl about all my favorite characters. I will talk about how much I am in love with them and would do anything for them. And that’s just a thing that you gotta accept :)

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I have no one to tell, so Imma scream into the tumblr void.

I have a boyfriend!!! My wife and I are dating this guy, and he is super sweet and nerdy in all the right ways 😍😍

We have been talking to him for about a month and a half, and he has slept over at our place twice. And its just so easy with him. He has the same kind of calmness that my wife has that brings my anxiety down.

Last time he was over he asked what we were, and my brain panicked 😓 so I told him we were something. And he asked why we hadn’t met more people off OK cupid. And I was too dumb to tell him, cause we found him and don’t feel the need to keep looking. But like yea, we don’t need to look anymore.

And he stole my hoodie and took it home with him and sent me a selfie of him in it and my heart did sommer saults! 😍😍 told him I haave a few more he can steal and be cute in.

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