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휴식이 있는 풍경

하늘별바다 쥔장은
익숙함에 길들여져 사나봅니다.

어느 날 어느 때
문득문득 스치는

햇살, 바람, 구름,
내음, 소리, 노을을
느낄 때면 두 손 내려놓고
순간을 즐깁니다.

거기에 분위기에 맞는
음악까지 깔리면

내 영혼이
하늘로 바다로 바람으로
자유롭게 흩날리는 기분이 듭니다.

2020.03.28 18:30
바로 어제가 그런 날이였습니다.


#하늘별바다펜션 #주인장 #익숙함에속아소중함을잃지말자 #어느날 #문득문득 #햇살 #바람 #구름 #내음 #노을 #순간을담다 #BGM #KennyG #breathless #SunSet

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It seemed as time went by, Boogieman does seem to grow fond of the protagonist [an agreeable one that is] He also was fond of Tabitha too. If he hadn't released the MC in the one ending, would have the MC been at risk of sharing the same fate of never being allowed to leave and be coddled like a pet?

yes!! that’s definitely one way it could’ve gone! of course his real feelings are open to interpretation, but i tend to agree with you anon – that he does feel some sincere affection for some of the kids, including tabitha and (sometimes) the mc, who could easily have taken over from her as his new favourite/pet.

to be completely honest, i was going through some stuff when i wrote it, and i would comfort myself by daydreaming about exactly that scenario. which would obviously be TERRIBLE, but there’s something appealing about it, too.

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