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#bi mlm
teddybearboyfrienda day ago
I want a dumbass boyfriend so we can be stupid together and laugh at ourselves until it hurts and we fall more in love <3
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mysteryshack-mlm2 days ago
I'm genderfluid and I think about this a lot image dating someone and every day they always ask.
"so do I have a boyfriend or girlfriend or a partner today? "
I think the idea is so cute 馃挅
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mlm-cottage-lovea day ago
Bears have an absolute death grip on my heart man. Bears, let it be known that y'all are 100% the reason I'm incredibly gay. I'm just fucking gay as heeeeeeell for you guys I am SO FUCKING GAY I'm so gay you're WHY I'M GAY!! KISS KISS BESTIE!! Literally!! Look at you!!! YOU'RE SO PRETTY TF!
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tarot-mlma day ago
I want a boy who would love to do my makeup. And even if he does a 鈥渂ad鈥 job, he still is proud of himself, and I鈥檓 proud of him.
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weaponmlma month ago
Wearing a t shirt that says 鈥淚 have funny ideas about what it means to be a man鈥
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intersexfairy10 months ago
Men deserve body positivity & neutrality. And I mean all men. Not a single man left out. Not a single fucking one. Everyone deserves to feel comfortable in their body, regardless of gender, regardless of marginalization.
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philandrist-mlm15 days ago
TRANS BEARS !!!!!!!! TRANS BEARS馃挊馃挆馃挊馃挀馃挊馃挄馃挅馃挐馃挐馃挅馃挊馃挊馃挄馃挆馃挀馃挆馃挆馃挊馃挅馃挐馃挊馃挄馃挀馃挀馃挊馃挆馃挅馃挐馃挐馃挐馃挅馃挊馃挊馃挆馃挆馃挅馃挐馃挄馃挆馃挅馃挐
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achilleanlove3 months ago
nsfw! //
thinking abt how i want to fingerfuck a boy and pull his hair and hold his jaw and force him to look at me whilst he's all shy and embarrassed whilst he lets out quiet moans rn
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nocturnal-nblm19 days ago
the masculine urge to call a boy who you want to kiss tenderly on the mouth "my prince"
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mlm-apollo5 months ago
boy 1: i really want a bf
boy 2: me too
boy 1: *has a crush on boy 2*
boy 2: *has a crush on boy 1*
Tumblr media
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tarot-mlma month ago
I want to go thrifting with a boy. To pick out clothes for each other and laugh at all the stuff we think is ugly. I want the relationship where we don鈥檛 care how loud we are when in a store.
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intersexfairy9 months ago
I just wanna shout it from the rooftops how much I love men, because there isn't enough positivity for that.
It feels like some people think loving women is superior to loving men and it just... hurts my soul. A lot.
We aren't monsters... We can love & be loved. Beautifully. Gently. Softly. Carefully. Genuinely. The honest intimacy between a man and their lover(s) is absolutely gorgeous.
This goes double for marginalized men, who are often demonized or ridiculed or invalidating in regards to both their marginalization and their manhood.
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philandrist-mlma month ago
a relationship should be 50/50. i take u on dates to the aquarium and u take me on dates in the woods
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