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#bi visibility
bidotorg17 hours ago
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Brush up on some bi facts here~
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vive-la-revolutiona month ago
happy bi visibility day to:
transmasc bisexuals!
transfem bisexuals!
nonbinary bisexuals!
cis bisexuals!
ace bisexuals!
aro bisexuals!
bisexuals with a male lean!
bisexuals with a female lean!
bisexuals with no lean!
bisexuals in a straight-presenting relationship!
bisexuals in a gay-presenting relationship!
bisexuals who aren鈥檛 in a relationship!
polyamorous bisexuals!
closeted bisexuals!
bisexuals who are out and proud!
bisexuals with internalized biphobia!
bisexuals without accepting parents!
bisexuals with accepting parents!
bisexuals who just figured out they鈥檙e bi!
bisexuals who鈥檝e known they鈥檙e bi!
bisexuals on the split-attraction model!
all bisexuals!!!
y鈥檃ll are amazing and deserve the world <3
happy bi visibility day! 馃挅馃挏馃挋
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tillduskturnsintodawna year ago
Happy Bi Visibility Day everyone 馃挆馃挏馃挋
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bisexual-apocalypsea month ago
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Be the chaos you want to see in this world!
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freeforma year ago
Bisexuals be like...please bore someone else with your ridiculous questions, we're tired #ProgressIsPride ______ Jay Jurden, your patience tho 馃檹馃従
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schpog-arta month ago
Grom Luz for Bi Visibility Day! 馃帀馃槝馃
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prideknightsa year ago
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glitter-garbagea month ago
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having little bi thoughts and ideas.
(happy bi visibility day to us!)
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isvvc-pvscvla year ago
Happy Bisexual Visibilty day! Whether you鈥檙e able to be visible or not, you are valid and you are loved!
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During bisexual awareness week (Sept 16-23), let's remember:
-bisexuals are a valid and beloved part of the LGBTQIA+ community
-bisexuals are not "greedy" and shouldn't be told to "choose one"
-bisexuals in a relationship with someone of another gender are still bisexual. Bisexuals in a relationship with someone of the same gender are still bisexual.
-people of all different genders can be bisexual
-bisexual people don't have to justify or explain their existence to you
Let's all be good allies to our bisexual friends - not just this week, but always!
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eereekuhha month ago
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happy bi visibility day 馃鈥嶁檧锔
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buildabia month ago
Bisexual Visibility Week 2021 - Bisexual History
Places to learn bisexual history, including links to books, articles, etc. Note that because these sources range from the 1970鈥瞫 to today, there are some terms that are currently considered incorrect or offensive.
Compilation of Bisexual Histories & Resources (google doc navigation; over 200 resources; courtesy of @femmebisexuelle鈥 )
The Bisexual History They Don鈥檛 Want You To Know
Bisexual Politics: Theories, Queries and Visions (pdf download)
Bisexual Histories in San Francisco in the 1970s and Early 1980s
A History of Bisexuality
A Brief History of the Bisexual Movement
13 Historical Figures Who Are Bisexual
Bi women :the newsletter of the Boston Bisexual Women's Network
Anything That Moves - Bisexual Magazine Archive
The Bisexual Community: Are We Visible Yet?
Bisexual Lives
Being There and Being Bi: The National March on Washington for Lesbian and Gay Rights
Out of the darkness and into the shadows: The evolution of contemporary bisexuality
Historicising Contemporary Bisexuality
The Biphobia Scale a Decade Later: Reflections and Additions
Journal of Bisexuality
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nmo6xo13 days ago
something that i did for bi visibility day but forgot to post here woopsie
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