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#bi visibility

You know that thing where one part of a group experiences negative visibility that’s and they’re the subject of discussions around their humanity and whether they’re awful for existing? It’s just discourse and discussion promoting negative stereotypes? And another part of a group experiences being completely ignored, just erased from existence and any discussion around that group only talks about their first group and is sometimes framed as though only the first group exist and even when brought up people will insist they’re not real, they’re lying fakers? There might be literal published research attempting to decide if they ~really exist~ or not? 

And both parts of the equation absolutely suck?

I think it’s happening with bi women and men. And nonbinary people are just shoved into one group as an afterthought 

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My 50+ old coworker said in a casual discussion about noisy neighbors this week, if she would have a boy - or girlfriend spending the night in her flat, the whole neighborhood would ask, “who is this?”

And this really made my week!

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Wow it is so difficult to be queer in a Christian environment. I tell my friends I’m queer and they are loving and willing to talk through it, even if they would have said they’re non-affirming. Then I end up out with women from the church who don’t know I’m queer and my rights are being talked about as if it’s something that should be voted on..could be revoked based on absolute truths.

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alright kids today we are going to talk about biphobia. yea. it’s a real thing. the worst part is that not only are cishets are biphobic. it also exists in our community and yknow what? i find that sick and disgusting. you know what it’s like to be discriminated against and judged for your oriantation and yet you do the exact same thing to people like you. if you don’t believe this is a real thing then just look at the show Glee. The very openly gay person said TO HIS BOYFRIEND “bisexuality isn’t real. it’s just what people in high school say when they don’t want to be judged”. another girl was talking to someone about her ex gf and she said “at least now i don’t have to be worried about someone leaving me for penis”. this is biphobia. it’s not ok. just because someone likes multiple genders doesn’t mean that they are less loyal or more likely to cheat. get over yourself. this is disgusting and needs to stop. to my baBIes- i love you and you are valid. if someone says you aren’t then use your magic gay power to curse their children into being gay. (that’s a joke btw for anyone who was planning on getting butthurt).

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A Little Introduction of Sorts

I am bi.

I have been attracted to women for as long as I have been attracted to men, but didn’t really have the language for that until my early twenties because internalized homophobia is a ✨bitch✨

I’ve known about my attraction to women for about five years. Admitted to myself I was bi about two years ago, but told another person for the first time just five months ago. Now about ten people I trust know my truth.

I went on my first girl date six months ago! Have dated two girls, neither of which worked out, but I’m optimistic.

So why stay closeted? Well, my parents are highly conservative and very non-affirming people. Part of me is afraid this would be enough for them to finally cut ties with me. But! The biggest reason I am still closeted is because I am involved in ministry at a church that I love and has been my home for the last seven years. It is a loving community, but non-affirming. So they welcome queer people into the church, but there’s a clear limit to how they are trusted to serve. I work with youth and am afraid I would get booted out of my position if church staff knew that I was queer. I’m sure they would be willing to talk to me and hear my heart, but would take me out of my trusted place of influence and expect for me to desire to change.

All that being said..I’m definitely queer, and happy to be so. I’m still unlearning some internalized homophobia and religious closed mindedness. And learning new affirming theology. So I’m here to have an unfiltered social media presence, where I’m free to be me.

✨and that’s on being a baby gay in your late twenties✨

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truly baffle me when people are quick to be like “bisexuals only like cis people” but then straight and gay people are allowed to date trans folk and nonbinary that falls under their attraction … like makes it make sense … bisexuality is literally liking everyone that you find attractive no matter their gender… like why is bisexuality the only one people wanna call binary and transphobic?

trans men are men, trans women are women, so even if bisexuals actually meant “two”, trans people and nonbinary would still be considered under that definition. like they are for straight and gay people. which means “other” and “same”. why are people so quick to be biphobic.

like truly, you look like clowns trying to define bisexuality as “two” when even by that definition, everyone should still be included in our attraction no matter how wrong you are. anyways, bisexuality means you like all genders but is allowed to have a preference if you do but not everyone does :)

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